Project Runway Junior Finale

Project Runway: Junior: Which Designer Deserves the Last Spot in the Finale?

The Project Runway franchise has always excelled at ramping up pre-finale drama, but the twist at the end of this week’s Junior — a personal obsession of mine — left me on (the cutting) edge.

If you watched Thursday’s episode, you know that the much-hyped double elimination turned out to be a bit of a misdirect. Though we did say goodbye to one designer (your flowing capes were too good for this world, Molly!), the judges couldn’t decide which of the other two in-danger contestants, Hawwaa or Tieler, should join her. Both designers will now prepare lines for the finale, but only one will be allowed to show, per the judges’ ruling.

Here’s a recap of this week’s runway show, in case you need a refresher:

So here’s my question: Which designer do you hope wins that coveted final spot in the finale runway show? Is it, Hawwaa, queen of color-blocking? Or is it Tieler, whose own personal style could best be described as Cabbage Patch chic? For what it’s worth, both designers seemed pretty sure of themselves at the close of Thursday’s show; Tieler declared, “I am ready!” as he pounded his fists together, while Hawwaa simply stated, “I’m very confident that I can beat Tieler.”

OK, time to weigh in: Who earned that last spot more? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your reasoning.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. DarkDefender says:

    Unfortunately for Hawwaa, we have seen all she has. You can only change the color/print palet so much (with the same silhouette) before it becomes boring. Tieler’s only real misstep has been the most recent challenge. He deserves the spot for his overall performance this season.

  2. Diane Raetz says:

    Tieler has been so good I honestly wonder if his model might be 6 weeks or so visible outside changes but boobs and waist get bigger

  3. Erik says:

    I say tieler. I’m more impressed with him than hawwaa

  4. Christina says:

    Neither one should be in the running you eliminated the wrong girl because she was not like but the judges. The two have been in the bottom many times I will not be watching the balance of the show.

    • LaDonna says:

      Tieler has had fit issues with his model the last 2 weeks. (I seriously wonder if her measurements have changed from what he was given.) Those are the only weeks he’s been in the bottom. Otherwise, he’s been in top looks 4 times and of those, he won twice. Hawwaa has been in the bottom 5 times and only once in the top. She never won. If anything, Hawwaa should have been gone and Molly and Tieler doing the run-off for the final spot. Molly was in top looks 4 times, bottom once, but she never had a win.

      • Gee says:

        He needs to go home, his look was crap, but it’s the same ole story.

        • JReplies says:

          Same ole story is right! Tieler has been in the top 4 times and won twice. Hawwaa has been in the bottom 5 times, The top once and NEVER WON! Who would have imagined that Tieler would be scammed out of his rightful spot! And be dealing with affirmative action in 2017! Utter Bull. This show has lost all credibility!

          • Lori Manfredi says:

            I agree…will not be watching anymore..I can’t understand how she made it this far…my 9 yr old can sew better

          • Janice says:

            AGREE!!! No longer watching show…remove Kelly Osborn!

          • lala says:

            Kelly Osborn stinks. She ruined the finale. But honestly I am shocked that Tieler’s collection was all flowers and bumblebees; He must know that is not high fashion like all his amazing looks during the season. He is so talented and I hope a fashion school gives him a scholarship, he clearly has a fashion future.

      • lala says:

        True. Hawwaa had no business being there.

  5. Gina Morris says:

    That girl has done nothing but ugly all season. How did she make it this far?

    • JReplies says:

      It’s because she’s African American. And that’s the truth! Don’t want to seem racist even on Junior Project Run Way. What utter crap! Tieler got scammed out of the final. UNFAIR!!!!!

      • Janet says:

        Well, you saying you don’t want to seem racist is an understatement. You are extremely racist. There has been an African American winner of Project Runway. Race should never be a factor in any competition. Very disappointed in your comments!!!!!

      • Geri kernaghan says:

        Couldn’t agree more. Circus theme??? Really. My granddaughter age 8 could do a better job. It’s one thing to dress in your own style, but to look like a garbage picker on the night of the finale, put me over the edge.

    • Lori Manfredi says:

      That’s what I want to know…just watched and can not believe it….she can’t sew!….or design!

  6. Yoko says:

    Hawwaa doesn’t deserve to be in the final 6 much less final 4. Give me a break, look at overall looks for the whole season. Not a designer, not going to win so why make them go through this. PC decision to get ratings. To put Hawwaa above Molly is nonsense.

  7. Haddy says:

    Tieler for sure. Hawwaa has an interesting asthetic but her execution is messy and I still can’t get over how awful she was to Akai.

  8. It would seem that Kelly Osbourne is the “Hawwaa holdout” on the judges panel. Why is Hawwaa saved for what, seems like 5 weeks straight on the bottom? Tieler has been much more consistent (although his last 2 weeks have been rough). Molly should have stayed, Hawwaa should have gone home.

  9. Jenna says:

    I really wish Molly made it to the finale. She’s been pretty consistent with her work? And her ideas seem more interesting based on previous collections she’s made.

  10. Christina says:

    It’s so interesting to read the comments when everybody else’s opinion is so different than your own. I was incensed last night with the judges – to me it was so clear that the 4 girl’s designs and execution were far superior to the 2 boy’s that I thought it was a pretty easy decision to send the 4 girls through to the finale. After all, they always say “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out”. And Chris and Tieler had the 2 worst looks, IMO, and therefore should have been out! Yeah, Tieler has been good for most of the season but the past 2 weeks have been real head scratchers to me. Maybe it’s because he bugs me the way he talks to his models and I have always much preferred Hawwaa’s color blocking and patterns. I do get that we’ve seen the same silhouette from her but they are young and with time she could really do some interesting work. I’m hopeful she’ll surprise us with her collection.

  11. Elissa R says:

    Project runway is wrong there should not be a face off Tieler should have gone home his outfit did not fit and even though he is a great designer. There are no second chances. If he was black he would have been out. Project runway always gets rid of the black designers and Watch next weekend her outfit can be fly and she still going home.

    • Gee says:

      You’re exactly right. When the white designers are in trouble the rules suddenly change. I keep giving this show another chance but this “good ole boy” attitude is wearing thin. Ask yourself who met the challenge requirements this week. If you stilll say Tieler you’re stupid. And by the way, Molly should not be going home.

    • Kristy Henderson says:

      Really??? A racist issue?? Omg. Dont u get tired of claiming racism.

  12. V says:

    Sorry but Molly should be in and both Tieler and Hawwaa should have been out. Poor construction issues over and over.

  13. Kathy Allen says:

    So wrong. He deserved it more.

  14. Marriellen says:

    Hawaa’s work was as bad as her attitude AND make up each week
    She was on the Bottom often for a Reason
    Tieler not only exhibited excellent fashion ideas and execution but at the end showed he could also satisfy the every day woman. Commercial wear is what keeps a business going. Few people want to wear high runway fashion daily. THIS IS A PR Jr BOMB

  15. Shawna says:

    Unfortunately you have lost one of your best followers when he did not make it. He is so classy comparedred to her and I do not have the right words for how messy Hawwaa and unfinished her items look, IMHO. I also remember how she treated Akai. Will not watch the show anymore, when someone as talentless and tactful as her beats out some of the best you have had on the show. WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS UNTIL THIS ONE

  16. Ana Smith says:

    Hawwaa looks like a nice girl. However initial inspiration is missing, as well as talent!
    The make up she puts on her face looks like is applied on the top of make up from yesterday!
    It is unpleasant and sloppy.
    If that is a Fashion – what would be next?

    • Samatha says:

      I feel the sameshe looks dirty..sorry

      • Geri kernaghan says:

        She looks disgusting with the green lipstick. I’m so done with project runway because of the Hawaa decision. Who wants to look like a clown? She looked like a rag picker on the final night. No class. I thought all muslims couldn’t pierce or wear makeup. She just loved wearing the head scarfs. She always looked dirty. Molly shouldn’t have been eliminated.

  17. Kim Broadwater says:

    if you have to be on the bottom three times to win the clown contest then Hollow has it in the bag

  18. sandy spivey says:

    I feel the final decision is a bad one. Tieler is so much more talented and polished and her clothes look like home economics, she needs more time to develop. I have lost confidence in the judges. What could you be thinking!!!!

  19. Kim Broadwater says:

    If you have to be on the bottom three times and make circus clown outfits no young girl would be seen dead in then I guess we know who the winner should be

  20. Cynthia Prien says:

    Terrible decision. Tieler far surpassed Hawwaa in design, execution and taste. Hawwaa’s horrible design and execution were only surpassed by her bad attitude and poor treatment of Acai.

  21. Vye says:

    Very diisappointed with results of Project Runway Jr. 2017. I have never commented on results but felt compelled on this outcome. Wrong decision.

  22. John Cupersmith says:

    Smart T.V.!? Are you bloody joking? Are the moron judges on PRJ really going to bump out Tieler in favor of Hawwaa?!! Total rubbish. This is about her being black and those jerk judges (By the way who died and made Kelly Osbourne an expert!) She was fired from Fashion Police and The View. She has never shown at Fashion Week. But she’s a designer!What a joke! The credibility of this show is Dog Poo! The judges gave every reason why Tieler should be in the final over Hawwaa’s circus crap which was evident just by his technical superiority alone. Did they bother to examine the construction? Didn’t look like it cause hers was garbage. I used to respect Tim Gunn but man what the heck is he smoking going along with the travesty of this choice. Shame on you Gunn! Shame, shame, shame, Shame on you!

    • Tim Gunn had NOTHING to do with this. He is not a judge and he has no veto apart from the single one he used earlier in the serioes.

      As for those saying it had to do with race – either that Hawaa was let through because she is black or the rules changed for Tieler because he is white – stop the nonsense! It was nothing of the kind in either case. The judges were just in a bad position and caught between a rock and a hard place.

      What do you do when you have to choose to drop out someone that has designed EXCELLENTLY all season but really messed up, OR someone who has been in the bottom multiple times but this time did a little better than the other person. Yes, the rule is “One moment you’re in and the next moment you’re out”, but the judges all saw how talented Tieler was and just couldn’t let him go for a couple of mistakes. That is why they did the run-off between the two for the finale.

      And then, with the outcome of the run-off – again they had to take a bad decision. You could see that they had done the run-off in the hope that Tieler would return to his former cutting-edge glory and they could let him into the finale like they wanted, but he tanked with his matronly embroidered items. The judges’ disappointment was PALPABLE. He let them down when they were trying to save him by giving him another chance.

      I believe they were acting in good faith. They did what they thought was right.

  23. Lori Manfredi says:

    R u kidding?….how and why would u guys pick her designs over his?….her designs were definitely made for a ringleader of a circus ….his designs were beautiful…wearable ….and sellable….what went wrong here….she can’t design nor sew….

  24. Tieler deserves to win because he is such a nice person. He was always the first to congratulate the winner and comfort the one who lost. He is a winner because he put people over fashion, and then is a better designer to boot. Definitely Tieler all the way!

  25. Lynn Brightman says:

    Well I always watched your show but I am very disappointed in who you picked for the finale Tieler has won number of times and Hawwaa has been in the bottom four times sorry you lost a devoted fan



  28. Brenda Pacheco says:

    No way cannot agree with choice. Who would wear that. Guess need to have open mind. But have to say will not make it in fashion world without outside inspiration:(

  29. Leysa says:

    What were the judges thinking?? Big mistake.

  30. Jo says:

    After watching last evenings episode I am very shocked at the results. Eliminating one of the best young designers I’ve seen in awhile really makes me question what goes on behind closed doors in the judging process. Are we to move forward the creative amateur with questionable technique, and taste ? Or a young man that has a real future in the business. His work is stunning, polished, and professional. To send him home based on the criteria that his pieces didn’t push the envelope enough – was a premature decision. I, for one, would have loved to seen his collection. He was an early favorite of mine- and I was shocked that he was even put in the position of fitting for the 4th spot- since he was clearly the most consistent in the group of competitors. Not sure I will watch the show after this- seems a bit rigged,

  31. Carol says:

    The last two Project Runway Jr. designers who were eliminated, including Tieler most recently, were two of the best designers. Keeping Hawwaa was wrong, in my opinion. She clearly was not a good seamstress. All her things looked alike and were not technically very good. Something wrong happened as far as I am concerned.

  32. Janice says:

    NO longer watching Project Runway Junior since Kelly Osborn has made it Political! Her anger and favor towards Hawaa is clearly seen.
    Tieler is clearly the winner.

  33. Linda Lucia says:

    The pink wingtips Hawwaas’model wore does anyone know where they came from? Thanks

  34. Valerie says:

    I really just love Project Runway for the entertainment and I am entertained each week. The pieces I like and the pieces the judges like are always different. I agree that Tieler had some beautiful pieces during his time on this show however his collection and his last 2 pieces were not good at all. Why does everything have to be racist or politically correct or whatever you say it is? It is what is………entertaining!

  35. Trina j says:

    Isn’t hawaa a boy, dressing like a girl!!!!!!!!, his attitude sucks, and his clothes are atrocious!, they leave him there cause he’s a muslim

    • PRJ Watcher says:

      The show’s slogan is “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out”.

      Tieler’s early designs were great, but his last two were nothing special and had serious fit issues. He should have been eliminated for that velvet thing which was dreadful.

      After the Akai bust up, I personally liked Tieler more than Hawaa, but I thought that Hawaa should have gone to the final four without having to go through this elimination. Upon reflection, I think that Hawaa was made out to be the bully in typical project runway style, when it seems that she was trying to save the design. Akai was adorable and sweet, but could not sew and did not really have any particular design point of view. The work he did on that challenge was worse than what Hawaa did and he was rightly voted off. Since then, I think Hawaa has shown a positive attitude, self-belief, and a lot of grace in light of some of the blatantly hostile comments the judges have made about her work. That is the sign of an admirable young woman and the type of thick skin you need to make it in an industry like fashion.

      Much has been made about Tieler being more likeable. I agree with this in part, but he has shown himself to be arrogant at times as well. I think to some extent it was this arrogance that led to his downfall…thinking that simple silhouettes in subdued colours could win the whole thing.

      In the graffiti wall challenge, Hawaa’s design was much better than Tieler’s and completely fit the challenge. I didn’t think Chris’s work was better than Hawaa’s apart from perhaps the fact it was sewn better. But that design is something that you could get at a yoga shop.

      I agree to some extent that Molly might have been a bit hard done (since Tieler did an ill-fitting all white look and he got through), but if you do not listen to the judges and use black all the time (see what the comments were re Laurence in the senior show), then you get eliminated. They eliminated Cartier for the same reason…not going out of your comfort zone or not pushing the envelope enough. So, I actually do see some consistency in that sense.

      I have had a serious problem with the host and the judge from 17 magazine calling her designs juvenile. Did they see what won the senior competition…Erin’s Banana meets Sponge Bob Square pants crap? Yes, she made nice clothes, but she made the same coat almost every challenge. The judges also critiqued her sewing skills even in the finale. How come no one is bringing that up? Those judges praised her for being youthful and fun, yet ripped Hawaa to shreds when her designs for the most part were more sophisticated and innovative than what Erin did. In a way, Hawaa might be the Erin of project runway jr. But I find her work to be reminiscent of Dom who won both project runway and the allstars version. She was praised all the time for her mixed pattern and colour blocking work. Dom is an artist and actually made most of her patterns.

      The irony is that Chelsea won the last challenge for making her own, bright pattern. This was called arts and craft-like, but won. Issy has done some very colourful stuff too and has done well of late. It is no secret that colours get you far on project runway sr or jr.

      I think that the two judges who have called Hawaa’s work juvenile problem do have some other issues. This was especially evident in the Italy challenge. Have they not looked at what Italian designers have been 2015 and 2016? Mainly bold colours, African prints or inspired prints, and playing with volume (Stella Jean, Peter Pillotto, Moschino, Missoni forever…). They can’t have a high fashion IQ if they did not recognize this in her work.

      In the two challenge face-off looks, Tieler:
      a) did not do the embroidery himself and just sewed it on
      b) picked a very subdued pastel colour pallette that had nothing to do with his inspiration and that historically does not do well in project runway (except for Ashley winning with the “Plus sized” collection which was one of the biggest travesties of that show’s history IMHO)
      c) made basic shapes
      d) made a matronly collection
      e) did not connect his inspiration to the collection

      I thought it was boring and even the other remaining youth designers did too…not just the judges. Hawaa’s was out there, but most fashion shows have out there pieces…look at Christian’s Soriano’s collection compared to Rami’s. It was basically Victoria Beckham who was obsessed with his clothes that won the day for him. Besides, the two challenges that Tieler won were for avant-garde and unconventional challenges…things that no one could wear anyway.

      A comment was made by the judges that Tieler’s collection would be retail worthy. It was also called “Southern looking”…yikes! That’s a kiss of death on Project Runway. Tieler was basically the Laurence Basse of the Jr edition of Project Runway. The front runner who was amazing for most of the year, but did a snooze-fest of a finale collection…only difference is I don’t recall Laurence ever being in the bottom, and despite her amazing work, was called out for doing the same shoulder and using black, when, for the most part, Tieler did architectural silhouettes and fairly bland colours (grey, black and white for the most part).

      At the end of the day, this silly face-off only happened because two of the judges liked Tieler personally better than Hawaa and tried to give him another chance. Those two judges have been blatantly unprofessional and partial in their judging. I hope that they change those two judges (and I am not speaking about Kelly, whom I never liked on Fashion Police or anything she has done) in the future because they are not judges at all.

      What disturbs me the most are the comments (not just here but internet searches) about whether Hawaa is a man, is transgender? Muslim? How come no one has asked if Chris or Tieler are transgender? Are Christian? Jewish? Atheist? The point is, what difference does it make or more importantly what difference should it make? Fashion has been one of the few industries that has somewhat accepted people from different races, nationalities, genders. The most popular fashion now is gender-neutral fashion. Lebanese, Turkish and other designers from the Middle East and Muslim countries are becoming more prominent in the fashion community. The point of adding a comment here was to state who you think should win and why. Not to insult a young woman who has more courage than you will ever have by sharing her artistic creativity in the most public of ways and subjecting herself to critiques from judges and arm chair judges living in a climate of xenophobia, and specifically Islamophobia.

      • Robin Harper says:

        Sadly disappointed that they choose HAWWAA over TIELER wow she makes very bad clown outfit been on the bottom most of the time and TIELER is a excellent seamstress. VERY VERY WRONG CHOISE. I would have hoped you judges had better taste i think the runway is ridged so that you could add clown clothes to the run way knowing good and well she would never win but it would add color and an unforturnate surprise. Boohoo to the judges band bad bad bad decision. Sorry Tieler i hope you show them you cant be stopped. She didnt even want it as bad as him. Boo on you judges. So so disappointed in this Project Jr.

        • lala says:

          It is Kelly Osborn’s fault, she is the judge with very bad taste, she doesn’t belong there at all, plus Tieler screwed up with the camel toe outfit.

        • PRJ Watcher says:

          Donald, is that you?

          • Paragon says:

            @ PRJ Watcher – Do you really have to make your comments political? You may live in a world of Islamophobia but most of us don’t – even though that is the narrative that is constantly pushed. Hawwaa’s clothes looked like clown wear. They would be unflattering on most woman. Her sewing skills compared to the other finalists are weak – more like a home economics class. She seems to lack a visual understanding of a woman’s body.

          • PRJ Watcher says:

            Not sure why I cannot reply to Paragon’s comment, but obviously you have missed the point of my replies to Robin Harper and Trina J.

            Robin Harper: “Very, Very” & “Bad, Bad, Bad”?…How many adults other than the great ratings machine of DJT write or tweet like that? That was the point of the comment.

            As for the Trina J comment, my point was that Trina’s comment was politically motivated and mean-spirited. Penultimately, you obviously don’t know what Islamophobia means if you think that “most of us” don’t live in that world. Fashion does not have to be wearable. Her inspiration was the circus and she deliberately went for a clown look in one of her designs. Look at NYFW 2017…women are walking down the runway with pylons on their head. That’s not clown? Whether you like it or not is a question of person taste and you are entitled to your opinion, but you don’t know fashion if you are not aware of these trends. Lastly, unless your home-ec class was in a fashion school, I am not sure where that comparison comes from. She sews and designs better than some of the senior designers on Project Runway.

      • Finally, a balanced, analytical comment. Thank you! So many of the comments are so superficial and hateful.

  36. lala says:

    Tieler screwed up on the last outfit, and his collection was too plain and pretty. He needed to infuse some of the silhouettes he made during the season and he would have been the clear winner. It’s so sad. I thought, based on his performance all season, that he would win.

    • Yes, Tieler was my favourite designer through the season and I wanted him to win. But unfortunately he messed up badly in the last two challenges and in the run-off with Hawaa, after the judges gave him another chance to get into the finale. I was never a fan of Hawaa’s designs, but in the end, the judges had no choice but to let her through. I want to know what happened to Tieler towards the end though. Did he get scared of success and choke???

  37. Dawn from Colorado says:

    Project Runway has always favored contestants with an interesting life story and personality. I believe Molly was technically superior with a very strong design aesthetic. A little more color would have helped, but not sure her serious and quiet nature was what the producers wanted for reality TV. Show business, you know. Molly has a very bright future as a designer. All the contestants seem like good kids with a passion, no need for shade.

  38. M Humston says:

    Hawwah is a costume designer. Should not have been finalist. Majority of purchasing will be on level of Tieler not hawwah. Big misteak. Have not liked her style from beginning. You judges have made a big error.

  39. Eileen Ross says:

    The first part of the series finale wasn’t shown for some reason , the station put on Relic Hunter…it appears THEYRE doing it again this Thursday. What happened? Bravo TV.

  40. Steve Voelk says:

    Wow, another PC decision not based on ability. Are we in a world where we cant even make decisions anymore about fashion pending the background of who designed it and their religion. Hawaa is a clown herself, she designs clothes for the way she looks herself. Who in the world would want to look that rediculous. I am not for the wall but a wall around her creations is not a bad idea. I am now concerned that Seventeen magazine will only put clothes in its magazine designed by freaky close clothes designed by immigrants. Shame on the judges. Very disappointed.

  41. Dolphyne McCullah says:

    I was extremely disappointed when Tiller wasn’t chosen. How many people can actually wear Hawaa’s clothes. I thought the judges would make a better choice. At least Tieler’so clothes are wearable.