Marvel's Runaways Casting

Marvel's Runaways: James Marsters, Annie Wersching Among 'Pride' Parents

“Every teenager thinks their parents are evil. What if you found out they actually were?”

That is among the questions at the fore of Hulu’s upcoming Marvel’s Runaways adaptation, and TVLine has a first look at the “Pride” AKA parents of the titular youths.

Among the familiar faces on hand are James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Annie Wersching (24), as well as Kevin Weisman (Alias), Brigid Brannagh (Army Wives) and Ever Carradine (Major Crimes).

Rounding out the parentral ranks are Ryan Sands (The Wire), Angel Parker (The People v. O.J. Simpson), Brittany Ishibashi (Emily Owens M.D.), James Yaegashi (Broadway’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and Kip Pardue (Ray Donovan).

“This cast is an abundance of riches. We are so excited to have assembled our Pride, though for the fate of humanity we should be very concerned…,” executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage said/warned of the castings. Added Runaways comic co-creator and series executive consultant Brian K. Vaughn, “[This series] has enough great actors to support two shows, but I love that this project contains multiple generations of incredible talent all in one story.”

How do they each match up with the previously cast kids?

Marsters and ever-carradine-runawaysCarradine play Victor and Janet Stein, parents to Chase (Gregg Sulkin, Faking It). He’s an engineering genius who has lofty expectations for his son — and when they aren’t met, retribution can be fierce; she’s a perfect PTA mom harboring a brilliant mind of her own, and who longs for more from her life.

Wersching and Pardue kip-pardueplay Leslie and Frank Dean, parents to Carolina (Virginia Gardner). She’s a poised and skilled leader whose charisma draws in devoted allies and followers. He’s a former teen star who rode a short-lived movie career and is now teeming with insecurity.

Weisman and Brannagh kevin-weismanbrigid-brannagh-runawaysplay Dale and Stacey Yorkes, parents to Gert (Ariela Barer). He’s a bioengineer whose deep love for his family oftentimes falls short as far as knowing the right things to say to his daughter. Stacey, too, is a bioengineer, and utilizes a more progressive approach to her parenting style.

Sands and Parker angel-parker ryan-sandsplay Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, parents to Alex (Rhenzy Feliz). He’s a hulking presence who can effortlessly shift from approachable father to intimidating strategist; she’s a successful lawyer, deliberate and calculating in both her words and actions.

Ishibashi and Yaegashi pbrittany-ishibashijames-yaegashilay Tina and Robert Minoru, parents to Nico (Lyrica Okano). She’s a perfectionist “tiger mom,” as well as a brilliant innovator and ruthless CEO; he is a gentle and brilliant beta, “the Woz to his wife’s Jobs.”

Does this great group of gr’ups have you extra-anticipating Runaways?





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  1. Mike says:

    that awesome news

  2. Michelle says:

    Now I might need to spring for Hulu. They had me at James Marsters.

  3. Steve F. says:

    SPIKE! I mean, James Marsters… seeing how I loved the original source material, I may have to spring for Hulu now.

  4. Kerri says:

    I was there at James Marsters. I might just have to subscribe to Hulu now.

    • Ian says:

      Not only him, but Kip Pardue. Had such a crush on him in Remember the Titans.
      Casting for the parents is better than for the kids.

  5. Joey Padron says:

    Great casting they got to play the parents on the show. Can’t wait to see the cast photos and trailer for the show!

  6. Wordsmith says:

    It sounds like they’re going to make the parents at least a little more sympathetic and relatable than in the comics.

  7. Red Snapper says:

    So are they not doing Molly? Is it because she’s a mutant and they couldn’t get the rights to make her one or something? It’s not necessarily a bad thing. She’s a bit younger than the rest of the group and that could drag the story down more so on screen than in the comic book. Molly does bring a lot to the group though so I’m not sure. I am excited about this and even more now that James Marsters has been cast. I’ve been in love with him since I was like 12.

    • Jason Jones says:

      According to casting news they have a Molly. They changed her last name to Hernandez. Not sure where her parents are!

  8. clintbrew says:

    i wonder if molly gonna be inhuman since fox owns the word mutant cus her name was molly hayes they changed it to hernandez for the tv series

    • P Diddily says:

      Pretty sue the Marvel deal with Fox only applies to the FILM rights, not TV. I read something about how Marvel gave Fox the okay for those 2 xmen shows in exchange for the use of some of the characters Fox has the rights to in the MCU movies.

      • lrdslvrhnd says:

        Pretty sure it does extend to TV, which is why Agents of SHIELD has Inhumans. They’d have ways to get around the “mutant” problem, such as the name change and probably different power origins (genetic tinkering, chemical spill, Odinspawn, what have you) while retaining the power itself.

  9. John036 says:

    so sad sunshine turned out to be a villain :/

  10. Matt says:

    So excited to see this awesome comic brought to life.

  11. ScottJ says:

    This puts me off watching. There’s too many characters, mostly played by actors I’ve never seen before. Unless they’re all introduced very slowly and specifically it will be impossible for me to follow.

    • Ice says:

      Don’t worry about the parents. They won’t play a big role outside of the pilot. (or shouldn’t)

      • P Diddily says:

        If they cast great and recognizable actors like James Marsters and Annie Wersching for characters that will not be seen after the pilot, that would be a huge mistake!

  12. william says:

    So how many superhero shows are on now? I guess is it a bit better than Kardashains all the time or Real Housewives.

  13. Jooshua says:

    Oh my.. I read this while rewatching ‘Buffy’ and Spike was on screen moping over his love of Drusilla. Love James Marsters. I also love Kevin Weisman and Annie Wersching. Can’t wait.

  14. Missy says:

    That’s frakking perfect

  15. Veronica says:

    Darn. I might have to get Hulu now.

  16. Brigid says:

    James Marsters? SWOON

  17. lulu says:

    James Marsters, it is almost a crime he did not get much work since Buffy therefore i am all for it !! As for Josh Swarts let’s hope (and i think he is smart enough about it) it will be more Chuck vibe than his other shows..haha