The Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: Which Familiar Faces Were Hiding in Damon's Head?

Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec promised a “parade of familiar faces” on Friday’s episode, and boy did she deliver. (Of course, she never promised those faces would be happy to see Damon again.)

Fresh off Sybil’s psychic sneak attack, Damon began this week’s gloriously nostalgic hour trapped in his own mind (“Consciously, he believes he’s in hell,” she explained), with only Bonnie and Caroline around to enter his subconscious and rescue him — as if they didn’t already have enough to worry about, what with Enzo contemplating taking the cure and Stefan still in full-on Ripper mode.

Now then, about those familiar faces I mentioned earlier: In Damon’s fantasy world, Vicki Donovan is alive and working at the Mystic Grill, fighting off haters and slut-shamers at every turn. Sheriff Forbes is also alive (Caroline’s “I forgot how pretty she was” line killed me) and on the hunt for vampires. Bonnie’s Grams, also among the living, is still rocking A+ sweaters and spouting her old catchphrases (“Magic always comes at a price,” “I don’t get involved with vampires,” etc.)

Tyler also made a special appearance in Damonland, but unlike the ladies listed above, he seemed to know what was up. “Damon killed me,” he told Bonnie during their reunion in the Salvatore crypt. “I’m the only one who can forgive him.” What Tyler didn’t know, however, was that he wasn’t the key Damon’s salvation — Stefan was. Specifically, Damon needed to forgive his brother for all the crap he’s pulled lately. (And for shading Damon’s gargoyle statue, but that’s another discussion entirely.)

When Stefan wasn’t busy wreaking havoc inside Damon’s head, he literally raising hell on the outside, compelling Matt to ring the Maxwell bell 12 times, thus eviscerating Mystic Falls and all of its many souls. (Oh my goodness, that bell. Never in all my years of watching this show has the explanation of a supernatural act forced me to play so much mental ping-pong. The drama with the Travelers at the end of Season 5 might be a close second, but this one definitely wins.)

Damon managed to stop Matt after 11 rings (maybe 11.5 if you count Matt’s head hitting the bell), ensuring that the good people of Mystic Falls will live to see at least one more hellish, vampire-ridden day. Unfortunately, it was enough to help Cade return to the land of the living with gifts for the siren sisters: matching fiery deaths! (Wait, did I say “unfortunately”? Scratch that. If anyone on this show deserves to burn alive in the middle of a diner, it’s these two.)

But the most important part of this episode was its ending, a lovely couple of scenes in which Damon made good with Matt (“I’ve always liked the sheriffs in this town”) and Bonnie, who finally got to “read” the letter he wrote before taking a nap last season. Caroline, meanwhile, made her intentions very clear: Regardless of whether they end up going through with the wedding, she is going to get the old Stefan back.

Which of this week’s big returns put the biggest smile on your face? And what are your hopes for the series’ final six (yes, six!) episode? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. cathy says:

    this is first episode i have wstched in a while. not to crazy about the sirens and damon stefan story. Tonights episode was really good maybe because it was moving way i would like it to. anyway. i am glad I decided to watch.

  2. tam4423 says:

    I thought we would never get to see Bonnie and Damon actually make up. I love love loved every minute of that scene. There is nothing like the chemistry between Damon and Bonnie. Although I am satisfied with her and Enzo, I can not help but think what could have been with Bonnie and Damon. They are honestly the best matched on the show. The fact that he memorized the letter her wrote her, not that it would be hard for a vampire, but was still the most touching moment I have seen the entire season. Loved this episode. Love even more that the annoying sirens are finally gone. Hopefully.

  3. Kashya Smith says:

    All I can say is…wow. Where have they been hiding all this awesomeness? Ever since Season 7, I felt like I was just tuning in out of obligation, but this episode reminded me of why I fell in love with this show to begin with. The character development and nostalgia was on-point. I was so excited and high off of Nina`s confirmation that I just kept telling myself to power through these last few episodes, because when she comes back, it`ll be one final moment of greatness…but now? Now I see that this show actually is capable of surviving without Elena around or even mentioned that much. I only wish it had earned this momentum during Season 7. I even didn`t hate the sirens as much, though I am still glad they`re gone. Either way, this was amazing, and I am so excited to finish out on top! I`m actually genuinely sad the show is leaving now. (Side note: I still have no idea how the human into vampire`s mind thing works, even if there`s another vampire acting as medium, but that`s okay, this episode was still awesome!) (Side note two: I also didn`t care much for that bell.)

  4. Sharon says:

    Best episode in a long time. Stefan is the bad brother and always has been. Dea.d sirens! Damon and Bon-bon

  5. zed says:

    If only Julie Plec concentrated on real character development thus show would have been the awsomest- alas not to be.

    The Bamon scene was perfection- in there- them- they are everything- there is genuine love there, nothing toxic, nothing obsessive, but real pure love, so natural, so mature and she is his best friend, but also his real love- and both actors just brought everything in the scene, so effortlessly and so beautifully.

    • tam4423 says:

      What you see between Damon and Bonnie is something neither have with other pairings. I mean Damon and Elena had physical chemistry but I never felt an emotional connection between the two even though the storyline kept telling us there was one. Elena had that with Stefan. Bonnie and Enzo have good chemistry but I still feel at times like they are just reading lines. When Bonnie and Damon are on, you feel everything they are saying, whether they are angry at each other or proclaiming the love. Now that Elena is coming back, I know it’s probably going to end with her and Damon but they should live on the edge a little. A show like this should keep you guessing and not go the predictable route. End it with a bang. Bring Katherine back instead of Elena or bring Elena back for Stefan. Being asleep for that long, it would not surprising if she woke up only remembering that love for Stefan. If you make it Katherine, it would give Bonnie and out where she does not have to die. Maybe something goes wrong with Enzo taking the cure. Maybe Bonnie and Enzo are both dying and Damon gives her his blood right before she dies despite her not wanting to live without Enzo. Bonnie turns into a vampire and it wakes up who they perceive is Elena. Only it’s Katherine once agains pretending to be Elena and she wants Stefan. Bonnie and Damon lean on each other when Enzo dies and Damon realizes that his Elena is gone and never coming back. He did say he would never leave Bonnie again in this episode. Maybe there is some foreshadowing there. Caroline could end up with Matt, who in my opinion deserves a happily ever after or go back to Ric and her kids. Honestly Caroline and Stefan, is the worst pairing yet. JMO. I know they have their fans. But no chemistry what so ever. So, that’s how I would end it. I know it would never happen with these Delena obsessed writers but a girl can dream.

      • KM says:

        i could not sgree more, especially about bonnie and damon.

      • Gift says:

        I feel u there, it could have been all perfect except Caroline should rather go back to Klaus I would really love that. He is the only person she has chemistry with nd who actually cherish her. so there, Caroline nd Klaus, Demon nd bonnie while Enzo dies (sorry), Stefan nd Elena or Kat or perhaps a new love he actually truly deserve.

      • Ks says:

        Yes! I wish they would do at least one risky thing. While the nostalgic moments of this season are certainly meaningful, the real reason that I got hooked on this show when it premiered was because of its mysterious and dark nature, and all of the shocking twists. (But like the pure, shocking moments like Katherine taking over Elena’s body even though we thought she changed, not the forced ones such as Tyler’s death). So yes, it would be nice if everyone got their happy endings, and they will probably get Steroline back on track for their June wedding, and Delena will have their happy reunion. But my issue with that is that it’s too perfect and crowd-pleasing. What if Stefan took the cure? He’s had very little character development throughout the show and is so bad at being a vampire. That would be both shocking and a happy ending. Not going to happen though.

        • tam4423 says:

          Nope because it feels like the only people that matter are fans of Damon and Elena. They don’t write what’s best for the characters. They write what’s best for the fans of one particular pairing. That is why the show is not as good as it use to be. As far as Caroline, I think they are kind of stuck. She is second to Elena. So of course they want to give her one of two main characters. Personally, I never got into any of Caroline’s pairings. I think I may have liked her most with Tyler. Even that is a stretch. I know I said she should end up with Matt or Ric but I was just thinking of people still on the show. I do think pairing her with Klaus would be an epic send off for her. Most fans loved her with him. But unless she is going to The Originals or they are cancelling that show too, I don’t know if they will do that. So, we are sort of stuck with her ending up with Stefan. RME

  6. Grams I was so glad to see and bonnie needs to get her magic on and be the kick ass witch we love so much !!!

  7. Jane says:

    Donovans’ drama was strange – why wouldn’t his father just punch Matt unconscious instead of killing him?! JP really doesn’t give humans much credit, Damon is 4ever the hero

    • Gift says:

      Like hell he is….. if this episode nd the entire show has told us anything it’s that both brothers re worst without each other
      it doesn’t matter who they love but at every turn they need nd have always been there to save each other. Stefan turned Damon into a vampire it’s history, have we ever thought if it was Damon what he would have done? we all know Damon is as selfish as he gets (but hey I still love him)he would have turned Stefan too in a heartbeat why? Because they can’t bear to be alive without each other, they re both each other’s HEROES. They would choose each other over any love or anyone that’s how Stefan lost Elena when he went with Klaus to save his brother. On this episode Stefan intentionally told Damon that he planned to burn down everyone nd everything in mystic falls as cry for help. The only way to pull his brother out of his head nd back to help him stop what he put in motion because he didn’t really want to go through with it or else he would have just made Matt do it.

  8. Oleta says:

    I don’t want it to end Damon is my favorite. Want him happy

  9. Blanca Salinas says:

    I don’t want damon n Stephan to die. The episode was beautiful i love it.i hope for elena n damon.stephan n caroline.bonnie n enzo to stay together fir ever

  10. Diana bailey says:

    Love the vampire dairies. Been watching since the beginning. I have always believed that Damon and Elena are meant to spend eternity together. I read topics that said Nicki reed did not want Nina Dobrev back on the show. She must have many issues she needs to work on, if she can’t handle a working actor and actress. So sad.

    • JJLantern says:

      Just remember there is a lot of made up stories out there. They said a lot of false stuff about Nina as well. People do it just to get readers to their sites. We all need to be a bit more critical of what we read on the internet. Don’t let that kind of crap ruin the TVD experience – stick with what is one the screen and enjoy!

      • Karen says:

        I so agree. I get so tired of all the stories and comments about the actors who play these characters personal lives. I was watching an interview with Ian Somerholder and he basically said that they have lives outside of the show and people need to understand that Damon is only a character and to be respectful of that. I mean it has to be a bit annoying to have tons of people feeling that they have a right to chime in about your choice of partner.

  11. Gift says:

    That is none of our business is it? A wife is allowed to be jealous especially if it’s her husband ‘s EX besides if she shows no concern, then she doesn’t love him enough.

  12. Dominique says:

    finally, it feels like this was the kind of quality the season has been lacking so far! it was good to see those familiar faces again, although painful towatch caroline’s reunion with her mother go so bad. bonnie’s scenes with damon were beautiful, i’m glad they made up!
    matt’s scenes were also all wonderful, for a moment i was really worried that he would turn out to be this season’s big death, so i’m glad damon stopped it all.
    i’m happy they finally talked about stefan forcing damon to become a full-on vampire again.
    damon’s done so many horrible things but i’m sick of people referring to him as the bad brother, and stefan the good brother, when it’s clear it’s the other way around.
    oh, since rining the bell means opening a portal to cade’s special place of hell, does this mean damon, bonnie et all can physically go there? like say to pick up a few old friends and bring them back?

    • zed says:

      I really don’t get where this is now coming from that Stefan was the good one- when it was clear from the beginning of the show that he had killed his father and he has made Damon turn and has been the ripper and done awful things till one day Lexi came on the scene season 2 episode 15, it was all addressed back then. And Damon losing himself on was Damon’s doing along his own way to his dark Abyss-

    • Samaerys says:

      That’s exactly what came in my mind as soon as Seline said that the bell will open a door to Cade’s hell! I mean, come on! If Cade could pass through, maybe even a few of our favourite, beloved characters could come back.. *cough*Katherine*cough* I need her back! Which probably won’t happen though, sadly. Nina confirmed that she’s coming back but her script clearly said 816. *pout* This means she will only be back as Elena and only in the final episode. That’s it, not before that. So obviously, bye-bye Katherine dreams.
      But I’m still glad that atleast she is coming back. Maybe she can cross over to The Originals as Katherine? Oh who am I kidding, that dream will remain to be just a dream.. *sigh*

  13. JJLantern says:

    Fantastic episode with fantastic acting all around! I said that if they give the characters an opportunity for redemption all would be forgiven for the crappier moments in the first half of this season. So glad that Julie and the writers get that forgiveness is the key. Now I have great hope for the rest of the season and for the series ending as it should. This has to be one of the most important episodes of the entire series. I love my TVD again!

  14. Sanieserabjit says:

    Series finale with Damon and Bonnie realizing they are each other’s true love, pleeese!!! Stefan and Elena.

  15. Karen says:

    I loved this episode. I’ve kind of been loving them all lately but I’m not sure if it is not because I am nostalgic because it’s ending. Anyway, I was on a bit of an emotional roller coaster–when Caroline saw her Mom, then Damon and Matt–but when Damon recited to Bonnie the letter he wrote I was near tears. They do have amazing chemistry. It comes through as a solid friendship that is real and deep.

    I’ve never been the biggest fan of Stefan and I can take or leave Caroline–more leave lately. Watching the promo for next week with Cade telling Damon he can kill Caroline or a bunch of other people does make me a bit nervous–remembering that another main character’s death has been promised.

    Honestly, I say this all the time but I love Damon Salvatore as Ian Somerhalder plays him. I’m not a big fan of Ian but I think I’ve been half in love with Damon for years lol.

    And if we’re talking people I’d like to see back for the end I’d definitely go with Lexi. And since the title of the series finale “I was Feeling Epic” is one of her lines I can only hope…

  16. Lisa says:

    Before the show ends I just really hope Stelena is how the show ends. It was Stelena first so it should end with Stelena as well.

  17. Hoping these wonderful actors and actresses are moving to the Originals when this is over. They have to much to offer Thier fans .

  18. Flashrow says:

    I love this episode but just find awful the part of Damon forgiving Stefan. So just because a person gives me a gun, should I become in a killer? I think we can apply the same Stefan logic with Violet: He put the scenario but there are many options, so both of them chose the worst one. So Stefan did right with not asking for his forgiveness

    • Gift says:

      I agree, Stefan turned Damon to Vampire because he couldn’t bear to be alone. He didn’t make him a killer, that was all Damon’s fault. we watched through out the show how Stefan spent most of his time saving his brother from doing evil things or being killed. Damon would have turned Stefan if he was in his place. I don’t think he would forgive Stefan if he was the one who stole Elena from him.

      • Liz says:

        I think that the whole point of Damon forgiving Stefan for turning him was about Damon starting to accept that the bad things he did were in fact his own fault. The good chunk of the history between Damon and Stefan since they both turned was Damon saying to Stefan: ‘this is your fault for turning me’. Now by forgiving Stefan, Damon is finally owning up to his own choices.