HTGAWM Annalise Jail

HTGAWM Boss Previews Annalise Behind Bars: 'Get Me Out of Here!'

How to Get Away With Murder fans, get ready for a new — though not necessarily improved — Annalise Keating.

When the ABC drama returns from its winter break tonight (10/9c on ABC), we’ll see Viola Davis’ hard-charging attorney “in as different a light as we’ve ever seen her,” previews executive producer Pete Nowalk. “People are used to seeing her kick ass and take names. But we’re picking up the day after the house fire, after she’s found out Wes has been killed. Annalise is quite devastated and she’s in shock — I think that’s the best way to describe it.”

Oh, and she’s also behind bars at the county jail — charged with Wes’ murder and the arson that reduced her home/office to ashes.

“Because of overcrowding, she’s in a cell with two other women. Annalise isn’t very comfortable, that’s a simple way of putting it,” teases Nowalk, with a laugh.

How long will the show’s lead character be doing the cell-block tango? “That’s the big question for Annalise and for her new lawyer — and you’ll find out who that is in our first episode back,” Nowalk says. “Annalise’s feeling is, ‘Get me out of here! I can’t be in here. I have to get bail.’ That’s the struggle for her in this episode, the immediate problem she has to focus on.”

Nowalk says he and Davis were excited by the chance to see Annalise “navigate in a place where she doesn’t have the tools. She knows how the courtroom works, she knows how the campus works, and she definitely knows how her office works. She lands all the punches there. But in a jail cell, she doesn’t know what the hell to do.”

KARLA SOUZASimilarly, the back half of Season 3 kicks off with Laurel in a state of shock and grief, surrounded by strangers — albeit in a hospital bed rather than a jail cell. “Laurel is in a lot of physical pain. She’s found out she’s pregnant. And she’s lost someone she loved,” Nowalk says. “She’s coping with a lot. We’ll get to see a lot of her strength in that process, but it’s also really sad, too.”

With so much burned to the ground — literally and figuratively — in November’s fall finale, HTGAWM fans should brace for some serious changes, the show’s creator adds.

“All of our sets are suddenly different. Annalise is in a cell. We’re in Bonnie’s house because we can’t be in Annalise’s anymore. Laurel’s in a hospital,” Nowalk notes. “And everyone is a sattelite unto their own. That’s really difficult because none of the same rules of the show and none of the same rules of the characters’ relationships really apply anymore. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the characters and their emotional connections.”

Excited for HTGAWM‘s return? Any predictions about who killed Wes? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Ken says:

    Love HTGAWM! So glad its back on tonight. One of the best shows on tv right now. And I love how the show twists and turns and for the mystery for the remaining episodes of the season – who killed Wes? I can’t think of any character that would have intentionally killed him. Stumped.

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      I was thinking Wes might have killed himself maybe he did take to heart what Connor said (how everything is Wes’ fault since it all stated with him killing Sam) so Wes sets up the house to blow up kills himself and than boom! but did it not knowing that Laurel was going to be there or anyone else for that matter

    • Bramblingon says:

      Many people could have wanted Wes dead:
      1) Mahoney’s wife. I think the cops have info from Mahoney’s mistress on what she overheard Wes say to Mahoney when Mahoney was shot. If Mahoney family thinks Wes was his son, that is a motive. Especially if they think he was involved in trying to frame Mahoney’s son.
      (By the way, Frank did not shoot Mahoney. He never would have done that in front of Wes, plus Annalise hired a hit man to do it, and Frank stole the gun fromt hat hitman to frame Mahoney son.)
      2) Bonnie may have killed Wes. If there was a big confrontation and Wes found out that Bonnie killed Rebecca, then she would have a motive to kill him. Self protection. And if Bonnie thought Wes was going to spill the beans on Annalise, then she would be motivated by her strange blood thirsty urges to protect Annalise.
      3) Some crazy s–t happens at Annalise’s house and it happens accidentally,

      Other predictions for the season:
      Annoying Meggie and unlucky Lauren will FINALLY do some DNA tests: paternity of L’s baby and maybe FINALLY checking if Mahoney is Wes’ dad. (I won’t believe it until I see it.) I don’t like all the lame coincidences with Meggie just happening to always be at the hospital in the right time and the right place. Sign of weak writing.

      L’s dad will show up and play a big role. Remember L saying that her dad was listening in on all the phone calls — that will play out.

      I still think Oliver saved a copy of Annalise’s phone on the murder night when he cleaned her phone. It fits with his character and this will come out, I hope soon.

      This show needs to tidy up a lot of loose ends so that people don’t get overwhelmed with details in order to follow it.

      • Bramblingon says:

        Oh yeah, I’m betting that Wes was dead in the house before the fire.

        and . . . . Frank has arson skills for nice explosions.

        but . .. . . was he paid to do it?