Post Mortems
Teen Wolf Finale

Teen Wolf EP Dissects Biggest Finale Moments, Previews 'Dark Horror' (and Another Time Jump) in Season 6B

If you thought Tuesday’s Teen Wolf felt more like a series finale than a midseason ender, there’s a good reason for that.

“We definitely wanted to close the book on the high school chapter of their lives,” executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. “This season was really about honoring the character of Stiles. We knew we wouldn’t have Dylan O’Brien full-time, and then we had him even less once his accident happened. So there was a bit of behind-the-scenes trickery there. I love when a season feels like it’s told a full story, a complete story. Every season finale has felt like a series finale to me.”

Before we continue picking apart the episode, here’s a quick recap of the main events (in addition to the defeat of Mr. Douglas and the Ghost Riders): Stiles returned to the land of the living, where he reunited with (and kissed!) Lydia; Argent and Melissa shared a kiss of their own; Malia and Peter had their first real heart-to-heart moment as father and daughter; Stilinski and Lydia teamed up to send Claudia back to… wherever the hell she came from; and the senior pack members celebrated the end of high school. (Stiles is off to a pre-FBI program at George Washington University, while Lydia is heading to MIT — as a junior! — and Scott is attending UC Davis.)

Unfortunately, Davis can’t say how Stiles and Lydia’s (long-overdue) kiss will affect the pair moving forward, nor can he confirm the amount of Dylan O’Brien we’ll actually see in the final 10 episodes. Instead, he offers up this Cheshire Cat-like musing on the couple’s finale moment: “It all has to do with friendship and romance, where someone finally says ‘I love you’ after it’s been boiling up inside for years.”

Speaking of what’s coming up, Davis says Season 6B jumps ahead “a few months” and will explore what it means to be an outsider.

“It’s something new, but also old,” he explains. “Scott and his supernatural friends become pariahs once again. They’re feared and hunted. It’s very much a season of fear. Our inspiration was H.P. Lovecraft, so you’re going to be seeing a lot of dark horror in the next season. We have some really disgusting stuff coming up.”

There’s also an interesting future in store for the show’s newest — and my personal favorite — pairing, Argent and Melissa.

“We’d been flirting with the idea of Stilinski and Melissa,” Davis says, “but one of our rules in the writers’ room is to go the unexpected route — and putting her with Argent felt unexpected. Then it started to feel natural. Like, they’re really good together. I was like, ‘Are we doing this? It’s the last season. Let’s do it.’ In 6B, things are going to get ever more awkward. We love awkward romances, inspired by my own life.”

We’ll have even more Teen Wolf 6B scoop for you in the morning. For now, grade the finale below and drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Lydia says:

    Can Allison come back in the series finale! I know she’ll have to redo high school lol But I still want her back.

  2. michelle says:

    Melissa belongs with Stillinski. Period.

    And resurrect Allison. As you say, Jeff “Last season, lets just do it”.

    Do it.

    • Danny123 says:

      That’s why I gave it an F. I don’t ship stydia or Melissa and argent. She belongs with sheriff stilinski. Agreed.

  3. Soph says:

    Do you know if Dylan O’brien will be in 6B or this was his last episode.

    • Lois says:

      It’s been reported in the last couple week that he was coming back but we imagine he won’t be in it much. When they filmed this it was his last episode though but it seems things have changed and they can get him back for a bit more.

  4. MK says:

    Great finale! Was definitely fan service and I’m all here for it. I hope Dylan O’Brien comes back for at least some of the final season – don’t know if I can sit through another season without Stiles. Thanks for all of the TW reporting, Andy!!

  5. Nicole says:

    That should have been the series finale, especially if we have no Dylan O’Brien. He breaths life into any episode he is in. Stiles and Scott’s relationship is what made Teen Wolf great and doesn’t work with one of them missing.

  6. Ditzy-D says:

    It was great having Stiles back and his humor – the line about the girls locker room had me rolling. I loved the Scott and Stiles moments especially at the end when Stiles gave Scott his jeep- I cried.

    Definitely would have been a good series finale. According to, Dylan not confirmed for 6B so this may be the last of Stiles.

  7. Nathan Everett says:

    Where does it say this’ll be Dylan last episode?? Did they film 6A before his accident?

    • 'A' says:

      They had actually only filmed a little over an episode or two at the time of his accident. Then they went on a mini filming hiatus and resumed after they had tweaked 6A.

    • Nelly says:

      Nothing has been confirmed yet…but there are rumors that dylan already filmed his final scene in teen wolf. And that he was filming only for 8 day. So we will probably see him just in a few scenes

    • Lois says:

      They filmed 6×01 and 6×05 before his accident, they had to wait til December to film 6×10 because of his recovery and filming American Assassin abroad. He ‘wrapped’ filming in December but it’s been said in the last week or so from an inside source that he will appear in 6b but nobody knows how much we’ll see him.

  8. ja says:

    the stydia kiss was the best!

  9. ricardoc says:

    stiles needs to be in the finale season you guys have always done the unexpected don’t repeat the past season and not have him in the majority of it. you guys did it great once. If you can bring alison back as a spirit or in another kind of supernatural reincarnation. i love the unexpected pairing of argent and melissa you guys are right it became just right. Curious to see who scott ends up with in the end, and please bring every major character back i want to know what happened to them especially Danny,Ethan, and Derrick. That was the second biggest tease you guys ever did to sending werewolf jackson away. Peter I can see going either way have fun playing around with that.

  10. Gift says:

    Not bad but I still liked the Kira for Scott. Maybe it’s just me.

  11. Dominique says:

    loved the episode, still no to stydia since i just can’t get behind it.
    loved the malia/peter moments, i’m glad he was featured more this season.
    i’m curious to see how things will happen in 6b

  12. ALANA says:

    Allison needs to come back to rekindle her love with Scott, and her friendship wit Lydia. STYDIA!!!!!

  13. lisa says:

    Great season! Decent final. The action was good, but seemed rushed, like they tried to do too much. Not sure what the point of the stuff with Corey was or why they brought back Claudia. I really hope they let Scott kick some more ass next season. He needs to kill someone or something already. I thought the way they defeated Mr. Dougless and the ghost riders was pretty lame.

  14. Jared says:

    I haven’t watched last nights episode yet but I really thought it was the series finale. How many more episodes are in 6B? Either way great season. I’m really gonna make this show 😪

  15. verucasalt says:

    I love love love the Melissa/Argent pairing. I liked her with Peter Hale but this is a really good pairing as well.

  16. faith says:

    bring Allison back;she’s so wow

  17. davion culclager says:

    It was amazing make one about mason and Liam

  18. Rogelio says:

    I don’t want that teen wolf finish is my number one show Im all way washing all sessions and episode and is my favorite number one I don’t want that teen wolf to finish making more Sissons I want u guys to make more Sisson pls if is possible :(

  19. Melody Garrison says:

    I loved the Argent/Melissa kiss. I’ve been shipping them for a while.

  20. If Hoechlin had stayed and Jeff’s corporate bosses hadn’t gotten cold feet and told him to tone down on the Sterek (something Eaddy revealed at a Teen Wolf convention a few years ago), then that Stydia hug would’ve been Sterek instead with a Sterek kiss happening in 6B (it was moved up due to Dylan’s filming schedule). So Stydia was retconned in even though the more profound development was between Stiles and Derek. Stydia fans, I’m happy for you, but please allow me to mourn what could’ve been.

  21. D.H. says:

    The show is FAR too dark without Stiles, though I really did appreciate Liam’s newfound comedic element. Truthfully, I would wait as long as it took (years, even) if it meant that DOB finally had time to complete Teen Wolf the way it should be completed… the full gang together going out with a bang. And while it really isn’t the same without him, I love how much it forced the writers to develop the other characters, Mason, Hayden, Liam, and Corey really came to life this season! Bringing Allison back might actually stop my heart? However, it would make things feel really whole again to have the true romance of the show back at the forefront.

  22. Wolvy says:

    That was an amazing winter finale. I really enjoyed seeing the Scott/Stiles moments and the banter between them. I am curious to see how the romance between Lydia and Stiles goes. Seeing Allison would be awesome and I would love to see Derek one more time as he had a huge impact in Scott’s life and growing up. If no Allison then I wouldn’t mind seeing Malia and Scott maybe. I mean they are the only two left when you look at couples as far as the teenagers. I think it could work.

  23. Holly Blaik says:

    But I want Stiles…. I was deprived of his lip side grin….

  24. kloey says:

    More stiles, bring back the main pack also isaac and danny, change your mind about the finale. Please make more teenwolf series.

  25. Me says:

    Is Lydia on 6b too?

  26. Armin says:

    It is possible that Scott and Malia linked with you 10 last part?

  27. Armin says:

    I mean we could see Scalia?

  28. Morgan says:

    I was overjoyed at Stiles and Lydia finally being united – I’ve been waiting for it for a long time and can’t wait to see where things go! Melissa and Argent I saw coming, but I would’ve also enjoyed Stilinski and Melissa; that would have made Scott and Stiles real brothers! I agree with just about everyone that for season 6B to be successful, it HAS to have Stiles playing a prominent role alongside Scott. They were the first two characters we met at the beginning and fell in love with, and they should be the last two characters we say goodbye to.

  29. Kyla Armour says:

    For the last season you should bring Isaac and Allison back. You should have it go back to season three where Deton, Isaac and Lydia killed them and brought them back, and say that is where Isaac has been the whole time trying to find a way to bring Allison back.

  30. Janet Picozzi says:

    Styles belongs with Malia.. him and Lydia were over due that they moved on. Blah.. argent and Melissa didn’t see that coming but very interesting..

  31. Tiegan.x says:

    Omfg. I am just relieved that there will be more episodes. I’ve been dragging out 6A for so long because I didn’t want it to end. I am so Thankful! Thanks Teen Wolf 🐺 ❤