Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries Series Finale Photos: Nina Dobrev's Return to Set and More

Nina Dobrev has officially returned to Mystic Falls.

Executive producer Kevin Williamson on Friday shared a selfie with Dobrev and Paul Wesley on the set of The Vampire Diaries series finale, giving eager fans their first look at Elena Gilbert back in action. (At least I think she’s Elena. I mean, it’s not like we haven’t all been fooled before.)

And Williamson isn’t the only member of the TVD family documenting the series’ final days on social media. Fellow EP Julie Plec, who co-wrote the episode with Williamson, also shared a dramatic shot of the “last first take of the series,” as well as a farewell to both Caroline’s house and Damon’s bedroom.

And who could forget that instantly iconic shot Dobrev shared of her series finale script earlier this week, officially confirming her return?

Browse our gallery of on-set shots from the TVD series finale — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your hopes for the final episode below.

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  1. Jane says:

    Add Klaroline endgame to that and final episode will be perfect!

    • Charlotte says:

      Like the majority of former fans. My hope for this once great show. End it like they started it. Stefan and Elena. Katherine and Damon, Bonnie ALIVE and well living her dream, Caroline annoying someone else, Lol, Matty Blue eyes with someone who hasn’t been with Damon and Jeremy off living his life.
      That would be a ratings hit!
      Damon and Elena was the downfall of the show. Ratings pretty much proved it.
      Caroline and her brother Stefan was the nail in the coffin. They are the creepiest couple on TV. Literally cringe watching them, Lol
      I can honestly say I haven’t watched a full episode since mid season 5. Certainly says a lot because I fell in love with this show the first episode.
      Funny, I sometimes read recaps, still boring. Lol

      • Lorna says:

        This. Caroline was my favorite until season 4. She is so annoying. Stefan and Elena belomg together.

        • Charlotte says:

          Yes, she was great to watch back then. Now, no, just no.
          I’ve been reading comments about the show ending and so many people would/hope/wish for this show to end like it started.
          Though, judging from the above picture. It’s not going to happen. Plec wants Damon with Elena. It’s really too bad Kevin left her in charge.
          Stefan will be the joke of the show once again, he will be best man having to watch the love of his life marry Damon.
          I’ll pass on the finale.

          • Jane says:

            You probably didn’t enjoy last eps then. Caroline pretty much put Stef’s needs before her kids’ needs, while accepting that she’ll never be the most important person for Stef (Damon is) and moreover Caroline begged Matt to give Siren the bell just to save Damon (who compelled Caroline into being his sex slave/blood bag before). Well Caroline is good in her new role of serving brothers Salvatore till their beloved lady comes back in the final

          • Charlotte says:

            @Jane, sounds like zero has changed. It’s still the Damon show, Lol
            btw, no idea what the bell is. That’s how much I’ve watched the show. Caroline being used for Damon’s pleasure. Yep, did that in season 1 when he compelled her, had xes with her. But, it was ok because he has pretty eyes and all the girls wanted him. #sick #sowrong

      • Sara says:

        You should probably just speak for yourself and not the “majority of former fans.”

    • Lauren says:

      Loved seeing this picture. It seemed like KW wanted the show to stay SE, I loved what he said in the goodbye video…Stelena was the epic love story of TVD!

  2. Jane says:

    From plot sc wedding is more possible, but the big surprise will be a flashforward where Delena gets married and Damon is already a human. I’m sure JP want to make smth unexpected and resolve main love triangle at the end

  3. Lorna says:

    Glad she returned. I was a Stelena fan, but it is nice to have her back anyway. Steroline need to break up!!

  4. Penny Reeser says:

    I feel the show was wonderful. I have rewatched all the seasons many times and will continue after the last show. I fell in love with all the cast, and have cried through the sad times on the show. I think Elena coming back for the final show is a wonderful idea and I can’t wait to see how it will end. I just want to say congratulations for all the hard work and for everyone for making the show so exciting to watch.

  5. Sharona says:

    Personally, Stefan is a drag. Damon and Elena need to end together.

  6. Saif says:


    It would be nice to take advantage if her being there and add a scene to episode 15 as well :) being greedy here

    Imagine she’s back just to open her eyes at the end! Lol and that’s the only scene she’s doing!

    Seeing Katherine would be nice too! Stefan ends up in hell and with her so Caroline can go to klaus!

    Bonnie and Enzo endgame, Damon dead, Alaric finally happy! Elena wakes up that’s it nothing more, to find that all her friends lived a happy life and her love Damon died!

    Wishful thinking

  7. Kristen says:

    So glad Nina was able to make it back for the series finale!!! It would not be the same without her😊😊😊

  8. Kristen says:

    It will be interesting to see how they really resolve the love triangle. I actually thought Stelena was too syrupy sweet those first few seasons and that Damon and Elena had way more chemistry (will never forget their first dance)- but that was before they got together. Somehow, as what often happens, once they actually put Delena together it was just not that compelling to watch. It was so repetitive (Damon does something destructive, doesn’t think he’s good enough for her, Elena tries to convince him otherwise- repeat). Then once they broke up in real life, I felt the chemistry was gone and it was hard to buy into their romance onscreen knowing how tumultuous it must have been offscreen. So, looking back, maybe it’s true what the Stelena fans are saying in that Elena and Stefan worked better together as a couple. Either way, I am just happy Nina is back so they get to end the story properly!

  9. zed says:

    I sincerely hope Elena gets to walk away and live her own life by her own terms. That is what I would like to see.
    Love the picture of Nina, Paul and Kevin together! That’s EPIC!

    • Kristen says:

      I think that would be a great ending- to have Elena live her own life and not tied to either one. She loved them both and grew as a person because of it, but it would be nice to see her strike out on her own.

  10. Lisa says:

    Loved the show, sad to see it end.

  11. Shakira says:

    Im so happyyyy she is back🌸
    The serie wasn’t the same since she left

    Nina we missed you!
    Thank You For Coming Back

  12. Kiara says:

    Damon and helena belong together🌸

  13. Michelle Zayn says:

    Delena Team!! Damon & Helena

    Thank you Nina Dobrev for coming back we love you so much!!

  14. Diane says:

    I would like to say how sad I am that TVD is ending. I hope Bonnie will be changed to a Vampire and live an eternity with Enzo. Hoping that once she’s turned Elena will awaken to be with Damon. (Technically Bonnie will be dead so the spell would be broken.) And finally Stephan & Caroline can get married, a Triple wedding with all six would be Amazing! Matt Donovan & Jeremy Gilbert can run Mystic falls together as hunters😉

    • Katie says:

      Diane, sounds like we have the exact same hopes for the end of the show. Everyone seems to be hoping for tragedy, but what’s wrong with everyone getting to be happy at the end? That’s what I want. Just all three females to get to be happy. I admit that I do care more about Delena being together than almost anyone else (other than Bonnie and Enzo, I LOVE these two, seriously). Just, as a Delena shipper, there’s been very little to actually celebrate because Damon and Elena kept having obstacles until Kai cast his spell. They had, what, like three weeks of being together and happy. At least Stelena can say they saw their ship actually function together. Delena can’t get a break long enough for those of us that ship them to actually see them together.

      • Kristen says:

        Yes that’s true. I think that’s why even though I thought Damon and Elena had amazing chemistry before they got together, I felt it went downhill after the writers actually put them together. I think it’s because they wrote them so dysfunctionally and kept throwing so many artificial obstacles just to create drama that it was not enjoyable to watch. Although I always found Stelena to be too sweet and idealistic, I do feel like the writers wrote them better together as a couple than they did Delena.

  15. Gift says:

    The only Love that ever worked in the show was Stefan and Elena. it doesn’t matter what anyone say, they really worked nd he always let her have her own opinion nd make her own decisions. They would have brought the Bonnie nd Damon story a while back nd put them together. it would have been epic.

  16. alana nappi says:

    delena needs to come back they make a really good couple and stefan and elena do not make a good couple .What i think needs to happen is bonnie needs to die in the next few episodes and elena comes back and she is really over whelmed and is upset about the news that damon and stefan sold their souls to the devil and elena brings back stefan and bam right there a year goes by and they are done eating human .I also hope that damon takes the cure so elena and damon maybe decide to settle down and get married have some kids bu they have the wedding on the same day so there friendship kinds of fades away and at the very end alaric should come back with the girls but someone kills alaric so at the last two minutes of the finale it has damon and elena having a nice human life and stefan
    and caroline need to be training the girls at the end.

  17. Hector says:

    My guess is that
    1. Bonnie died while had drinking Enzo blood and return as a vampire to wake up Elena.
    2. Bonnie sacrifice herself to Cade for Elena.
    3. Damon kills himself and see Elena as a memory before Cade take him.
    4. Get attack by people on the comment section saying I’m wrong to wake Elena up lol

  18. Gift says:

    what re u even saying? that doesn’t work at all nd it’s not an happy ending. May Elena might just wake up nd realize it’s been Stefan all along. Bonnie stays alive nd Enzo dies sacrificing himself for her sake. Leaving Damon and Bonnie to actually fall for each other all over again. that could work. while Caroline realizes her children comes first nd she will find love along the way. PERFECT!!!