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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Bones, Arrow, The 100, Once, Elementary, Suits, Little Liars, NCIS: LA and More

Will Bones‘ beau get shrunk? Will Arrow‘s traitor return? Does Suits‘ Donna want more? A little more death for those pretty Liars? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Will Booth have a mini therapy session with Dr. Gordon Wyatt when Stephen Fry returns to Bones? —Mark
Given that Gordon is a shrink/chef, you can expect “an informal” session “over dinner,” co-showrunner Michael Peterson reports. “We do a little bit of food, a little bit of therapy.” The good doctor’s primary purpose, though, is to get innocent-yet-incarcerated Zack sprung, seeing as Wyatt “is the one person Booth trusts with Sweets’ psychiatric notes. [Wyatt] is going to be very key to that — and also impactful for what’s going on with Booth and Brennan at that point, because they’re going to be at a low when he shows up [in Episode 9].”

Are any Bones characters going to learn about Max’s apparent illness? —Camila
“I believe it is Episode 8,” airing in late January sometime, “when that really comes to a head,” says EP Michael Peterson. “Brennan doesn’t like secrets, so it will very much affect her.”

Can you confirm whether Jennifer Lynch is directing an episode of Elementary? Also, which episodes will Ms. Liu be directing this season? —LF
I can confirm that Lynch, who in recent months has helmed episodes of Quantico, Once Upon a Time and Salem, is directing an episode set to air in March. Liu’s fourth time behind the camera for Elementary, meanwhile, will be Episode 22, airing in May.

Will we see Once Upon a Time‘s Belle in the wish world? —Rebecca
I am hearing that not only will you see Belle in the Wish Realm, but you’ll see her “like you’ve never seen her before.”

I know that on The Great Indoors, Brooke is engaged to Paul, but is there hope for Brooke and Jack romantically? — Stephanie
Were Paul but the only obstacle! On. Feb. 16, in the episode titled “DTR,” Psych alum Maggie Lawson begins her arc as Jack’s new romantic interest, Rachel. And while in addition to that we will see more of the Paul/Brooke relationship, you can be assured that the chemistry between Brooke and Jack will remain undeniable.

Have we seen the last of Evelyn/Artemis on Arrow? She was my favorite of the new recruits (betrayal notwithstanding!). —Jonny
Actually, when I last spoke to Wendy Mericle, the Arrow scribes were in the midst of hashing out a return scenario for Little Miss Benedict Arnold. “We have a really cool, exciting twist for how she’s going to reappear,” the EP teased, noting: “The interesting thing about the choices Evelyn has made is that as much as she took the moral high ground when confronting Oliver, she has allied herself with someone who is even worse,” in Prometheus. “She’s gone from the frying pan into the fire.”

Can you give any type of Scandal scoop? —Nakitha
Almost more so than the premiere’s election/assassination twists, Katie Lowes was raving about the Quinn-gagement when I saw her this month. “I loved it. Quinn was like, ‘Oh by the way, I’m holding this disgusting, charcoaled hand, which really turns me on. But I want to be with you, Charlie!’” she shared. “We actually joked all day about taking the ring off that dead hand [and putting it on Quinn]!” Describing Quinn’s fiancé as a “cuddly-dark dopey dope” (whereas Huck is plain “scary”), Lowes said, “There’s really good stuff coming down the pike for Quinn on a personal level, which is always a treat to play. Quinn and Charlie provide a different, dark comedic tone to the show, so we’ll get to live in that world because of what’s going with them.”

Will anyonePretty Little Liars Video die in the last 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars? —parkrory
“Of course!” exec producer Oliver Goldstick asserted when I hand-delivered your question. “What would Pretty Little Liars be without death? What do you think is in that big, black box on the table [in promos]? A lizard? If [you’re expecting death], you won’t be disappointed. Somebody’s gotta go.”

Any news about Suits‘ Donna that isn’t related to Harvey/romance? —Jai
Exec producer Aaron Korsh said that Donna’s storyline this season is “a bit more focused on professional, [though] when you get to a certain age or level, your professional and your personal can be intermingled.” Donna’s career “has always been personal to her,” he notes. “She’s always taking great pride in being as great as she is at her job, but the question is: Is that job necessarily enough for her? Is just being good at your job enough? We’re going to tackle those questions somewhat in the back six [episodes].”

What’s happening with NCIS: LA’s Kensi and Deeks? – Shelby
Reflecting on the “bumpy” road the two have traveled since Kensi’s debilitating injury, Eric Christian Olsen says, “We’re just coming out of the woods now, but the mole [hunt], all that, plays a very large role in what’s next. How [showrunner] Scott [Gemmill] and our writers handled that [reveal], I did not see it coming.”

Any word Legends of Tomorrow Spoilerson what Snart’s role will be in the back half of Legends of Tomorrow‘s season? —Liz
As promised over the summer, Snart (played by Wentworth Miller) will join up with the Legion of Doom. “The question mark will be: Which version of Leonard Snart?” says co-showrunner Phil Klemmer. “Because obviously he’s appeared now on all of the shows over a number of years, and he’s been everything from a despicable, unapologetic scumbag to a guy who died for the Legends.” Another question for when Snart resurfaces in the flesh is, “How will Rory respond to him?” says the EP. “Mick has made a lot of moral progress, which might have reached its high water mark. So we will have to see.”

Do you have any scoop about Murphy and Emori from The 100? —Felix
Good news, Felix: Your favorite couple gets some solid screen time in Wednesday’s season premiere, during which Murphy presents Emori with a certain… proposition. (Don’t expect too much happiness outside of those two, though. The gang is still facing a nuclear apocalypse, after all.)

Anything for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Daisy or Mack? —Lee Lee
Choosing Door No. 1, apparently I was the only one starting to sense a certain… bond… forming between Daisy and Director Mace, after he yanked her back into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s ranks. “Oh, no, no. You’re picking up some weird vibes!” was Chloe Bennet’s reaction when I suggested romantic sparking. “I love Jason O‘Mara in real life, so I would be more than happy for that, but I don’t think that’s happening.” For one thing, Bennet noted, “I don’t think Daisy is ready yet. It’s too soon after Lincoln.”

Will Geoff ever find out how Erica feels about him on The Goldbergs? —Angelique
Yes. Yes, he will.

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  1. steven says:

    Gotham: Will Lee ever get over herself and learn to accept why Jim killed Mario in the first place?

  2. pnr says:

    No one cares about Evelyn. No one cares about a new Black Canary. How about we bring Thea and Lance back from the sidelines and call it a day? I’m tired of the new characters.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Who’s no one?

      • Wordsmith says:

        As the President might say, “All kinds of people; very reliable people; everybody is saying this. Sad.”
        Haven’t you heard? It’s fashionable now to make grand, sweeping statements with no factual basis to back them up.

      • Lyla says:

        To say ”no one cares” is an exaggeration in most cases. This too, clearly, if somebody asked the question. However, she is the least talked about and her betrayal was overshadowed by almost everything else. To be fair, the team isn’t clicking in general. I can’t BELIEVE that I was complaining about too many people last year. I miss the old team with Thea, Laurel and Dig IN the actual team. Even Quentin was a welcome and fun occasional addition. Sigh. Now… meh. Rory is lovely as a human, but his ”abilities” don’t really fit in Arrow. Wild Dog is the one I assume they wanna keep, but the character is walking a very thin line between ”cool guy” and an asshole. While being somewhat charismatic, raw and quite fit with what the team needs, he is also portrayed as an arrogant not so well disguised misogynist.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          The one that kills me every time is the dude in the hockey mask. Don’t even know his name but that outfit is hilarious. But I miss the “team” too. It just doesn’t feel right with them scattered.

          • Lyla says:

            ”dude in the hockey mask” – that would be Wild Dog, the one I unashamedly called occasional asshole ;) The irony is that the action, the cinematography, the storytelling is all better this year. Except the characters. Those just don’t deliver. Thing is, I can understand them wanting new faces. It’s Season 5, and they just killed a very important character. But doing it all at once – shattering the previous team to drop ALL the newbies all at once in ep 1 was a dumb move. You just don’t change all at once, when so much of the previous setup was the core of Arrow. Like Diggle and Thea.

          • Sarah says:

            There are just too many newbies, but I really do think the worst part is how they broke up the entire team to wedge in the newbies. They should have introduced them gradually like they did Roy so it felt more organic and didn’t completely steal an entire season from the existing characters.

        • dean says:

          How is he misogynist?

    • Ben says:

      I care about Evelyn. As with Jonny, who asked the question, she’s my favourite of the new recruits, and I’m hoping she’s back in the team by season end.

  3. kia says:

    Every spoiler on Bones always breaks my previous ideas of what’s going to happen, lol. Intrigued.

  4. MLO says:

    Going to ask it here… did we ever find out what Pellant did to that damn alarm clock on Bones?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      From November……….. of 2013: “We will eventually find out what 447 and the alarm clock meant… or mean,” exec producer Stephen Nathan tells Inside Line. “But the series is a long way from being over. Remember, it took a while to find out what Brennan wrote to Booth when she was buried in the car. Patience.”

  5. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see the bones and also the vampire diaries and also vampire diaries on walking dead crossover season 7.

  6. Joel Maurice says:

    I was pickling up on the Daisy and director vibes as well

    • Danny123 says:

      Picked up on a ghost rider and daisy vibe too. Nothing happened. Hope she stays single. Looking forward to cohlson and may instead.

      • Bob Jones says:

        I think this could be also read as an Inhuman connection [Hydra Ward, Lincoln, JTJ, Raina, Mom/Dad, etc.] and then it turns out Director Mace’s powers are counterfeit. Now Daisy is still ‘alone’ even though she is surrounded by people who love/respect her.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      THANK YOU.

  7. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to the bone. And also the vampire diaries. And also the 100 On the walking dead crossover season 7

  8. Anon says:

    Michael Peterson I dare you say ONE positive thing about Booth & Brennan. You literally talk about them like they are always sad & miserable

    Is this how you want to promote the last few eps of the series, B&B as miserable AF?

    No wonder so many people tune into This Is Us, cos it actually gives them happy feels

    • LuLu says:

      Not going to happen because Peterson loves doom and gloom, for Booth and Brennan at least. All the other couples such as B&B lite (Aubrey and Jessica) and Cam/Arastoo get happy times. It sounds like the leads of the show are going to be miserable for most of this farewell season… Isn’t that just great?

    • kmw says:

      While these spoilers aren’t the ” happiest” and I dislike some of what is coming, Booth and Brennan have an undercover episode following the Gordon Gordon and I would suspect things will be better then. Remember Booth and Brennan were only” separated” for one whole episode with his gambling story and I think it will be the same here. Of course most of us Bones fans wouldn’t have told such a gloomy story but we aren’t the producers( including David and Emily) who are behind this. I for one am glad that not only have Booth and Brennan had more scenes( and meaningful ones) but they are giving them an actual story which other than Booth’s gambling one they haven’t had one in two years. Max’s lie is going to be a problem( funny how Brennan didn’t have a problem with Zack’s lie) and obviously Max is going to die( Bones isn’t the first and certainly wont be the last to kill off cast members) but Booth’s sniper is going to take somebody else close to Brennan. This is where I start to hate the story because Sully, like I have said SO MANY TIMES isn’t necessary and not what Brennan would turn to in her grief. But again producers choice and we will see how it turns out. Gordon Gordon will straighten Booth and Brennan out and all will be well for them( at least before the lab blows up) Again not happy with some of this but it will most likely turn out better than we think

      • Anon says:

        The undercover episode is 9, the same episode where Gordon Gordon returns & they investigate evidence for Zach’s case.

        I sincerely hope we don’t have a HIMYM series ending were they completely taint the series for many

        Don’t take crumbs on B&B, their relationship should mean more than “Oh well as long as they are fixed in the last episode” Booth & Brennan should be protected and be given respect and shouldn’t be tainted with soap opera antics. The ends does not justify the means. At all.

        I really am tired of Peterson and his spoilers

        • kmw says:

          No I believe their undercover one is episode 10, but then again because Peterson is so mixed up with his episodes and when they are airing you could be right. But Booth and Brennan going undercover when they are trying to help Zack? That doesn’t sound right especially if they are at a low point. Booth and Brennan couldn’t be THAT low if they are doing an undercover case together. I don’t think Bones is going to end like HIMYM because it just doesn’t sound like that. As much as I don’t like the Sully aspect of this arc I don’t really believe they will taint them at all. I will choose to believe their low point will be their huge personal losses and how Gordon Gordon will help them and Zack. I believe that everything will work out without Booth and Brennan being damaged

          • Anon says:

            Episode 9 is the undercover episode with Buck & Wanda at Munster truck rally & GG/Zack plot

            Episode 10 is the episode with Betty White and a case about a film maker or something

            The episodes are so jammed packed that I am afraid that the many plot points are getting fast tracked just to tick a box and none of the storylines are getting justice

  9. hoopsdiva says:

    I hope we get some Deeks stories in what’s left of this season. It seems like every time we are promised a good Deeks arc, Daniela Ruah has a baby so the Deeks story gets pushed off and we get a Kensi storyline instead. This has happened twice already.

  10. Emma says:

    I think its pretty obvious that Max dies in Bones S12 ep 8 or gets buried

    Which puts B&B at a low in ep 9 dealing with that loss

    Don’t know what their obsession is with killing off great characters like Aldo & Max this season

    They really did a number on Aldo, hachet job on his integrity

    I look forward to Stephen Fry returning, he and David have great chemistry

    • Nancy says:

      While I am thrilled to see Stephen Fry again, making Aldo a drug addict and killing Max and having B&B not be happy, isn’t what I call a ‘gift’ to the fans that this season was supposedly supposed to be. So far, I’m not very much impressed with my ‘gift’. Sounds like it’s going to get worse – more low points. I don’t freaking care about Cam’s wedding or Aubrey’s father.

  11. Luis Roman says:

    I will admit I thought I sensed a vibe between Daisy and Mace during the last episode. I’m glad to hear they’re not going in that direction.
    As far as “Arrow” is concerned, Evelyn’s throwing in with Prometheus was always nonsensical to me. She’s pissed at Oliver because he started out as a serial killer, so her response is to hook up with an active serial killer? Her excuse that Oliver was a “fraud” never washed. The same fraud who stopped Merlyn, Slade, Ra’s al Ghul and Damien Darhk? Not buying it.

  12. val says:

    i disliked the winter finale for OUAT, what nonsense it was… and all i saw was propping up Regina this and that. Disappointing

  13. T.W.S.S. says:

    When did Snart appear on Arrow? I’m hoping he does this season as part of that multishow contract Wentworth Miller signed.

  14. kmw says:

    Thanks for the Bones scoop but wow what happened to the ” beautiful resolution” at the end of episode 8.Booth and Brennan better be low because of their shared losses and not because of Sully. So far the episodes have been great but It sounds like us fans will be as depressed as Booth and Brennan will be. But then again if Gordon Gordon’s real purpose is to help Zack then maybe Brennan didn’t damage her marriage with Sully. Hope this really is a ” love letter” to fans like he said because it sure sounds not like that. Why didn’t Booth and Brennan’s troubles start at the beginning and not at the end. So we get a whole two episodes for Booth and Brennan to make up. oh well I probably will be better than I think. Thanks again for the scoop

    • Emma says:

      I doubt Peterson would be that dumbass as to damage & taint B&B marriage over a character that has been gone for 10yrs, because that isn’t something that can be fixed over a few eps, it would take the 10 EPs they didn’t get to fix that & possibly a 13th season And it would completely ruin Bones legacy

      Booth & Brennan obviously have their own problems to deal with that would be enough to get anyone down; death, grief, a killer after Booth. They just need to get out of their heads & probably why they go undercover in EP 9 as Buck & Wanda

      • kmw says:

        You are probably right about the whole Sully thing but he still isn’t necessary and not even close to what fans wanted from a final season. Sully is no love letter. more romance between Booth and Brennan is what a lot of us wanted but we aren’t getting any . They don’t really depict Booth and Brennan as a married couple( despite David and Emily’s great chemistry) they treat and show them more like they are friends. I appreciate their partner scenes which have been better than they have been in awhile but their lack of intimacy of any kind. whether a hug or a kiss. is glaringly missing from their relationship and has been fore awhile. I thought Karine Rosenthal was going to help that but still nothing and probably not till the last show. But I guess we have to take what we can get. As far as that undercover one it isn’t until after Gordon Gordon’s episode. Peterson has their episodes all out of date. Bones really should have Collier talking at least he seems to talk better about the show

      • Nancy says:

        I hope you’re right Emma – about Peterson and Collier not being dumb enough to taint the B&B marriage. I mean, there wouldn’t be a Bones show now if not for the dynamic between B&B. And bringing back a character that, lets face it, few people are even going to remember, in Sully? What were they even thinking how can he figure into anything now? Anyone who CAN remember him is likely very happy he sailed away! Just like Hannah – I’m happy she’s gone. Don’t need her back. Don’t need Sully either…..

        • kmw says:

          I really don’t believe they are. I remember them talking about Booth and Brennan being in a bad place at the beginning of season 9 and while you could tell the strain Booth and Brennan were still together. And yes a lot of things are happening too fast but that is what happens when you only get 12 episodes and the show runners are trying to do too much. Episode 7 is when Brennan finds out her dads lie( and possibly losing him, maybe?) episode 8 is where they are both at a low when Sully comes back( ugh!!!) and hopefully Brennan realizes the person she gets comfort from is her husband and NOT an ex lover she hasn’t seen in a decade. Apparently episode 9 is Gordon Gordon and undercover one and hopefully Brennan and Booth are in a better place by then. Just think if we had a full season of Bones this year they probably would be strained or separated longer, so I am glad they only have 12. FOX and every one associated with Bones would be stupid to end this series with Booth and Brennan apart . And even I don’t think they are that stupid. I hate the Sully part of this and don’t like their lack of romance but at least Booth and Brennan have a story and not as insulting as we may believe. Think about Max for a second. Both he and the actor are getting older and its better to deal with this subject now rather than a later date when Bones. if in any form would come back. wouldn’t be able to handle it at all( look at Pops naming their baby after him isn’t dealing with the characters death at all) and as far as Aldo is concerned yes he was a big influence on Booth and Brennan but it is totally realistic that they lost touch and he got caught up in a bad life. It happens to a lot of veterans and while sad killing him was understandable. In reality all of this plot line that they are talking about will most likely be handled as well as they can within their short time frame and with Booth and Brennan in tact as a couple and partners. We all agree Bones last season should be less stressful and more fun but then we wouldn’t have anything to talk about would we then?. I am going to try to ignore Sully as hard as I can and remember that Booth and Brennan will be ok.

          • Nancy says:

            Well I love Max. He and Brennan’s relationship has been one of the best long running stories on Bones. How he has turned his life around for his daughter over the years and worked to win her love and trust. Ryan and Emily are great together. If Max does die, that would be hard on both B&B because Max has been like a father to Booth too at times. So if THAT is their low point, I get it. I just miss the times when B&B faced adversity, they grew closer. I’m not feeling that connection this season. The writers have been off in some way. Those deep conversations they used to have…….the love you felt even though they never acted on it! LOL When Hart used to torture us!

  15. If Rip on Legends of Tomorrow was sent to a random time and place after touching the Time Drive, could it be that Snart wasn’t killed but also sent to a random time and place?

  16. Sally Forth says:

    If this final season of Bones is a “gift to the fans,” I’d like the receipt so I can return it. B&B show no affection for each other, they barely touch. Aldo was turned into a heroin addict and killed off, it looks like they’re killing off Max, and now we have YET ANOTHER ‘low’ in B/B’s relationship to look forward to, like the last three years haven’t been a series of one dumpster dive after another. These showrunners are the kind of people who give used socks for Christmas.

    • JC1 says:

      ROFL. I love this comment. I’ve never even watched Bones but there’s definitely been a few showrunners I felt this way about.

  17. Mel says:

    I was picking up on the Daisy/Mace vibes too. They had more chemistry in that one before-they-testified scene last week than Daisy/Lincoln had in a whole season. But I see it more as connection, understanding & mutual respect. And with the show no longer seeming interested in the Daisy/Coulson dynamic, I’m really liking her scenes with Mace.

  18. mario says:

    Wish you would give any info on the status of TBBT. Is cast still in contract negotiations. All we hear are rumors and tabloid stories.

  19. s says:

    The OUAT spoiler was vague. Started watching Bones again while waiting for OUAT to come back. While I liked having two Bones spoilers this week, I do wish one of them were about Aubrey and his dad instead.
    And “episode 8” is not airing in late January, (cuz it’s the 31st and last I checked Bones is airing episode 5 tonight so) unless you mean January 2018, I’m pretty sure it should be late February.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Okie dokes. Also, by law I can only answer real questions, have never gotten one about Aubrey.

      • s says:

        Really? Never? But then again, he’s only been on Bones for like three seasons. I only caught up to episode 4 like yesterday and any questions I had got answered in episode 5.

  20. Anon says:

    Matt, Thank you for bringing us these Bones scoops. It’s not your fault that Michael Peterson is giving out nothing but downer spoilers. My question is…is there anything good coming up for Booth and Brennan to look forward to? Many of us were so hopeful that this “final chapter” would be a celebration, but it doesn’t seem to be turning out that way. A positive spoiler re: Booth and Brennan would go a long way to reassure fans who are despairing about how this final season is going.

    • Emma says:

      Pretty much.

      We are certainly not shooting the messenger, aka Matt or tvline , it’s just not here, its every interview/spoiler Michael Peterson gives about B&B its all chicken little. The sky is falling in for B&B. Grave times for B&B.

      Would it kill him to frame these spoilers with the words “love” “supportive” “strength”. Why does he want fans to think the worst? Does he have some kind of problem with love, light & positivity?

      I am genuinely puzzled why he never talks about B&B in a positive note. I truely am

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I believe I have a “happy” teaser in the next batch. Stay tuned!

  21. kia says:

    The TVline Bones comment sections are always so wild lol, like five the same people always complaining. it’s funny but I get it. My circle of Bones fans are never like that, I wonder what is it about your site that attracts so much negativity. :D

    I’m thankful for any spoilers you give us! So thanks!

    • kmw says:

      Yes sorry some of us are negative but it comes from what @Anon says. Peterson seems to only dish out negative stuff about Booth and Brennan and no positives and not only that but he twists stuff. Like the ” horrible reverberations” he stated. Horrible they may be but he also said in the same statement that Brennan didn’t know about Booth’s past when in fact she did and the fourth episode acknowledged that fact. Also the other show runner stated they wouldn’t have marital issues and looky here they will have marital issues And speaking for myself I only complain because I want the show to end well and this upcoming eighth episode is being promoted as something bad for Booth and Brennan and well in the shows last season I wanted something different for them than a made up marital crisis that regresses Brennan because of grief ( and brings back a character that CLEARLY most Bones fans don’t want back) But then again none of us have seen this said episode and will neither be as bad nor as good as we think, but probably somewhere in between.. And of course despite my complaints about this particular episode Bones has actually done pretty well so far especially with Booth and Brennan being real partners again. Like I said I complain because I want Bones to end well and not hurt both Booth and Brennan’s characters because David and Emily have done a fantastic job with them

  22. Mel says:

    Well at least your OUaT question was about someone who is currently on the show, versus three seasons ago. Also love how you only “answer” questions from Rebecca. Next time will you be inquiring about the Zimmer Twins or Growen’s dad?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No idea of what you speak – Zimmer Twins etc. I’ll assume it’s very clever though!

      • Mel says:

        Season 1 the Zimmer Twins are the names of Hansel and Gretel in SB. She’s Ava, I forget his name. But yeah, I find it hard to believe you don’t receive better, more pertinent and interesting questions to ask

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Since I basically use an advanced mathematical formula to ensure that every OUAT character is covered equally across our assorted columns — because lord knows the snark rains down if there is the illusion of otherwise — who do you believe I have been short-changing/am due to report on?

          • Mel says:

            Wait, you know what math even IS???? Please share your advanced algorithm with the class!

            Last time you blathered about someone who was killed off 3 seasons ago (and has filmed less than 5 minutes subsequent screen time since then) and has been credited with just 34 episodes (actually appeared in fewer, some of these were name only), so any character (besides Belle and Rumple, who you do favor) who has appeared in more thus merits more or at least equal coverage: So Emma, Snowing, Regina, Henry, Hook, Zelena, Robin Hood, Granny, the Dwarfs, Red, Archie, Blue…

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Yep, all of your (reasonable) suggestions above have been covered equally during the hiatus, either in scoop columns, exclusive photos, winter preview packages etc. But thanks for playing, “Mel,” this was fun ;)

          • Angela says:

            @Mel: Maybe you should start your own column, then, if you think you know so much about how to do one.
            Good lord, people, either send in your own questions if there’s something you’re dying to know or just click out of hte article if none of what you see winds up being interesting to you. It’s not that hard. Quit telling people how to do their job.

          • Luis Roman says:

            Oh, man! There’s math involved with your job? There go all my ambitions of working side by side with you!

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            So much math. Every day. .

    • Rebecca says:

      If you have a problem with my questions then send in your own. And since they’re taking their time to bring Robin back for a few episodes I don’t know why they can’t do the same with Neal. I just want to see his interaction with his father & son again.

      • Mel says:

        IDK, isn’t as if MRJ is even doing anything these days (guess maybe that’s simply how A&E want to run their own show, huh?). However, Robin Hood actually was a dad to his kids. Not so much with DeadBeatFire

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Ah, so you’re just a Neal anti. Got it. (Always best to get to the true crux of the beef/alleged slight.)

          • Amy says:

            I think it is very unfair that you are dismissing good points Mel brought up just because you think Mel is a “Neal anti”. Neal was not a popular character with the general audience when he was on the show. (Have you ever seen any merch just of Neal, like a Neal Funko? There’s a reason for that). Neal was a tremendously problematic character and a lot of us were disappointed that the brave, selfless young Baelfire grew up to be Neal. Neal was terrible to Emma, both in the past when he framed and abandoned her to HIS jail term, and in the present when he screamed at her when SHE found him again, acted entitled to Henry and let Emma take the fall for Henry not knowing about him when that was 100% HIS fault, chiding Emma for being “jealous” of Tamara, acting romantically entitled to Emma literally seconds after finding out his fiancée was evil, then cornered Emma in front of her parents for a date at the diner when she told him in Neverland that she wasn’t interested.

          • Jackie says:

            I don’t think it’s cool to attack Matt for being a fan of a particular character. We’re all allowed to like or dislike whichever characters we want. Now, personally, I found Neal to be absolutely terrible to and for Emma, could never reconcile how the awesome Bae grew up to be such a total selfish jerk, and can’t stand how the show has turned him into some kind of saint since his death when he was never written that way, but obviously YMMV.

            However, he has been dead since season 3, so I do think valuable spoiler space would be better served focusing on characters who are still actually on the show and have story lines. But the truth is, Matt can pick whichever questions he wants to answer since it’s his column. That’s just how it works.

            Now, anything more on that musical episode? Or the promised Captain Swan adventure? Or when we will finally be free of the Evil Queen?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            I expect Adam and Eddy and Jen and Colin to share plenty about the musical episode (and Emma, and Hook) on Thursday at the Atlanta TV fest thing; TV Guide Magazine’s Jim Halterman is taking questions.

          • Lex says:

            Always a pleasure to see you navigate the treacherous waters of fan comment threads. Must feel like steering the Titanic some days–can’t avoid those iceburgs!

        • Amy says:

          Sorry but I don’t agree with the assertion below that Neal is “desperately missed” by the general audience who watches OUAT. He was not a popular character which is evidenced by the fact that there are zero Neal Funkos or in fact any character-specific merchandise both back when he was actively on the show or right now. And Matt I certainly don’t agree with your dismissive attitude about valid points Mel has brought up just because she is not a fan of Neal. Neal was a tremendously problematic character and there were a significant number of fans who were disappointed that adult Neal was the older version of the brave, selfless young Baelfire that we had seen. Neal was awful to Emma both in the past when he framed and abandoned her and also in the present when he couldn’t be bothered to come find her despite having multiple opportunities, screamed at her when SHE found him again, acted entitled to Henry despite the fact that not knowing about Henry was 100% on him, chided her for acting “jealous” about Tamara, then acting romantically entitled to Emma literally seconds after he found out his fiancée was evil. There are legitimate reasons in the canon of the show for many of us not to like him and therefore don’t really want to hear questions about him when he has not been on the show for 3 years now.

          • Nopey says:

            And which general audience are you speaking off? The one that worships at the alter of the pirate, or the ACTUAL general audience, HALF of which has stopped watching and a small slice of hopefuls that hope things will return to the magic of season one and want to see more of other characters? Because I can tell you, the crowd I hang with, the numerous viewers that refuse to get mixed up in the drama MISS NEAL. WANT A FUNKO POP OF HIM. Just because you and a loud percentage don’t doesn’t mean that you speak for the general audience as a whole. Your strong opinion is not fact. It is opinion. Now be gone. You have no power here! *waves Glinda’s wand*

      • G says:

        Neal is desperately missed on the show. If he weren’t necessary, they wouldn’t have spent a half season trying to make a substitute in grown-up Gideon. I do hope they can get MRJ do some more guest shots, especially if the show doesn’t get another season.

  23. Linda says:

    Ugh, can’t stand Evelyn on Arrow. IMO, she’s the worst. I hate how they effed up Aldo’s character from Bones and then killed him off. I hate if/when they kill of Max but it seems like that’s where it’s heading. Aubrey and what’s-his-girl’s-name bug me and have no interest in them or their families (his father). I want more scoop on Hodgins and Angela. I really hope they do have a happily ever after life.

  24. Lily says:

    Any news on Pitch? I’m on my hands and knees praying that we get a second season!

  25. AoS: You’re not alone, I sensed those vibes between Daisy and Mace, too. But as Chloe Bennet said, I don’t think she’s ready for a new relationship yet. Maybe later.

  26. Lisa says:

    From everything I’ve read, it seem like Snart will only be part of the Legion of Doom for at most 3 episodes. So, did they make the announcement this summer before asking Wentworth Miller if he was available? Because, otherwise it looks like they just purposely mislead the fans for fun.

  27. GM says:

    Thank you for the Belle tease! “as you’ve never seen her” probably just means that she’ll have aged thirty years like Snow and Charming, but it’s fun to speculate about.

  28. Lex says:

    Am I the only one seeing an Evelyn-as-Republican Party and Prometheus-as-Trump parallel? And they say Arrow’s apolitical!

  29. Rita says:

    So sad that Bones is ending! Great Show! Didn’t get enough coverage on Fox or TV Guide!