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Days of Our Lives: How Did Stefano Say Goodbye? Grade the Emotional Episode

For more than three decades, the name Stefano DiMera has sent shivers down the spines of countless Salem residents. But on Thursday’s Days of Our Lives, it also elicited a few other emotions.

The episode marked the final appearance of actor Joseph Mascolo, who died in Dec. 2016 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Mascolo originated the role in Jan. 1982.

As previously teased by NBC, the episode found Rafe, Marlena and Anna confronting Stefano about his “transgressions against each of them over the years.” You can see part of Stefano’s encounter with Marlena below:

But things didn’t exactly turn out the way the trio had hoped. While they were busy speculating about what might happen when an incarcerated Stefano is relocated to Salem, the inmate was busy… disappearing!

Stefano’s loyal followers — not the least bit surprised that one of daytime’s most iconic villains had one last trick up his sleeve — celebrated appropriately on Twitter:

Following the discovery of Stefano’s empty cell, the episode ended with this touching tribute to Mascolo from the entire Days family:

Days Of Our Lives

Official video of Mascolo’s final bow will be added when it becomes available. In the meantime, what did you think of the episode? Stefano’s great escape? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. J says:

    Didn’t get to watch in Boston as it wasn’t aired

  2. Carole says:

    Salem deserves to know for sure that Sefano is not going to bother them again. They deserve to have peace.

  3. General Lee says:

    Wish his Queen (Marlana) would have released him & run off together forever. Would have been appropriate ending for entire Days series. God Bless Joseph !

  4. Pam C says:

    For a man that was so ill I give him so much credit for appearing. He was a true professional. As they said at the end “Good night sweet prince”. You will be missed.

  5. Dee says:

    There will NEVER be another villain like “Stefano”. RIP Mr Mascolo

  6. Tiffany says:

    Heartbreaking to see after reading earlier that he has battling Alzheimer’s for v years.

  7. Betty says:

    Didn’t get to see it because of a major snowstorm continuing coverage. Hopefully it will air tomorrow!

  8. Kelly Hess says:

    Broke my heart when I found out Stephano died even though he played a mean person. Been watching this soap for over 40 years! Stephano was a very handsome man as well as all the rest of the guys. RIP Stephano! I’ll miss him as well as E.J., Bo, Daniel, Sammy and more. Thanks for a wonderful show!

    • Christine hu says:

      Stefano Sendoff was okay. more scenes could have been shown. I was really hoping the whole Dimera Family would face Stefeno as well. Like Theo, Kate esp. his sons Andre and Chad. maybe even sami. It would have been great if Chad introduce him to his nephew, Thomas. Sadly Joseph Mascolo has passed:/ Too bad at least Stefano didn’t get to say goodbye to his Sons on the show before his final episode. There were still alot of things unsaid. Like how Chad was upset his father never had his last chance of Redemption.

      • Christine hu says:

        RIP. You were the best

      • Walkie says:

        It’s clear that they filmed him in the jail cell one day on set just reacting and then they cut scenes with Marlena, Anna and Rafe talking to him. It’s obvious they weren’t on set at the same time. It was a nice way to use footage of Joe to give him a sendoff.

  9. Annette says:

    Rest In Peace Joseph. The show won’t be the same without you.

  10. Pat Stephens says:

    Hate that he was able to get away. He should have gotten what was coming to him.

    • Carol Cook says:

      I hate it too. What’s going to happen to Hope now that he has disappeared?

      • Chloe says:

        I think they said they took DNA evidence so Hope will no doubt be released from prison. Being Salem, they’ll ignore the fact that she committed attempted murder & will allow her to rejoin the inept Salem PD. *rolls eyes*

        Stefano was one of my 2 favorites [the other being Victor]. Joe was a wonderful actor & he’ll really be missed.

    • Catherine Berry says:

      It was expected 😕

  11. eric7740 says:

    It was a little anti-climatic, in my opinion SPOILER ALERT!!!
    He never said a word!!! I realize it was probably due to his illness, but still I wish he would have spoken.

    • Donnasue Sikes says:

      Thank you for being the man to hate all these years your laugh is what I will miss the most. Rest with the angels. Hoping our Days won’t be ending with you.

    • Connie says:

      I agree! Same ol, same ol. It was a sad appearance and the confrontations were lacking in emotion. I think killing him off would have been a better way to end his character. There is no way to bring some other actor in to play the part….must be careful with the way this is done. Hope the show is NOT on it’s way out…..

    • Sabrina Lee says:

      Well, he laughed at Anna that was funny and in true Stefano fashion. I did notice how sick he looked. 😔 I hate Alzheimer’s!! He made me think of my grandfather when he was suffering Alzheimer’s. It’s so sad seeing the emptiness and confusion in his eyes.

  12. Perfect way to end, The Phoenix takes flight again and disappears, fitting ending.

  13. TVFan says:

    I just hope that they do NOT recast his role. They tried it before and it was a complete failure.

  14. Janine Matthews says:

    Who will take the roll as the new Stefano? It will be difficult shoes to fill If decide to bring his character back! May God bless the Family and friends of Joseph Mescolo, for he was loved by many, and will be greatly missed! 😇

  15. Jo-Ann says:

    Couldn’t watch having snow blizzard and news was on unfortunately I don’t have cable and only get 1_channel and they had weather didn’t show days so upset missed all other station had their soaps…

  16. Merrill Goldberg says:

    Made me very sad to see him knowing that he had already passed. I truly enjoyed his roll as the villain. I will certainly miss seeing him on the screen RIP Stefano

  17. PJ says:

    RIP (Joseph)Stephano. After 40+ years of watching DOOL it will not be the same without Stephano.

  18. PJ says:

    Lets just hope DOOL doesn’t die off with the loss of Stephano. If recasted it best be a twin of Joseph.

  19. I love Joseph! He played Stefano better than any other actor could have done! He was brilliant in his role over the years as the suave, intelligent, charismatic, and diabolical villain we all came to know and love/hate. I was very, very happy that we all got another chance to see his brilliance one more time before his final farewell. Rest in peace dear Joseph. You have earned all of your blessings. You were loved, and hated by many! And as a villain, that is THE highest compliment that you could ever have received!

    • Jeanne Hodgrs says:

      Today I felt like I lost a member of my personal family hearing that Joe had passed away. How masterfully he concealed his illness. I cried all evening. How blessed we were by his portal of pure evil and captivated by his smile and his accent and just plain him. We will still find our hearts wishing for the phoenix to return to us some how. God bless you Joseph and smile with the angels. We will miss you.

      • Brenda McCulley says:

        It makes me feel good that someone is concerned about this wonderful actor passing away. So many of the comments mention about Hope getting released and mad because some of his family members (fictional) didn’t get a chance to tell him off. Wake up people. This man died in real life. It is no longer a part of Days of our Lives. The show doesn’t matter. We should all celebrate the great work he was able to do while he was so sick. GREAT job, Stephano!

        • Cartman says:

          The character he played was named Stefano, his real name was Joseph. I find it funny you ended your comment with the character name after criticizing other posters for talking about characters instead of the “real” man who died. lol Anyway I loved Stefano (the character) and will really miss the actor, he was one of kind that one.

  20. Charmaigne Hanna-Baker says:

    From the Day he graced and blessed that NBC studios set, and kept us viewers and fans tuning in day after day, he will be so so missed. I have lived him from the moment he spoke in his beautiful never waivering accent. Best villian of all time hands down. Best partner with the character of Kate by far. GOD BLESS HIM, until we see him again.

  21. Kevin says:

    I give it an A. One of the best episodes of DAYS so far this year but I’m disappointed about the ending (Stefano escapes again – WTF!!). A great tribute for one of the best soap villains of all time.

  22. Cindy Watson says:

    I am a great fan of you Stefano Dimera , I am watching Days of lives a lot.

  23. Helen says:

    Stefano will be truly missed I just got through crying I did not know that he had passed away I truly loved watching him on Days of our lives Rip to a great man

  24. Shirley Sears says:

    I’m so sad about Stefano he were a great actor sorry for his family

  25. Linda Cox says:

    I didn’t know Joseph had passed, had not heard anything about his illness, nothing, so to say the least, I am pretty shocked to watch this episode and see this at the end, OMG .R.I.P loved your acting and this soap.

  26. Penny Nichols says:

    Bittersweet. He played such a villain, but knowing he’s passed, then watching his final episode, was really sad to me, and I can imagine how his fellow cast mates felt. RIP Mr. Mascolo. You’ll be missed. Best Days villain ever, yet you can see the sweetness in his face that brings us the reality of his sickness. 😢Terrible disease. As fans, we’ll always remember the great Stefano Dimera ❤

  27. brett says:

    because it was his last show and now he pass you how will they end the Stenfno story now that he got way out of jail

  28. Tammy Moore says:

    Great send off from Stefano! R.I.P. Joseph Marcelo you will be missed

  29. Sarah L Lipscomb says:

    I like Stefano sad that Joseph is gone he will b missed rip to Joseph

  30. Rest in peace. You will be missed. You played your part so great .no one will ever take your place. God Bless and be with your family at this there time of need.

  31. Kathryn Kleinholz says:

    Couldn’t just kill Stefano off he had to go out with a bang!!!!! Disappearing was the way to do it!!!! RIP DOOL will never be the same without our favorite villain!!! Andre and Deimos you have big shoes to fill!!!!

  32. Diane says:

    Just watched the final scene of Stefano and was very sadden knowing that he had already passed away. He looked sad and frail and My heart went out to him. Did enjoy his little bit of laughter. He was a fantastic actor and gave it his all in every episode. My mother battled Alzheimer’s and it is a terrible disease and at the end of her life she barely spoke. The words become very difficult for the person to find, so they say nothing. Joe, you will be missed.

  33. I am so tired of Stefano coming back to life. It is getting to be a little rediculous. I love DOOL and have watched it for years, but the man is dead and I think his character should be too.

  34. Bari says:

    So Joseph Mascolo has pasted away – I loved his character, but do you intend to bring him back??? How – get another actor to play his character and have a new face? I’m sure there are other villains they could bring back – please allow this character to have the grace I’m sure this actor lived his life like and let his character die in peace!!!

  35. Marlon says:

    Was saddened to hear that he pasted,he will be missed on the show, at first I was a little confused but I got it, waiting to see what will happen next.

  36. Warren says:

    So glad he got one final one over on them! Salem won’t be the same without him. #PhoenixForever

  37. Joey says:

    While it was interesting to see Days actually go through with bringing him back, this episode felt very strange, stranger because of how Mascolo died. He didn’t say a single word. He barely even laughed. Was his alzheimers that bad when he did this scene, that he wasn’t even really there anymore? Did he even shoot this scene or did they use archive footage and edit it together? No matter which scenario, it feels kinda dirty. If he was gone when he did this, that means family and the production more or less forced him to do this. If they used archive footage it just feels cheap, and makes the whole arc even dumber. The fact that he escaped is even sillier. You just know Day’s will recast him in a couple years now, if they’re still on.

  38. Catherine Berry says:

    I fully expected he would vanish.

  39. Pat M. says:

    Wasn’t surprised with the disappearing act, but his demeanor in his last appearance was sad because he didn’t look well or alert. I’m sure the writers didn’t know he was going to pass away, but using him in this manner when he was so mentally not himself was rather cruel. They should have found some other way – they’re supposed to be writers, after all.

  40. Amy B says:

    The Phoenix has risen from the ashes one last time!!

  41. JJ says:

    The perfect ending! They’ll be waiting for the Phoenix to rise again.

  42. Lynn says:

    Loved it. Phoenix Forever . Who the hell does Rafe think he is you are beneath Stefano. Im glad he escaped. Classic DiMera. In your face all of Salem.

  43. Dan Bodak says:

    What a gifted actor and unforgettable villain. It was sad to see the once powerful Stefano look so frightened and confused and speechless. I’ll miss him. God bless you, Joseph.

  44. Lynn says:

    So are they gonna get rid of his character on Bold and Beautiful as well.

  45. kathleen conklin says:

    New York viewer were unable to see the episode due to the Blizzard coverage on NBC. We the loyal viewers have been wait for this show and episode tribute to Stephano

  46. Lynda Gibson says:

    its time TO BE FINALLY RID of Stephano…i sure hope they dont bring in a new one…He was great but its over hopefully for good for him. RIP. Stephano x

  47. Stacy Hedges says:

    Very sad to here that he passed away..He was an amazing actor 😢

  48. susan watts says:

    I don’t like how Stefano left the show . He should have hung around to clear Hope. Better story lines.

  49. “One of T.V.s GREATEST VILLIANS is Gone!”
    + HIs Final appearance on Days of Or Lives today, one month after his Real Life Death on December 8th 2016. What a Great Way to say Good-bye to the Phoniex. THANK YOU Joseph, You gave us a Sectacular Ride, Thanks for all the Chaos. We will miss you, but Never Forget You! <3