Supergirl Mon-El Romance Poll

Supergirl's Kara and Mon-El: TVLine Debates, 'How Super Is This Couple?'

There’s an intense battle brewing on Supergirl — and not between the Girl of Steel and any archenemies, but among many of the CW series’ fans, who seem to be approaching the well-teased Kara/Mon-El romance from two extremes: Love it, or hate it.

Coming off of Monday’s midseason premiere, in which Mon-El revealed his wish to become a hero like his Kryptonian BFF, TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich, Andy Swift and Vlada Gelman debated the pairing’s pros and cons.

matt_mitovich_final_miniMATT | I hereby convene this gathering of the TVLine Debate Club to discuss the merits of Supergirl’s Kara and Mon-El (of Daxam!) as a romantic pairing. I’ll kick things off with a pithy, “Great Caesar’s ghost, I am not buying these two as budding lovebirds.”

andy_swift-miniANDY | I think the problem is that phrase “budding,” which I’ll admit to using myself on occasion. If we’re speaking botanically, I’d say their romantic relationship has been planted and is being watered — but we’re all getting ahead of ourselves. I’m cool with a slow burn.

gelman_vlada_final_miniVLADA | As a rom-com sucker, I find Kara and Mon-El’s scenes absolutely delightful. But from the minute Mon-El was introduced, it was so obvious where the writers were heading with these two that I understand why some viewers have been put off by the romance, Supergirl Spoilersespecially in light of Kara and James’ abrupt end.

matt_mitovich_final_miniMATT | I’m glad you brought up Kara and James, because while the show never seemed to go “all in” on that pairing, there was a maturity to it. I felt like Kara, who in so many ways is this extraordinary woman, was being drawn to a man. Mon-El’s relative boyishness draws out her lighter side, sure, but it steers them more in the direction of a “teen” romance. But maybe she needs that to offset the incredible weight of the world on her strong shoulders…?

andy_swift-miniANDY | You hit the nail on the head in terms of the maturity of the relationship, but to be honest, that’s exactly why I’m enjoying the lighter vibe we’re getting from this pairing. Alex and Maggie are giving me all the “adult” relationship I need from this show, leaving Kara and Mon-El to deliver the “teen” vibes I still enjoy. Maybe we’ll find out he’s not the guy for her down the line — they’re being compared to Romeo and Juliet, and we all know how well things turned out for those two — but for now, I’m enjoying my visit to, as Kevin Smith puts it, “Charm City.”

gelman_vlada_final_mini VLADA | I think it’s also important to note that Kara brings out a better side of Mon-El. The characters can grow and evolve together. Kara and James’ would-be relationship always felt somewhat stagnant to me — once they get together, what’s the conflict? — and maybe that’s why it eventually stalled. And if Kara and Mon-El aren’t meant to be, then at least we’ll (hopefully) get a really great, emotional storyline out of their Romeo and Juliet-esque romance.

supergirl-kara-mon-el-couchmatt_mitovich_final_mini MATT | To your point, Vlada, I do like that Kara brings out a better side of Mon-El — the bro we saw shtupping Miss Tessmacher! in the file room was obviously being played for laughs, but his casual morality set him up as a most peculiar fit for do-right Kara. I’m not feeling the “Romeo and Juliet” thing you two keep citing — interplanetary rivalry via hearsay doesn’t carry as much heft as Shakespeare — but I suppose I will make one last effort to see Kara and Mon-El as something, anything, more than sibling-like ETs. All that said, a final Q: Will they ever get together? If romance is the show’s plan, getting a proper kiss by the season finale is looking a bit ambitious.

andy_swift-miniANDY | I don’t think a proper kiss is too far off, since we’ve already gotten an improper one. But I’ll admit to one thing: I’m leaving this conversation less sold on their relationship than I was when I entered. I remain firm on the actors’ chemistry — and I think Mon-El is Kara’s best current romantic option — but I do feel like we’re being told that they’re falling for each other more than we’re actually seeing it on-screen. (There, you broke me. Are you happy now?!)

gelman_vlada_final_mini VLADA | Next Monday is only Episode 10! There’s still plenty of time for a proper kiss. Andy, I think we need to see more of Kara’s feelings for Mon-El if the writers want us to believe in them as a couple someday. It’s obvious he’s smitten, but I’m not so sure about her. But you have not broken me! I remain made of steel in my stance that Kara and Mon-El are a delightful pairing with lots of potential.

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  1. Mandy says:

    They don’t have any romantic chemistry. Feels more like siblings.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m not sure it’s the chemistry at this point. This whole show suffers from bland writing and just okay-ish actors, which is most obvious when you watch Cat. Calista Flockhart is a strong enough actress that she could carry the weaker writing in between being blessed with some of the better lines. The other actors try but they don’t have the skill to overcome the bland writing.

    • Pedro says:

      I feel they have a lot of chemistry.

    • emma2009 says:

      they have a lot of chemistry.

  2. myrcellasear says:

    I hold with Matt. :)

  3. martina says:

    Why is no one bringing SuperCorp up?!

    • Probably because it doesn’t exist.

    • Donald says:

      Because it only exists in your wish fulfillment mind.

    • YTKylie says:

      Because it’s non-existent

    • jtrattray says:

      Because it’s ableist. Lena should be a disabled character played by a disabled actress.

    • Henry Hell says:

      Because Supercorp is a stupid fan ship that most viewers don’t know about as it only exists in fanfics.

      • Aki says:

        Really? Is that what the lip bite, gala potstickers and “my only friend” tell you? (Oh and the numerous other physical signals)

        • Cris says:

          You’ve gotta be kidding me… You guys don’t even realize how absurd you’re beginning to sound.

          • Kya says:

            If one of them were a man, the flirtiness in those scenes wouldn’t be questioned and the fangirls would be all over it.

            Well, there are fangirls all over it now, too, just not those for whom 1) only non-canon het ships aren’t “stupid fan ships” and 2) LGTBQ ships are only valid when they’re inescapably explicit canon.

      • karamel shipper says:


    • Aki says:

      They don’t see the chemistry between Lena and Kara unfortunately. But there is flirting there and a lot of chemistry (it’s also 10 times as popular as Karamel from some of the stuff I’ve looked at), a friend of mine loves to learn about body language and they said that there is definite flirting going on there.

      • karamel shipper says:

        I strongly disagree with Matt and OTHER people who disagree. I agree with Vlada. They are truly meant to be together. On what grounds you may ask? Well on the grounds that mon el haa indeed become a better person because of kara. The relationship just explains itself.

        • Jordan says:

          It plays into the trope of ‘girl turns boy into a hero’ and it’s gross.

          • kath says:

            It’s the same dynamic between Iris and Barry on The Flash but people don’t complain since that’s comics canon’
            I think Mon El/Kara are like Romeo and Juliet only in the sense that Romeo was 15 and Juliet was 13, except Mon El is more like 12. Otherwise they’re more like Claudio/Hero on Much Ado or the mixed-up lovers in A Midsummer Night’s Dream — the comic relief to the complex adult pairing.

        • Um, Kara’s main love interest is Brainiac 5. Her and Mon-El are clearly not meant to be together. At the most, he is going to be Smallville’s Lana and make room for Brainiac 5 (Lois) when he is introduced in future seasons.

          • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

            Only assuming they go with a past Supergirl continuity. In a different continuity Supergirl marries Jimmy Olsen. Right now in the comic books Supergirl is a 16 year old girl in high school and has no love interests. So nothing is set in stone.

          • Mara says:

            Excuse kara and mon-el will be together. Don’t go by the comics!! CW is not the cpmics

          • It’s funny to watch and see how the authors avoid RACE in talking why the Supergirl writers chickened out on Kara / James. They were on to something modern, comfortable, and interesting, then opted for the boring, frat-boy 1950s. Oh, I forgot, we have President Trump. Ah. Ok. …. Not.

          • Ryan says:

            Just because an interracial couple does not work out does not mean they are racist. Alex and Maggie are in a relationship, and Maggie is a Latina lesbian. Mon-El and Kara have the same background, their planet being destroyed and stuff, and that sense of lon-eliness (Get it? Lon-el? Okay…) they share can be used to have a feeling of togetherness. And they “avoid” talking about race because it does not matter. Why does the failing of their relationship mean the writers are racist? Shouldn’t the fact you have James and J’onn, two African-Americans, who are both superheroes make that seem pointless?

            (Also, Mon-El and Kara kinda have the only working ages that do not make everything their relationship creepy. Kara was in space for about twenty years, so dating James is dating someone 20 years younger than her. But, Mon-El was in the phantom zone where time does not pass, so he did not age those years, and since he was originally like 20 years older, they are basically the same age now.)

      • Jeni G. says:

        It’s only 10x more popular w/ delusional & cultist hetro-haters ‘fake’ ship SCorp trolls who seem to have an enormous amount of free time trolling the Internet due to their lack of a real life & friends … The rest of us shippers respectfully though disagree. Also, “your friend” sounds like another biased pretend pseudo-intellectual who secretly wishes Chris is gay so as to warrant his many misguided sexual fantasies. Poor child, I suggest a good therapist would be a better fit in his case.

    • Danyelle says:

      Because as an LGBT female I know better than to think they’d make both Alex and Kara queer. Step 1 in having a cause is accepting realism and appreciating what u get.

    • ikr! they have more chemistry than all kara other pairings combined.

    • KC says:

      Why would they?, Alex is gay, Kara isn’t.

    • Because homophobia. Supergirl can’t be gay! Only her non-existing sister can.

    • Isabelle A. says:

      Because they are afriaid of another homosexual relationship because we already have Sanvers, despite the obvious fact that there is more chemistry between Lena and Kara than there is between Mon-el and Kara

      • YTKylie says:

        Baby steps…you already have Sanvers. Be ok with that for now. Every character can’t be Les/Bi/gay

        • Stefanie says:

          But every other character on the entire show (and every other show) can be straight right? There’s no quota for the number of heterosexuals you can have on one show, but the number of LGBT characters is 2 and they’re paired together and that’s all you get. The LGBT community gets a little sliver and nothing more because it’s not “realistic.”

          • Jeni G. says:

            Seriously girl? You and the rest of the paranoid & delusional fascist hetero-hating SC trolls want to impose a litmus tests, or worse yet…quotas on network TV shows & actors? And not only that, but you also want to control the number of actors that will be allowed to initiate romantic relationships on these same shows, and with whom? …Are you truly serious?! On what plain of existence would anyone with a pulse above room temperature not see how wrong that is?

            In other words, you want to instill a form of professional & creative censorship, a sort of visual apartheid and other forms of segregation based on a narrowly defined criteria consisting solely on the actor’s perceived sexual orientation or the amount of melanin on their skin. And the insanely convoluted—not to mention completely self-serving justification you give for is, is because you ‘feel’ that LGBT characters on TV are somehow underrepresented in your twisted & contrived view of the world.

            Girl are you that far gone? Because only a totally delusional & intolerant fool would suggest or even advocate something as stupid as that. Must everything be judged through your zealous feminazi single-issues skewed mind & prejudicial prism, which in reality does more to divide than to unite us? Are we humans nothing more than the sum of our perceived sexual proclivities and the amount of melanin on our skin? Is that how bleak your view of humanity is?

            You do realize that out of the +7 billion world population (2012) most recent studies place the number gay & bisexual people roughly between 211.8 & 353 million worldwide. So, if we were to apply that ratio to the cast of Supergirl’s lineup statistically that would equate between 0.21% & 0.40% of a person. In other words, less than a single character but instead you have TWO acknowledged gay characters on the show and “I’m not a red shirt” Winn (who’s possibly closeted)… How is that not enough for you?

            Still if it’s not, then I suggest you and your SC trolling friends start your own network—one in which you can put all of your fantasies & ideas on display. Who knows maybe you can even borrow the money from Oprah Winfrey? You can call it myLGBTv or the HatingHeteroWhiteBoys channel, etc. Trust me, no one will really care. And then hire J’onn to wear a pink tutu complete w/ rainbow colored wings and a glittery fairy’s wand to beat the bad guys with. The prop guys can then also add a mechanical batteries powered external dildo to James’ tin man suit; I’m sure that will put an extra pep in his step. Mon-El can parade around shirtless in a florescent thong and cape serving everyone toxic drinks while transgender Winn all decked out in a tight fitting black sequin dress pretends not to notice the Daxamite’s tight ass.

            And yes, I know I’m being both sarcastic & ridiculous now, but then again so are the nonsensical arguments and the incessant whinnying you SC trolls seem to excel at.

        • L. W. says:

          Hi! I don’t think that ‘baby steps’ are applicable in this scenario, because we’re talking about representation of a minority in the media. Obviously, we’re most likely never going to have a show in which all characters are members of the LGBT+ community. But I’d like to point out that this thought of having one token gay couple is playing into many stereotypes that are really untrue. And it’s quite something for someone to tell an underrepresented minority to be ‘ok with that for now’, when that someone’s most likely never had the unfortunate reality of underrepresentation. I’d like to see myself in the media, represented in legitimate and non-stereotypical ways, and I don’t think that should be a problem.

          • annetheoutlaw says:

            Hit the nail on the head right there. It’s depressing how homophobic so many of these commenters are.

          • L. W. says:

            And to address your next statement:
            First off, to call LGBT+ people/people who support non-fetishised LGBT relationships ‘fascists’ is… indescribably wrong and inappropriate. Secondly, I do not believe that Stefanie ever expressed the opinion that she wished to ‘control the number of actors that will be allowed to initiate relationships’, mostly because she never mentioned the actors. Anyone in their right mind would not wish to control the lives of actors- those are people, and everyone ought to respect them and their personal lives. The actors’ sexuality have nothing to do with the sexualities of the characters they play.
            You don’t seem to think that LGBT characters are underrepresented on the media, so allow me to offer some statistics.
            Lesbian representation dropped by sixteen percentage points- sixteen-, to 17% of LGBT characters. The amount of recurring LGBT characters on cable television decreased by eight- that’s a lot of people who die or fade away- to 50. That’s roughly .000000156% of the US population, which is- if you happen to notice- a bit less than your stated figure of .21% to .40%, even discounting the amount of people who are closeted, were not available for the studies, or are unable to come out due to a hostile environment.
            And you wonder why that’s not enough for us.
            And as addressing the last part of your statement, that’s not sarcastic and ridiculous. That’s homophobic, transphobic, and honestly a disgusting statement. That’s blatant sexualisation and demonisation of people in the LGBT+ community and, for someone who can call LGBT people ‘feminazi’s, ‘prejudicial’, and ‘fascist’, I’m really not surprised.

    • JC says:

      from the moment Alex and Maggie happened I lost all hope for canon Kara and Lena. It’s so frustrating because they have so much chemistry and it could be a great story, it has a lot of potential.

  4. Roger Joseph Buchana says:

    Go for it in the sense that Kara as a character needs it. She needs to have a stable, healthy relationship under her belt. That way when the show inevitably brings in Brainiac 5, it can be a healthy adult relationship.

    • Kint says:

      OMG, no, a female hero doesn’t need to be validated by a “healthy relationship” with a man-child she had to raise herself into somewhat reasonable adult. Just no.

      • rhazha says:

        thank you for that comment.

      • YTKylie says:

        Her relationship with the so called ‘man-child’ is good for her too…she still has alot of growing up to do herself. In season 1 Kara was the insecure one, she was so dependent on James…I don’t see why she can’t be there for Mon El now. And yes Kara does need a stable rship, that way the show can focus on other things other than r/ship drama.

      • Jeni G. says:

        Unfortunately for you ‘fake’ SC shippers & hetro haters this “man-child” understands Kara better than she does herself and is more than willing to call her out on her numerous hypocrisies & insecurities… Apparently, our girl has a little growing up of her own to do. But more so he’s the yang to her yin… In other words, they complement & challenge each other in ways that not only forces them both to grow as individuals (something I wish you haters would likewise do), but also to reach their full potential. Which probably also explains why they have more onscreen chemistry than Kara ever had with Winn, James and unibrow Lena combined. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if those two end up in a real life relationship as well.

        • L. W. says:

          Hi again! I doubt that someone understands Kara better than she understands herself, given that she’s… herself? And even if someone did, it’d probably be Alex. Furthermore, in what cases does Kara show hypocrisy? And what makes you thinks someone should ‘call her out’ on her insecurities? You call someone out on blatant homophobia, not insecurity.
          He hasn’t grown as an individual. He’s ‘grown’ due to his need to impress Kara in order to be in a romantic relationship with her. That’s not growth, that’s toxicity.
          And while we’re on the subject of hypocrisy, why don’t I just retrieve a few pieces from your previous comments? If I recall correctly, you mentioned that ‘[people] want to control the number of actors that will be allowed to initiate romantic relationships’. That seems like something here! Why don’t we stop meddling in actors’ personal lives?

  5. Donald says:

    The vast majority of people that hate it are not Kara/James fans, I think everyone agrees that relationship was crap from the start, but are the usual group that refuse to ship any heterosexual relationship.

    • Kylie says:

      Just say The Lesbians, Donald, rme.

    • YTKylie says:

      I agree..they’d rather have every character on this show Gay/bi/lesbian

      • Jordan says:

        What’s so bad about that? Most characters on every other show on TV are straight. We want representation too.

        • YTKylie says:

          You do have representation…Alex and Maggie

          • Burger99 says:

            Which is minimal compared to your representation

          • YTKylie says:

            How is that exactly, when Maggie/Alex are the only solid couple on the show right now…

          • Aki says:

            What they mean is, the ratios are nearly improportionte. Where there is one queer, there are about a good few more hanging around since…it’s hard to explain but queers clump together. When you look at how many queer characters there on tv and how many straight ones compared to the same in real life it’s not representation.

    • jtrattray says:

      The only people who hate Kra/James are racist, uncomfortable with a handsome, kind black man touching a white woman.

      • Mary says:

        Wrong. I like Lyla and Diggle on Arrow, but not Kara and James because there’s no chemistry.

        • karamel shipper says:


        • JFINN says:

          He is right.. You aren’t but certain fanboys and some CW execs are.

        • Briony says:

          I literally do not understand how anyone can say that Kara and James had no chemistry and Kara and Mon-El *do* have chemistry and not have a personality disorder. What chemistry does Kara have with Mon-El apart from being a terrible person that needs Kara to wipe his butt?

        • Thomas says:

          Agreed. Lyla and Diggle are good together. Diggle comes across as a cool dude. I don’t like James…he irritates the hell out of me. Kara just don’t deserve him and I’m happy they have gone separate ways.

      • Georgia Madman says:

        Your lack of class is showing

      • Bobbie says:

        Get over yourself! No, Kara and James have a brother sister vibe, now if they want to give James a love interest, bring back Lucy. Those actors had great chemistry, Lucy is an interesting character and I really like that actress.

        As for Mon-El, like most ships, I don’t really have a strong opinion, it’s pretty rare for me to pick a side, so the fact I really liked James and Lucy together is telling.

        • Jim says:

          Lucy is unfortunately a casualty of the move to Vancouver, along with Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant. They’re LA based actors, not Canada’s finest.

      • Exactly. But people will just lie and be politically correct and say that there wasn’t any chemistry. Black man touching a white woman is a bridge too far for some. Lyla and Diggle is barely tolerable for them because Lyla is not a regular character on Arrow.

        • Andy says:

          Exactly. I know for a FACT that people were upset about the Interracial pairing on SuperGirl. One example is, a White Guy made a video on YouTube, stating that SG was pushing “an agenda” to trick White Women into dating Black Men. Second is on Facebook and Twitter, folks were upset over the IR aspect. Last is, The White Supremacists website Stormfront had plenty to say on this as well.

    • Mary says:

      Nope. I was fine with Kara and Adam, but that was over before it really started. Kara and James was poorly done from the start. Never liked the fact that he pretended not to know exactly who she was from the moment he met her, as well as the whole mess they had with Winn-Kara-James and Kara-James-Lucy. Now it seems like we’re supposed to like Kara with Mon-El because they both know what they lost when their worlds were destroyed and have that in common as well as powers, while we see her less than thrilled with the idea that he’s interested in her in Medusa.No.

    • WHBC says:

      Or people that think that maybe Kara could spend a few episodes without a love interest for once, without dudes overshadowing her and maybe focus on her story again

    • kath says:

      I liked Kara/James. It was two adults, not a teenage babysitter and the manchild she’s looking after.

  6. Lindsey says:

    The most obvious con of Kara/Mon-El was completely ignored. The fact that they abruptly dropped Kara’s black male love interest and replaced him with a bland white guy is so jarringly gross, I just can’t ever get on board with them. They were just so telegraphed and there’s nothing organic about it.

    Not to mention the fact that Kara’s storyline has been way too dominated by Mon-El. She is the LEAD of the show, why is most of her screentime being devoted to making him a better person? That’s such a tired and boring cliched role for any female character on television, but for the title character of the show? Ridiculous.

    • Donald says:

      If Mon-El is bland then what is James? He’s been the worst character on the show since its inception and its not even close. You can cry all you want about some imagined racial bull crap but its just fact that Mon-El’s character has so much more charm, personality and charisma compared to James.

    • It wasn’t organic at all but remember they have done a complete 360 on James from last season because the character did not work. Jimmy doesn’t have to be in a Supergirl show but they did it and they didn’t give him any of the character of Jimmy Olsen, junior photographer besides his interest in Lucy. So this season they’ve embraced him as a whole new character. Jimmy in name only. He’s now Guardian instead of Jim Harper. He’s now the boss of Catco. They killed the Kara thing. And they did it all in 2 episodes.

      The character can’t be immune from its failings because of the actor’s race. I’m shocked he hasn’t been written out entirely. They are trying to make something work for the actor.

      • Jason says:

        I’ve seen Mehcad Brooks in other shows, so I know its the writing her when given vibration material he can actually be pretty funny. I remember his character on necessary roughness. The writers have to be better at using him

    • T.W.S.S. says:

      I hear your criticism and have seen similar examples in the Arrowverse of women of color being replaced by white women (Shado dies almost immediately after Sara arrives on the island; Lyla becomes head of Argus seconds after Amanda hits the floor).

      At least James is still alive (for now, I really think this Guardian storyline will be the death of him) and the show is obviously trying to keep him relevant. But James and Kara were never convincing as a couple and he currently has no purpose on the show as CatCo is fading into the background. He is the weakest link.

    • JFINN says:

      Thank you someone agrees with me. Nothing against his actor but Mon El is an unnecessary addition to the show. He ruined the cast dynamic and takes away screen time from James, Winn, J’onn, M’gann, and Lena who all have way more interesting storylines this year. His whole purpose is:

      A) Be the generic white CW love interest
      B) Since they can’t have Superman recur due to the stupid rule of using certain DC heroes because of the movies have a less powerful version of the Man of steel.
      C) Please the white racist fanboys who hated James being played Mechad Brooks since day one by breaking up with Kara for absolutely no reason at all.

    • JFINN says:

      Thank you someone agrees with me. Nothing against his actor but Mon El is an unnecessary addition to the show. He ruined the cast dynamic and takes away screen time from James, Winn, J’onn, M’gann, and Lena who all have way more interesting storylines this year. His whole purpose is:

      A) Be the generic white CW love interest
      B) Since they can’t have Superman recur due to the stupid rule of using certain DC heroes because of the movies have a less powerful version of the Man of steel.
      C) Please the white racist fanboys who hated James being played Mechad Brooks since day one by breaking up with Kara for absolutely no reason at all

      • Crystal says:

        totally unnecessary, I agree

      • Ryan says:

        My god, is James being Guardian and Hank being the frickin Martian Manhunter not enough? You have two African-American superheroes and then when there is one failed relationship you call them racists? This is not racism, it is you trying to find an excuse for a relationship that did not work out. A racist show does not have two African-American men playing badass superheroes, so enough with that crap because there is more to a character than who they love.

    • Jordan says:

      well said!

    • Mara says:

      Chris wood could never ever be bland!!!! White black whatever. Stop with the race stuff!! He’s hot and a great actor!!! And he just happens to be white!!

  7. bennett12 says:

    They have no chemistry. I have no idea what Vlada and Andy see, but tv is subjective so i’ll deal. But even when pairings that I dont exactly prefer (Delena) I could see chemistry there. These two act just like really good friends/siblings.

    Mon El is so childish. And ultimately Kara/Supergirl has the weight of worlds on her shoulders, is she going to come home to a guy who’s like “let’s go out and chug some beer”, total douche/playboy type. They may be cute to some people but it would get tiring. Teen stuff does not last. And now with the latest episode, he is obviously holding back some big secret from Kara. Oh boy, I wonder how that is going to go.

    Man, i hope this ship crashes and burns. it’s too forced and quite frankly boring. Each episode the writers tell us ‘LOOK, THEY ARE FALLING FOR EACH OTHER’ but you don’t actually see it since they have no chemistry and Mon El is an asshat. End it now, Kreisberg if you’re reading this, cause you are ruining this season with this couple in my opinion and many others aswell.

  8. Amanda says:

    I love Kara and Mon El together. I agree it’s been clearly set up from the beginning and them having a Romeo and Juliet style romance. It’s also pretty obvious that Mon El is the prince from Daxam which complicates it even more once his true past is revealed as it sounds like he was very different in the past. I also love the storyline of him becoming the superhero version of his character too with Kara’s help.

    • Aki says:

      You know how Romeo and Juliet ended right? They both died!

      • Amanda says:

        Yes, I do know. Just pointing out what the article even mentioned and it’s a form of writing a couple called “star crossed lovers”. Doesn’t mean it ends the same just means that they have a lot of odds against them.

  9. Kelly says:


  10. mystory949 says:

    I love Kara and Mon-El together I feel like they have great chemistry and I love the side of Kara that Mon-El brings out in her and I love how she inspires him

  11. Jason says:

    They feel like brother and sister to me. With the glasses and dressing like clark they even even look like family

  12. Dave says:

    I’m all in. Love them.

  13. clarice83 says:

    I like Mon-El and Kara, I’m neutral about it, but this may be the relationship that Kara needs now for in terms of being able to have an adult relationship with James in the future.

    I love Alex and Maggie, and I love other gay couples (Paige and Emily in PLL, Alec and Magnus in Shadowhunters, Willow and Tara in Buffy), but I believe that whoever shipp Kara with Lena or Cat should understand that the two relationships is more about friendship than anything, I’m not telling people to stop liking but to understand that the two options of loving relationship for Kara today are Mon-El and James.

    • jtrattray says:

      I think people who ship Kara/Cat needs to have a session with a shrink. Cat did nothing but bully Kara.

      • BunintheOven says:

        She was her mentor. sure she was pretty harsh on her, but she did give great advice and was there for kara/supergirl when she needed it. I personally don’t like the ship because I feel like it was more a mother/daughter relationship, and dating your boss seems creepy and can quickly turn abusive, which is why I couldn’t feel it. But Lena isn’t her boss, she is her friend who either flirts with everyone, because seriously, I don’t bite my lip, close my eyes, pause, and then ask my platonic crush out on a friend date, (That was so gay) or is super into Kara. And most of their interactions give the same sapphic vibe. Kara doesn’t have to be gay to be into Lena, so just because she dated guys doesn’t mean she won’t date girls too. Earth is still a strange place for her, so she may not be totally sure about her feelings for Lena, except she “believes in her”. I’m biased though, because my fav troupe is friends to lovers, because if you can’t be best friends with your lover than I can’t be behind that relationship.

  14. John036 says:

    honestly, i find both mon-el/kara and kara/james boring as heck. with the former, i feel as though they are trying to hard to make them look cute and with kara/james they just seemed like good friends

  15. Its good. But its not as good as Brainiac 5 will be. Jimmy, Winn, Mon, these aren’t her canon love interests. Heck Mon-El doesn’t even have his comic personality. So they are rooting around in the dark. I suspect they are buttering us up with aliens to get to Brainy. But there is a reason he stuck around from the 60s on and off.

    Jimmy was too mature. Kara herself has been aged up but she still has to be Supergirl. Jimmy seemed far too old for her. It was a late 20’s/Early 30s relationship.There was no chemistry.He too, does not have his comic personality.

    I understand Brainy may be hard, he’s a green time travelling alien but with all time travel/aliens/multiverse being introduced I think people can get there,

    • T.W.S.S. says:

      Thank you. James has always felt too old for Kara. My hope is that he’s written out with this Guadian storyline. I don’t think Mon-El is long for this show either. Kara will teach him to be a hero. They will probably discover a group of Daxamite survivors living on Planet X. Mon-El wil selflessly leave earth and his lady love to be the hero she always knew him to be. Then we can get Braniac.

    • Henry Hell says:

      Am I the only one that finds Braniac 5 to be one of the most boring characters? And I’m really not sure how he’d work on the show given he has to be GREEN. I like mon-El in the comics but I way prefer this version, he’s actually funny, I hope they don’t make him too worthy when he becomes a hero. And I like him and Kara, but not yet.

      • Brainiac 5 is endlessly entertaining. He will be hard to do though. Its difficult to do a character who doesn’t like people, who is arrogant and still have him loved. There are great Brainiac 5 stories like his fears of snapping and becoming Brainiac. His frenemy relationship with Bart Allen. How he find any multiversial version of himself highly annoying. When Supergirl died, Brainy had the best story in the aftermath. He knows how she dies and he falls in love with her, Sterling Gates had young Brainiac 5 pledge to be there when she went and we saw an older Brainiac 5 who has already lost her suggesting that Kara doesn’t live to her 30s. For all Brainiac 5 is entertaining, the core tragedy of his character is compelling.

  16. Gina says:

    First of all, I love that this debate happened. Would LOVE to see more in the future. Have I missed past debates?
    Second, I want to see Kara and Mon-El together, but I feel like it’s too obvious at this point.
    BUT, if them being together keeps Chris Wood on my screen, I’ll take it.

  17. ndixit says:

    I fall in the middle. I’m ambivalent about it. I think Kara showed most chemistry with Barry than with James, Mon-El, or Winn. But given that we know that won’t happen, I think Mon-El is the best of that group in terms of romance. The problem is the context. The show very suddenly ditched the Kara/James romance because it clearly wasn’t working and started a new one. It feels forced even though the actors have chemistry. I do wish the set up for it was more gradual. As in this entire season should have gone by without Kara getting into a romance. Once Mon-El was set up as a character, then they could build towards it.

  18. akane171 says:

    I like them and I like where they are heading. From antagonists to friends with issues to, maybe, love interests. It’s a nice evolution. They are both totally different characters and that’s makes their dynamics interesting and not static, they are both learning new things from each other and I’m sucker for relationships like that. Mon-el maybe is not the most mature guy there, but he is willing to change and learn. So far, hell yeah, I’m satisfied with Karamel.

  19. Rachel says:

    I like them together. Much better pairing than Kara and James.

    • JFINN says:

      Why because he is white and James was black. And don’t say Kara and James didn’t have chemistry or was forced. It was built over a season while her and Mon El are so forced.

      • Jeni G. says:

        No hon, it’s b/c boring no-personality James was already showing early stage signs of a middle life crisis—hence the need for his thrill-seeking Guarding side job. So save the imaginary & juvenile go to ‘race-card-crutch-excuse’ every time something doesn’t go your way…it’s getting old and frankly starting to bore us as well.

  20. Aneso says:

    I agree with what Matt said!
    Honestly at first i could see the chemistry between Kara and Mon-el and was attracted to the paiting but it vanished in 2 episodes. The show was telling us so much “HERE HERE LOOK ROMANCE BUILDING” that it was putting me off this paiting bit by bit.
    On hiw own, i think mon el is an interesting addition to the show. I like him and the humor he brings. But I don’t think he fit with Kara. kara bring some good thing out of him but what about the other way around ? To me, he doesn’t bring anything to her besides a bit of fun.
    She constantly has to keep an eye on him like the little brother she should babysit. This relationship feels really unbalanced.
    Also, i’m not happy with the teen vibe that this relationship brings. I’d rather see something a but more mature. (which doesn’t mean it can’t be fun)

  21. Lucy says:

    Kara never had the chemistry with James to kind of sell the show. I found the most boring and cliche.
    And while people hate ships and shows becoming about them – they are what sells the shows and creates a buzz over social media, especially with CW shows.

    Chris and Melissa have charm and natural chemistry, but it needs to be a slow burn, wait next season or the season after.

    • jtrattray says:

      You can just say you prefer her with a white man.

      If you don’t think Kara/James had chemistry I feel sorry for you, your life must be so dull not being able to see what people of colour bring to the world.

      • ndixit says:

        I feel even more sorry for you if Kara/James is your definition of good chemistry and the fact that your world view restricts you from understanding that just because a romance is multi-racial, doesn’t automatically mean it’s good.

  22. JJ says:

    Kara/Mon-El feels forced and rushed. And Kara’s storyline being all about Mon-El just makes the entire thing even worse

  23. Meg says:

    I’d be more invested if Kara didn’t have waaaaaaaaay more chemistry with Lena. I know the show is never going to go in that direction, but still. It’s frustrating.

  24. Mary says:

    It’s not that I hate it, I’m just “meh” about it. It’s mostly one sided, because Kara just doesn’t seem interested in dating anyone right now which is fine with me.

  25. Gina says:

    Also, if he gets to be a superhero, will his name be SuperMon?

  26. kate says:

    I am fine with it, but I am also fairly convinced that Mon-El will be leading up what is know as the League of Superheroes after he makes his moral stance of choosing Earth and Kara over whoever is chasing him and that the well established (in comics) lead allergy causes him to realize while he likes Earth, it cannot be his permanent home. Basically also because I could see the CW wanting to reclaim Chris Wood for another series thinking this has allowed an audience to see he can carry a storyline or two, he and Kara become long distance maybe something is there. It allows some tension in and some not stability to any potential romantic partners because there is the what if and when he stops in there can be just a silly and fun shenanigans episodes and every once in awhile, he brings up the idea that her cousin can take care of Earth, it really wasn’t ever her job, plus J’onn and the DEO exist, why doesn’t she join with him? Plus, it just in general allows Kara to be on her own without any reliance on a romance angle because if they do it correctly, the audience sees them as endgame but that they understand the show goes away if they get together but that it is the right partnership relationship for her and they can just concentrate on pulling everything out of Kara Danvers herself. And then, just randomly, Mon-El can pop up on other shows and if Supergirl cannot survive even CW ratings wise, there is an easy out that Kara can leave.

  27. claudiagail says:

    How about I don’t really care one way or the other. Unless the show is supposed to be a rom com or a soap, ships should be minor sub-plots.

  28. Alichat says:

    I think I have to agree with Andy…….”but I do feel like we’re being told that they’re falling for each other more than we’re actually seeing it on-screen.” I think they are cute and have chemistry, but we are really being told…..heavily….that they should be a couple. It needs to be shown and be more subtle.

  29. jj says:

    People need to stop throwing around cliche words/expression and think that makes a point. “Chemistry” between two characters is subjective to each viewer. Stating you don’t think they have chemistry or they have sibling chemistry is not a fact, it’s merely your opinion. Just like saying two characters have great chemistry is your opinion. “Forced” vs “organic”, there are no couples on this show that developed organically, all of them are part of a plan that the writers have to pair them together. Yes, Mon-El was introduced as a love interest for Kara, but that’s the only reason James was included as a character too. Just like Maggie was introduced as a love interest for Alex. None of it was based on the writers noticing that two actors had chemistry and decided to explore it (like they did with Oliver and Felicity on Arrow). So if you want to describe Mon-El and Kara as forced, the label needs to be applied to all of the couples that have been shown on Supergirl. Finally “rushed”, as mentioned in the debate above, Kara hasn’t stated anything about having feelings for Mon-El. As Andy wrote, it’s actually a slow burn relationship given there isn’t even a relationship yet. Maggie & Alex on the other hand, have known each the same amount of time are already in a sexual relationship. If there is a rushed relationship on the show it’s Maggie & Alex.

    • Lame says:

      People throw around subjective like it negates other’s point of view. This conversation is happening because disinterest in and dislike of Kara and Mon-El as a romantic couple is overwhelming.

      And planned isn’t the same thing as forced. Forced actually usually happens when something wasn’t planned, or it’s merely a means to an end. Alex and Maggie feel real, organic, like this has been where Alex was headed all along. Mon-El and Kara feels like what they had planned didn’t work, and so they slapped this together right quick.

      Only a certain group are being rude about it. Chris and Mon-El are fine. It’s the romance that’s not.

      • Henry Hell says:

        Dislike is only “overwhelming” on supergiirl twitter, the general public and critics really like the pairing.

      • YTKylie says:

        Of course your logic being…Alex & Maggie are organic purely because they represent the LGBT …and the only reason people disapprove of Mon El/Kara is because they want Kara to be a Les/Bi as well. I guarantee we are going to be having this same debate again when another male character is introduced to be Kara’s LI. This is about fan girls hating on any hetero-romance Kara is going to be in…it has nothing to do with anything feeling forced.

  30. Dominique says:

    the thing i’m curious about is the argument i see people offer up a lot, that kara and mon-el have been positioned as love interest from the beginning and therefore it’s not a good romance.
    because this argument is suddenly nowhere to be found when it comes to maggie and alex, who have also been set up as love interest since the beginning of season 2, yet everybody’s cheering for them.
    look, ship whoever you want, i’m fine with all of it, but i find it incredibly hypocrite that mon-el, kara/mon-el and even chris wood are being attacked for the very same reasons that maggie/alex are hailed as some sort of divine pairing.
    i personally enjoy kara and mon-el, i think mostly because melissa and chris have a very lovely chemistry with each other. i’m excited to see where it will lead.

  31. msemmyjones says:

    Ugh, I’d be fine if Mon-el left the show entirely. He brings a childishness that’s just not enjoyable to watch at all. He’s not been able to form any kind of interesting connect to any of the other characters on the show. And while maybe Kara brings out a better side to him, what does she get out of it? I see their relationship more closely resemble a competent older sister with her annoying little brother than anything remotely resembling romance.

    • Lame says:

      That’s a lot of people’s problem. What on earth does this have to do with Kara? What is she getting out of this? It’s entirely for his benefit.

      • YTKylie says:

        She’s a hero…she does not always have to do things that benefit her. She’s helping Mon-El…just like the way James helped her emotionally in s1.

    • evelyn says:

      Completely agree, it would have been so much better if instead of mon el we had a young superboy so Kara could take him under her wing like she wished she could have done for Kal-El. That would have been an interesting storyline.

    • tvloverSA says:

      To be honest mon-el brings out the lighter side of kara in which we never had all along…..she was heading the dark arrow route but thankfully because of mon-El she is full of joy again….similar to when Barry was around. .

      • msemmyjones says:

        So I honestly can’t tell if this was a joke or not. I don’t think you meant it as one, but I literally burst out laughing when I read it. I find it hilarious anyone thinks KARA DANVERS was in any way going down the “dark Arrow route” and needed someone to bring out her lighter side. And a light we’ve supposedly never seen, at that.

        • L. W. says:

          Honestly, I agree with you! Even if Kara ‘Sunshine’ Danvers was going along the ‘dark arrow route,’ I doubt an abusive, lazy guy like Mon-El could have made her full of joy.

      • mikka2005 says:

        Why not ship her with Win then? They have plenty of chemistry. He brings out her lighter side. Why Mon-El???? Is it the bickering? Is the fact that he’s kind off a douche? Is it because she has to get punched in the face for him to step up? Like for real, I do not get it…

  32. Don says:

    Here is the thing, Mon-el is a man-child, of the worst type.
    Kara deserves better, whether that better is with James or any of the girls in the show (Lena, Cat, Lucy)
    My main problem is with the character Mon-el, and as a result the ship seems extremely forced, and boring.
    Mon-el is rude, he doesn’t listen, he doesn’t care, he is a coward.
    Last episode, SG was being buzzed with the alien guns and he was siting there like an idiot, then the girl SG wanted to save, got on her feet and saved the day. Then Mon-el walked away, not even giving a damn about SG on the floor, who was again helped by the girl! I mean in that scene I was more inclined to ship Kara with the missing girl, or with effing Roulette, than Mon-el!
    He is ridiculously badly written, and I start to think that the writers are doing it on purpose so we can hate him
    KARA deserves better!

    • Crystal says:

      Totally agree!! Also, the real Kara Zor-el would know he was lying the moment he said his name was mon-el. the House of El is a specific family name and Kara would know that Mon couldn’t be an El without being related to her. come on!

      • Don says:

        I honestly never thought of that. I checked his comic character a bit on wiki so I don’t know about them being related or not. but if they are, one more reasons to not like him with her

  33. T.W.S.S. says:

    The “maturity” in James and Kara’s relationship was all James. Kara has always seemed too immature for him.

    Mon-El and Kara did have brother/sister vibes in the beginning. But as his feelings have changed, so has their dynamic.

  34. luizaltm says:

    I’ll love for them to be bros. Kara has more chemistry with Lena than Mon, but we know that’s never gonna happen….

  35. Hollie says:

    Most of the people sparking the controversy are those who want Kara to be gay or bi more than they want a real storyline. They’re so blinded by their ‘SuperCat’ and ‘SuperCorp’ torches that they don’t realize that not only do Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist have the most chemistry out of all of her love interests, but that there are other practical reasons that they’re currently the best fit as well. For instance, I’ve really enjoyed about this season how Kara is fairly independent. In the first season she seemed needy and almost dependent on James and having a relationship with James. It made their relationship feel forced. But this year, she hasn’t been romantically interested in a guy yet. She doesn’t need a man, but on the flip side, Mon-El needs her. It’s a great storyline that, if handled right, could eventually become a great romance.

    • Aki says:

      Yes, I love the chemistry between a superhero and a guy who is selfish, decides “hey I’m not going to get the professionals” and thus putting them all in more danger than necessary, a guy who is clearly lying about who he is (probably the prince, who is putting the earth in danger with whomever is chasing him) and is pretty much is the cishet male steroetype. Mak no mistake he could have been a good character but…meh

    • Aneso says:

      Um excuse me but no?
      I don’t see anything more than friendship between Kara and all the girls and yet i don’t like the kara/mon el. even if I like Mon el as a character.
      So how about you don’t generalize?
      And yes Mon el needs her, but ask yourself what does kara get out of that relationship? Because that feels really unsided so far.

    • Lame says:

      Not even close. Don’t disregard others opinions like this. It’s completely ignorant.

  36. YTKylie says:

    I loved this article…hope to see more debate articles like this.
    Anyway I’m all in when it comes to Kara/MonEl…mainly because I love the lightness Mon EL brings to the show. I like James but I was never a fan of him and Kara. That rship seemed dull even before it started. I think the writers felt the same way this is why they had to do a 180 on his character this season, which I’m enjoying very much.

  37. Emmy says:

    I like them but I still think there is a lot of potential with Kara and Winn as well…

  38. webly3 says:

    I like the debate style and agree with comments.

  39. I am definitely for the romance! Now I know I may be in the minority but minus the Jimmy and Kara romance (which truly did not work), I prefer season one. It’s a shame they lost Cat Grant because the series doesn’t have the same feeling of women empowerment that it did before. (It’s still there but Jimmy as her boss? And the whole Guardian plot?) Supergirl is becoming more and more like the other superhero shows on the CW. So, it’s still good! But I prefer season 1 style. That all said, the addition of Mon-El has been the best thing about this season. I hope they give these two the slow burn they deserve. But not keep it at a will they or won’t they. There is something about their old-fashioned romance that works. Certainly, Kara’s personality (who even claims to LOVE romantic comedies) fits with this type of romance. She didn’t fit with Jimmy. Now, I know people complain about the sudden drop of Jimmy but it actually makes sense to me. Kara follows her heart, her intuition, and basically her gut feelings. She felt something was off. And as this season has continued, we have seen just what that is. Jimmy has a gigantic ego and a desire to feel important by being around “famous” superheroes. And now he has made himself one. His story as the Guardian is exactly why she’d feel it wasn’t right. His ego is out of control. He didn’t love Kara. He loved the idea of Kara and how it made him feel special. Anyway…Mon-El is a much better fit. If you were to combine Han Solo with a prince you’d have Mon-El. And the actors have a great chemistry. And can people please stop using the argument that they’re like siblings or brother and sister. Just no. Whenever people don’t like a tv couple they talk about how they’re like brother and sister. Well, that argument makes no sense. Chemistry is certainly subjective but Kara and Mon-El are not like siblings.

    • Aki says:

      Friend with a person who likes body language and signals here. It is more of a sibling/mentor-mentee relationship. He’s very selfish and has already been quite rude to someone who only wants to help him. The bicker like brother and sister and the way Kara looks at him is not of one with feelings of that kind.

      • I’m okay with a romance between mentor/mentee. That isn’t out of the realm of romantic stories. I’m a huge fan of the Doctor and Rose, for instance. And what one calls sibling like bickering, I call argumentative banter found in romantic comedies or relationships like Han/Leia. This type of squabbling has been there since the beginning of romantic stories. So, I’m not sure why people keep bringing up the brother/sister argument when they are obviously being written romantically. Perhaps it’s because I look at romance from a storytelling perspective versus shipping? Just guessing as I really don’t get this argument. I hated the Lois and Clark relationship on “Smallville” but I didn’t think they bickered like siblings or had a brother/sister chemistry. It’s just an odd way for fans to make their point when it actually doesn’t make sense. Anyway, I’m for a slow burn. I don’t expect Kara to think she’s in love with him right now. I just like the idea of their relationship in regards to Supergirl’s story and am interested in where it’s headed.

        • Aki says:

          I tend to look at things from a story writing perspective as someone who writes a lot of original stories, and as a romantic relarionship it’s in very serious danger of falling into all the cliches. Yes they are obviously be written romantically but it’s quite forced to me, and enough so that a lot of other people do see it as brother and sister as well. Plus as soon as he was brought in I just knew that they were going to pair Kara with him. It was a little too obvious especially when they broke up Kara and James.
          Looking at a lot of to shows there are so many relationships with something along the lines of it. OUAT, Vampire Diaries (though I can understand that one) and others (don’t watch much TV anymore that often, gamer gal, so forgive the lack of examples but you get the idea). It’s also rife in books (generally follow a guy gets girl storyline). Straight white male gets the girl, typically in American TV. You can have siblings, teacher-student/mentor-mentee (which can be like sibling like Obi/Anakin). We say brother/sister/sibling because we can’t see them dating and it’s roughly the age range. He’s so far displayed a couple of the traits that are similar to Hook in OUAT as well, with the general selfish attitude and such.
          To address the banter, it’s also among a lot of other characters (Alex and Kara tend to have banter like it in a few scencs). Between Winn and James. it’s hard to define it as specifically romantic, especially looking at other story’s and other shows.

          • I understand why some people don’t like them. I don’t like when I feel anything is being shoved down my throat. So, I get it. But I try to keep an open mind. It’s not like I’m surprised watching a rom-com to find out who the romantic interest is. Most romances you know from the beginning. That’s how I felt about Mon-El. I bet more people will warm up to them as the show continues. I still don’t see the brother/sister argument, however. I don’t get why people can’t just say: I just see them as platonic. But siblings? It’s just odd to me. As is using the sibling argument because they’re of a similar age. Also, because other shows have presented this type of banter relationship with an antihero, Supergirl shouldn’t? I’m not completely following your straight white male gets the girl argument. So no straight white males should be allowed to be romantic interests for women? I don’t care what color someone is as long as it’s a good story. Sure, I’m all for more diversity. But I’m not going to dislike them because he’s a white male. That’s not a cliche. We just need more diversity. I watch many international shows and films which make me feel like I experience more diversity in storytelling but I am aware of the need for better casting in American shows. That said, in relation to Kara/Mon-El, I’m interested in the story being presented in a way that’s true to who Kara is as a character. And the “potential” for a star-crossed type of romance between Kara and Mon-El interests me. I enjoy fairy tales and romantic comedies and happily ever after stories and love/hate relationships…But I’m actually a lot like Kara. Lol. I laughed at the rom-com and NSYNC declaration from Kara. They should probably have her start watching K-Dramas – which are the ultimate romantic comedies. Still, I personally think people sometimes get too hung up on supposed cliches. There will always be rogues in stories and I’m okay with it. People should focus more on being good storytellers and finding their voice rather than on how “original” they’re being. I agree with Jane in Jane the Virgin. There are rules to the genre! People should only start breaking rules when they truly understand the genre they’re writing in and then only break the rules very carefully. At the end of the day, I’m actually not a shipper – though I am a lover of old-fashioned romance. If Kara and Mon-el become epic or they sizzle out, we will have to wait and see! I’m just interested in the story – and right now it’s being presented as a love one.

      • L.K says:

        Are you serious? Are you really going to act all high and mighty because you have a “friend” who likes body language??
        You have a friend who likes body language and that makes you and them an expert in reading the body language of two people? What a shock it happens to be a ship you don’t like!

        I have a BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice and have actually studied body language and I wouldn’t have the audacity to come on here and claim their relationship is romantic or sibling/mentor because at the moment it’s SUBJECTIVE.

        I can def see both sides of the argument at the moment as the writers seem to be enjoying the will they or won’t they storyline more than developing the characters individually.

  40. GraceM says:

    I just see them as friends and nothing more. She could have had something with James but felt the timing wasn’t right. Now she’s going to be with Mon-el?

    I just don’t see it.

  41. DavidJ says:

    I think they’re both charming and fun as hell to watch together. Not sure how anyone can watch their final scene last night and NOT see the huge amount of chemistry between the two. Maybe the writers are forcing them together a bit too fast, but they still play off each other incredibly well and better than anything I’ve seen in quite a while.

  42. Max says:

    I’m all for it. James and Kara had no chemistry whatsoever. James didn’t even have chemistry with Superman, his supposed best friend! Kara/Win had more chemistry than Kara/James even when you knew it was going nowhere.
    Off topic, but goes with this article. You couldn’t find hi resolution illustrations (vector art) for each of the panelists? Fire your graphic designer.

  43. Henry Hell says:

    They’re great I love them together, they have so much chemistry.

  44. Miko says:

    Nope. Mon-El is supposed to represent what role Kara was supposed to fulfill for Kal-El when they were sent to Earth, to make up for that, in her mind, failure. She wants to be his mentor and throwing them together romantically is boring and cliched and racist toward James, especially with how the Kara and James romancr was wrapped up in a singular episode (or was it the first two?).

    There is no chemistry between them on the romantic front (Kara didn’t know he was crusbing until Eliza told her and then she acted weird a out it probably because she never thought of their relationship that way. Kara also did not seem to like that kiss in Ep.8, not to mention how drawn out and boring it was in comparison to all 3 other Sanvers onscreen kisses), and their banter is more sibling oriented than any other relationship on the show.

    It looks like Mon-El is to Kara as Winn is to Alex: a little brother.

  45. Kingsford says:

    Benoist and Wood have chemistry, unlike the original pairing of Kara and James. Supergirl and Mon-El look good together and have a common lineage, so it makes more sense. As for James, bring back Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan Tatum) because they had great chemistry too. Just saying here.

    • JFINN says:

      Why because he is white?

      • mikka2005 says:

        My bet is, yes. Or ya know, projection. Me the white girl, wants a bad, bland cracker dude.

      • Pedro says:

        That makes no sense and it’s offensive to assume. Clearly they had no chemistry, hence why the show dropped that pairing like it was hot.

        • kath says:

          I think there was a ton of chemistry in Kara/James when they weren’t writing against it. Unfortunately, that was a total of two episodes. The rest of the time the writing was forced in order to stall the relationship last season, and dropped when they got the Mon-El idea.

  46. Bryan87 says:

    I think it’s just a terribly bland, seen a million times before type of dynamic with little to no actual genuine, refreshing sparks, which is not what I want for the titular character. And yes, James and Kara wasn’t handled better either, but that’s not the point. If anything, it simply means both attempts at romance for their lead character fell shockingly flat, thus far, and The CW seriously needs to work aiming a bit higher with their standards.

    Matt makes good points regarding the maturity level aspect. As your discussion shows, it’s obviously subjective and the “teen” dynamic that Mon-El represents does appeal to some. I’ve never been one to feel any emotional connection to it, though, even back when I still was an actual teenager myself. So there’s that speaking against it from my personal pov too.

    But I also feel like this is holding Kara back in her personal development and that’s such a typical The CW dynamic I’m not here for anymore. The female lead proves her true love by helping the messed up, boyish love interest get himself and his life together. There’s nothing wrong with seeing that once or twice, but again: turn on any other show on The CW, you get the exact same story.

  47. Kepler says:

    Gosh I haven’t shipped a straight couple like this in YEARS. I adore these two. I see amazing chemistry between Kara and Mon El, and I love how she doesn’t let him dictate her. She does her thing all the while encouaging Mon El to step up, get his hands dirty. Not to mention that I’ve always loved fish out of water characters.

  48. JC1 says:

    I posted a comment about this over on the episode recap before this post went up. I vote “maybe”. I really like Mon-El and Chris Wood, and I think the chemistry is there. But yeah, I have doubts about the maturity gap, and Kara being his mentor. That just feels uncomfortable.
    On the other hand, with James the maturity gap often felt like it went the other way. To me, Kara often came across as a giddy high school girl crushing on an unattainable older guy. Not a dynamic I enjoyed either. However, in the season premiere it finally felt like they’d found a comfortable balance with each other, only to have the show do one of the most awkward 180s on a relationship I’ve ever witnessed.
    To be honest, the relationship I’ve enjoyed the most is with Barry, although I know that will never be romantic. But I’m willing to be convinced on Mon-El. I just want them to grow him up a little, and for him not to end up being her “sidekick”. That’s just kind of awkward.

  49. Jenny says:

    I really don’t see them as a couple. I think it’s ridiculous. Mon-el is very selfish. And he’s put Kara down a lot of times because of her choice to be a hero. I could see Kara being a mentor towards him or a brother-sister kind of relationship, but definitely not a romantic one. There has been no evidence of Kara showing any sort of romantic feeling for him. Kara is a very happy, noble, and lovely person. She doesn’t deserve to have Mon-el thrust in to her face as a love interest. This is not because I’m a SuperCorp or a Kara/James shipper either. I just really can’t stand the thought of Kara and Mon-el. If they want to give Kara a love interest, give her someone who is worthy of her, not a selfish and immature man-child. I feel like the writers should know better than this. They’ve had such a great show going so far. But I feel like they’re really messing the show up with this relationship. A lot of fans are going to be very upset. I know that this makes no difference to the writers or anything, but I really needed to get this out. But if they did end up dating, I hope it ends very quickly and that it doesn’t last for more than a few episodes.

    (I don’t get on this website, so I won’t be replying if this post gets any replies or anything.)

    • Pedro says:

      Mon-El WAS very selfish. He is clearly changing because of her.

      • Em says:

        That’s a horrible defense. Mon-El isn’t AS completely and consumingly selfish as he once was because he has now decided he wants to bang Kara. He doesn’t become a “good guy” because of some intrinsic value he has that made him morally right on his own. He’s only “changing” because he decided he wanted to queue up with the rest of the guys to try to “mate” with Kara. Those are two entirely different scenarios.