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The 100 Boss, Star Defend Bellamy's Choice: 'He's Trying to Do What's Right'

It looks like Clarke may have to write that list, after all.

Wednesday’s episode of The 100 offered a glimmer of hope for the Arkadians in the form of a hydro generator, but when the retrieval mission took an unexpected turn — Bellamy chose to blow it up, rather than bring it home, to liberate a group of prisoners — Raven’s already-fragile survival plan basically fell to pieces.

“The point needs to be made that some of the decisions Bellamy makes are because he’s put in very difficult situations,” Bob Morley tells TVLine of his character’s latest controversial move. “People who weren’t there can say it was idiotic or shortsighted, but when you’re in a moment where horrible things are happening in front of you, sometimes you just need to act on what’s best.”

Morley adds that this life-and-death decision was merely part of Bellamy’s overall Season 4 journey, which will “broaden his view on what it means to be a Grounder and Skaikru and human.”

“Bellamy still feels weighed down by the guilt of a lot of decisions he’s made, so he’s trying to do what’s right,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg adds. “He chooses to save lives in the moment … which has been Clarke’s M.O. all series long.”

And speaking of Clarke, Rothenberg suggests that Bellamy’s decision this week — which was not unlike what Clarke did at Mount Weather — could bring the two characters to a new level of understanding.

“Clarke and Bellamy, in many ways, have always been the heart of this show,” he says. “In Season 1, their relationship was antagonistic, but once they learned how to work together, everything started to fall into place for them as a group in terms of their survival odds. … I like their chances when they’re together.”

Now let’s shift gears to my current favorite couple, Abby and Kane, whose relationship is “important” to Rothenberg as it proves that “people in their late forties and early fifties can still have a sexy, passionate love story on TV.”

“Those two characters have come so far since the first episode, back when they were opponents,” he says. “Abby is still in that place of being the moral compass of the show, but Kane has also changed so much that it’s now a viable, real love story. The actors also have great chemistry.”

Do you think Bellamy’s decision will come back to bite him, or will the Arkadians (as usual) find another way out of this mess? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Lysh says:

    Heck yeah, Clarke and Bellamy do work better together, queen and knight. His decision was right and moral. I’m sure there will be a lot more deaths along the way, but they’ll probably get out of this one.
    I feel like lately I’ve been shipping the “adults” on TV shows more than the teens. I’m totally into Kane and Abby.

    • Soren Fogh says:

      This season seems more like Queen and King. The Queen and Knight trope doesn’t apply to them if you look at the trope in literature.

      • Marissa says:

        Lol, more like the Queen and peasant. Kinda sad that in order to provide this fanservice for some irritating teens, they actually had to kill off all the other ship competition because that’s how unrealistic the ship is and how stupid this show has gotten. Totally agree with what everyone is saying, the neutral viewer is stuck in a patheticTwilight time warp. #Twilight2.0

    • Yea they have always been better as a team but I do think there more like queen and king just without the relationship (at least not yet)

  2. Amanda Pike says:

    Clarke and Bellamy are amazing together and i feel like so much good comes from it, They learn from each other and lift each other up and can trust each other, its perfect teamwork in my opinion i really love them in the show. All the cast in my eyes do an amazing job and work really hard to give us a good show!

  3. Soren Fogh says:

    I think Riley will be important to their survival later on which will put Bellamy’s decision in a different light.

  4. Jim says:

    One of the things I love most about this show is how well it does casting. Echo was a bit part, and now look at her character. She’s electric every time she’s on screen. Harper, Miller, Bryan, etc–we’re supposed to treat them as redshirts, background characters we don’t get invested in because they’re obviously there to die at a plot convenient time to raise the stakes, only the show doesn’t let us see them that way. I’m sure they have plans for Riley, despite him saying almost nothing in this first appearance.

    • You have got a fantastic point there it really is the mark of a great show that if they recognise characters they should give more time to and do just that. Also I like you point about Riley maybe he’s a nuclear physicist but even if he’s not maybe him and Raven can be broke toys together she really deserves some one.

    • Marissa says:

      Bryan and his boyfriend are an extremely insulting element of this show, they were created by Jason to save his skin and have no real purpose in the story but suddenly they come out of nowhere and are given a big part because they are gay, simple as. And ps, Monty and Harper unrealistic and pathetic. What the heck is this, First Dates? I thought this was about survival. Ain’t no Katniss Everdeens left in this show anymore, only cheap fakers. They ruined it. Tune in if you dare for another episode of #Twilight2.0

  5. RedReddington says:

    Yesss to Kane and Abby. Give me adult ships over teen ships any day. I love how Kane has come so far in his characterization over the 4 seasons. One of the best handled characters in any TV show. He better not die now, haha.

  6. Alex says:

    Bellamy is such an ass who doesn’t deserve Clarke or happiness. I feel sorry for Eliza too because she hated Bellarkers trying to force her to love them. This show is definitely going to die because it can’t withstand losing more ratings because of this stupid ship. It’s supposed to be about survivalI and now it’s just trash.

  7. Meredith B says:

    Bellamy and Clarke are ABSOLUTELY the heart of the show, whether they end up being a purely relationship or not. Bellamy has always been my favorite character and unfortunately, like ALWAYS on the 100 he was faced with an impossible decision where each choice could potentially kill people. I think he will have end up making “the best choice he could with what information he had”. The people in front of him we’re going to continue suffering and dying immediately, but they have 6 months to find another solution for the radiation. What I found much more troubling was Clarke’s decision to blatantly LIE to her people. Are the show runners having to defend that publicly, or is everyone just hating on whatever JUST Bellamy did yet again? As if he’s the only person on this show who has made hard choices and made mistakes. *eyeroll*

    • Marissa says:

      Lexa and Clexa was and always will be the face of this show. That is why the ratings are plummeting so bad. Lexa was for a mature audience and so was Clexa. I must direct the Bellamy worshippers to Edward Cullen and every single male jock whiner on nearly every teen show right now. Lexa and Clexa was unique honey, not for yall’s young tween eyes. #Twilight2.0

  8. Nicole says:

    Here we go trying to put Blake and Clarke together. Just because he’s “a lead” doesn’t mean he and the actual star should be together. Blake can’t make a right decision to save his life. AND to have the show runner/actor have to explain every week his motivation and reasoning is silly. If you’d written the character better you wouldn’t have this problem. Blake and Clarke don’t have any chemistry and forcing it doesn’t make it work. You sunk your show the second you killed Lexa and had the city of light story line. Have a good last season!

  9. Tanya says:

    I should have bet 100$ about Bellamy blowing the device. Because WHO would save a dozen for kill HUNDREDS later right? Bellamy of course! Gawd, I’m so not surprised by this. Clarke would have found another way to saved the prisioners later. She ALWAYS does.

    I have admit the connection of Bell’s action last night vs Clarke’s action at Mt Weather… uhm where is the connection? True, Clarke saved a few Skaikru and killed 382 Mt Men , BUT let’s NOT forget due to Lexa’s betrayal, Clarke found a way (AGAIN) to save the prisoners? Where is Bellamy ‘found a way’ in last night scenario? Was really blowing the device his ‘found a way’? Cuz now because of him, Raven could have saved 500 people , now barely 100.
    (Anyway that’s just my pov)

    On another note, I’m glad for Abby and Kane. She deserve to be happy and so does he. Hope they both survive the 2nd wave.

  10. Dominique says:

    i’m glad bellamy made this decision, it’s first i’ve supported anything he’s ever done. did he make it that much more difficult to survive now that the hydro generator is gone? yes, but he saved lives. what good is there in surviving if you do it by sacrificing dozens, maybe hundereds of people? you can’t start new lives with the massacre of others.
    some may call it weakness but i think there’s strength in there. i’m curious to see what will happen next.

  11. sonya says:

    Im sick of people blaming Bellamy for everything ! Those were HIS people being used as slaves. He planned on leaving with the Purification generator and coming back for them later until they sent the help message, and they were being moved the next day,.. He was NOT ALONE in the decision . Bryan and Harper agreed. If Clarke or Lexa or Raven had made the same choice everyone would praise them for doing the right thing. funny how in the same episode, Octavia murders a man and she is heralded as a bada** and Bellamy saves lives and he is vilified…

    • C.H says:

      Agreed. If he had made the other decision, he would have gotten just as much flack. I’m not defending some of his actions in the past, but there is a lot of hypocrisy on the show. It’s kind of silly that Octavia is now this trained assassin who has absolutely no qualms about straight up killing someone, often times with questionable reasoning. I get that she had a vendetta against Pike, but is further violence the answer? And this guy who was trying to challenge Roan, he wasn’t even coming after Octavia. I honestly don’t have a huge problem with her, I get that they are adapting to their new world, but if we’re going to have that attitude about her, I think it should be applied to all characters.

    • Marissa says:

      Bellamy is ROTTEN. He is a controlling womanizer, King of the douches and you freaking Bellarkers have MURDERED this show and put the nail in its coffin with your nonsense to have him anywhere near that poor girl Clarke who belonged to Lexa. Bellamy has done vile things and doesn’t deserve happiness. My attitude towards him used to be agreeable until season 3 effed up so bad and now it continue to plunge into desperation, the show is dying. There is actually some people who were hoping for it to just go back to The Hunger Games style action, but alas, #Twilight2.0. Terribly ashamed of how this show threw in the towel and signed its own death certificate.

      • Cheryl says:

        Honestly, as a somewhat neutral party on the whole romantic front (albeit Bellamy apologist), I think this show has done a pretty good job at keeping their relationship platonic. If you want to complain about the steady stream of romantic entanglements on the show, I wouldn’t look to Clarke and Bellamy. There is obviously a lot of conversation around their pairing that is all fan driven, but the show itself is not doing anything unnatural. They’ve been leaders together since day 1, and that’s what they’re still doing.

        I also don’t think Clarke “belongs” to anyone.

        • Abby says:

          Yeah she does, need I remind you of how she told Lexa she loved her and would bring her back if she could? Well so many people are right there with her because killing a female ship just to give fanservice to a straight one is wrong and unnatural. And cheapening Clarke Griffin by having her sleep in everyone and anyone’s bed now is also wrong and unnatural. And to think she still compares her character with Katniss Everdeen. Well season 4 will ruin her reputation certainly.

          • Bobby says:

            man, clarke – hows it feel defending a short sighted and continuously mass murdering manchild/forced male lead that got your “soulmate” killed, hope his man meat is worth it in the end for ya to help justify keeping his butt around at the cost of thousands of people you couldve saved..
            Honestly i wouldnt blame the grounders for offing you both. Good riddance. Id rather see clarke dead than as bellamys new abuse and use blow up doll, because lets face it – she ignores all reason and logic and turns into this massive blubbering hypocrite when he’s around, dragging her down with him.
            Season 5 right there, if this nonsensical character butchering show gets that far…

          • Liz says:

            Bobby agreed. Remember how in season 2 he even slept with two women at the same time?! What a sick psycho. Clarke being his next blow up doll is probably the best analogy I’ve heard yet. Give the woman her dignity and let him stay away or perish.

    • Taya says:

      Sonya he massacred an entire army sent there to protect his people. He didn’t save lives, he TOOK them. This is the Finn story all over again. We know how that ended. Blood must have blood after all. Adios Bellamy.

  12. Gift says:

    Having to make a choice to save, kill to save others nd being face with a difficult situation is what this show is all about. why blame Bellamy? yes he seemed to be over protective of his sister most brothers re like that nd he is like that because of his history with his sister, he raised her. of cause he is protective of Clarke because he cares for her. He isn’t a freak for feeling that way. As for his choice it was either he saved those people or he left them as a slave nd maybe die at some point. pls go easy on him.

    • Chelsea says:

      No way, he always plays the victim in the end and hopes that Clarke will feel sorry for him. This is despite the fact he k

      • Chelsea says:

        *killed of his own accord. He deserves a time out. Anyway Lexa loved and protected Clarke more than anyone else on the show, she even died for her. I have no tolerance for Bellamy.

  13. I think Bellamy made the right choice!