Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: Field of Schemes

Olivia’s mission to expose Cyrus took a sharp left turn onto Bonkers Boulevard during Thursday’s Scandal, somehow resulting in Olivia setting Fitz up with a hot new lady friend.

To be fair, that “lady friend” is actually Angela Webster, the director of the FBI. And Liv only took her out to lunch to distract her while Quinn and Huck did some digging behind her back. Still, it was an unexpected turn of events — kind of like when Nelson McClintock, the man arrested for killing Frankie, agreed to sign a confession after insisting he didn’t do it in the previous scene. (Hey, that’s the persuasive power of Jake “Crazy Pants” Ballard, I suppose.)

As you can imagine, this twist caused some tension between Abby, who orchestrated Jake’s involvement, and Liv, who remains convinced that Cyrus put the target on Frankie’s back. (Or, you know, wherever he got shot.) So imagine Abby’s surprise when Liv showed up at the White House in the episode’s final moments with an oh-so-incriminating little video of Cyrus and Frankie.

“I hate that I ever trusted you,” the late would-be president is heard screaming at his then-running mate. “What you did is vile and inexcusable. The moment I’m elected President of the United States, my first order of business will be to put you in the coldest jail cell possible. Over my dead body will you get away with what you did!” (Frankie’s poor, foreshadow-y choice of words aside, what do you think he was so mad at about? I mean, Cyrus pulled a ton of messed up crap during this election — who’s to say which one this is?)

Elsewhere this week…

‘I DID CHOOSE YOU’ | Thanks to a series of steamy flashbacks, Marcus and Mellie went from being the show’s will-they-won’t-they couple to being its oh-damn-they-already-did couple. Despite Olivia’s warning during the Republican National Convention — that’s right, Liv tried to nip this thing in the bud early on — Mellie gave in to Marcus’ charms after he taught her how to throw the perfect pitch. (A curveball, I assume. That seems to be Mellie’s speciality.) So how did this, ahem, pitch-perfect coupling eventually fall apart? It turns out most of the credit goes to Liv, who arranged for Abby to offer Marcus the position of White House press secretary to keep him away from Mellie. The former Republican candidate has since made peace with Liv’s actions, even going so far as to liken her own breakup to Olivia and Fitz’, but I can’t help but feel like the spark between Mellie and Marcus is far from extinguished.

‘SHARE YOUR LIFE’ | In other relationship news, Quinn spent the hour dodging Charlie’s follow-up questions about their engagement — or lack thereof — only to receive some unexpected encouragement from Liv (aka the Destroyer of Mellie and Marcus’ Happiness™). “Share your life!” she told Quinn, then proceeded to shame her for squandering her opportunity for true happiness.

UNITY, SCHMOONITY | And then there’s the little matter of who’s going to become the next President of the United States. Fitz ordered Cyrus and Mellie to come up with a “way, a plan, a compromise” to avoid the country’s “implosion,” but they definitely didn’t accomplish that goal this week. Cyrus thought he was being more than generous by offering Mellie the position of his vice president, but she threw it back in his face — along with a killer speech about what she really deserves. (“Honey, you better think again!”)

OK, let’s hear your thoughts on this week’s Scandal: Are you convinced that Cyrus orchestrated Frankie’s assassination? Are you hoping for more Mellie-Marcus action, or was this episode enough for you? And, seriously, how weird is that Quinn-Charlie wedding going to be? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Al says:

    I feel like this show is back on track

    Limited Jake and No B613 yay!

    • Cheyenne says:

      That’s the only good thing you can say about it. Otherwise, this episode was like a 50 car smash-up on the interstate. Nothing is making sense any more. Mellie acts like an idiot talking like she reached the promised land because she finally got laid. She acted like that when she was boinking the VP, remember? What is she, fifteen? Olivia is a bitter, jealous bitch who destroys Mellie’s happiness because nobody else can be happy as long as she isn’t happy. Cyrus has turned into a zombie who just sits there like a bump on a stump when he’s being accused of murdering the president-elect. That isn’t the Cyrus the show spent five years building up into a demon. Olivia is trying to get the FBI director into Fitz’s bed, telling her “go gitchu sum” — why?? Fitz can handle his own business, he doesn’t need Olivia screwing up his life any more than she already has. I wanted to give this show one more chance but it just gets worse and worse. Kill it now and bury it. There’s no point to it any more.

      • Ms. Dawn says:

        Just give up. It’s ok to stop tourturing yourself. Mellie has never been in love. So yeah she was acting like a fifteen year old. Oliva was a hater but she had a point. There is no way in the middle of an election Mellie was going to get elected a Republican President having a love affair with a Black man who has been accused of killing another white woman he had an affair with. I’m Black and that would give me pause(not the white part, the murder trial part). Cyrus is old, and has had like two damn heart attacks. I’m pretty sure the FBI director is up to something and i don’t think Liv actually thought she was going to get with Fitz. I can see you just don’t like the show anymore and can find nothing positive to say. Just stop watching, no one will bat an eye.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Mellie thought she was in love with that Vice President, remember? The one who got Olivia kidnapped and she busted his head in with a chair? That’s been the main problem with the show all along, plot holes big enough to drive a truck through and characters retconned until they are no longer recognizable. I can’t wait till Jake and Abby start knocking boots, and you know it’s coming.

    • Cheyenne says:

      That ‘s the only good thing you can say about it. Otherwise, it was like watching a 50-car smashup on the interstate. Between Mellie acting like an idiotic, lovesick fifteen year old and Olivia acting like a jealous, bitter cow destroying Mellie’s happiness because she’s so miserable herself, I don’t know which was worse. They need to ax this show now and have done with it.

  2. Brian says:

    So far this season has surprisingly been good. Love how they have Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie and Fitz mixing it up. It really makes you wonder how good this show could have been if they had just stayed away from the B613 and Jake stuff. Just too much airtime has been wasted on those god awful storylines.

    • singsongsoy says:

      I agree, Brian. So much time was wasted that depleted fans loyalty & love for the show and its main characters TnK. B613 was a disaster as was the Jake crap. And now, Marcus & Mellie? OMG who in the world is interested in that! Don’t know whether I’ll be able to restore first love for this show–but don’t think so. Shame SR.

    • fiberlicious says:

      My thought while watching Fitz holler was “NOW you grow a pair????”

  3. Mitsotakis says:

    Worse season this far. Will try to give it a couple more episodes.

    • Greg says:

      I think you must be watching a different show than the rest of us… this is a huge improvement over previous seasons.

  4. Belle says:

    If there’s some sick way to explain this love triangles just get Olivia and Mellie a room. To be honest, that would be an hilarious backlash. It might sound crazy, but I think it could work. Not for a long term, but for a pin point on the show.

  5. Marcie says:

    Since when does the president choose his successor? I don’t get it.

    • joseph says:

      He’s not exactly choosing his successor. Vargas won the election. Cyrus didn’t. He was on the ticket, but we don’t vote for the VP; we vote for the president. So, when Vargas died, there really wasn’t a precedent. The electoral college hasn’t voted yet. They could go with Vargas’ VP or go with Mellie (the woman who lost the electoral college by 1 single county’s vote). Neither of them won, but someone will have to be elected via electoral college. The part where Fitz is “choosing his successor” comes from him throwing his support behind one of the two and helping the people of America view that person (in this case, Cyrus) as the presumptive president elect.

  6. jml says:

    I’m guessing that Carlos (er, Frankie, sorry) found out about Cyrus’ having orchestrated the hostage incident from last season that catapulted Frankie into the spotlight and made his run possible, despite the fact that people died from it. That seems to be the worst thing Frankie could have on him.

  7. parstl says:

    Have enjoyed the season so far. Kerry Washington is so underrated as an actress. I regret that they killed Frankie as it was nice to see the new blood (no pun intended) as a key figure but we’re just back to Cyrus, Liv, Mellie and Abby dynamic.
    I’m glad Papa Pope is still around and thought the B613 thing worked for a while but then making Liv’s mother a spy too was a bit much. I’m African-American and love diversity but there’s no way that both the Director of the FBI and CIA would be black women…I don’t care for how theyrthey’re portraying the FBI director…I find that a bit insulting to women and minority women that someone who’s made it to that sensitive position would talk freely about hooking up with the President. Plus, the big hair has got to go. (I’ve really liked the CIA director portrayal the past few years and wouldn’t mind seeing her as more frequent power player). Glad Scandal is back.

    • :-) says:

      CIA and FBI Director being black women in a Republican administration is possible. Republicans like throw in lots of minorities (present administration excluded) when the Secretary level positions are all white men. Having a few visible black brown Asian faces screams I’m not racist (to white men atleast)

  8. kn1231 says:

    I thought Abby and Olivia solved their issues, burn Abby still acting like a b**** all of the time. This show messed a lot of things up, but one of the things that I disliked the most is them messing up Abby and Olivia’s friendship. Abby should have never gone to the White House.

  9. mazphiri says:

    No way was Cyrus behind the killing of Vargas too obvious and I think all roads lead to Jake. The state of that guy after his interrogation. Mmmm 🤔 Leads you to wonder. Cyrus has done some very bad things but to kill Frankie…..too much. Did anyone else notice Jakes wife drink problem in the first episode. She had it together last season. Papa Pope and Jake and the whole BSquad are going to rear it’s head again. Mark my words.

    • Bwine says:

      You might be on to something, because I thought it was very strange how Jake just left his drunk wife and disappeared on election night right around the time Frankie was shot.

      • Nina says:

        There’s no way it’s Cyrus – my money is also on Jake.

      • mazphiri says:

        I sincerely think hand on heart that on this occasion Cyrus is actually telling the truth but because of his past and the stuff and blood he has on his hands. Who’s going to believe him. Papa Pope and his bloody monologues and Jake the son he never had and the B Team are going to rear their head. Mark my words. The state of Jakes wife and Abby grabbing the bottle of drink from her really struck a chord and I think was a poignant scene. We all know Jake cannot be trusted and what he’s capable of. It’s too obvious for it to be Cyrus but I do want Cyrus to have more airtime and lines as his scheming and antics do make scandal, scandal.

  10. :-) says:

    I like m&m ( marcus and mellie). I think it’s time that mellie had a love all her own and marcus has been a dirty secret in the past. He can play the part well.

    This episode was ok. While it gave us a lot of information and things to talk about it didn’t move the story forward. It did fill in a few blanks though. I’ll take this Shondaland ride.

  11. Lisa Echerd says:

    I think this show is so much better since their winter break. So far it was filmed before the break so it’s surprising there is such a change to me. I like Mellie and Marcus together and I hope they will get to try again. Still not sure about Cyrus having Frankie shot. I’m sure Frankie must have found out that Cyrus orchestrated the shooting at the state capital. What will Quinn say when she finds out Charlie had her babysitting the capital shooters kid? Please bring Susan back!

  12. Imzadi says:

    I love Quarlie (Chinn?). Having seen him in the Father of the Bride movies, he’ll make the perfect groom. I would have loved to see at least one real Washington National (Ryan Zimmerman, the Face of the Franchise, or MVP Bryce Harper) in the baseball scene.

  13. Kailani says:

    It’s almost impossible to continue watching, due to Olivia turning into her dad. Her diatribes are becoming more and more like his. All about power. Never about good/white hat anymore. Even though she was having the ultimate affair at the time, I miss the more moral, white hat, do shit for the right reasons, Liv.

    Same for Abby.

    The whole theme now is power corrupts. Not sure if I want to waste an hour a week of my time on that, but I’ll probably finish this season just for some closure. Maybe…

  14. Idella says:

    Now we’re really getting if there are no people in the world governing or being governed outside of the 6 in and on the white house staff, or is it ten?..usually we say truth is stranger than fiction but here it’s the other way around.The writing this season borders on the absurd.Not even interested in these characters anymore

  15. farleyc says:

    Maybe I’m a little dim but those Mellie/Marcus flashbacks kept confusing me….

  16. Addie Eleby says:

    Put Liv and Friz back together. Too much chemistry to go to waste. The new lady and Friz does not go together. Friends does not go with friends cast out.

    • Elisa says:

      the new lady is awfull vwith these wiggs. i undertand the showrunner does not want olivia have competion. They pick this actress