Bad News for President Trump: SNL in the Midst of a Ratings Renaissance

If you’re wondering why President Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted about Saturday Night Live‘s terrible ratings, here’s one likely theory: The NBC sketch-comedy series is having its most-viewed season in 22 years.

The most recent SNL, in which Melissa McCarthy lampooned White House press secretary Sean Spicer, nabbed a 2.5 rating among adults 18-49, according to TVLine’s sister site, Variety. As such, the late-night laugher ranked behind only CBS’ The Big Bang Theory as the highest rated program in the demo.

These numbers are in line with SNL‘s overall Season 42 viewership — its best since Season 20 — which is up 22 percent in total viewers over last year (10.6 million vs. 8.7 million).

Perhaps to capitalize on the ratings streak, NBC reportedly is thinking about spinning off SNL‘s Weekend Update segment into its own 30-minute, Thursday-night series to launch in the fall.

In a sense, the Not Ready for Primetime Players should probably give thanks to the ever-critical POTUS for the ratings boost: Though Trump has been very public with his disdain for frequent SNL guest star Alec Baldwin, Baldwin’s impression of the tycoon-turned-commander-in-chief is a likely audience draw. (Baldwin will host the show for the 17th time this weekend; Ed Sheeran will be the musical guest.)

SNL‘s recent success is likely to irk the ratings-conscious Trump, who used part of his speaking time at February’s National Prayer Breakfast to malign Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stewardship of Celebrity Apprentice, which Trump used to host (and on which he is still credited as an executive producer). Earlier this year, Trump also tweeted that the number of Fox News Channel’s inauguration viewers was “many times higher than FAKE NEWS CNN,” an inaccurate statement to which CNN quickly responded.

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  1. canadian ninja says:

    When have facts ever stopped Donald before? Fake ratings!

  2. Ron says:

    FAKE! I don’t believe this. I’ll head over to Breitbart so I can get the accurate, alternative ratings.

  3. Bluegal says:

    I still blame Lorne Michaels, et al. for letting Donald Trump host “SNL” last season. That appearance helped normalize him.

  4. JR says:

    I’m probably going to be all alone on this, but I don’t think SNL should bring back Melissa McCarthy until the very end of the season. Definitely bring her back, but let it rest for awhile.

    Here’s why: the sketch was absolute comic genius, and one of the things that made it so gut-bustingly funny was that it was so unexpected. It was the funniest sketch in years — I watched it twice and laughed my butt off in the same places both times. I couldn’t even tell who was doing Sean Spicer. Melissa handled the bit perfectly, there is nothing she or the writers could have done to make it better. Just an A+ all around.

    But we know what will happen if they try to make lightning strike twice. They’ll do what they always do — repeat the same general jokes (Sean Spicer hates the media, eats gum, lies about everything), just change everything to what happened that week, and it’ll all come across as been there, done that. It’ll be Arthur 2: On the Rocks. I like the idea of Rosie O’Donnell coming on to do Steve Bannon, and that’s the way they should be thinking — take a chance on something fresh that will irritate His Orangeness even more. Let Melissa’s work mellow in our memory for a few months.

  5. Mary says:

    His little mind is going into overdrive on how he can spin this to give himself credit.

  6. Tony Lang says:

    Come on, you KNOW he’ll spin this to HIS advantage and say SNL should thank him and even pay him for the ratings boost.

  7. Cas says:

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for the next episode.

  8. Traditionalist says:

    Nothing funny about that show anymore, it’s just mean spirited 1 sided political hate.

    • Mary says:

      I guess you’re in the minority again.

    • DL says:

      If Hillary had won, they’d be making fun of her instead. It comes with the territory. So get over it, seriously. Aren’t conservatives usually the ones telling liberals not to be so easily offended? Does SNL violate your safe space? Just goes to show we’re all equally sensitive about these things, no matter which side of the aisle you’re on.

      • Jim Bennett says:

        No they wouldn’t. SNL has always been biased towards Democrats and liberals. I never saw a single episode with Obama being bashed. They can make fun of Trump, Bush, etc. They paint them both as redneck associating white supremacists, but where were the skits with Obama eating KFC and pimping out the presidential limo? Where was his pimp hat and goes as his cabinet? God forbid, or should I say Allah.

    • Angela says:

      it’s just mean spirited 1 sided political hate
      No, that describes the people currently residing in the White House.

      • Pauline says:

        Funny, the people outside the White House, who have been screaming and upset their candidate didn’t “win” since November haven’t been showing graciousness or fairness either. Seems BOTH sides could use some manner lessons….

        • maggie says:

          The protestors are not “upset their candidate didn’t win.” The protestors are there to remind Trump that he does not have a mandate for his policies. Clinton got 2.8 Million votes more than Trump, which means more people voted for her policies, not Trump’s. When the White House tries to push through policies that the majority of voters voted against, of course they are are going to protest.

        • Mary says:

          Hard to show graciousness or fairness when his executive orders have been anything but. His late night tweets certainly don’t so yes protest is the Patriotic way of showing what Americans stand for. The election is over he has the title but that doesn’t mean everyone sits back and hopes for the best. What many of you fail to realize is that he is an employee of us not the dictator. Sorry if it upsets you that people are willing to stand up for themselves and others. History proves that you wouldn’t have many rights that you have if people didn’t speak up. You can thank us later for using our voices.

    • Mysteri says:

      Looks like Liberals aren’t the butthurt snowflakes any more.

    • Jay says:

      Get over it, hate won so go build your wall. I’ll just LMAO every Saturday night.

  9. TVFan says:

    What if Alec hosted the entire show as the Orange One Formally Known as Drumpf?

    • iHeart says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he got his own stand-up special as said orange dude like Ferrel did with GWB

    • Chris says:

      The best would be him standing in the background of weekend update the whole time and just interjecting wrong fake news every so often

  10. Ben says:

    I’m not surprised. It hasn’t felt this relevant in years.

  11. Superwoman says:

    McCarthy’s Spicer had me chuckle a couple of times but it wasn’t really LOL funny. Baldwin’s impression of Trump on the other hand has me in tears everytime. Baldwin needs an Emmy for his Trump impression…and it never gets boring.

  12. Jamie says:

    SNL is definitely on a roll right now – but then again, they haven’t had this much high profile material to work with in a long freaking time. If the SNL writers don’t eff it up, I feel like we’re gonna keep seeing this level of success as long as this administration keeps churning out this much ridiculousness.

  13. pickles says:

    Why doesn’t the writer call him President Trump?

  14. Ally Oop says:

    I haven’t been an SNL fan since Amy/Tina quit on Weekend Update together. Every first weekend of the month when we go for a visit to the inlaws I always am so bored when they turn on SNL like clockwork. However, this past weekend I enjoyed the show for the first time in years. So many laugh outloud moments. The segment at the beginning with Trump calling various countries was hilarious. I hope he phones more countries in later episodes. And the Melissa as Sean Spicer appearance as well as the Totinos ad was great. Is it that there’s just so much great source material now (aka Trump) that has revived the show?

  15. Georgia Madman says:

    I love that everyone is so pleased with SNL. It guarantees Trump will be re-elected in four years when he runs against Liz Warren. What we have here is a circle jerk (sorry Mike). All the buthurts get together on Saturday night and laugh themselves silly and knock knuckles for being so clever. Meanwhile they’re politics moves further away from the mainstream. SNL doesn’t provide jobs or healthcare or security but Trump probably will. So when November 2020 comes around and Trump is reelected and there are more Republican governors and more Republican congressmen, you can scratch your head wondering what happened and keep on laughing Saturday night.

    • Georgia Madman says:

      “their politics” (never trust spell check)

    • Chris says:

      Your completely delusional if you think the guy who at this point in his presidency has approval rating below 40 will get reelected.

      • Georgia Madman says:

        The polls that had him losing badly? You’re playing his hands; offer an alternative and not a temper tantrum.

    • Robert G Cantrell says:

      Georgia. No jobs creation or health care as promised will be forthcoming. The immigration fiasco and ban is a smoke screen so you think he’s accomplishng something.

  16. Aaron Musk says:

    …and we shall forever boycott (and girlcott) all the smart alecks and maddonas. You can bet your cheap antics on it, we shall.

  17. Yoko says:

    Hope his blood pressure keeps going up right along with SNL ratings! Anything to keep sticking it to him.

  18. Marni says:

    Bwahaha- keep up the good work, snl!

  19. Jim Bennett says:

    I refuse to watch SNL anymore since they continue to disrespect my political party and my President. I am a huge fan of Scarlett Johansson and I truly hope she has the dignity to not play party to that behavior.

  20. Jim Bennett says:

    NO YOU FREAK! It describes the people like you who refuse to support our American President because Kilery lost ANOTHER election.