So You Think You Can Dance Renewed

So You Think You Can Dance Renewed for 'Back to Basics' Season 14

So You Think You Can Dance has cheated death yet again.

Fox is putting last season’s ill-conceived miniature reboot behind it and renewing the competition series for Season 14. And it’s wisely going back to its original formula of featuring dancers between the ages of 18-30, with the Top 10 ultimately being paired up with All-Stars. 

“This season is about giving our loyal fan base what they’ve been asking for,” said executive producer Nigel Lythgoe in a statement. “We’ve decided to go back to basics by bringing the best of our past formats together for an exciting new summer featuring accomplished adult competitors partnered with fan-favorite All-Star dancers. And, of course, as in past seasons, there will be new surprises which are sure to wow our viewers.”

I’m hearing Cat Deeley is in talks to return as host. Details on judges is TBD, although Paula Abdul confirmed on Twitter that she will not be back.

Season 13’s Next Generation-themed edition, which focused on contestants in the 8-13 age group, was a critical and ratings dud.

SYTYCD Original Flavor is slated to bow this summer.

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  1. maregolden says:

    Now they need to bring back Mary.

  2. Oh thank goodness! Hope the judges are good and the surprises aren’t bad!

  3. jo says:


  4. Nick says:

    Mary and Nigel as permanent judges, different guest judge each week…preferably a choreographer!

  5. Kate says:

    Please no more Jason. I hope they go back to having the choreographers sit in. It was fun having Adam judge for a week, then NappyTabs, etc.

  6. GrumpyMittens says:

    Well. It can’t really get any worse than s13 so I guess I’ll give it a chance…

  7. LaDonna says:

    Please do not bring back Jason Derulo!

  8. Brandon says:

    I’m ecstatic. This is the beacon of positivity I needed this week. Get rid of Jason Derulo and I’ll be dancing myself (just not in public or around other people).

  9. Rudy Goldblatt says:

    So Happy to hear. now just bring back Mary and please, please, please do not bring back Jason…

  10. Gloria Seales says:

    Thank goodness! I loved SYTYCD, but have no desire whatsoever to watch kids compete. I quit watching AGT when they had kids competing with adults. They don’t belong in same competition.

  11. Mandi Sano says:

    I enjoyed SYTYCD over the years, last year was awful.
    What I am totally mystified by is why Lucifer has not been renewed yet. It is a show that gets better and better each week. If they can renew SYTYCD I would think Lucifer would be a shoo in or in other words a no brainer.

  12. mabesny says:

    I’m especially glad that Paula will NOT be returning. I didn’t mind last season’s mini-version but get rid of Jason, bring back Mary and our favorite rotating guest judges like Adam Shankman and all will be perfect!

  13. Shawn Tully says:

    No Jason. Bring back Mary. It wasnt broken before, why did they need to fix and Jason?

  14. Michelle says:

    Is Misty Copeland available for a permanent judging position? If not, a guest appearance here and there would be nice.

  15. Lola says:

    Yes I would love Mary back. Jason and Paula were duds too.

  16. Dahn says:

    I want Mary and her Hot tamale train back! She IS part of the show! If she’s not back, I’m not back!

  17. Carla Krae says:

    Enough ragging on last season. People that watched it LIKED IT. Those kids were very talented and asked to do a lot, just like the adults. Hipsters, it has never made you cool to hate on something you refuse to watch.

    • Crystal says:

      Preach. Lots of people enjoyed watching next generation and those that didn’t aren’t real fans and probably never bothered to tune in. It was a good and emotional season and though I hated the format at first, the kids grew on me and connected in a way that the adults in season 12 and 11 didn’t with me. So real fans, please let’s all tune in this time and make sure the show survives. P.S bring back Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman. Adam is the best. I’m relieved to see Paula go. Love her but she added nothing to the show.

      • Deborah Collins says:

        Even though last year’s format wasn’t my first choice one big benefit for me was that my two dancing granddaughters loved it. It gave us something to talk about and compare notes over. That was fun!

    • Unbelievable says:

      The show wasn’t bad last season and the kids were cute but I still think people voted for the all-stars, not the kids.

    • First season we missed.

    • J says:

      Speaking as a full-grown non-hipster, please, more ragging on last season.

  18. They MUST get Cat to sign on. She is a treasure.

  19. Dev says:

    Can’t say I’ll miss Paula. Surprised so many people didn’t like Jason. I thought he always gave smart, insightful criticism. I’d be happy to have him back and maybe Mary. Really miss Mia, come back mama!!! To be honest, the one person I’d be happy to not see back is Nigel. Won’t happen so I’ll just continue to ff whenever he is speaking. But bottom line, this is one of my favorite shows and I’m so relieved it’s coming back for another season!

  20. Brenda Hart says:

    Hallelelujah! I really missed watching this past summer, but I just couldn’t stomach the little kids format. Thanks, Nigel, for listening to those of us who have been loyal viewers of the show and tour for so many years!

  21. Reba says:

    Yessss!!! I didn’t watch last season for the first time since I started watching at Season 2. My summer was missing something but I didn’t agree with the new format and didn’t want to spend my time watching. I’m so excited for the show to be back!! Bring back Mary!! Or Adam Shankman!!

  22. yolanda says:

    The kid version last season was AWFUL!

  23. Eurydice says:

    Whew! Last season wasn’t as horrible as I feared, but it wasn’t all that magical. And the season before that, with stage vs street was kind of nonsensical, too. But I watched them anyway. Back to basics will be a breath of fresh air. I join the others who want to see Jason out the door – it’s like he’s asleep with his eyes open.

  24. TiredofTripe says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. The ratings and the critical reception for the last two seasons were terrible.

    It’s time to let “SYTYCD” go, Fox.

    Cut your losses and give Lythgoe the boot.

  25. Yes! Thank god! The show has its issues, the age of the dancers was never one of them.

  26. Lori Peeps says:

    Please tell me Jason Derulo is out as a judge and I’ll start watching it again.

  27. Yes!! Best tv news I’ve heard in a while. Now just dump Derulo and bring back Adam Shankman. :)

    • Liz says:

      Yes for Adam Shankman, Although I would be happy with anyone who actually critiqued the dancing. Enough of this insipid: “your personality is soooo cute, therefore it was awesome” critiquing. I am including both Nigel and Mary in that as well. Whole episodes would go by without a useful comment from any judge. As weird as Paula was, she probably had the best ‘useful critique’ to ‘useless cliched platitudes’ ratio of any of the judges.

  28. Ronnie says:

    Bring Mary and the Hot Tamale Train back, lose Jason Derulo (permanently?), and if possible get Misty Copeland to judge at least twice and I’m back in.

  29. eMaware says:

    Yay!!! I am so happy that the show is going back to its roots. I agree with other commenters re: Mary returning, Jason not, choreographer judges (esp. Christina Applegate & Jesse Tyler Ferguson) = winning formula. Voilà

  30. Temperance says:

    One of my favorite shows. Great news. It had to be ‘back to basics’ for me not to skip it, as I did with the horrible children. I literally lasted 90 seconds into the first audition and deleted it.

  31. YES! Now bring back Mary!

  32. sslevy says:

    now just get rid of derulo and I might actually watch this season, last one was the first i totally ignored.

  33. Please bring back Mary on her Hot Tamale Train!!! PLEASE!!! Mia Michaels would be great too and I won’t watch at all if Cat Deely isn’t hosting.

  34. Kathie says:

    There is no show without CAT! I agree with most of the comments below regarding judges. I don’t think Derulo should ever have been a permanent judge (maybe a guest). I would love to see Mary back though her voice does drive me crazy sometimes. They need to get Mia back, at least as a choreographer (in fact, I prefer that to being a judge).

  35. KJohnson says:

    I always liked it when they brought in folks to judge that maybe I didn’t recognize, but the dancers did and were geeking out over getting to meet someone big in the dance world.

  36. Katie Sasher says:

    I think that people thought like I did in the beginning, I thought oh no this will not be good, but I am such a fan of the show that I watched it anyway and to my surprise I was amazed to see such talent, I had no idea that there were so many children with such talent, I thought it was a great show and I know that millions of Americans would have thought so if they had only watched and given it a chance.

  37. teresainpa says:

    Get back to real roots, no more allstars.