Teen Wolf Finale

Teen Wolf's 'Chaotic' Final 10 Episodes: What Brings [Spoiler] Back to Town?

Now that you’ve had a full night to process that Teen Wolf finale, what do you say to a little more scoop from the series’ last 10 episodes (ever)?

For starters, if you’re wondering why Tuesday’s midseason finale ended so abruptly — without giving us a taste of what’s still to come — executive producer Jeff Davis says that was very much a “planned thing.”

“I didn’t want to have a tag at the end leading into [Season 6B],” he tells TVLine. “You get a little tired of cliffhangers. They start to seem a bit perfunctory, like too much salesmanship.”

As you might expect, this means Davis isn’t eager to dole out spoilers for the last 10 episodes, though he does confirm that “we’re going to have some appearances in the final season of people you haven’t seen in a long time.”

One of those people, as revealed back in December, will be Scott’s dad, who received a little shout-out in the finale’s closing scene. Davis says that Agent McCall re-enters the picture out of “necessity. You’ll see the city of Beacon Hills thrown into a bit of a chaotic state, so he comes back as an FBI agent first and a dad second.” (No word on how he might react to the news of Melissa and Argent’s new romance.)

As for other beloved characters, Davis says the show will continue to explore Malia and Peter‘s complicated relationship (“Can he ever truly redeem himself, or is he always going to go back to being a bad guy?”) as well as Mason’s new position in the pack (“Mason is the smartest kid in the group, probably on par with Lydia. You’ll see a lot more of him in 6B.”)

OK, your turn: Which “appearances” are you hoping for when 6B kicks off this summer? And what are your general hopes for the final 10? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Susie says:

    I am so glad that Dylan O’Brien is finally done w/this show!!

    • Sophie 💛 says:


      • Susie says:

        Dylan came back in December for 4 days of TW filming to finish up filming 6.10.He’s going to be leaving for South Africa soon to start filming the Death Cure. I don’t think he’s going to be in 6B which they are still filming.

        • ScottJ says:

          The show can work around that if they want him. The episodes don’t air until July / August, and there’s nothing to say he can’t come back for a week in May / June to film scenes for a number of episodes all at once.

          • Jay says:

            I never seemed a main carecter being so dumb as Scott McCall…oh man the show wasn’t about him, but about Lydia and Stiles

        • Barbara says:

          Actually Deathcure started filming last year and he got injured. He is going back to finish filming it, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t returning to Teen Wolf.

          • viola says:

            Someone else might be able to confirm, but 6b filming is already over.

          • 'A' says:

            @Viola Actually, they resumed filming for 6B on January 16 for the final 5 episodes. They finished filming 6A on June 17, 2016 but still had more to film and returned in October 2016 to film remaining scenes/reshoots for 6A while also starting work on 611 for 6B. They stopped filming 6B after episode 615 to rebuild the train station sets from 6A to film 610 from December 12 – December 22, 2016 to allow Dylan O’Brien to be on set since he was in a majority of 610. That was supposed to be his final episode but there are sources saying he is poised to return in 1 or 2 more episodes in 6B (which might end up being after the season is wrapped with “reshoots”/additional scenes being filmed after he wraps up “The Death Cure” in April/May. Episodes 616-620 were expected to film from January 16, 2017 until early/late March.

        • carmen nicholls says:

          yes he is in 6b stop telling lies to people i actually know people who have spoken to dyaln himself so quit lieing

          • DeAnna says:

            Yay im happy i love stiles.

          • KD Nephilim says:

            Csn u plz ask ur friends to give this very little idea to Dyaln O’Brien so he could give it to the directory and it’s ok if he takes credit for it because I just want to be entertained at home when I don’t have university.They should at least make a sequel to this seares just like what vampire diaries did with the original because I really want o see other wolf packs and them going in depth into the true power of a true alpha and they shouldn’t forget a classic fight between werewolves and vampires and this should happen when Scott just joined collage. And I would really like to see Scott use more of his true alpha powers because for a true alpha he’s really weak and I have never seen him fight with a opponents equally and he’s always losing to humans too quickly for a werewolf who should be able to take one at least 20 humans or more at the same time especially because werewolves r ment to have exceptional speed and what happened to his evolution that was happening to him when he first turned into a true alpha. They said that he was going through more of an evolution because he’s a true alpha when he first turned into one. Thank u for reading this if u have, u have grate patients😁😁😁😁😂😆

        • jaz says:

          Maybe they have already filmed his scenes….that would be my guess

        • Bob says:

          He is coming back for 6B or better Season 7 and he will be heavily involved as was already confirmed. His relationship with Lidia will also be heavily explored so he is coming back for all of 6B (SN 7)

        • Bob says:

          Dylan O’Brien will be back for all of the final 10 episodes he already including Jeff Davis said he would and that also you should not believe all the rumors.

        • Neha says:

          I guess he is coming back since they show his face in the trailer maybe for 1 or 2 episodes but Dylan O’Brien is coming back

      • Andrew hall says:

        He isn’t done with the show 😂😂😂😂

      • Dayana says:

        Sophie rojo ????????:)))

      • Zoe't says:

        i know right

    • carmen nicholls says:

      no hes not hes in 6b for the last 10 episodes then there is no more teen wolf

    • Cayla says:

      what the heck?!!!

    • Alexandra Pulsifer says:

      Susie you’re lame! And I’m sure Teen Wolfers like me don’t want to read a bunch of negative comments, we want to read and talk about what’s to come in the final episodes. And how cool it will be to see all of the characters at their peak, the acting on this show is Amazing and guarantee you will be seeing each and every one of them in more tv shows and movies. I’ll bet most teen wolfers are sad like me that it’s ending, and most teen wolfers LOVE styles, like me. Just saying

      • kim says:

        I love each and everyone of the characters. Scott and Stiles are my absolute favorite, I am very sad that this is the end of Teen Wolf. I hope to see Tyler Posey in more shows, I think he is a good actor.

    • Tiegan.x says:

      What the hell? The show isnt end sameness without stiles. He’s Scott’s best friend and stiles keeps the whole group together when they are almost at breaking point

      • Tanya says:

        Remember, they are older now and probably going off to college. Stiles may be Scott’s best friend, but he is also human and will eventually get a career, perhaps a cop or FBI, who knows. I’d like to see Kate, hopefully more adjusted to her were jaguar state and friendly. Derek, he became a True Wolf – and then that story vanished.

  2. Derek, please. And maybe Isaac.

  3. N says:

    More Stiles and Lydia please !

  4. Lois says:

    Personally I still want at least a little bit of Stiles, I know it’s difficult but it would feel wrong if he was completely absent from the season.

    I know I’d love if they found a way to bring Allison back but Crystal’s made her feelings about that pretty clear in the past.

    I’d like to see Kira, Isaac, Derek and Braeden. I wonder if they’ll finish the Kate Argent story or leave it unfinished. I know Colton’s rumoured to be coming back but I couldn’t be less interested in Jackson.

    • SonOfCoul says:

      I would be extremely shocked if he didnt at least come back for the final episode or two…

    • Tamim says:

      I was very happy with Stiles and Lydia finally happening, but the real reason I watch the show is because of Scott and Stiles and their love for each other as brothers. I just can’t imagine the last half without him. I’ll probably wait to watch after all the episodes have aired so I can binge them. But if Stiles isn’t a part (or only gets a HI, I thought I would wave at you, moment) then I think I just watched MY finale

    • Matt says:

      What did crystal say?

    • Jazz says:

      Agreed I would love to see Issac and Derekl and Braeden even Jackson. He’s been on a long hiatus. Kira too, I wanna see the fox again.

    • BillyAllen says:

      I want one of the twins to come back i forgot his name though, and DEFINITELY Derek

    • Lisa says:

      Well Braeden isn’t coming back because the actress said that she has to much to do with her other filming projects sadly. Also Kira won’t be there. About the others i don’t know honestly haha

    • Ryan M. says:

      I would love for ethan, Isaac and derek to return. I would also like for jeff to finish katies story.
      They have done an amazing job woth Teen Wolf.
      I and im surely most of the other people will agree that Jeff should carry teenwolf on for another season or make a movie.

  5. Lydia says:

    Allison!! That’s who I want back

  6. John036 says:

    Literally pull a Buffy and bring back Kira, Isaac, Derek, and Jackson in the epic final battle for the fate of the town.

  7. Francesca says:

    Alison would be the best character to come back, second being Derek <3

  8. Sara says:


  9. Merlin Benjamin says:

    Derek Hale definitely. We want you back Tyler

  10. Matt says:

    Come on obviosly derek has to make at least one more apperience. Maybe the final episode

  11. I want to see Derrick back . He was great and he kinda started the show.

  12. Silvia Van de Polder says:

    I’d like to pretty much see all the familar faces come back. Derek, Isaac, Cora, Kira, Braeden, Satomi etc.

  13. MAria says:

    Jackson and Dereck what happened to them

  14. I really hope that Derek, Ducallion, and Kira come back.👏👏

  15. Hulksmash808 says:

    Most def everyone from the first season derek, allison, jackson, Isaac

  16. A Spelman says:

    Honestly I wish they would bring Allison Argent back from the dead, I miss her being in the pack. But I they better bring bank Derek Hale!!!!!

  17. Alex says:

    I really want to see Derek Hale aka Tyler Hoechlin back!!

  18. Frankee Foreman says:

    I agree with everyone wanting all of the old characters that disappeared to come back, but I personally want Deaton to come back, because he was like a dad to Scott’s pack.

  19. Jay says:

    Everybody that Scott and stiles has befriended to come back as the true pack of a true alpha. Also maybe with all the people in Scott’s pack he can become stronger and finally transform into the monstrous size wolf and defeat the next foe.

  20. Lilonda says:

    Isaac for sure

  21. Jimmy says:

    I personally hope to see the whole team back since this is the last 10 episode. It will definitely helps to give a good end to the series. I really really hope this show wont end.

  22. Lau says:

    I want to see Kira. Or Derek hale. And did they get the she wolf?

  23. Kenzie says:

    Allison and Derek please

  24. T says:

    Issac, Derek, Ethan and Jackson all need to come back for the last episodes!!

  25. Jorge Soto says:

    I hope they finish this whole season versus vampires but I also hope I see Scott and Stiles back

  26. HarveyTroy says:

    I just hope to see Dylan(Stiles) again😕
    his one of the reasons I watch teen wolf😢

  27. Omar Badat says:

    the alphas of alphas derek I miss him so so much! theo reminds me of derek but its still not derek bring derek back

  28. Jay says:

    I will like to see Scott McCall in his true alpha form as a wolf transform Into the ultimate werewolf like peter in season 1 I think that should happen by getting bit a hale make where the genetics came from since he was bitten by him which no one would thought that would happen, an maybe a twist in the episode where they face off against other werewolves a lot of action must be require since its the last season

  29. Jay says:

    Scott should at least turn into a real true alpha like peter In the first season since that’s who bit him, let him go Lil crazy this last season in a good way his first kill of a villian then others let them know come with army an try to take over beacon hills a army of werewolves, this last season has to be big cause there is no more after this, oh yes I think he should hook up with malia

    • lisa says:

      I’m with you! I think it is time Scott kills someone/thing, a villain obviously. I can see why he did not in the past but when every villain just loses their power or gets taken away, it gets kind of silly. The teen wolf audience is older now so I think we can take it.
      And I really like the idea of Scott and Malia together! It seems to be a growing fan base.

      • Teen wolf truths says:

        The form peter had in isn’t a “real” alpha it’s what an evil corrupted wolf turns into. Just like the beast of geuvodan. The beast was just more evilnpeter was that evil and crazy from the fire.

    • KD Nephilim says:

      And they should at least make a sequel to this seares just like what vampire diaries did with the original because I really want o see other wolf packs and them going in depth into the true power of a true alpha and they shouldn’t forget a classic fight between werewolves and vampires and this should happen when Scott just joined collage

  30. Rosa says:

    Derek, the vet, Alison, Kira

  31. Belinda says:

    I just miss Derek!

  32. Phobe Grey says:

    Dylan told British fans last year it was 6.10- and done. And he is at the momment finishing ‘Death Cure’ which was suspended when he was injured and TW is shooting it’s last five episodes until the start of March. The rumor is Davis has struck a deal with O’Brien realizing the show is dead n the water without him, hence the ending to 6.10. The deal seems to be O’Brien will appear in one or two scenes, shot when he completes Death Cure and pre broadcast, BUT it’s a rumor like the return of Colton Haynes, which is highly unlikely. Tyler Hoechlin and Daniel Sharman have already said they are NOT returning. Arden Cho is unlikely and Crystal Reed has definately said no. The truth is time is running out to bering anyone ‘back’ in five episodes that isn’t around now, certainly none of the previous core characters. It is in Jeff Davis/TW interest to keep up fan expectations and speculation and to allow false information to circulate. Season 6 is the worst season ever for night of broadcast viewers and interest generally so they’ll do anything to drawin an aidience and lying and misleading fans is not new to tis show,

    • Yep yep, pretty much all this. It’s clear that the last five episodes will be done before Dylan is even halfway done with Death Cure (early to mid-March). Holland just linked to an auction for a set visit that says the pack will be gone by that timeframe, so the set visit has to happen before then. In order for Dylan to shoot additional scenes after he’s done with Death Cure, they would have to keep the relevant sets still erected for him, and there is a financial cost to that. I think one of the writers posted something a while ago about the financial considerations dictated by the conglomerates ultimately behind the show. (TW has a small world feel little engine that could feel to it, but it’s still the product of big companies.) That being said, it’s still possible that he appears in 6B if he shot some scenes in December (they had time to have all episode scripts written by then, due to all of the delays) OR he shoots something in April/May when he’s back from South Africa. That’s still ahead of the airing schedule, but the scenes would probably be more bare bones (not with a bunch of the cast members, not in multiple complex sets). I’m still hopeful there is a meaningful Scott/Stiles ending in 6.20. Simple would be actually be a lot better.

      I do think that the show and the fans mean a lot to Dylan, even though ratings have fallen and he might not be too enthused with the show’s direction at times. But he wants to do right by it. TBD if that means 6.10 and that’s all he could manage to fit in. I am not sure what he’s been doing in January – maybe prep for Death Cure – but if they wanted him to shoot more scenes in January, I think he would have tried to. Even if it was just 1-2 scenes to close the show out.

      Also totally agree that Jeff will say whatever half-truths he can to keep viewers tuning in. That’s why he doesn’t usually name any names.

  33. tasha says:

    allison! and kira and ethan and aiden and danny and derek and cora and isaac and NO ONE TOLD US HOW THE HELL DOES DANNY KNOW ABOUT THE SUPERNATURAL THINGS HAPPENING IN BEACON HILLS?????

  34. Jenarden says:

    Hoping that they would bring Allison back

  35. Teajsha Mitchell says:

    Derek! Isaac! Jackson!

  36. Maria Clark says:

    I definitely want to see Peter & Malia I love them both, definitely want to see were Theos redemption arc leads. I need Baby Dyl back! I know there are complications but please bring him back Teen Wolf cannot end without Stiles & I need my Stydia dating fluff 😭 I also wanna see Daniel Sharmen PLEASE I miss Isaac sm he left with Chris & Chris came back so where the hell is Isaac? I’d love to see Derek since they just threw him away 😭 I wanna see Kira make at least one appearance. I know Colton is coming back which sounds fun considering how much Lydia has changed since the last he saw her & now she’s with Stiles & I need to see his face 😂 And I’m glad Dad McCall is coming back, I grew to like him towards S3 when he saved Stiles & Noahs job, he also got Stiles into Pre-FBI so I appreciate that &&& I wanna see the awkward between -Him-Scott-Chris-Mel- and BRADEN id love to see her again with Derek! so yeaaaaah 😊

  37. Sunny says:

    I wanna see styles with Lydia I like them together and also wanna see Derek hale.

  38. Stephen says:

    Isaac,derek Ethan

  39. Levi says:

    Jackson might come back with Lydia and stiles starTing up

  40. RichieS says:

    Would love to see Allison and Kira battle to the death over Scott with the winner’s world crushed when she sees him with Malia.

  41. Jackson, please? I wouldn’t mind seeing Isaac and Cora back again, either.

  42. Melissa Sizemore says:

    I want to see more wolfs back to original settings…it went way off track… Derek…kinda wanna see argents wife turned to a wolf the twin..give us some WOLF ACTION

  43. Shirley Reed says:

    I am hoping to see Derek back and possibly Isaac, Ethan and Jackson ,oh and Kira but mostly Derek.

  44. Troy Reedy says:

    I am hoping Derek hell comes back because he’s my favorite star of the show

  45. Megan Shank says:

    I hope that Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and Jackson (Colton Haynes) will return if they don’t that’s okay because there are still a lot of good characters on the show.

  46. Jessa says:

    Oh I’d love to see Danny one more time! I also miss Isaac and Derek tons, and I think Jackson would be a nice throwback haha. Maybe Miss Morell?

  47. Paul carder says:

    bring back Derke he was bad ass

  48. BillyAllen says:

    I’d love to see the twin that is still alive come back, I forgot his name sadly it’s been a while, and DEFINITELY Derek

  49. ... says:

    I think I just really want them to bring closure to all the story lines they’ve left unfinished. And of course I just can’t see TW ending without Stiles and what I like to call the unexplained disappearances there, though it seems like it will.

  50. Linda says:

    I want Derek and Isaacto return. Deaton, Murrell and Kira s well.