Reign Final Season Spoilers

Will Reign's Final Season Cost Mary Her Head? Adelaide Kane Weighs the Odds

The gloves are coming off in Reign‘s final season — premiering Friday (The CW, 9/8c) — as Mary finds herself fighting “harder than she’s ever fought to retain her authority in a man’s world.”

“She steps into this political landscape in which her own Scottish lords are desperate to get her married as soon as humanly possible, just so they can pawn off her authority onto her husband,” star Adelaide Kane tells TVLine. “And it’s all because they feel more comfortable being led by a man.” (Some things never change, it seems.)

Also irksome: Mary has to navigate these new waters with but a single girlfriend by her side; Kane describes last-lady-standing Greer as the “one staunch sentinel against the onslaught of bulls–t that Mary has to put up with. And thank God she has Greer.”

As for the million-dollar question — how closely will Reign‘s finale follow the end of Mary’s life? — Kane reveals the odds are “pretty high” that her character will exit the series in… well… multiple parts.

“We have taken some very generous creative liberties with our storylines,” she admits, “but we have kept the bones fairly accurate. I mean, if we were going to throw the baby out with the bathwater, we would have had Francis live. And then none of this would have happened.” Kane will reveal no more, but she directs us towards Instagram, where she and her co-stars have been posting pictures that are “somewhat ominous.”

While the future of Mary’s head remains in question, there’s no mystery about the future of Kane’s. The haircut she debuted on Instagram shortly after wrapping the series was very much a metaphorical farewell to the character she’s played for the past four years.

“I’ve wanted to cut my hair for a while, so the day after we wrapped, I went and just got it chopped off,” she explains. “I feel like I’ve grown as much as my character has. I wanted my outside to reflect how I felt on the inside — and on the inside, I was damn sick of having to take care of long hair.”

News of the show’s cancellation broke while the cast was filming the series’ penultimate episode, Kane recalls. And despite the short notice, she remains “grateful” for being given a heads up.

“We only found about 10 days before we were due to wrap,” she says. “It really came down to the wire, but … it still gave us an opportunity to properly say goodbye to the cast and crew, and to take a moment every day to appreciate everyone. And to have a wrap party! It was a big blow-out celebration of the past four years.”

What are your hopes for Reign‘s final season? Do you think it’ll give Mary an accurate send-off? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Jason says:

    Considering the fact that Mary was pretty near 50 and gray haired when she met her end, they’re going to have to fast forward quite a bit if they want to end there.

    • tsevca says:

      But she spend quite a while as a prisoner in England. That part isn´t such a problem. I´m more curious about packing the years in Scotland that were more eventful that all her 16 years in France into one season. It wasn´t that long, but a lot happened.

  2. Sam says:

    It might be a (spoilers for a decade-old musical) Wicked scenario where they show her “dying” only to reveal that it was a trick and she actually lived happily ever after. That seems like a very CW thing to do.

    • Nathan Everett says:

      What CW shows have you been watching?

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I would love that. I recently read a book called My Lady Jane which reimagined the fate of Lady Jane Grey, who was ever so briefly Queen of England before Elizabeth’s sister Mary had her killed. It’s great revisionist, escapist history, and I’d love for the CW’s Mary to be rewritten as such. If they *dont* depart from history, I hope they at least don’t end with her death. Either wrap things up early with the birth of her son or her third marriage OR fast-forward and show her son taking over the English throne.

  3. Dean says:

    This final season is going to be epic; the end of Mary’s life is so tragic, so I’m guessing there will be a sense of foreboding hanging over the whole show this year. Regardless, I have to see how it ends– this show has some of the best female characters on TV. Catherine FOREVER

  4. Lola says:

    I knew Francis was a goner but I super bummed that Bash and most her ladies are gone. Im not too familiar with all things in Mary’s history bu weren’t her ladies always by her side? It would be great if someone could answer that for me? And if I’m being honest here-Mary is the least interesting character on the show. I still contend that Francis should’ve died in the penultimate episode and Mary stepping on Scottish soil should’ve been the endgame. Viewers draw their conclusions and history from there. Regbo was too good of an actor to go so soon. Him and Megan were my reasons to watch.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Her ladies, which had different names than on the show, came with her to find husbands.

    • Paula says:

      Seems like Leith is gone, too. I hope Bash came back for a few episodes, but it’s probably not likely.

    • Jennifer Cummins says:

      Yes her ladies, 4 of them all named Mary;were with her from childhood to death. They never left her side. David who we are just seeing this season(came with a message from Bash) was actually a close friend who traveled with her from France and was tragically murdered right in front of her in hopes of causing a miscarriage.

  5. Regarding Mary’s history, she is often portrayed as a schemer after Elizabeth’s throne. This was after the mess Henry made of his affairs and the fact that both Mary Tudor and Elizabeth were declared bastards by dear old dad. She had the English symbol on her banner in France (or her father-in-law did, depending on the history), but she always thought of England as hers and she would bring it back to the Catholic faith (mimicking her cousin, Mary). She tried to be declared Elizabeth’s heir but Elizabeth didn’t do it. Elizabeth saw declaring a heir as a death sentence. Mary schemed and there were plot. The final plot was proven and she found herself sentence to death. She saw it as wrongful because she was an anointed queen.
    They’ve played fast and loose with her history from the star.

  6. Carla Krae says:

    Wow, she chopped it shorter than last time.

  7. Kristina says:

    I wish they’d have gone with an alternate historical fiction storyline. Having to stick with certain historical plot lines forced them into some things creatively that ended up ruining my enjoyment of the show, starting with Toby Regby leaving. With all of the storytelling liberties and the supernatural elements they added in, I think it would’ve worked better that way.

  8. Carol martin says:

    I just feel,Reign was just the best show I have seen in a long time. L loved the show to the moon an back, my husband an I travel to Scotland 2 years ago to learn more about queen Mary and places she lived. One of our best trip…Thanks for the memories. Love to all

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I visited Scotland last summer for the first time & was literally moved to tears walking in Mary’s footsteps, in large part due to Reign. To see the room where she gave birth, her handwritten letters, her needlework, it was so surreal.

  9. Dannelle Sakrison says:

    I’m so bummed she didn’t marry Gideon..I’m heartbroken ..She deserves to be happy, and I’m hoping the season finale doesn’t leave with questions
    About her.. Catherine and narcissus need to rekindle Thier romantic relationship, they work so good together. Plotting and scheming. I always knew young Charles was a nutcase. Just like his father. Oh a someone, maybe greer, or bring back Kenna, to slay that nasty b;!t$h. Of a daughter who married into the Spanish throne! She is horrid!. OK. I’m hooked. Love this show, the costumes, set, characters, storyline. So sad to see it end.


  10. I absolutely love this show! I’ve never been a T.V person I never found anything that really interested me until i stoumbled on Reign and of course they are canceling it after 4 seasons. Yet they have 8 seasons of something as stupid as Vampire diaries .. Just knowing it’s going to end makes me not even want to finish watch it because I know it not going to have a good ending at least not how it should… I know they was trying to base it on history however I’m sure very little actually was real history.All the killings,back stabbing,sleeping around ,broken hearts, kings going mad, monsters in the woods, lovers coming back from the dead.. I had rather them not even tried to base it on any history and kept on with the drama..Mary & Francis was what got me hooked in the first place.. There’s to many broken hearts that should find love and marriage.. There’s John who should be with Mary she’s the godmother she was to raise John if Francis & Lola died not Catherine .. There’s Conde he disappeared never saying what happened to him.. He should be with Mary.. There’s Bash .. Princess Claude & Lath..Just to much left unfinished for it to any kind of good ending .. Very Very disappointed!! Needless to say I want be watching anything on this channel anymore..

  11. P camp says:

    Like to see Frances come to get Mary at the end. The love that they shared never dies and it’s only the beginning for them again

  12. JoAnn says:

    Love this show. Four wonderful years and hate to see it end.


    We know what history tells us about what happened to Mary, so it sounds as if they will honor what history tells us… Her head comes off. I hate it thought, well heck I hate when Francis died

  14. Jean says:

    I’m so sad not to have another season. I. Love love loved the series. So sad 😔

  15. Stephanie Street says:

    I absolutely love this show and hate the fact that they are ending it. They need to get rid of some of the other shows that are just down right stupid. Instead this network is going to add other shows that sound really stupid. I say don’t end the show Reign. It’ a great show.

  16. James D Thear says:

    Love the show Hate to see it end as there is so much they could still do with Elizabeth & Catherine & the others. The acting is superb and Megan and Rachel should have been nominated for Emmys!!! Adelaide is quite good and very beautiful. The show was a nice departure from the other trash on tv!!

  17. Mary and Patty says:

    I hope it is as close to history as possible. I also hope that the creators have something new up their sleeves that brings some of the actors like Toby and Torrance in màybe new package. I will miss Reign. You all did a great job down to the writers!!!!!

  18. Stephanie Street says:

    I hate that they canceled Reign and kept shows like Supergirl, I zombie, & Jane the Virgin. I think Reign was a much better show than any of those. If I couldn’t watch it I made damn sure I recorded it. I think shows that are at least closely based on history are much better than the senseless shows they have decided to keep.

  19. karen says:


  20. Patricia L. Standifer says:

    I think it crap. She fought harder than any man. It was the worst.

  21. Warz says:

    They already took so many liberties with the show they should have gave a more powerful ending for Mary. Let her live and rule Scotland, happy with her son and friends with England. -.-

  22. Rita de la Cruz says:

    Omg!!!! I didn’t want to see her die and what was the reason was it because she had her husband killed ? Or did I hear wrong when I was watching and I wish mary and francies stood together and ruled their empire. Lol awwww well good show. So.many sad parts to.bad her son didn’t save her so we can see more episodes :-(

  23. Faye says:

    Mary’s death had me in tears for ages and angered. In my opinion I think she deserved a more meaningful death. I’m watching it for a 3rd time now lmao. The ending was rushed and I know it was because they were told to cancel 10 days in advance but they could of put in some scenes about the double act Catherine and Narcissus. What happened to them? What of claud? What about Mary’s final lover? (Forgot his name). I know it’s good to make your audience ask questions but not as many. I adore reign and I can’t find no other show like it. My favourite character was definitely Mary and Bash. Mary was a brave and strong women. If I were her in that life I would of been mentally damaged.