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Suits Boss Talks Harvey's Revealing Dream, Mike's Next Job and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Suits premiere.

Suits teased “Darvey” ‘shippers by opening Wednesday night’s Season 6 winter premiere with a post-coital Donna and Harvey — but it was all just a dream.

Still, the fact that the lawyer is even having such subconscious thoughts about his longtime friend/colleague sure does seem to imply something about his feelings for her, right?

Elsewhere in the episode: Mike tried his hand as a teacher, but got the boot after the higher-ups found out he was in prison; Rachel accepted a second-year associate position at Pearson Specter Litt, despite her dad’s warnings; and Donna urged Harvey to make things right with his mother.

Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh talks about that “Darvey” surprise and when Harvey will confront his mom. The EP also teases Mike’s next career move and Rachel’s legal future.

Suits Donna/Harvey KissTVLINE | Why did you decide to start the premiere with that Donna/Harvey dream?
We were just sitting down to write that episode, and it just came out. [Laughs] I wrote it, I showed it to people, and they were like, “Yes, let’s put it in there.” It’s fun for me to put things like that in and just see what they’re going to do to the viewers. I know it gives some fans what they’re looking for without totally giving them what they’re looking for. For me, it’s a way, maybe, to have my cake and eat it, too. Give fans what they want and not give them so much of what they want that they stop wanting it — that’s the idea.

TVLINE | Were you worried about how the fans would react to the fact that it’s a dream?
Um, no. [Laughs] I think people do not always know what they want. They often think they want something, but really, they want to yearn for something. By yanking it away and making it just a dream, they’re going to get to watch Harvey and Donna kiss — he was dreaming it — and still get to be mad at me, which I think they like. And it inches them closer towards where people want them to go without going there.

TVLINE | What does it say about Harvey’s feelings for Donna that he’s having this kind of dream about her?
Everybody’s answer will be different. To me, it says his feelings for Donna are complicated. Obviously, you could make the case that he needs to get through things with his mom and grow a little bit to ever be with Donna. On the other hand, you could [make] the case that he’s mixed up with women because of his mother, and he mixes up women with his mother. … He’s got some messed-up issues with his mom. Until he gets through it, he’s never going to be able to be the man for Donna. [That is] sort of the conventional and possibly accurate assessment of what’s going on. The other one is, this dude is messed up because of his mom, and he may never be good enough or ready to be in a relationship with Donna, but nonetheless he’s inching closer to her anyway.

Suits RecapTVLINE | Is Harvey going to take Donna’s advice and seek out his mom, or is he a little bit hesitant about that?
He is both going to be hesitant and he is going to go see his mom.

TVLINE | Is that a season-long journey for Harvey?
Not in the back six [episodes]. Episode 12, ultimately, is a flashback episode combined with a present-day episode where he goes to see his mom [played by One Life to Live‘s Brynn Thayer].

TVLINE | Moving on to Mike: He told Harvey he’s not coming back to the firm no matter what, but he’s also lost every job opportunity that he’s gotten. Where does that leave him? Is he going to be forced to go back to the firm?
We handle that right away in [Episode] 12. The dual track of 12 is Harvey going off to make things right, hopefully, with his mom, and Mike figuring out what he’s going to do next and finding out where it’s going to lead.

Suits SpoilersTVLINE | What ramifications is Rachel going to face for sticking with the firm?
They may be longer-term than just the back six, but her dad [said], “You’re with Mike. This could have future problems when you’re about to graduate law school.” Her father might have been right about that. We’ll see in future episodes coming up. Some of it is, she’s just going to be at the firm, and she’s just going to be part of the team, as she always has been, and stepping up in ways.

TVLINE | Are Katrina and the associates from Robert Zane’s firm still coming over to Pearson Specter Litt?
They are coming, yes. Katrina said to Louis, “If you keep doing this, I’m not going to come,” but he agrees. He realizes he’s got to not do it.

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  1. Anna says:

    So cliché: the lawyer and his secretary! TBH, it is demeaning for Donna and for all the secretaries who don’t end up with their bosses. Actually, it just disgusts me but only, a male writer could think that we’re still in the 50s and that all secretaries dream to serve their bosses, both at work and at home.

    • rowenamck says:

      Your comment makes me think you’ve never even watched this show. It’s been clear that Donna is so much more than just his “secretary”. They have been friends practically since they started working together and it’s clear that she is his other half (whether they go there romantically or not). She doesn’t pine after him and will not work for him if their relationship ever became more than friends.

      • Anna says:

        Your comment makes ME think you are either naive, were born yesterday or you know squat about real life, especially in the legal world. Besides, do every male and female best friends have to become lovers? How old are you? Don’t you know that not along ago, it was very common for a lawyer or a judge to be married to his former secretary or have her as a mistress? I did and do watch the show but with “grown-up” eyes!

        • rowenamck says:

          I actually do work in the legal world and actually happen to be a legal assistant or “secretary” as you put it (which we are no longer referred as). Maybe that’s the way things were, and still can be portrayed by the media more than necessary, but it’s not exactly the norm anymore, at least not that I’ve ever seen and I’ve worked in the industry for years (lawyer/lawyer relationship are far more common). I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but it’s more rare than you’re implying. To me, this show has made the effort to make their relationship much more than boss and secretary. Again, if they go there with those two, then so be it, but this is hardly the stereotypical boss/secretary relationship.

  2. Fan says:

    Anita Gibbs needs to get hit by a bus. What a witch, with a capital B!!!!

  3. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. Sucks Mike didn’t have luck on finding a new job. Good offer Rachel got from Louis, Harvey messed up trying to help Mike. Good to see Louis and Katerina together again. It will be interesting to see Harvey going to see his real family in the next episode.

  4. bluiish says:

    This made me want to barf tbh. Darvey feels incestuous. No one on that show has sexual chemistry with one another. Case in point: Mike and Rachel. Most annoying, blandest couple to ever be seen on screen.

  5. Euvee says:

    No to romantic or sexual Darvey, please. *shudder*

  6. sarah t says:

    I’ve always liked the idea of Donna and Harvey together but I also don’t mind the slow burn on them because really, Harvey does have some personal growth and I think it was important for Donna to (previously) step away from him so she can have some of her own growth. I think they’ll work well. I think they have good natural chemistry (likely because they’ve known each other for so long in real life). They’ve previously shown Harvey feeling jealous when Donna has gotten involved in more serious relationships so those two aren’t exactly coming out of left field.

  7. Gerald says:

    Gretchen was on fire last night.
    I have to admit I am sick of everyone yelling and fighting all the time.
    Mike at Harvey and Harvey at Louis. It stresses me out.
    But this show is not known for it’s kumbaya moments.
    Love the show.

  8. sunshine says:

    Women have struggled for so long to be respected in the workplace and I always really hate that writers put them together romantically on all these shows! Millions of men and women work together in the real world and avoid entanglements, some companies forbid it. It is just cheap writing and a real crutch for unimaginative showrunners. Keeping them as co-workers has really worked for me on this show and I have liked this above many others for that and other reasons. Keep it up.

    • Anna says:

      THANK YOU! At least, one person who gets it! Putting the boss and his secretary or assistant together is SO demeaning, insulting and backwards towards the female characters of these shows. What is this? Bond and Moneypenny?

  9. Sharonn says:

    I love Rachel/Robert Zane scenes. I would really appreciate more Robert Zane episodes, because Wendell Pierce is fabulous. Darvey is a disaster, Mike is insufferable, and Jessica was sorely missed. Gretchen and Louis are fabulous together, while Rachel and Louis still have a sweet chemistry. Harvey needs Jessica!

  10. Marcia Hunt says:

    So glad it’s back!! Have been waiting on this show; one of my favs!!!