Charmed, The Lost Boys Reboots Delayed Until 2018 at The CW

Hoping to see (more) witches and vampires on The CW next season? Well, you’ll have to wait a while longer.

The network’s previously announced reboots of Charmed and The Lost Boys will be redeveloped, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with an eye towards launching them in the 2018-19 season. Yep, that means they’re at least another year and a half from reaching a TV near you.

The highly-touted reboots are going back to the drawing board for a few reasons. First, The CW has already given pilot orders to six new series, which doesn’t leave any room for the reboots. (The network renewed seven of its veteran shows last month.) Plus, the new take on Charmeda ’70s-set reimagining of The WB’s sister-witches hit penned by Jane the Virgin writers Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin — “didn’t come in the way the network had hoped,” per THR.

As for The Lost Boys, based on the 1987 Brat Pack vampire drama, iZombie showrunner Rob Thomas is writing the pilot for a planned anthology series, with the first season set during San Francisco’s 1967 “Summer of Love.” iZombie, meanwhile, remains in limbo, with a fourth season still unconfirmed.

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  1. Mark says:

    So, Rob Thomas has time to work on the Veronica Mars miniseries now?

  2. nate says:

    as long as Izombie gets renewed i dont care

  3. dennis says:

    because they’re going to pick up BLACK LIGHTNING

    • I really wonder what the long term goal is for Black Lightning. He’s not a leading name in comics obviously. Supergirl is getting the villains the movies won’t use for Superman. Arrow the same for Batman. Flash has his own. I can’t see what Black Lightning would use? He’s street level like Green Arrow but with powers. He can’t time travel or travel the multiverse like Flash. He can’t do space stories like Supergirl. He’s never had a long running comic title, his biggest role was as a Justice League Member a few years back

      I think they’d be better doing a Static show, they have the Cartoon TV series to work from.

  4. Jared says:

    The CW has to cancel more shows than just Reign and TVD right? My guess is that No Tomorrow and Frequency will be next and Riverdale will get the renewal out of this seasons new shows. I can’t see them axing iZombie or The 100 but maybe The Originals? That show I feel will still get a final season send off even though it really isn’t warranted. But then again not every show will get a full 22 episode order which makes room for others to be saved??

    • Brian says:

      CW has 15 scripted shows in the 2016-2017 season. There’s plenty of room on the schedule if they continue to do a lot of 13-16 episodes seasons. At the very least shows like The Originals, The 100, and iZombie would likely get short final seasons.

      • John036 says:

        I would like to see the CW have MORE 13-15 episode season shows (including the ones that are currently have the 22 episode orders. I.e. Arrow, The Flash, Legends, and Jane. I don’t think Supernatural needs to have shorter seasons because of the monster of the week format). The CW only has TEN HOURS per week for programming. If more shows got shorter episode orders, then the network could pick up MORE shows.

        • The CW wants to move into summer original programming. Which is why they have renewed everything this past 2 seasons. They were expanding. I do agree the 13 episode seasons are great. Imagine being stuck with Frequency for 22? It allows them to throw a lot out there and see what sticks. Remember, Buffy and Dawson’s Creek started with 13 episode mid season runs. If something breaks out then it will get a bigger order next season or be extended like Legends.

  5. Ian says:

    I keep trying to decide if Urman is even a good fit for the Charmed “reboot.”
    I think I can see it, with the beautiful family dynamic of Jane the Virgin with the 3 generations of women, but the new premise of the reboot makes me wish it wouldn’t happen at all.
    Well, let’s wait and see what the re-tooling will sound like.

  6. GraceM says:

    I’m glad they’re not going forward with the Charmed reboot right away. Take the time to make it a better reboot.

    Also next year it’ll be twenty years since the show debuted on TV.

    • Dennis says:

      LOL def NOT 20 years
      More like 10 Lolol

    • Air Raid says:

      Agreed. They changed too much from the original (no sisters?!) and they made some of the new characters look weak and silly so it changes too much of what the original was all about in the first place (strong ladies with witchcraft skills). Glad the CW is taking a pass on this ludicrous thing.

  7. T.W.S.S. says:

    Hasn’t everything else on The CW been renewed (except for the newcomers)? A fourth season of iZombie looks slim.

    • No. T100,Izombie,and TO aren’t yet renewed.Only 7 of 15. shows are renewed so far:Flash,Arrow,SPN,LoT,JtV,SG,CEG.VD ,Reign have been announced as ending this season.
      Izombie has a Deccent chance at renewal with CW newbies not doing well.

  8. Hmmm says:

    It’s time cw, time to open up to a 10pm hour like most of the other major networks

  9. tjchurch2001 says:

    It’s obvious why “IZombie” hasn’t been renewed yet: “Veronica Mars” didn’t last get 4 seasons (despite 3 being leaps & bounds better than the second), & they have yet to show a second of the third season yet! (Need the time to show more episodes, apparently including yet another season, of the already-far-overstayed-its-welcome “Supernatural”.)

    As for the delayed reboots (old jokes, just like the shows themselves):

    1] Whoever planned the “Charmed” period piece is a stupid son of a witch (maybe they can make it disappear).

    2] We all know the “Lost Boys” update’s going to suck!!!

    • I don’t think Veronica Mars has anything to do with it. They are different shows, VM was a long time ago. The network is under better management. Its merely not been renewed because it hasn’t premiered yet. The early renewals were all successful fall debuts

      • Tim Church says:

        I’m honestly split.

        Initially, I was simply responding to the other comments here. (The top one every visit is about some “Veronica Mars” miniseries I had previously not read or heard anything about, & it got a million replies to it.).. Not to mention there are a bunch of “VM”-related books out there on Amazon & in actual stores.

        However, when I first watched “IZombie” due simply to being interested in the idea of the show (not knowing about any source material or caring about zombies), I was near betting money that they advertised for a Bell look-alike… Followed by the season 2 voice-over she provided, & several “Mars” cast members appearing on the show in other/new roles.

  10. Stephanee says:

    This Charmed reboot should revolve around the sister’s children, like a charmed the next generation type of deal. i loved Charmed I have seen every episode, what I read online about it possibly being a prequel just sucks!!!!!

    • Tim Church says:

      That sounds eerily familiar… Oh, yeah! It’s a repeat of making both parents spies on “Chuck”, which killed the whole setup of the series based on the pilot!

      • A says:

        not necessarily , Charmed already showed the kids in the finale. The comic has even said Pipers kids would possibly become the new charmed ones.Charmed was about a legacy of witches going back a hundreds of years , their Granma and mother were just as important to the story.
        So in reality Charmed was always about family thats why it worked so well , without that aspect this show wont. Plus l dont think charmed fans want a reboot the new actors will be compared to the old ones which will probably suck.
        Wyatt and Chris are already there all they’d have to do is cast Melinda. Wyatt and Chris’s actors attend fan events and even supported this idea by the fans , so give them what they want
        have the kids live far from home ,e.t.c….
        this would not offend viewers, lm sure the cast would come back to this kinid of show. Charmed would be a hit for cw if it does this.
        plus the show could be a mix of science and magic, if they set it in the future if the boys being close to the actors ages now.
        have Shannen Doherty return as Prue to assist her nephews and nieces and boom you have buzz to potentially bring back a lot of old viewers from the wb.

        • Tim Church says:

          You already have the buzz to bring back old viewers, the same way you did with Matthew Perry’s “Odd Couple”, movies made of TV series, & much more.

          Also, sure it was about family (sarcasm), same as “Family Ties”, “All In The Family”, & countless others that people still watch old episodes of on Netflix, Hulu, & DVD… They are not getting “reboots”, & why? They never included witches!

          • Gusar says:

            If you think Charmed was about witches, then you’re just as clueless as these people attempting the reboot. “A” is totally correct, the reason Charmed worked so well is precisely because it wasn’t about witches, but about family. Next thing you’re going to tell me that Buffy was about vampires…

          • Tim Church says:

            If you think it was not about witches, you’re more clueless than anyone! Yes, I would tell you “Buffy” was about vampires (the TV series or the movie that preceded it), & for you to deny it was about vampires or “Charmed” about witches would be stupid, dishonest, or both.

            My point in mentioning all those other shows with “Family” in their weekly-repeated titles was that all the shows were about families, but they had different casts, creators, settings, & more… Even this article calls the original “The WB’s sister-witches hit”! Why didn’t you read that & not bother replying to me?

            I know the answer, but think we both do, so I needn’t say it.

          • Gusar says:

            Nope, there’s no stupidity or dishonesty in saying that Charmed wasn’t about witches. Obviously there are witches in the show. But it’s not the core of it. The three (well, four) sisters, the mother and grandmother, who, despite being dead, still played a *huge* role in the lives of these women, the creation of one’s own family (Piper’s struggle to be allowed to be with Leo and then to have kids with him), etc, etc. *That* is the core of Charmed, not that there’s witches.
            Likewise, Buffy had vampires in it, but the core of the show was growing up and finding your place in the world. The vampires and demons and the town of Sunnydale all served merely as a backdrop to tell that story of growing up.
            Simply claiming it’s about witches (Charmed) or about vampires (Buffy) is barely scratching the surface of the depth the two shows provided. If you can only see the surface, well, it makes you quite shallow. And if the producers of the reboot are shallow like that, so will the reboot be and it’ll tank without seeing a second season, while Charmed had 8 and Buffy had 7.
            Also, how amusing that you’d tell me that I should read more carefully, when it’s you who failed to do that, or you’d notice the article doesn’t say “The WB’s witches hit”, it says the “The WB’s *sister*-witches” hit. Interesting that, huh?

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            In return, I say you need to read more carefully.

            You corrected me it was not about witches but family, & I then replied to correct your correction due to what I had already seen the article said, which was part of the point of my first comment: Being about “family” or “witches” is/are not mutually-exclusive!

        • Gift says:

          Not bad at all, it will be fun.

        • Jean says:

          to truly do a charmed sequel with kids, you have to kill off one of the sisters. So the power of three can finally be over, and the next generation can become the next charmed. Also the show can’t focus on the kids if the adults are still alive, otherwise they will just get help from them and won’t grow.

          Rose won’t want to do a tv show again, so she would gladly want paige dead. She complained so much since charmed ended how much she hates doing tv.

  11. Chad Cronin says:

    Using that old charmed pic makes me sad cause they aren’t gonna be in it

  12. Gift says:

    what’s ur issue? just Becos u don’t like supernatural, charmed nd whatever show u choose to put down doesn’t mean others don’t. there is a possibility that their reboot would be even better than the main show. supernatural is a great show nd I love it so does others. pls renew for the originals without Stefan nd Damon(TVD), I want to keep watching klaus nd the Mikaelson family. so pls.

  13. Gift says:

    I feel that way too. I love the show nd it was good damn those haters

  14. Christhurme says:

    You cant call it a reboot of Charmed n than not have the sisters in it. The fans will not stand for that. Charmed is loved and wanted back because of the sisters.
    Even if you make the show called “Charmed the next Generation”.
    And it about their children,starting of with the sister and as time goes on you dont see them as much fans might watch that. Periodically have the sister appear like the grandmother did for the sister.
    Remember Charmed was a show that lasted because of the sister and thats what the fans want.
    Give the fans what they want not something you will call a reboost of Charmed and than has nothing to do with it. You are setting the new show up to fall be for it start and taking the memory of “Charmed” down the drain with it.
    I would gladly help you with ideas.
    Just please dont call it a reboost and than dont have the Sisters.

  15. Soraya E. says:

    Is it wrong of me that I actually felt very happy on the inside reading that there won’t be a Charmed… for now… I hope they do it the justice it deserves.

  16. ChrisGa says:

    Glad they’ve put the brakes on Charmed for now; the setting/time period sounded terrible. Hopefully they scrap that for something more contemporary (and more closely tied to the original).

  17. Priscilla Ann Garcia says:

    lots of fans wont watch without original cast

  18. Lots of fans won’t watch charmed reboot without original cast. Please bring them back

  19. Lindsey Holiday says:

    Thank you, god! This looked terrible.

  20. Chloe says:

    I hope they change the name of the charmed reboot, or they change the concept, because the reboot doesnt sound like charmed… However I would LOVE a continuation with the original cast! <3

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      NEVER gonna happen… Alyssa jumps in & out of shows faster than actual “Mistresses”! As for Shannen, “90210” is now the minimum membership in the old “I Hate Brenda” (now Shannen) club!

  21. SB says:

    The Lost Boys as a show sounds super interesting honestly. The movie was great, at least the first one, so I hope this will be great too!