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The 100 EP on That Lexa Moment in the Season 4 Premiere: 'It Was Important'

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and The 100 gang could not be feeling any less fine.

Picking up immediately after the war with ALIE, Wednesday’s season premiere found Clarke & Co. sifting through the (literal and emotional) wreckage at Polis, attempting to regain their bearings and make a plan for their collective future — what’s left of it, anyway.

Clarke spent much of the hour contemplating how to share the bad news with her people — Hallmark, sadly, doesn’t make a card for such occasions — before settling on a town hall-style announcement; Roan, after receiving the flame, formally made Skaikru the 13th clan; Raven discovered a few leftover perks from her time with ALIE, including an upgraded brain; Bellamy and Echo agreed to disagree (which is putting it mildly); and the Ice Nation seized control of Polis. It was a jam-packed hour, to say the least.

And just in case you thought this whole “nuclear apocalypse” thing was merely an idle threat, the episode’s final scene — in which two unknown individuals disintegrated before our very eyes in the desert — should have reinforced that this is, in fact, a real problem.

Indeed, there were plenty of big events during the first hour of Season 4, but right now, I want to focus on one of the more understated moments: Clarke finally talked to her mom about Lexa! “I loved her, mom,” she said through tears, to which Abby replied, “I know.” It was a simple exchange, but it likely went a long way for fans still heartbroken over the Commander’s tragic passing.

“It was important for multiple reasons,” executive producer Jason Rothenberg tells TVLine of the mother-daughter moment. “Clarke never really got a chance to mourn last season. She never got a chance to talk to her mom about the girl that she loved and what she experienced, so it felt like a good moment to exhale. They’re locked up, there’s nothing they could do in that moment. We wanted to make it very clear that [Clarke and Lexa’s relationship] wasn’t a secret, and that Abby certainly knew what her daughter was going through, the way any good parent would know what their child was going through.”

You tell us: Did Clarke’s Lexa shout-out satisfy you? Grade the Season 4 premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Jacob says:

    Just so you know, all the Clexa/Lexa fans will come here to vote the episode a fail, just as they go to every youtube promo and clip for the show and thumb it down, so the poll isn’t accurate. It was a great premiere. Love seeing it trend #2 worldwide on twitter.

    • michelle says:

      Amen. I understand the anger. But let it go. Stop watching. Stop involving yourself with the show. Move on.

    • Sawyer says:

      Tired of the Lexa fans crying about her death. Lexa was never a main character. We got a great love story in S3 with Clexa. I miss her but, I am in love with the show. I gave the premier a AAAAA for Awesome.

      • Pamela says:

        Lexa has gotten a lot more respect after her death than characters on other shows but it’s only because of the outrage of the fans. Clarke would have moved on and been paired up with Bellamy by now like It usually goes on tv. At least the fans got more than other fans usually get on other shows.

      • Rebecca says:

        It wasn’t awesome it was disappointing, mainly because it just hit home for me that there really is no chance that the show will try to redeem itself and without Lexa it’s a disaster. I am really struggling to hang in there as a former die hard lover of this show. But it is just painful to watch now.

        • Klaussays says:

          Lexa was a great character but not everyone was watching just because of her. If it’s so painful just stop watching…Yes they made mistakes and season 3 wasn’t the greatest but you would think people would forgive it…I guess love really does turn to scorn.

          • Rebecca says:

            Forgive it? When it was handled so badly, when Jason handled and still handles the aftermath so badly and makes little of it? Honestly the reason I am afraid to watch is a) I hate that they are gonna put Bellamy with Clarke just after what happened to Lexa, not even because of the obvious, how bad it looks after everything that happened but because it is also lame and predictable and something only Twilight could produce. But secondly I just do not trust what Jason says. I am terrified that I will bond with another grounder and they will get killed because this show discriminates unfairly against grounders when there is an abundance of sky people that they could kill and I wouldn’t even care. So I might stop watching for good this season. I just tried to hold in for Eliza because she is such a decent role model and my favorite actress.

    • Susbbdh says:

      It asked what we thought about the shout out so I think we have the right to say how we felt about that underwhelming glimpse screwed by the camera turning into Kane and Bellamy

      • A fan of TV says:

        Why is it so important for Clexa fans to ruin the show-watching experience for other people (by trying to manipulate data that could contribute to its cancellation) at the expense of your own wasted free time? What are you guys really accomplishing here?

        Any Clexa fans are welcome to weigh in if they really think their extended trolling of a show that literally no person on Earth is forcing them to watch is societally meaningful enough that you would not let other people who still enjoy it, enjoy it in peace. I agreed with all of you in the handling of Lexa’s death. Now, though, I want each and every one of you to find some peace with this storyline and move on with your lives!

        • Gemma says:

          Are you a homophobe or something?! Why are you picking on Clexa fans like this!!!

          • A fan of TV says:

            If that’s what you got out of my post, I’d suggest you’re projecting. I’m not remotely homophobic. I’m whiny relentless trolls-phobic. I’m ‘picking on’ Clexa fans because Clexa fans are trolling the show.

        • Alex says:

          If you are talking about The Loo people, you cannot generalize and point your finger at all Clexa fans because many of us are upset but don’t wish the show to end (although I am dying to see more Lexa!). But I don’t think they will stop, at least, not until maybe Bellamy dies. Sorry Bellarkers.

          • A fan of TV says:

            I’m don’t wish Clarke and Bellamy together at all, to be honest, but don’t care who she ends up with as long as it feels true to the character’s journey. I simply don’t watch this show for the relationships (though truth is I actually favour Clarke being a groundbreaking bi female lead with a girlfriend if I was forced to pick a side) and think shippers who would troll a show because it screwed their ship are just wasting far too much of their own time trying to ruin something that I’m sorry, treated an LGBTQ character’s death pretty terribly but is so much more than how it depicts intimate relationships on screen, anyway. Any fan who refuses to let it be more than that is welcome to stop watching, and welcome to stop wasting time trolling the show, the writers, the stars, it’s press…I find it utterly sad as it has nearly been a year.

          • Klaussays says:

            If Bellamy died…Even before he became King Dick last season..I doubt the fans would have had the ridiculous, childish, arrogant and selfish response i saw from a large number of Lexa fans.

          • Alex says:

            Klaus are you serious right now! Bellarkers absolutely would! They tell people who don’t want the ship to kill themselves and they bullied Eliza Taylor for calling it a “sh*t ship” in Brazil because she openly backed Clexa. If he died there would be serious backlash too, many said they only watch for Bellarke to happen. But it makes sense why Clexa fans in general are upset. Jason hyped up the show as pro LGBT & then kills yet another lesbian straight after sex. It made it seem like a punishment, it was wrong. And to this day Jason is still being a dick about it. There will always be Bellamy Blakes aplenty in other shows but never again another Lexa.

          • Raphael says:

            A fan of tv….”because it screwed their ship”?!! HOW MANY lesbian characters like Lexa are there to root for in other tv shows that weren’t killed?! I’ll tell you, next to none. How many Bellarke type ships are there to support in other tv shows? I’ll tell you, an abundance. And also how many straight couples compared to lesbian couples was one party killed after conssumating their love? I’ll tell you, not many at all in comparison. This show is discriminatory in more ways than one because it treats sensitive topics like dirt. So get back in your box boi!!!

    • Maia says:

      Well I for one am glad to hear Eliza say in an interview that Clarke is still grieving Lexa and won’t have time for any romances now. I love Eliza Taylor so so much, she was always really into Clexa and would never let Bellarke fans bully her into accepting what she referred to in Brazil as a “sh*t ship”. Lol she has her opinion of it and I stand by her. That woman is a legend.

    • RiggedPolls says:

      Results say your prediction was inaccurate. Maybe it was swung by bellend fans after all.

  2. michelle says:

    Prepare for a lot of F’s because people are still bitter and angry.

    But this episode was awesome. Went back to its basics. Before Lexa. Before the ships. The core. Felt good. And I feel positive for this season.

  3. Lysh says:

    It was great except it felt 30 minutes long. The amount of commercial breaks seemed a little TOO much, like more that normal, but I guess get that money, CW. I never really liked Lexa except towards her end, but that little moment was very nice. And I liked Kane’s “the youth shall inherit the earth” line; they’ve come a long way since sending the delinquents down.

    • Yea me to Kane clear cares a lot about Bellamy (father ?) also when Clarke said she loved Lexa Bellamy didn’t look like he liked hearing that

      • Jami says:

        He already knew. That’s how I took it. I loved Lexa and Clarke, but I love Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship, what ever it is.

      • Geoff says:

        Yeah obviously because she ditched him…and for a woman!!

        • Klaussays says:

          Are you implying Bellamy is jealous because Lexa was a woman or because he also Loves Clarke but she picked someone else.

          • Geoff says:

            Look if a girl I was obsessed with abandoned me for another guy, it would be much easier for me to figure out what he has going for him to try and compete. But if she goes with a woman, well its futile to even try, not to mention embarrassing to my manhood. I think I would accept that she’s a lost cause.

  4. Maddox says:

    Can’t understand why there’re so many Fs @@. This episode is awesome and a great start to the season.

    • Peter says:

      probably fanatic Lexa fans. they hate all straight people.

      • Jami says:

        That’s not true. I am gay, and I hate most people. I love the show.

        • A fan of TV says:

          Five points for that one ;)

        • Coda says:

          If you are gay, there is actually a lot of positive gay relationships in the media of characters that aren’t killed, especially to make it look like a punishment. The 100 has Nathan and Bryan right now, Shadowhunters has it too. The whole point you are missing is that lesbians, not even bi but lesbians are the ones that are always killed off the most, and coincidentally many after just confessing their love/sex, etc. Check out Buffy the Vampire Slayer you don’t believe it because it has been going back even since then. You can nearly be guaranteed that if a character like that pops up, you are wasting your time rooting for their survival.

  5. Jtzel says:

    The episode was great. I’m sure there will be more amazing episodes like in last season. The Clexa moment was fine for Clarke to get closer to her mom considering that they have been thru a lot. And it’s cool that Abby knew her daughter so well that knew about Clarke’s feelings for Lexa. I think i would have liked that moment to be shown on the previous season though, I already moved on from Clexa. I’m ready for Clarke with Bellamy.

  6. Dude says:


    • Taylor B. says:


      • Jennifer says:

        They have a point though a lot of people (and yes a lot of straight people) adored Lexa. And Lincoln for that matter. How can people love a show that killed one of the most beloved characters so shamelessly and how can they trust that it won’t happen again? I’m honestly trying but it has lost its sparkle. In season 1 it nearly got cancelled, season 2 vamped it up season 3 meh, season 4, could be the end.

        • Game of Thrones kills beloved characters shamelessly all the time and it’s the biggest show in the world. What draws people to the 100 is the high stakes and the constant twists. If they didn’t kill off favourite characters, the show would be boring and the fight for survival would be meaningless

        • Klaussays says:

          Don’t add Lincoln to your argument…Where were all these whiners when Wells died shamelessly at the hands of a 9 year old girl. (Black guy dying first trope i might add) Maybe i should protest with my BLM banners outside the Cw studios and Threaten the creators that me and my black friends are going to beat him up.
          The truth is Lexa was a great character that transcended the show and became a beacon for the LBGT community . Alot of these people LITERALLY feel in love with her so i can understand the scorn that comes after..The death was lame but name one show in history that did not have a lame death at some point to a loved a character.

          • Jennifer says:

            Well in other shows there are main characters that are black and really popular. Orange is the new Black for one. Stranger Things another. But in how many shows do popular lesbians not get killed? I get why Clexa fans in general are upset. Because you know there will never be another Lexa role model in another show again, especially not one that survives. And you are actually bullying right now because you are generalizing ALL Clexa fans as being aggressive haters. I would never generalize all Wells fans as being black. You like many here are bullying and discriminating.

          • Klaussays says:

            I did not say ‘ALL’ Lexa fans…I said alot. I get why Lexa fans are upset…I was upset too she was a magnificent character that any young women not just gays can look at and be inspired by…In a way i actually think the community do her a disservice by defining her as just Gay, when that was part of her but not all she was, the show itself does not even have labels..Also Lexa was not in the source material of The 100. So the people who choose to hate on the show now should realize the creator went out of his way to add her in..Her character was the sole creation of Rothenberg and then people wanted to turn on him when he made one terrible mistake.
            Im not here too say the LBGT community gets the best representation on TV because they don’t, everyone knows this and is not trying to dispute that. But this show has the most and best female characters i have seen in one place..It still has 3 gay characters and the lead is bisexual. Women run shit on all levels on this show.
            My point is Alot of Lexa fans and the LBGT community put all there frustrations and problems on this show, when it should be at the entire industry not the one production that actually tries to service you.
            But you did not answer my question…
            ”name one show in history that did not have a lame death at some point to a loved a character”…
            I suggest Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Feature excellent Gay characters/actors in prominent roles.

          • Jennifer says:

            Klaus there is actually quite a good amount ofof gay characters in tv shows that survive, you are missing the point that lesbians are the ones always killed. Supergirl I refuse to touch because I am not going there for the 1000th time. And Nathan and Bryan don’t count because they are not lesbians so the representation is not being met & they were mere minor characters that came out of the blue and that nobody even cared about. They were just a pathetic ploy by Jason to give off a facade that the show was still LGBT friendly so that they could be his ticket out of media backlash. Clarke doesn’t count as representation anymore either since they are just going to put ‘Adam and Eve’ back together and we will be made forget it ever happened. It’s plain sick to do that really. And what are you talking about? Jason created ALL the characters on the show, himself and his team of writers. Kass Morgan’s books are not the ‘source material’, it was Jason who came up with the story and he hired Kass to write a book series for it alongside the show but he gave her a couple of the characters names he already had and then let her have free reign to go on from there. The books are a companion to the show, not a source and Lexa like many of the characters, were only created by Jason later. So no I don’t owe him anything. And see, this is why I hate talking to people like you who are quick to judge, quick to point the finger and think you know it all when you don’t, you don’t understand how badly this has affected people and you never ever will if you are not in their position. And justice has not and will not be served here.

    • A fan of TV says:

      If he hated the LGBT community he’d have written a show where everyone was straight. Period. He probably hates people who gang up and troll him, though, regardless of which community they identify with.

      • Klaussays says:

        The Irony is HE is the creator…Lexa did not exist and was not gay in the source material. Clarke is one of the best lead characters on TV let alone the Cw,,,Then you list all the amazing female characters the show has or had, Anya ( who was also stupidly shot but where were these people then), Octavia, Indra, Luna, Raven, Echo, Harper..The list goes on how many shows has that many female characters in general let alone so many great and powerful female characters. .The ‘fans’ betrayed him..One sloppily done death and these people want to castrate him…Miss me with that crybaby shit because you fell in love with a fictional character.

    • PAMELA (LEXJ) says:

      AMEN! They throw in LEXA’S name to TRY and capture the HUGH FAN BASE they lost with the senseless killing of of the great character, LEXA! You all can keep your show. LEXA/GROUNDERS in a #Spinoff would be a GREAT SERIES!!!!!

  7. Dude says:

    Also. Clarke dies in the finale.


  8. Jami says:

    Great premiere. Fast paced, needed to keep up, I loved Clarke and Abby moment. I never liked Octavia until tonight. Damn badass. I love Clarke and Bellamy together, they make a good team. I loved the shout out to Lexa. She is gone, not forgotten. I am gay and really Lexa death was necessary. I am so tired of the immature Clexa fans whining about queer baiting. I swear if the Clexa relationship was the only reason you were watching the show very shallow. Damn can’t wait for the next episode. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Kabby have no fear. The 100 is at its best when Clarke and Bellamy are on the same side.

    • Alex says:

      Well you can’t blame Lexa fans for switching off if they feel they can’t go on anymore, she represented the lesbian community after all. And it’s like if Katniss was killed in THG. Understandable why the show will never do as well as the past. And Bellarke fans can be over the top whiny and aggressive to so the blame is there for everyone to accept.

      • A fan of TV says:

        Can you blame Lexa fans for hate-watching and trolling though? Yes, you can.

      • Klaussays says:

        Lexa was a made up character she wasn’t even in the source material unlike Katniss. How can you make that comparison.
        AND the arrogance… ”she represented the lesbian community after all” so shes better than everyone else and isn’t allowed to die because she is gay.
        ”Understandable why the show will never do as well as the past”…Need to curb that bitterness, grey hairs start to show.
        The show has better ratings than its first two seasons and has been critically acclaimed by excellent authors like Stephen King who understand stories and not little girls and boys favorite ships. (Not gona lie i ship Bellamy and Echo and Clarke and Raven)

        This show has the most female characters and the BEST female characters i have seen on TV in general. It still has 3 gay characters…
        But the creator killed one (Actress was leaving and it would be difficult to get her back for future appearances) If Clexa ‘fans’ were paying attention instead of focusing on two characters all the time they would have realized like i did how obvious it was she was going to die at some point..I don’t think anybody is disputing how lame the actual cause of death was or the circumstances but we see that happen with straight couples 99% of the time also..Its was lazy and sloppy but it creates melodrama and heartbreak.
        But the level of vitriol and backlash suggest something personal …Alot of these Clexa fans actually fell in love with Lexa for real and live vicariously through Clarke.
        I watched this show from the start and the majority of these Lexa ‘fans’ did not even watch the show until she was introduced so im sure it will survive without them.

        ”And Bellarke fans can be over the top whiny and aggressive to so the blame is there for everyone to accept.” Lol Pot meet Kettle.
        Yes they can be but they cannot hold a candle to the worst of Clexa fans..At least the bellarkers understand the show is not just about them. There are other characters.

        • Alex says:

          First of all ‘a fan of tv’, NO you cannot because it is not ALL Lexa fans hating, Lexa fans have actually been abused too in case you haven’t noticed. Why? Because the people you are referring too are not the thousands of Lexa and Clexa fans worldwide but a few hundred haters on zetaboards who actually tear regular fans apart for even saying they want Lexa back on the show. But you cannot and should not paint everyone with the same brush, that goes for you too Klaus because believe me, many were satisfied with crying in their bedrooms rather than turning their frustration into venom. So don’t be so quick to point the finger, if I wanted to, I could do the exact same with ALL Bellarkers telling anyone who doesn’t like the ship to kill themselves and also bullying the cast, Eliza in particular. And Klaussays, do you not know that the books were written alongside the show rather than as a “source” as you say? The entire concept of The 100 was Jason’s idea, not Kass Morgans. Jason was in the process of creating the show and he hired Kass who was previously a journalist to write a novel for it as a way of getting more of a fandom for it like THG. He told her the basics of the story and let her do her own thing with the rest (which is why it is so bad in comparison). So Lexa isn’t in the novels because she was created at a later stage.

        • Raphael says:

          Klaussays get off yourthe high horse. Bellarke fans can act like scum, even towards the actors and a couple have TOLD ME they would indeed stop watching if Bellamy died and if Bellarke didn’t happen. But since you’re so sure and act like a bigot, I say lets do it! Let Bellamy die and we will see how many are left watching. I’m calling your bluff and that of Bellarkers in general.

  9. c says:

    This was a fantastic premiere!!! Excited for what’s to come! Loved the gratitude that Clarke gave Raven, everything was A++++++

  10. Jami says:

    Did Eliza Taylor/Clarke lose weight? She was lean in S1. I happen to thing she is gorgeous and hot with those curves. I saw her in a recent interview and she looked liked she did in S1 lean mean fighting machine. I love her new haircut. Very Sassy. These actors other than Bellamy are still 18 after 4 years. I am hoping in Season 5 they do a time jump like 5 years. Best show on tv.

    • Jerry says:

      Re: Time jump – I’m pretty sure in The 100 timeline they have barely been on the ground for six months now over 3 seasons. I am assuming they do not plan on covering six months in this one, but who knows. So it will be interesting how this ends.

  11. Emily says:

    I hope that’s the last we have to hear about Lexa.

    Loved the Kabby moment when they were staring at each other and Clarke was watching, and Clarke looked satisfied that her mom and Kane were together.

  12. Taylor B. says:

    if I never have to hear the name Lexa again in my life, it will still be too soon. Lexa fans/Clexa shippers are some of the worst so-called fans of any TV show I’ve ever seen. please don’t make them come back out from their dark corners of the internet again.

    • Sarah says:

      I hear that… use when you think the show is moving on they bring her up.. the first half of season 3 almost ruined the whole show for me and has totally put me off Clarke as a character and the so-called fans – even before she was killed off – were unbearable and have made having an opinion about the show or Bellamy Blake in particular almost impossible to share. I don’t care for bigots and those that are quick to scream about how hard done by they are in like are so quick to treat others with the same contempt. Good riddance I say

    • Skillz says:

      The funny part is that many of the Lexa fans were whining and crying about Jasper’s behavior in season 3, but he actually lost his girlfriend and had a reason to feel thaht way, they lost a fictional character and till this day are still complaining lol…wish this show came on a real station and not the teen station.

  13. Jim says:

    I thought this was a perfect way to address some of the criticisms of the last (fantastic) season, while setting up the stakes excellently. Loved it! And I really missed Lindsey Morgan.

  14. Kepler says:

    Wow, kinda mystified by all the hate on this page for Clexa fans and so far it looks like only one has commented. It’s weird because you’d think that fans of the 100 would be a little smarter. How can anyone be surprised by the fury over Lexa’s death? Do you know how many beautiful (and by beautiful I mean physically beautiful because just like any other ship, straight or not, that does tend to be a factor) and compelling Female/Female (I hesitate to say lesbian because bisexuals count here too) romances there are on TV? During the week I watch a total of 9 network television shows the only one with any kind of Female/Female relationship is Supergirl and the recent Alex/Maggie thing. Stop whining because people are devastated over this character’s death. Why do you even care? How does it affect you? You tell people that are angry to just get over it and stop watching the show, but how about you guys get over it and just *watch* your show. If you’re letting other people’s frustrations hinder your enjoyment, maybe you should take a look at yourself and why you need everyone to agree with every decision the showrunners make for you to be satisfied with your own viewing experience. For the record, I don’t watch the 100, I know what’s going on because I know a lot of lesbians and obviously the coverage of Lexa’s death has been astronomical. I just have a lot of feelings on the subject because my favorite character was killed off on Once Upon a Time like three years ago and thinking about it *still* tears me up. So I know how it feels to have your favorite character get killed. So, like, get over telling people to get over it and chill out on calling out other fans.

    • GU712 says:

      I guess we’re all still burned from the massive Clexa/Lexa sh*tstorm last year. also, your arguments are bullsh*t. only bigots care about this stuff. you people are the same as the homophobes, sexists and racists. you’re basically heterophob.

    • Markus says:

      why does it matter how many there are? also, do you know how many there are in real life? TV represents it about statistically accurate – not that they have any obligation to. and another point, many characters have died on 100, most of them straight. are straight viewers supposed to make a huge deal about all of it. don’t bring that SJW nonsense to fictional entertainment. you say you don’t even watch it, yet you are here. so the only one who needs to get over it is you.

    • I agree with a lot of what you say but but I’d like to give you my point of view. In your last sentence you say ‘chill out on calling out other fans’. The point is that a lot of the people who’ve complained and caused trouble aren’t really fans of the show itself. I started watching from season 1, episode 1 which is long before Lexa was even invented while many of them only started watching when they heard about Clexa. As far as I’m concerned these people ‘hijacked’ the show from the true fans who’d been watching since the beginning. Suddenly it became all about Lexa/Clexa and when Lexa died, a hard core of these people (and I know it wasn’t every Clexa fan) actually started a campaign to get the show cancelled. They downvoted the show everywhere they could, they wrote to some of the sponsors to try to get them to withdraw their advertising and they chased Jason Rothenberg off Twitter by sending him death threats and constant abuse. In fact some of these people are still saying they’re going to do everything they can to prevent the show getting a season 5. So yes, ‘other people’s frustrations’ have hindered my enjoyment to a certain extent because they’ve promoted an unpleasant atmosphere around the show.

      • Klaussays says:


        This show kills everybody …Maybe i should have started a Black lives matter campaign outside the Cw after they killed Wells( black guy dies first trope)…
        Season 3 was excellent..Raw and unashamed parallel of Reality.

      • Rachel says:

        Linda they are NOT Clexa fans. I am a Clexa fan who is still longing for Lexa but I would never ever do the things they have done, they called Eliza fat, they bully fans of The 100 and they don’t even want Lexa back. The want to ‘preserve Alycia’s image’ by stalking her on FTWD and just being plain weird and horrible. So be careful who you go pointing fingers at because I feel there is bullying going on here. Clexa shippers in general deserve respect and respect if they can’t watch anymore or feel that they would still like Lexa back. Nobody deserves to be hated on for that. If Bellamy died, you know as well as I do that there would be UPROAR also. And many of those fans have been very very nasty, talking about putting Adam and Eve together or something?! So please keep that in mind before you go targeting any one group.

        • Klaussays says:

          That’s you im glad you kept your sanity…The majority of the ‘fan base’ reacted exactly as Linda put it. If Bellamy died, even when he was loved by everyone this reaction would not happen. You would always have a small number of crazed fans..
          But the Lexa situation turned some of the most intelligent and reasonable women i know into raging lunatics. Juts go to youtube..and see the 100 reactions before Lexa’s death and after..You will be so surprised by what you see.

          • Rachel says:

            Klaus, there are so many ‘sane’ Clexa followers WW that aren’t the hater Loo people and you are just being a bully because you don’t even know me to judge and you obviously hate Clexa period. We will however probably stop watching the show unless she returns because without her realistically the crappy ‘adventure squad’ didn’t cut it and this show was always more miss than hit before Lexa and hence after Lexa. In season 1 is was nearly cancelled until one fan made a large donation to keep it on air. Yep it is in troubled waters, ratings and reputation wise.

    • John036 says:

      that’s just it…Lexa is a FICTIONAL character. why should people care about the death of a FICTIONAL character? people are bashing the show over the death of a RECURRING character who was bound to die because the actress got a main role on another show!

      • Geoff says:

        Another show? You mean a failing spin-off mirrored on a now depleting franchise? Yeah, big winner for her alright. Foolish.

    • OnlyHeda says:

      Kepler slow clap!! The show is basically full of homophobes who want to see Bellamy force Clarke into having sex. Like he cares that she didn’t love him and loved Lexa?! He is a control freak who wants what he wants. This show stirs hatred and discrimination. I think it is time for the plug to be pulled.

  15. Torchwood68 says:

    How in the heck are they going to find a solution to nuclear reactors melting down? That last scene says they are all screwed…

  16. tony says:

    ‘I loved her’
    ‘I know’

    a nod to ’empire strikes back’ and carrie fisher?

  17. Klaussays says:

    It will be amusing to see how many people turn on Supergirl when Maggie inevitably gets killed or breaks up with Alex.

    • Jami says:

      Maggie is in the comic books. Maggie is not a regular on the series. I was watching SG S1. am not watching it because Alex is came out. However enjoying the story.

      • Klaussays says:

        Likewise..I like the show and i like Maggie as part of the storyline..But if she is killed or something negative happens to her..You watch…If you are aware of youtube reactors or alot of new site posters in general. Supergirl hardly used to have any but since there is a gay character loads of people now watch the show primarily for that..Which is a good thing and im happy to see that representation..I just expect the same fallout that happened with Lexa will happen here.

  18. Drew says:

    Jasper’s attempted suicide was one of the more emotionally heavy-hitting scenes for me. He put so much thought into it, with plastic tarps on the wall and floor, and a card for Monty, and was just a moment away from ending his life when Monty knocked. That was followed very shortly by a scene in which he laughed when he found out everyone would die in 6 months – that was just such a strong mini-arc in the episode and it hit me hard. Almost every character has had turmoil, and all have handled it in different ways, but Jasper’s struggle just seems more real. It’s heartbreaking.

  19. Jami says:

    Hey it is still at awesome Awesome episode.

  20. James Webster says:

    My issue is with the music being so loud that the dialog was drowned out. would much rather have ambient natural audio for the show . here is plenty of drama without the overload of the loud music

  21. Pamela (LEXJ) says:

    Don’t have CLARKE throw us “crumbs” and then ask “was that good enough”? NO! WE WILL NOT ACCEPT TABLE SCRAPS!! Don’t The 100 SHOW WRITERS HEAR US!! NO LEXA – NO SHOW. And, 100’s of thousands of us WW mean that! FURTHERMORE, a LEXA/GROUNDER SPINOFF WOULD BE PREFERABLE.

  22. PAMELA (LEXJ) says:

    You sound like a child! You cannot appreciate the traits of greatness that was LEXA. LEXA will be remembered as Legendary!! Now, we work for a LEXA Spinoff!!

    • Max says:

      I want some sort of resurrection or a spin off because I loved Clexa too. But I refuse, absolutely refuse to believe that we will never see her again. They brought Jon Snow back in GOT because so many people said they would switch off so it could happen. But this show isn’t a fraction as good without her, even thinking that she won’t be in it makes my stomach turn.

  23. imaclexafan says:


  24. PAMELA (LEXJ) says: