HAwaii Five-0 Ratings

Ratings: Hawaii Five-0 Tops Friday, Reign's End Begins on Low Note

CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 this Friday drew 9.8 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating, rising two tenths in the demo to tie ABC’s steady Shark Tank (5.8 mil/1.3) for the nightly win.

Elsewhere on the Eye, MacGyver (8.1/1.2) was also up two tenths, while Blue Bloods (10.5 mil/1.2) ticked up one tenth and, as usual, drew Friday’s largest audience.

THE CW | Vampire Diaries (1.14 mil/0.4) ticked up, while Reign‘s final season premiere (780K/0.2) matched series lows, down from both last year’s opener (950K/0.3, on a Friday) and finale (930K/0.3, on a Monday). That said, Reign improved on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s season-ending audience (580K/0.2).

FOX | Rosewood (2.9 mil/0.7) ticked up. Sleepy Hollow (2 mil/0.5) grew its audience a smidgen while flat in the demo.

NBC | Grimm (3.9 mil/0.7) dipped a tenth. Emerald City (2.3 mil/0.7) dropped a few more eyeballs while steady in the demo.

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  1. Cosmin says:

    Tvd was so good..only 4 episodes left, so sad…:(

  2. Chris says:

    How come other networks besides cbs haven’t tried an established procedural on fridays in recent years ? Clearly something is working when they win every Friday. I could see svu dropping minimally if moved to Friday night. Just a thought.

  3. kmw says:

    These CBS shows really are decent considering the night they are on. Nice for Rosewood to inch up but like Sleepy Hollow, too late. FOX needs to clean house and neither of these shows are what the network needs to do that

    • Laurel Lane says:

      I love Sleepy Hollow and would hate to see it cancelled. I think one of the reasons it’s floundering is the fans who boycotted it after Nicole Beharie left without giving the show a chance to see if it was any good or not. It’s still good but they will never admit it. It’s not the same show but it’s still good.

      • yay says:

        This is exactly right. We gave this show a chance in seasons 1-3. Season 3 finale not only said that Abbie Mills didn’t matter but also black women didn’t matter. Also plenty of fans told us not to watch if we had a problem with the s3 finale. 0.5 is what the show and everyone behind it deserves.

        • Laurel Lane says:

          I’m having a hard time understanding the problem. During the entire run of the show half of the cast was/is black or a minority. Beharie wanted to leave – why punish the rest of the cast?

          • yay says:

            Why should I care about the rest of the cast? I cared about a story with two witnesses. Then they told me in the finale that they weren’t equal and the black woman was the the foot stool. She was only there to help. Meanwhile everyone else lined up to tell me that it was about the Big Star white man all along and if I didn’t like it I could leave. So I did. With a lot of other people. Sounds like that was self inflicting punishment by the show. It didn’t have to be that way. I could’ve stayed without Nicole. But the finale was damaging and disgusting.

          • delorb says:

            You do realize that that minority cast was killed off, right? Some without a proper send-off. Some were lucky to get a line of dialog explaining why they weren’t there. Others not so much. One character is presumed to still be sitting in a cabin after being possessed by a demon. Is he dead? Is he alive? Is he making waffles?

        • william says:

          I agree. When did it become a black thing? The show is called Sleepy Hollow. It is about the legend of Sleepy Hollow. The two main characters are Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. Every other character beyond that is secondary.

          • yay says:

            Only someone white would ask a question like that. Doesn’t have to be a black thing. Keep dreaming though. But as of right now it’s a “viewers” thing. Looks like you don’t have enough of them. About 0.5 to be exact. You reap what you sow.

          • Chris says:

            No it’s just a bad show that sucked after a decent season one so non cares again simple as that it’s bad.

          • KLS says:

            I forgot that Sleepy Hollow is in Washington, DC.

          • yay says:

            LOL right these people are hilarious

          • delorb says:

            It became a black thing when they gave us strong POC characters, especially a black woman in the lead. I’m told that that has never been done before. People tend to notice when ‘the first’ happens. Then they proceeded to diminish every last one, including Jennifer. People also tend to notice when THAT happens too. No one is going to tune in for that week after week. There are limits.

        • Rick Katze says:

          I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE COLOR OR SEXUAL PREFERENCE OF THE ACTOR. I am interested in a good story(writing), good acting, and an escape from real world politics. Stop keeping scoreboards on which minority is in what show. Most of America does not give a D@MN about it.

          • yay says:

            You mean most of America who wanted to “Make America Great Again?” Also why are you yelling? If you cared about good writing you’d have cared about the writers turning a equal partner into the help. Perhaps you were too busy staring into Big Star’s blue eyes. Have yourself a seat. Your racism is showing.

      • Iris says:

        Why would viewers who felt disrespected give the show a chance? TV is entertainment, not an obligation. Obviously people (like me) don’t feel like watching an Abbie-less Sleepy Hollow, and it’s their right.
        It isn’t as if the showrunners/network didn’t know that for many, Sleepy Hollow was Ichabod and Abbie the way the X-files is Mulder and Scully. If they were arrogant enough to believe that their owned their viewers, they get what they deserve.
        I, for one, am very happy that the show is tanking is the ratings after it mistreated its female lead (a WOC) so much that she opted to leave, and axed its best secondary character (a POC) for no reason. Maybe networks will finally understand that the audience won’t put up with their arbitrary sexist, ageist or racist decisions anymore.

        • CG says:

          You’re very “happy” the show is tanking and hysterically waiting for the end, to grind it into the dust and get what you want. (By the way, the remaining people who depend on this show for the work it provides for their families, must really love you.) You “hate” it so much, but like your little buddy “yay”, come back each week to whine about it like your life depends on it. Congratulations, slow hand clap for you both–we all get it–this bile you both are spewing says more about you than Sleepy Hollow. Hope you both don’t choke on it…

          • yay says:

            LOL I love how much you seem to “care” about those who depend on this for their families. Get a grip. You don’t care about anyone but Tom “Big Star” Mison. Get yourself a grip. Have a seat and choke on it yourself.

          • Iris says:

            Yes, I’m glad that bad decisions reeking of disrespect for the audience, racism and sexism were sanctioned in the ratings. Once the industry gets it doesn’t pay, progress will be made. I don’t care beyond it and I didn’t say a word about cancellation which is, by the way, absolutely not certain at this point.
            I also made my point without belittling those who still watch or the current season they love and without insulting people. Considering the violence of your answer, I’d say that if you want to see someone hysterical you should look in your own mirror.

  4. Ninamags says:

    It’s hysterical that on a supposed “couples weekend getaway” the couple that ends up spending all their time together are Steve and Danno. Too funny.
    😂😂. I loved that last scene where Steve plays with Danny’s ear. 😍

    Steve’s girlfriend should not have those bangs. Very unflattering.

    • grazelled says:

      I think she’s on an other show and had to change her hair for that. I agree it used to be a warmer blond and looked so much prettier last season. Steve and Danno crack me up. So happy to see H50 with the best numbers of the night pending adjustments!

    • Grace says:

      H50 was hilarious! Steve and Danno are adorable when they act like a couple. I love how they were on one side of the table and their girlfriends were on the other side. Um… guys that’s not how it works. 😂😂😂 Steve just slinging his arm around Danny while Danny futilely uses the safe word (like that was ever going to work…) was the perfect ending.

      Glad the show is doing so well! Sounds like a season eight is “a safe bet” in the words of the writers of the renewal scorecard. 😊

  5. Samuel says:

    Finally, some pleasant news! I have zero worries about Hawaii Five-0 being renewed for Season 8, after all the ratings have improved on last season.

    • Chris says:

      You might want to have some Alex has said multiple times that he’s just about done with the show physically because of all the k juries he’s sustained over the years. Ratings wise it’s a lock for renewal but when the lead is hesitant toss up I’d say

  6. Carla Krae says:

    Last night’s Sleepy Hollow had wonderful callbacks to previous seasons. They were in Sleepy Hollow again, so we got the Archives, the tunnels, the bar…. Writer did an excellent job.

  7. Olivia says:

    Hey do you know why they stopped doing promos for Hawaii Five 0 and MacGyver they are the only CBS shows that do not have promos

    • KLS says:

      I see promos for H5O all the time. CBS is one of the few networks that advertises all of their shows, especially during sporting events. FOX is notorious for only promoting new/soon to be aired shows, preferring to promote their movie division first.

    • Belle says:

      I don’t know why they’ve suddenly stopped with the episode specific previews for the next week. They don’t even indicate the next week is a new episode. I hope it’s just a temporary thing. They’re still promoting it during the week but it’s just a generic clip thing of MacGyver and McGarrett. I noticed Blue Bloods still gets a unique promo so it’s just these two. It’s weird.

      • badgerly says:

        Last Friday, and the week before, when the end credits were running, there was a voice-over saying there would be a new episode next week.

  8. Belle says:

    I think the CBS Friday night line-up is arguably the most cohesive night around. These shows sort of quietly put up strong viewer numbers week after week. The demo numbers are very good this season on what is supposed to be a down night. And by the way I’m still within the coveted demo and it’s not that I have nothing better to do on a Friday night. I can go out other nights. I started watching on Fridays for Hawaii Five-0, began enjoying Blue Bloods & find MacGyver to be a much more compatible lead in than the reality shows from before. I sort of dread the return of The Amazing Race on Fridays. I think another night might be better for it. .

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It really is. Hell, I almost go for the trifecta and keep Blue Bloods on!


    • Temperance says:

      As far as quality content, Friday is probably the second strongest night of programming across all the major networks at the moment. The MacGuyver redo is terrible, but the other shows have stayed strong in quality and content after being moved to Fridays and have a strong, consistent fan base and legs.

  9. delorb says:

    Imagine if Sleepy Hollow had their original cast, stayed in Sleepy Hollow, didn’t give their main villain a sappy backstory and kept their lead actress as the lead actress….

  10. I hope that Hawaii 5-0 gets picked up for another series as it’s a really good show, it makes my Sunday evenings here in the UK. It’s getting very good viewing figures in the UK.