Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev

The Vampire Diaries: Nina Dobrev Confirms Series Finale Return

After months of anxious speculation, Nina Dobrev on Thursday confirmed that Vampire Diaries fans have not seen the last of her.

Just as she did with her initial departure, the actress announced her return via Instagram:

I know it's Thursday, but this is not a TBT. #BackOnSet #TVDForever

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“I’m thrilled to bring this show to an end the way we always intended — with Nina back to help us say goodbye,” executive producer Julie Plec said in a statement. Adds fellow EP Kevin Williamson, “I’m so excited to have Nina back to ensure our farewell episode is truly epic!”

Though Dobrev has been seen fairly regularly throughout this final season (via flashbacks), she hasn’t filmed any new scenes since wrapping Season 6 in 2015. She did, however, record fresh audio for the Season 7 finale, in which Sybil mimicked Elena’s voice to lure Damon into the Armory vault.

“I reached out and said,’ We can either cobble it together from a bunch of episodes, or you can come in and see everybody and do ADR,” executive producer Julie Plec told TVLine of Dobrev’s vocal cameo. “She chose to do it in person, which was great, because it was a nice little personal Nina visit.”

Dobrev has kept herself pretty busy since bidding Mystic Falls adieu, scoring roles in movies like xXx: Return of Xander Cage and Flatliners. She’ll also guest-star in an episode of Workaholics‘ final season.

Time to theorize, TVD fans: How is this all going down (and will Bonnie have to die again in order to make it happen)? Drop a comment with your hopes and hypotheses below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Television says:

    She left the show because she didn’t care, she should not return.

    • Nathan Everett says:

      You know how? You must know her?

    • Patrick says:

      She left for the same reason(s) a lot of young actors don’t like the CW productions. The shows are made far from Hollywood. This makes it hard to find additional work, which is something the CW likes. Nina’s friends were in Cali. She wanted to find new projects. She didn’t like seeing the ex-BF everyday, which is something lots of people avoid to the point of finding new jobs. And a lot of the fans seemed displeased with the quality of the writing, so I think she just exited a sinking ship.

      • Hallie says:

        What are you taking about the CW doesn’t film in the North Pole they film in Canada or Atlanta. As for other parts all that is done by agents that submit them and Nina’s agent is not in Hollywood they are in Toronto Canada. This is no different then any other network when an actor is up and coming they need to know when to jump ship TVD is popular show which makes Nina popular and was a good time for her to use that popularity to move to the big screen before it is to late. Once TVD is gone so would her popularity so now was a smart move for her rather then wait another few years it has nothing to do with being that far from Hollywood.

        • Dude says:

          They film in Atlanta, which isn’t exactly close to Los Angeles. I don’t know that, that’s the reason Nina left but it is the reason Claire Holt left The Originals, she was tired of being away from her home in LA and wanted a project more local. The problem is, a lot more shows are being filmed outside of LA these days due to tax breaks.

      • Jimmy says:

        I always assumed it was the broken relationship with Ian. But who knows?

      • Bob says:

        Hey Pat if she was trying to avoid Ian how come she still hangs out with him? how come Nina and Ian’s wife hang out together and go shopping and have time to stop and have their pictures taken together when they were out shopping?

      • Honey Jackson says:

        Intend to agree but she did verbally promise Julie plec she’d come back for the series finale,to finish her “arc” with Damon,which she should do,FOR THE FANS!

    • Brigid says:

      No she saw the horrible writing on the wall and got out of dodge. She fulfilled her contract and wanted to explore other options. Why fans think they can leave their jobs to better themselves and actors can’t is really inconsiderate.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Not surprising. They spend the better part of every episode talking about her. I’m going back to just reading the recaps until the finale’.

  3. Tired of this crap already says:

    Watched for 5 years religiously then just didn’t care anymore. Happy her fans will get closure, but for me “yawn”.

  4. Brigid says:

    This show has been a chore to watch. I care ONLY about Bonnie. Maybe Matt will just go postal and kill them all. A girl can dream!

    • Ernesto says:

      I am so with you Brigid. Show has become a bore but Bonnie is the only thing I find interesting. Good thing this show is concluding.

      • safistikaytdlayd says:

        Agree!!! LOVE BONNIE!!!

        • Ally Oop says:

          I also like Bonnie. All the other characters, particularly Caroline, have become beyond annoying. What has frustrated me for years though is that Bonnie has been so underused as a character. I used to really like Damon as a character but his mooning over Elena became a chore. There was a brief time that I liked him post-Elena and that was when he and Bonnie had a lot of scenes together. I’m really worried that Julie Plec will cross Caroline over to The Originals, which is a far superior show. If Caroline, my least favourite character, ends up on The Originals I will be furious.

          • Kelli carr says:

            I thought it was Alaric that was moving to the originals…

          • Honey Jackson says:

            No! I think if she & Stefan don’t “get married” in the finale,for whatever reason,then,she does have “unfinished”❤❤busines w/Klaus,after all,he DID have “feelings” for her,so let her go over to TO,see what “fun” she&he can have,why not?!

    • LizLem says:

      Yup. Bonnie is nearly the only thing to care about the show. Enzo is my other key reason to watch but I have to give Bonnie some credit for that too (and vice versa).

      Happy for whoever is psyched by this news…I’m fine with it as long as my preferred characters still get the time, attention and resolution they deserve.

      • Honey Jackson says:

        I’d love💜💜 to see Bonnie&Enzo BE HAPPY,and ALIVE! I’d like to see at least one couple survive and wind up having a “happy ending” before the series ends! These last few seasons have been way too depressing!

  5. Jason says:

    I figured she would return but I was curious whether or not they would try to make it a surprise. It wouldn’t be a proper finale if she didn’t come back.

    • Chad Cronin says:

      It was mentioned when she left that at that time she agreed to come back for the final episode and I remembered that even 2 years later now. They would rather get us fans in the know more excited so we watch rather than just wait for a surprise. Plus they will be done so they can’t build off it after so they got to before to maximize audience for the last episodes.

  6. silverchex says:

    I think it’s freakin’ awesome she’s coming back but I hope Bonnie doesn’t have to die… 💜💕💜

  7. Jess says:

    Okay. Now it’s Joseph’s turn.

  8. Oran says:

    Bring Katehrine Back!!!

  9. Jack Steel says:

    Yeah, let her comeback the shows dead already. The writer’s have done a piss poor job this final season. The show is a rush job with nonsense fillers. Let’s end this and put a stake in it.

    • Honey Jackson says:

      God,do I agree! S8 has been the worst,IMHO! I wish the writers had written ONLY FOR THE MAIN CHARACTERS! They got lazy! We didn’t need the Sirens!and definitely not that creep,cade! The main cast had enough arcs between them that needed final “closure” which is what I thought Julie was going to do for the fans!Too bad,&so disappointing

  10. kate says:

    My theory has been that whatever happens, happens, but the show does a flashforward and the twins, who managed to avoid the Gemini merging, are assisting a very elderly Bonnie into a darkened room and Enzo follows them. He kisses Bonnie and they say a painful good bye and then he stands back. Bonnie dies peacefully while holding Elena’s hand, she wakes up, has a good cry, meets the twins who both hug her. Then Enzo offers his hand and accompanies her to a car, he opens the trunk to show her all the diaries, and then he gives her an address. The twins get in the car, and then its clear that Enzo isn’t following them and Elena, he says he can’t live without Bonnie and when the cure didn’t work, this was always his plan. He’d see Elena safely off and then he’d join Bonnie. Elena would ask where Damon was, or where Caroline or Stefan was, Enzo would hand her a letter, smile and say good bye. Elena would read the letter, and have some sort of reaction, and then get in the back seat and tell whichever twin is driving to take her to him. And then that is it.

    • Wendellz says:

      That is a GREAT theory! Maybe Julie Plec is reading this!

    • Honey Jackson says:

      Not bad! But I think Damon & Stefan both MUST DIE,to finally let Elena have a “normal life”,Damon wipes all her memories of both him,Stefan,vampires,and she winds up married to Matt,Caroline goes to TO,and she & Klaus become “lovers”,after awhile,and she helps him “rule” New Orleans! I wish Claire Holt would return! I loved her as Rebecca

  11. CurlyGurly says:

    I think, for the series finale, they will do a flash-forward into the future, where Bonnie dies of old age/natural causes after spending many years of bliss with Enzo; she will die in his arms (sniff!). Then, the curse is gone and Elena is resurrected and she and Damon reunite and live happily ever after! (or that’s how it happens in my heart of hearts, yes I”m sappy!).

  12. brandydanforth81 says:

    So happy to hear this

  13. Maria says:

    All eyes on Joseph Morgan now.

    • Emily says:

      why would he return? he’s on his own show now. i like him but theirs really nothing he could add to the finale other than it would be nice to see him there.

  14. Scarleth says:

    Julie just keeping the lie, about Dobrev’s vocal cameo in person, anyway my tvd final is ruined

  15. Beth says:

    Cool, but no Delena, please! It’s disgusting. Let Elena end up with Stefan or someone else or even alone.

    • YTKylie says:

      Um then maybe you should not watch the finale you you think this is not a reunion of some-sort for DE

    • Beccaxd says:

      I’ve been hearing rumors that Elena will end up with Stefan, so maybe they will be the resolution? I can’t really put much weight in these rumors, they aren’t fact, after all, but I admit it could tie things up neatly if it were a Stelena endgame.

  16. Dizzle says:

    I really hope the show ends with Bonnie, Matt, and Ric having lived full lives into old age, and Bonnie dying of natural causes so that Elena can come back. Just let them have a happy ending for christ’s sake!

  17. Tami says:

    Bonnie and Enzo have talked way to much about her becoming a vampire. I think something will happen to change her mind and she will become one. She dies, Elena comes back to save Damon.

    • LizLem says:

      I still think they’ll find an alternative and Enzo will become human. He hasn’t gotten THAT much out of the vampire life – he’s just enough of a jerk deep down, compared to the others, for it to suit him – versus what a mortal life with Bonnie could presumably offer him.

      I’m waiting for them to address that Bonnie’s mother became a vampire, though, and have that impact her decision somehow.

  18. Ed says:

    They better not be killing off Bonnie now. She’s the only character I really care about. And I hope they don’t make her a vampire….every character is pretty much turned to a vampire. Be more original than that.

  19. Cherylt. says:

    I’m thinking bonnie could be turned into a vampire because your human body has to die for that,therefore fulfilling the curse and Elena could wake-up and all the friends would be together except for matt. (My 11 year old granddaughter brought this to my attention )

    • Vfan says:

      That’s exactly how I always thought it would happen. Don’t know why a character hasn’t brought it up before, though Bonnie would not want to be a vampire. Maybe she would agree to it to get her best friend back.

    • Wendellz says:

      Yes, however Kai said no loopholes or witchy-woo, and if they tried to pull a fast one both Elena and Bonnie would die. I hope she lives to be an old woman, and lives a long and amazing life.

    • Emily says:

      why would all the friends be together except for matt? is something going to happen to matt? or do you just mean that he’s the only one that isn’t immortal?

      • Cherylt. says:

        I just meant except matt because he wants nothing to do with becoming a vampire,I think he would just want to leave town,also he isn’t in love with one,where as bonnie is,so although she wants to stay mortal too,I can see her accepting turning if it was a had to situation because of enzo.

    • Bri says:

      Kai said there couldn’t be any loopholes or both Elena and Bonnie would die… If she becomes a vampire, they would both die.

      • JJ says:

        What he said was “no witchy work arounds”, vamperism while based on witch magic does not count as a witchy work around. So no her becoming a vampire would not kill them both.

  20. me says:

    k so heres what really happened. she did care about the show and she always has so stop saying she doesnt care. she left because ian and her best friend started dating and nikki reed (the ex bestie) said she didnt want ian and nina together so ya

  21. Andrew Hass says:

    I was almost 100% that Nina Debrov was going to come back for the series finale of TVD because since she was there at the beginning it is only right that she’s there at the end.As for how the character of Elena returns, maybe Bonnie dies which causes Elena to wake up but then Bonnie is somehow brought back to life.too.I don’t think there was anything that Bonnie had to stay dead.

  22. RichieS says:

    I have always hoped Bonnie would somehow regain her powers and cast a fertility spell on Enzo so he could impregnate her. Then their child..a boy.. would grow up a witch/vampire hybrid and would end up marrying Hope Michaelson and having a kid that would be immortal and powerful beyond all comprehension.

  23. Bells says:

    Bonnie was affected by the sound of the siren weapon. And she even stated that only witches would be able to hear it. Perhaps she is unknowingly regaining her powers and will figure out how to break the connection to her and Elena so she can wake up. Why else would they have added that little nudge of witchy in that episode. There must be a reason for it. I would love nothing more than to see Damian and Elena together again before it’s all over. I’d also Love to see Bonnie choose to be a vampire for Enzo. And for Caroline and Stephen to get married and Alaric to find happiness with someone. Which, might sound crazy but I think Selene could be perfect for that. I just like happy endings and I think every character on the show deserves one.

    • Bonnie gave Enzo the vial of his blood back and said she wasn’t going to become a vampire

    • Kristina says:

      I personally can’t wait to see the final episodes of TVD.. I have watched every episode on Netflix.. I also love the spin off The Originals so i hope they will continue that show for a few more seasons at least anyways..

  24. Ben says:

    It’s not TVD without Nina!!

  25. Shannon says:

    They need to get more creative so the series don’t turn to a bore! You could keep the series going! Read fan fictions, ask you’re fans what they want! You could do so much with this series it’s such a shame that it’s coming to an end. You could make bonnie so bad-assed! She could of unlocked the powers from the Gemini Clan and become the most powerful sourcerer like scarier then Claus himself, like one day she just has enough of dying for people who don’t care! She could resurrect Elena, but Elena’s not the same from being trapped in the dream, sort of what happened to Stefan when he was locked in the safe underwater. Caroline is annoying af. Maybe even turn her dark, she always wanted her ‘perfect feathers ruffled’ Her and Bonnie could turn bad ass and rule the supernatural ! And Damon, Stefan I think they’ve done their dash. Damons a little b*tch now and Stefan has turned into a real fboy.

  26. Elena has become my least favorite character on the show. She is a big whiner. That being said, I am actually kind of happy she is coming back if only to put some sort of closure on her character. And to be honest, after hearing how much the CW talked about her coming back for to see it through, I’d have lost respect (not that I have much) for Nina Dobrev if she didn’t come back. Regardless, she is a gigantic part of the show and it would have been strange for it to end without her.

  27. Leah says:

    I feel sorry for the actors who stayed for the last 2 seasons, especially Ian who was required to romance a coffin while receiving hate from fans for daring to marry in real life and not respecting their ‘fictional’ Delena. Now Nina flies back in for a couple of days on the last episode and it’s ALL about her. Hope the brothers take their rings off and sizzle, leaving the entitled fans horrified they never got what they begged for. Can’t please all them shippers.

  28. Kim says:

    Hoping the season actually ends with Damon and Elena’s fairytale!!

  29. Since Nina left the show was never the same ,they lost the storyline of the reason behind it which was a girl who fell in love with two brothers who were vampires and the heartbrake it brought. Each episode was exciting and you could never get enough weekly . If the reason she left was because of Ian and his wife well that’s a travisty for her and the viewers because she was the highlight of the show It’ was sorta obvious at comic con after the comments Ian had when asked if Nina would return that he couldnt keep it professional for the sake of the fams. I for one would have like Nina to be in more then just the last’s almost a tease in a way and a waste of talent since she could have revived This entirely last season and went out with a bang. Instead we watched another bad storyline . . I’m hoping for stelana . Always was really !!

    • Bob says:

      Just to make it clear Nina did not leave the show because of Ian and his wife Nikkie, all the stuff you have read about that situation was nothing more then rumors on to of lies. Both Ian and Nina are still very close friends, they have see and spoken to each other since she left the show, when she returned to do a Voice Over last year her and ian hung out on the set together and took pictures in which she posted. A few months ago Nina and Ian’s wife were both hanging together and were spotted shopping together both Nina and Nikkie had their picture taken together and posted it on line, Both Nina and Nikkie have stated in various interviews that they are friends and there has never been any war between them.

  30. Nina Zabec says:

    No matter the reasons for why she left, I’m glad that she’s returning. It wouldn’t be the VD without her. Viewership has been dropping lately since she left, hopefully she can bring the show to a final and epic close. This show was good but now it’s going to end great.

    • Bob says:

      Many of us who have been fans of TVD and lived with the show for 8 years and now With only 6 more episodes left the door is slowly closing forever! There is always the possible chance of seeing a character or 2 show up on the Originals that could give us fans an extra continued insight of a favorite character and what they have been doing over the years as the originals have timed jumped 5 years. For us TVD will be over when the originals returns but for the Original family all the events that took place in Mystic falls all ended years ago. We all can only hope that TVD will end on an epic high and give us all a great conclusion of all the characters, but as the old saying goes not all fans will like the ending, you can’t please everyone. Weather we like the ending we get or not one thing is for certain IT WILL BE OVER!

      • lucas says:

        I totally agree. The ending may not be everyone’s liking but every show has to end one day. I hope most of the characters continue and go into the originals….and good on Nina for coming back for the finale. She is a great actress and glad she found time to do it all started with elena and should finish with in it..who cares why she left..that’s her business..and we all have to follow our own paths. Personally all 8 seasons have been great and I have enjoyed them emensly…all great actors and awesome storyline for each season…so thank you for giving me something descent to watch on TV…good luck to the crew/cast in their future work X

  31. Honey Jackson says:

    So many “twists”,this season8,so I won’t speculate.I just really want the last 5eps to “end” happily, but knowing how Julie “thinks”,I don’t for see I,sadly! Of the few left “standing”,WHO DIES NEXT? WHO WILL HAVE THE “HAPPY ENDING”? NOBODY!IMHO! I wish Damon,Elena,Stefan,Caroline,Bonnie,Enzo,even Matt,to all wind up HAPPY.This last season has been,for me,a waste of Julies’&writers storylines.cade!sucks! Sirens! Sucked! I thought Julie was going to go back to the excellent writing of the first few seasons,this time,it didn’t “move” me.But,we’ll have to see how it ends,it’s Julie’s show,her “baby”! I will miss TVD,wishing the whole cast future successes!bye!😭😭😭😭😭😭

  32. Jane says:

    Has there been any confirmation that Nina is coming back as Elena and not Katerine?

    • Bob says:

      There is no reason why Nina would only come back just as Katherine and Not Elena. Forget all those rumors, she is going to be back as Elena to close out her character and the whole show. She could also be back as Katherine as well as Elena.

  33. bebe says:

    not interested anymore

  34. Tegan says:

    I still think the storyline in vampire diaries is great tbh I do be on the edge of my seat watching and I think it’s maybe even better. Also am I the only one who hates Bonnie and Matt?

  35. Ashley Rodriguez says:

    She needs to come back! And Caroline and Stefan need to call it quits. I’ve never felt the chemistry between them. They’re my least favorite couple. Elena needs to remember what she felt as a human for Stefan and ponder getting back with him. But i also like Elena with Damon… And Caroline could be with Alaric.

  36. This past season 7 didnt go so well because most of them were not present, elena goes to sleep Jeremy went to art school ,tyler also leaves d town, joe dies and so many departions. So the movie kinda got boring for me to watch.. but I’m just waiting for the vampire diaries crue to figure out a way to bring all of them back in.
    Bonnie doesn’t have to die for elena to come back.
    they should look for a way to bring her back, after all they always look for solutions to bring their co-stars back from the dead.
    if bonnie should die before elena comes back the movie finale will surely be boring cuz seeing her bonnie and caroline together is one thing that makes the movie exciting and it puts that broad smiles on our faces, and also seeing stefan and damon coming to welcome both their epic love back from 3 years of sleep will look good.
    we also anxious to know how damon will start behaving when she comes back and actions they will take together .
    how happy damon and elena will be having their wild romans.

  37. Sherri says:

    I hope that you guys make another season of vampire diaries because I would love to see more of it

  38. Sherri says:

    I hope that you guys make another season of vampire diaries because I would love to see more of it and I hope that Stefan comes back if u guys make season 9 I’m glad to have Elena back

  39. Areyanna says:

    is the vampire diaries gonna have a season 9 please say yesssss ..

    • Bob says:

      NO there is NOT going to be a Season 9 what part of Final season did you not get? Its OVER and NOT coming back.

      • Audra says:

        thanks for clarifying that it just amazes me that u had too we all wish it wasn’t true and would have hoped the final episode was way more exciting then it was, kinda of a let down in my opinion!!glad we still have the originals too look forward too for now !!

        • Bob says:

          What I can tell is that Julie Plec does have some hopeful possible things planned in the future of the Originals is to possibly bring back some of the TVD cast as a guest appearance on the Originals more towards like Caroline and Maybe Bonnie and that well depends on the actors themselves wanting to reprise their roles. As for Ian and Paul Wesley ever reprising their roles they both have already made it clear that they are done with those characters, besides Stefan is dead and can’t be brought back and Damon is human so he really could not be of any help against the supernatural anymore with out getting killed. also there is a possible spin off that could be in the works for next year that would involve Caroline and Alaric running their special school and maybe a backdoor Pilot on the last episode of the Originals SN 4, so far there is a possible working title called Mystic Falls which if plans go well it will bring back Caroline, Alaric, their Twins and also Matt as the new Mayor and a new cast of characters to explore other Supernatural creatures that were in the books but never used on the show and it would take place in Mystic Fall at the Salvatore Boarding house so we would get Mystic Falls but with out Damon and Stefan and Elena and Bonnie, No Tyler or Jeremy and it would be another time jump, keep in mind Elena and Damon are not there yet at the end of TVD Elena stated that her and Damon lived away for many years while Elena went to school to become a Doctor before moving back to Mystic Falls.

  40. Demerae wright says:

    I want elana back and to stay

  41. Apple Betty says:

    I was hoping at the end of season 8 that everyone would die in the fire after the bell rang…just one big ginormous survivors. That wound have been the best way to end it instead of the long drawn out ending about the afterlife and meeting your people again. Just my opinion.

  42. Kobe Glass says:

    There has to be a season 9 i want it to keep going later on they can either do stuff without stephen or say he gone to a dimension and bonnie can get him back everybody start making comments evrrywhee and pray please th maker of the vampire diaries please have the series go on ill pay as much money as possible i love the vampire diaries

    • Bob says:

      NO SEASON 9 TVD is OVER and is NOT Coming BACK! the only option to see a couple of these characters is on The Originals or a new spin off that brings back 2 or 3 of the original TVD characters, that’s it folks TVD is over. We will never see Stefan Damon or Elena again. Paul and Ian have made it clear they are finished with their characters and won’t return in any form of a spin off or on the Originals, Stefan is dead and can’t be brought back Damon is human and lives his life out with Elena and dies. Nina will never return to any of her characters she is now doing movies and won’t be back on the small screen.

  43. Alice says:

    I will be so pissed off if they do not make another season. I get they said “Season finale” But it is not fair or kind to have 2 whole seasons with no Elena. I know there has been talk About replacing Nina Dobrev with someone else but that would ruin the show and angry fans. But what would make them angrier Is leaving a huge cliffhanger and not letting them see Elena for the last time. I felt that the show really sucked and went down hill after they took Elena out. ( put her to sleep ) I think everything would have been better in season 7 /8 if Elena was there trying to help Damon. But of course this is a oppion.

    • Bob says:

      Sweetheart THE SHOW IS OVER there is no more seasons no another season season 8 was the absolute final, most of them have already moved onto other shows for next fall, perhaps you missed the season 8 Finale. Stefan is dead Damon is human Tyler is dead too end of show., all your wishing won’t bring back the show.

  44. Marlene says:

    I love this show and it was fun to see the cast back pls have season 9 a true fan

    • Bob says:


  45. Kristina says:

    I personally can’t wait to see the final episodes of TVD.. I have watched every episode on Netflix.. I also love the spin off The Originals so i hope they will continue that show for a few more seasons at least anyways..

  46. Alexis says:

    This sucks. I wish they could add an season 9 to the vampire diaries and a 7th new movie of Twilight.

  47. Georgie reid says:

    Hi is this nina cause I’m a really really really really really big big big big fan and ill do anything I’m from Queanbyan west school and barn 2007 and I wish I said come to one of your concerts😘😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😍😛💛💛💑💑💋💛💛💛🙏🙏🙏🙏💞💖💚💚💓🐕🙏😶🐕💕💜☺💛💟😍💓💕☺💘💛💋💟🐕💓💝☺☺💛💛💋💟💑😛💓💘💛💛💟💑😛😛😛😶🙏🙏🙏