The 100 Spoilers

The 100: Will Bellamy's 'Dangerous' Mission Bring Him Closer to Clarke?

Bellamy finds himself walking a mile in Clarke’s shoes on Wednesday’s The 100 (The CW, 9/8c) — and it’s even more painful than it sounds.

The eldest Blake child is forced to make a crucial, life-or-death decision during a “dangerous” mission, Bob Morley tells TVLine, something the artist formerly known as Wanheda can certainly relate to.

“Towards the end of the episode, you see she has an understanding of what he had to go through,” Morley teases. “She’s versed in these kinds of decisions, the ones that may alienate them from some other people within the group.”

So, what kind of nightmare is Bellamy walking into, exactly?

“Bellamy and his group are delving into some of the deepest parts of Azgeda — I think where Pike came from,” Morley explains. “They’ve heard stories about how terrible things were there, how they slaughtered all of these children and how only something like 43 people made it out. They’re all very much aware how dangerous it is out there. But they’re a really resilient bunch.”

Fortunately, Bellamy’s future consists of more than doom and/or gloom. Morley admits that “as dark as the whole premise of this season is, Bellamy eventually finds his way to happiness. Of course, no one stays happy for long on this show, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.”

Anyone else wish Morley had stopped after that first sentence? And what are your hopes for Bellamy this season? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. A says:

    Since this is The 100 my only wish and hope is that he is alive at the end of the season. I don’t expect any character to be actually HAPPY. lol

  2. samira says:

    Bob is always so eloquent and knowledgeable about his character and the show. I really hope Bellamy gets a bit of happiness this season!

  3. Brooke says:

    It’s time for Clarke and Bellamy to finally be together! That is definitely my number one hope this season

    • Brandon says:

      This is exactly why people are switching OFF. This is supposed to be a survival show, not friggin Twilight 2.0 but these days it’s all about seeing whose bed Clarke will be in next. It cheapens her, it cheapens the show and it makes a mockery of her whole lesbian storyline with Lexa. What would you prefer Bellarke or no more show? Because by the looks of it the ratings are dead on the floor and it’s down to the selfishness of the producers and the dividing fandom or what’s left of it.

      • Anne says:

        Tell that to the genius writers who came up with cheesy Clexa idea and wanheda freak story. Bellarke, as the show progresses, is just logical that they end up together and I’m not a crazy bellarke shipper, I love the show for what it is.

        • Chelsea says:

          Wanheda freak? So now you insult Clarke because she CHOSE to go tribal and accept Lexa’s culture? Wow, if you are the ‘fans’ that are left straggling along, no wonder this show is nearly dead. The fact Jason has to even provide fanservice for Bellarkers just to maintain ratings at all is so pathetic imo. Lmfao Lexa is and forever will, be the money making face of this, she’s the real star.

          • Anne says:

            Clarke Griffin never was and never will be a Wanheda, that’s only a Grounder nickname that has never defined who Clarke is. She didn’t want it, she only did what she had to do to keep her people protected, as usual. Jason provided a huge fanservice for fans like you and it went wrong. He learnt his lesson. Unfortunately ratings didn’t go up with Lexa either, the money making face of the show… Did you pop up in this page randomly? the real star of the show died last year.

          • Chelsea says:

            Anne, Clarke proudly referred to herself as Wanheda. She speaks trigedasleng, she knew Lexa’s special grounder handshake. Even the way she dresses is grounder. And Jason even stated recently that Lexa had such an impact on Clarke and her tribalism. You go to the conventions and there were more grounders, Lexa’s and Clexa’s than anything else. The series has reached an all time low in ratings for season 4 so far that it never experienced before. After season 1 it nearly got cancelled and only a huge fan donation secured it. Season 2, Lexa was introduced and the ratings stayed healthy, even hitting the one million mark. Season 3B onwards, ratings have been devastating and continue to plummet. Bellamy hates grounders, hates their culture and repeatedly tried to control his sister by telling her not to dress or act like them, not to see Lincoln. He has the same controlling attitude towards Clarke, he will try to tear her from it and so will pathetic ‘fans’ of hers like you. Even Eliza Taylor hates Bellarke, no wonder because the fans are always telling her what her character should do. But Bellamy and you got what you wanted in the end, a pathetic fanservice to salvage ratings that had to kill off all the competition for it to even seem like a possibility. But honestly, anyone who I have spoken to who hasn’t watched The 100 knows who Lexa is but Bellamy, Clarke or anyone else, not so much. Whose merchandise were people buying more, Bellamy’s or Lexa’s? Oh wait, Bellamy barely had any merchandise to sell. She is and always will be the face of this show and the reason now why so many will refuse to tolerate people like you to watch them destroy the show further.

          • Anne says:

            Chelsea, despite your endless rants and bitterness, Lexa will never come back. Move on along with the show or quit it. Being stuck in the past is not healthy.

        • Chelsea says:

          Well I think you are just worried that so many people are switching off because she is not in it and you don’t want that either because it hinders your Bellarke fantasy if it gets cancelled right? It’s not like it hasn’t happened before anyway, fan protests brought Jon Snow back in GOT. But you being really rude and telling herthem fans (expecting also that they are all gay) to watch lesbians in another show is really shallow and ignorant of you. But even the narrative of the show has radically deteriorated in itself and is pie in the sky crap . Lexa is the only one that can bring this show back from the brink and Jason will eventually realise this, but maybe too late. So sorry if it upsets you but the reality is ratings are and will still be falling because nobody wants to watch the car crash it has become.

          • Anne says:

            LMAO!!!! If you believe Jon Snow came back to GOT because of fans protests, then keep protesting till Lexa comes back to The 100… and good luck!

          • Chelsea says:

            Yeah because people said they would stop watching and the producers freaked out. TWD producer Kirkman also listens to the fans and always is willing to change things if people don’t like something and it harms the show. They even don’t mind straying from the comics to do it. So yeah, we will keep protesting until Jason realises he is killing it or even until it gets cancelled, one or the other will happen and if the show dies it will actually be a relief at this stage. Would love for the playing field to be even. Remember Anne, there will be no happy endings for this show. Have a nice day!

      • Shelob says:

        Lesbian storyline? Lol. Way to put a Bisexual lead on the side…. It’s a survival post-apocalyptic show, not the Twilight YOU are describing. Their relationship was not the centre of the show, it served the plot, not the contrary (regardless of how it was handled, too many things to say). This show is not fairytales.

        • Moana says:

          Oh you, bunch of homophobes make me sick, you just don’t want to see two girls together. If this was Lexa vs Bellamy over Clarke, our Heda would have castrated him then killed him instantly. He wouldn’t stand a chance, the Edward that he is would be on his knees before her. YOU all are the reason this show will be cancelled because the story has gone to trash because of you people. I mean 0.4 is atrociously bad. Well done Twihard millenials, you are killing what was once a great show.

      • Talk about bisexual erasure! Clarke has had romantic relationships/interests with both male and female characters. While I absolutely agree that the focus should remain on the action, I don’t think it lessons the show for the main character to have another romantic relationship. I also don’t think this show is in danger of becoming Twilight 2.0 anyways since I think it has been very action oriented all along. I did not hear people complaining about the show focusing on romance too much when Clarke was with Lexa.

        • Maia says:

          Lexa was hardly another Edward Cullen now was she. But Bellamy totally he is such a control freak over women he, is a creep! We all know what Bellamy wants and they have made Clarke cheap so she will probably just submit for the sake of ratings. But it is a bit sick, it doesn’t fit naturally anymore, Lexa was the speedbump that blew it apart. And now it is a mess. There is no lesbian representation, they are killing half the fanbase by killing popular grounders, there IS mockery going on. And you don’t think the show is in danger of that? It already IS Twilight 2.0, the most accurate description I have heard yet of the crap they are starting to dish out and expecting to swallow. Only Lexa could save it.

    • Fido says:

      nononononononononononoonononono …… and no.

      He slaughtered a bunch of innocents, innocents protecting him and him group. So fooey to him, fooey to any kind of redemption storyline, and a big fooey to him getting together with Clarke. Not now, not ever, never!!!!!

      • Jess says:

        Innocents? Are you even watching this show? No one is innocent here, those were warriors. He was actually the only one of that group who tried to save some of the grounders. L and C let a bomb drop on both of their people while they saved their own asses but yeah, let’s glorify the white girls and demonize the poc… Please leave the fandom and the internet, no one here will miss you 👋

        • Fido says:

          Innocents as in they were there to protect the skykru from attack, as in they weren’t attacking, they’d basically formed a truce. Yet he decided to frakthoseguys and joined the killing party. So he saved one or two, doesn’t take away from what he did. Killing to defend yourself is one thing, killing your defenders is a big no-no (or maybe that’s just me)

          • Sissy says:

            And he is feeling the pain and regret for his actions..everyone deserves a chance.. you gave precious Lexa a second chance when she let all those in TonDC die and back stabbed Clarke at MW! Just because Lexa is a lesbian does not make her any more deserving of a second chance than Bellamy deserves. Let the writers tell their story..your argument over Bellamy is old and reeks of clexa-dom… your not fooling anyone..

        • Maia says:

          Bellamy is a CONTROL FREAK. He orders Octavia around, didn’t like her with Lincoln so likemuch a coward he let him gobto his death. He tries to control women through sex too, remember in season 1 he slept with two women AT THE SAME TIME?! He tortured Murphy off his own back because he enjoyed it, nobody forced him to do that. And he had no regrets slaughtering Lexa’s army who she sent to PROTECT the sky people. Clarke loved Lexa more because she chose to stay with Lexa over him. I don’t want Bellamy that sick pyscho to have his way with her. Not even Bob and especially Eliza didn’t want that. Need I remind anyone of what she said about the quote; “sh*t ship”?! I would rather the 100 just end quietly than having them destroy the show. Twilight 2.0, I don’t think so!!! Long live Heda because I will switch off and ratings are gonna go down down down!!!!!

      • MLO says:

        Fooey? Really?

      • Anne says:

        My condolences on Lexa’s death. You better quit the show or you’re going to get really mad.

        • Moana says:

          The show only is going to quit itself honey don’t worry. I bet Eliza is cursing the fact that thethey Bellarke “sh*t ship” as she called it is sinking this show that she like us once genuinely loved. But now it is #Twilight2.0

    • judith says:

      Same here

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I love reading Bob’s answers, he always gives such good insight, he really has taken the time to get to understand his character. (Also, all I want is for Bellamy to be happy, even if for a short time, so this is practically a dream come true!)

  5. sabrina says:

    😱😱 I so excited to see how the show progresses but unfortnately I just found out there will Be 13 episodes. S3 should of only had 13 episodes and now S4 is getting less. 😭 jeez.

  6. Jess says:

    I just can’t wait to see Bellamy again tonight, and knowing he’s gonna get some happiness soon makes me happy

    • Bailey says:

      He will die and Clarke will be in Roan’s bed next. But Bellamy deserves to be axed anyway because he is vile, he doesn’t deserve happiness.

  7. Jess says:

    I just can’t wait to see Bellamy again tonight! And knowing he’s gonna get some happiness soon makes me happy

  8. Oncer93 says:

    That he’s alive by the end of the season, this is the 100, people die all the time, but i wouldn’t mind if he and Clarke will eventually the together as long as it’s done right, like Octavia and Lincoln.

  9. Anne says:

    Holy cow… Lexa fans can’t be any more bitter lol. Just look up for another show. I think there’s a cute lesbian couple in Riverdale, right?

  10. Amanda says:

    Omg, clexa fans are so mean. I am and will always be a bellarke fan (I was a Bellamy fan first)but I don’t go around saying Bellamy could castrate lexa and that lexa is a control freak who kills people that disobey her, or that she is like an alien which is creepy, but people can think whatever they want, and I’m not going to diss their beliefs. You don’t like Bellamy, fine, but don’t be an ass because you think people should like lexa. And honestly, this is a survival show, and they can have romance, it happens when it happens, so back off, if you want to see Bellamy suffer that’s just horrible. I didn’t like lexa but I didn’t wish her harm, and quite frankly, lexa enjoyed killing people more than Bellamy, and Bellamy might not always do the right thing, but he didn’t run when things got hard every time lexa did (tondc, mountain men,) so if you don’t like bellarke and or Bellamy, get off of this website that comes from Bob Morley because in my opinion, don’t hate Bellamy because there is chemistry between him and Clarke and not her and lexa.

    • Barb says:

      Amanda, you can’t get on your high horse and pretend that you are not being an ass right now yourself. Whether people like Lexa or not is none of your concern but to generalize and say all Lexa fans are so mean is wrong considering the amount of Bellamy and Bellarke fans saying awful things to them. And do not tell people to get off a website or a Bob Morley page, considering the amount of abuse Lexa fans received on HER page on THIS website. I bet you wouldn’t have corrected your own side and told them to stop and get of her page though. And ps, Lexa openly admitted that she didn’t agree with many of the grounder rules and she didn’t “kill people for fun”, she did it because they committed crimes, that was the law she had to abide by as Commander and that was what she was raised to believe. But her people nearly killed her in the end if you don’t remember because she actually saved precious Bellamy’s ass and refused to retaliate when he slaughtered her army there to protect him and his people. But that’s the problem with so many of you people, you have a selective memory. Need I remind you that Bellamy had nobody forcing him to kill that army or to suggest and participate in the sadistic torture of Murphy in season 1, which Clarke disagreed with he only learned to regret when Murphy gave him a taste of his own medicine? And need I also remind you of his womanizing ways? Lexa may be like an alien but at least when she was shown there was a better way, she took it. At least she wasn’t racist to the sky people after she made them her own before she died. So Amanda, you really have no right to be pointing fingers and pretending you and your side are better people because you’re not.

  11. All I want to see is Bellamy happy.