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Buffy Alumna Emma Caulfield Set to Raise Hellmouth on Fear TWD

The walkers won’t know what hit ’em. Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumna Emma Caulfield has been tapped to guest-star on Fear the Walking Dead during the upcoming Season 3 of the Walking Dead spinoff, TVLine has learned exclusively.

But, although AMC confirmed the actress’ casting, the network declined to reveal the length of her stint, the identity of her character or whose storyline she would impact. Mind you, we have an educated guess: We suspect she’ll be the villainess who has been much-discussed online and who is supposed to, in particular, affect Nick and Luciana.

In addition to Buffy’s — and Xander’s — beloved vengeance demon Anya, Caulfield also played Beverly Hills, 90210’s Susan and Once Upon a Time’s Blind Witch (of Hansel and Gretel infamy).

So, what do you think? Are you looking forward to Fear TWD’s return? Psyched about Caulfield’s casting? Do you predict she’ll be Season 3’s Big Bad or someone else? Hit the comments.

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  1. G-money says:

    Well, I’m not sure if she still hates bunnies but she definitely loves Botox!

    Shame. Love seeing her back on TV but this is not a good look.

    • Hmmm says:

      How about you not judge people based on their looks instead of their talent like a shallow jerk.

      Now to the actual article –
      Always glad to see Emma getting more tv work and hope she gets to go super dark for this one

      • Tim says:

        People can get all the work done on their face that they want—but it’s still very distracting when you have to look at them on screen.

  2. KLS says:

    Let the FTWD bashing begin!

  3. Phil says:

    Her first episode will be the first episode of this show I’ll ever watch! LOVE Emma Caulfield, and wish she had a starring vehicle.
    Why Once Upon a Time brought her back so much last year for two lines then set-up such a promising plot line last year with her and Cruella and then literally cut her off the screen is one of those eternal “WWYT Once?” questions.

  4. Spence says:

    I’m actually more excited for Fear than TWD. Fear drastically improved with season 2, while TWD drastically suffered in season 7. Interesting how that shift happened!

    • Maia says:

      You joking??? FTWD is currently the reason TWD is dying in case you haven’t noticed. Sorry but this crappy little spin off is destined for the trash pile. Poor Emma must be really desperately looking for work to sign up to this. Just look what it did to Alycia Debnam Carey. Wow.

      • KB says:

        TWD is not dying, it is still going strong. And FTWD has gotten better. The I character I truly despised is gone, and with some of them split up, it gives them a chance to grow. I like the second season better than the first. Looking forward to season 3.

        • Alex says:

          KB dude, you are in denial bigtime. TWD lost 4 million viewers in half a season so far. It may keep running for a bit longer but it is declining now, people are just getting bored with it. Articles that used to garner hundreds of users only garnering 20 if lucky and for a new picture just released only 7 users, dang. It had a good run but it’s time for you to face the music. FTWD will be the first to get the culling soon because the ratings for it are decreasing steadily all the time and it cannot afford it. But considering I blame the spin off as the reason for the poorer quality writing and effort put into the more recent episodes of TWD, I think cancelling it would be a good thing. True fans don’t need this trashy spin off that has a narrative arc that is all over the place and lets be honest, I’ve seen better acting in mediocre American soap operas. Look around, how many people are actually uber fans, not many at all. If it ends, great!! No skin off my nose.

          • Eric says:

            Why should the spin off be responsible for poorer writing on TWD? This doesn’t make any sense. Every show has their own writers, they don’t influence each other. And why do you watch FTWD (or do you just pretend to know anything about it so that you can bash it?) if you don’t like it? Noone forces you.
            If you want to be a “true fan” of TWD (I still don’t get what being a true fan has to do with not watching the spin-off), then watch TWD only. Problem solved.

          • Robert P says:

            M8, my dog wouldn’t even puke up this trash that tries to pose under Twd umbrella. The story and acting went down after s1. Half a season on a boat, come on!! And making a halfwit teenage girl and her dimwit mother the leads?!! Fake. No wonder they only can get washed up actors as guest stars. This is a death trap for actors, I mean at least Kim had something going for her in Sons of Anarchy. This show is for sissys. Not for the real WD fans. Garbage if I ever witnessed it, your attention span must be short Eric.

  5. equate5 says:

    Still bitter about her not making it out of the series finale.

    • Maia says:

      Well it was such a stupid move in the end, I mean her career is virtually over now, the majority that I heard watch her still are the zetaboard lesbian stalkers which I am sure she is just thrilled about. But oh wow was she bad in this. I can never look at her the same. I love Buffy though so will be disappointed to see Emma sink so low to go for a dying spin off.

      • Zara says:

        What the hell are you talking about?

      • Georgie says:

        I completely agree she is pretty crap on this show. Did you see ADC at the convention in Belgium that time? Everyone was asking her off topic questions, barely anyone wanted to talk about Fear and she was literally pleading with them in the end to watch it, it was kinda cringey. But for a girl who posts half naked shower selfies of herself on her Twitter, I suppose I shouldn’t have expected much. Yup, I’d say she and this spin off are pretty much done for but that’s where greed and vanity gets you. She knows though who her certain ‘fans’ (ahem, stalkers) are though as you pointed out. She does these things for them.

  6. I loved Emma as Anya! But she rarely gets to shine anymore… Her character on OUAT barely did anything. Here’s hoping she gets a longer and more prominent stint on Fear The Walking Dead. I immediately took notice when Brenda Strong (of Desperate Housewives) showed up… and couldn’t believe how little she did…

    • Alex says:

      Haven’t you learned by now that FTWD is a deathtrap for actors? At least if it had been the main show she went on, Emma might have been somewhat successful.

      • Eric says:

        How is it a deathtrap exactly? It’s a show with a few million viewers that is now on its third season. You could call something a deathtrap if the show is over and all the actors of the show couldn’t find other work. But since the show is still being filmed and airing episodes it doesn’t make sense to label it a deathtrap.

        And btw. you made it pretty obvious that the users “Alex” and “Mala” and perhaps even the user “Georgie” who are all bashing the show and are butthurt that Alycia left The 100 to be on a better show, are all the same person using different names.

        • Carmel says:

          I think FTWD is just ok to watch when TWD isn’t on but you would have to be in denial if you didn’t admit it is a much lesser show. It is ok but there is a lot of competition. I watch lots of shows and I watched (past tense), The 100 too. But I kinda agree. Alycia was way better as Lexa and her character in this is a bit dull. Madison is the worst by far though. I can’t say I met many superfans like you Eric, do you watch for Alycia? I know a lot of people that have turned against Alycia and The 100, it’s sad because it was a lose lose situation. Lets be real though, FTWD is not a better show and even the critics have said that. Sorry but it’s just not, everyone thought it would be huge like TWD and it’s just not. But I get it, it’s Alycia for you isn’t it? Mmm hmmm.