days of our lives cancellation rumors

Days of Our Lives: 6 Ways to Save and Safeguard NBC's Last Daytime Soap

It’s time for Days of Our Lives to make like the Phoenix and rise from the ashes.

Earlier this month, NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt told fans of the 52-year-old soap that Megyn Kelly’s imminent addition to the network’s daytime landscape didn’t mean that Salem was about to be wiped off the map. Still, to ensure that those sands keep passing through the hourglass, the show might want to really needs to consider making a few changes under incoming headwriter Ron Carlivati (formerly of General Hospital). 

Our suggestions:

1. Cut the dead weight. Lovely as it is that Salem feels like a real, well-populated community full of familiar faces, actors are expensive, and Days has (more than) a few too many.

2. Step up those production values. Under its new executive producer, CBS’ The Young and the Restless — like Days, a Sony  sudser — has done just that, and the difference it’s made has been, shall we say, dramatic.

3. Get with the times. Plots like the one that’s had half of Salem running around in search of the much-ballyhooed Orwell device are, ironically, far more 1984 than 2017.

4. Reconsider that production schedule. Since Days tapes almost half a year ahead of air, its writers never get a chance to nip in the bud a storyline that’s D.O.A. On the flip side, if an unanticipated coupling clicks, it’s months before new material can be penned to exploit that chemistry.

days of our lives save nbc soap5. Crank up the romance. Days was never more popular than when it was churning out supercouples as regularly as Alice did donuts. However, it takes more than just reintroducing dynamic duos to recapture that lost glory. The sweethearts also have to be dropped into stories that are as swoon-worthy as the ones that made us fall in love with them in the first place. That said…

6. Bring back Sami and EJ. Whatever it takes, do it. Whatever Alison Sweeney and James Scott cost, pay it. Because not since the heyday of Jack and Jennifer has a Salem couple left viewers so hot and bothered for so long a stretch as these two.

OK, Days fans, your turn! What do you think of our suggestions? And what changes would like to see added to the list? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. swrwade says:

    What about General Hospital? It is still on the air which means that Days is not the last daytime soap.

    • Maria says:

      It says NBC’s final daytime soap.

      • swrwade says:

        That’s my fault. I just read the last daytime soap part and skipped over the NBC part.

      • Sandra R Matthews says:

        No I was raised on Days of our lives. And I’m 47. Bring back Daniel for Nicole, give her baby and bring Bo for hope. Bring back all the heros, and bring back the romance and you will get back veiwers.

        • Anita smothers says:

          Yes Sandra Matthews I agree with you completely on all. But I do like Nicole & Damois together also. But would be outstanding if they could get Sammi & EJ back on again. As far as Bo & Hope he died of cancer so kind of hard to bring him back & Hope & Rafe are really good together. But Bo most certainly was one of my favorites. And either bring Jack back or find someone for Jennifer. She deserves to be happy too.

          • Kathy Flowers says:

            I agree with all of the above….Adding that Nicole deserves to finally be happy. Chloe is so mean. Doesn’t she have a illness? What happened to the baby sister that donated bone marrow? That illness can stop Chloe from taking Holly.

          • Colleen L Glenn says:

            Hope and Rafe are gross. Sami is half hopes age and hopes sleeping with her nieces ex whos half her age…its discusting, Lucas and Adrian again half the age.

        • Donna Procell says:

          I would like to see Nicole get a break. Seems like she can never be happy. If Daniel can’t come back I think her and Brady would make a good couple. They both have been through hell and each have a child to raise so why not together. They are best friends now and always looking out for the other.

          • Chloe says:

            I’ve always liked NIcole & Brady together. I think they had more chemistry then Nicole & Daniel.

            I would love for Sami & EJ to come back. They were wonderful together. And Johnny, too [played again by the adorable Kunitz twins].

            Also, they need to “undead” Will & bring back Chandler.

            I just hope they don’t bring back Jack. I know a lot of people love him but his silliness became old years ago & he ran out on Jennifer way too many times. I can’t stand him.

          • Kim says:

            I agree, I like Brady & Nicole also. Mot bad with Demois, but don’t like the way he is acting riht now

          • Mary Feehley says:

            I agree – I would love to see Nicole and Brady together, They are great together, along with Brady having Daniel’s heart and Nicole finally having a baby of her own. How refreshing would it be to see two great actors/actresses on the show make there way back to being good people together.

          • Sharon says:

            I agree

        • Cynthia a addison says:

          I agree!

          • Linda wagers says:

            Bring back Sami EJ please . I love that show..did any you all notice Brady grabbing his chest the other day”I wonder what’s getting ready happen to Brady?

        • Colleen L Glenn says:

          Thats what i’m screaming. They have spent two years ruining it by killing or losing everyone good

    • Kevin says:

      General Hospital is ABC’s final daytime soap. Both GH and DAYS have been on for 50+ years respectively. CBS Daytime ended GL and ATWT for 50+ years each.

    • General Hospital is not on NBC.

    • Bring back Peter Reckell as Bo Brady.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Hmmm, I can agree with all of this except Sami and EJ. They have plenty of great talent on the show, they just need to give them quality stories to tell. I don’t want Sami and EJ back. Everything always had to revolve around them in one way or another and that kept other actors/characters buried in the back ground.

    • lulu says:

      I disagree, they were the only great thing (despite the bad and out of character and destructive writing they suffered) on this soap these last years ! I will admit, i watched this soap this last decade for them..and certainly not for most of the other boring/generic/manichean characters/storylines.

      • Lynn Smith says:

        I have watch since I was a child with my grandmother. I’m 50 now. And Days is the highlight of day time tv. I would love to see Sammy and EJ back.

    • Jamie says:

      Agreed. I always liked the characters, but they overused them like crazy. It just got to be too much. Plus, I just couldn’t buy them being together. I know they had great chemistry, but EJ freaking raped her, for God’s sake. It’s ridiculous to keep them together.

      • lulu says:

        Always the same tired mantra…Ej never raped her as far as i am concerned. The situation was so much more complicated than that. Moreover it is a soap opera where every character do terrible things..

    • I could live without sami and EJ the show does need to return to basics like true romance and a strong sense of family

    • Kathy Miller says:

      You know I wanted Sami and E.J. back but after reading what you said agree with you. They need to work with what they have currently.

    • Nancy Mckinnney says:

      I agree I like the couple but to much drama an the show revolved around them to much an left the others in the background..Nicole an Brady deserve to be happy

      • pau says:

        Ugh the show resolved too much around them ??…meh above all the show used them again and again to prop far less popular and far less interesting, far less charismatic and far less complex characters..

    • SUSAN COMPTON says:

      I agree. We don’t need an ongoing EJ & Sami storyline.

  3. Eric7740 says:

    Bring back Eileen Davidson/Kristen DiMera!!! Her return a few years ago, single-handedly helped ratings!!!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’d rather she came back as Susan. Kinda tired of the back and forth with Kristen. It’s the same old story every time she comes back, just tweaked slightly with different characters.

    • Kevin says:

      Wouldn’t rule out if Eileen Davidson comes back to DAYS but she’s still got Y&R to deal with.

      • Nancy Mckinnney says:

        I agree I like the couple but to much drama an the show revolved around them to much an left the others in the background..Nicole an Brady deserve to be happyagreed Kristan needs to stay with y&r where she does best at

      • Nancy Mckinnney says:

        agreed Kristan needs to stay with y&r where she does best at

  4. Hiran Alles says:

    How about bring back Sami and EJ, Bo Brady, Daniel Jonas, Jack Deveraux, Theresa Donovan, Isabella Toscano, Lexie Carver, Kristen DiMera, and have Days of our lives commercials like for Verizon, and more.

    • Maria says:

      Isabella died of pancreatic cancer and John doesn’t need any other woman than Marlena. Lexie died of a brain tumor. There are too many characters and plot lines already on this show…Days needs to pare down rather than add on.
      And EJ…the same criminal who shot John and coerced Sami (putting it mildly) into sleeping with him? Yeah, no thanks.

      • elsa says:

        Oh please Ej is a criminal like ALMOST ALL the other characters on this soap for pete’s sake (and every soaps actually)…and yeah he is really popular by himself and with his pairing with Sami Brady, another grey and complex soap with it…many of us watched this soap these last years for them, whether you like it or not. Eyeroll.

        • Tired of dead people coming back. That has to stop.

        • Maria says:

          I don’t have to “deal with” anything. EJ isn’t on Days right now. Yay me.
          But hey, you seem reeeeeally passionate about this, so…umm…good that you’ve got a hobby I guess?

          • elsa says:

            Maria..pitiful Maria…for the hobby question..look at the mirror..pathetic this type of answer when you have no arguments what’s so ever..

        • Nikki says:

          ITA! Bring back EJami! Love EJ just the way he is!!! Criminal or Grey shades. I don’t like my characters vanilla. The show is just plain old boring then. You know what I do? Change the channel. Love EJ and Sami, they are and still are the hottest, most complex couple on that show. (and they aren’t even there anymore). Do you know why I stopped watching? Because they killed off EJ!!! They decimated my favorite character Sami and her children to a back-burner s/l!!! Nobody puts baby in a corner. Seriously. I was a fan since I was a young kid and now I don’t watch at all.(Talking 30 years). Now I only hear thru the grapevine, Days being cancelled? Not surprised. What once was a beloved soap opera destroyed and for what? Nothing. What happened to the LOVE.

      • Stam says:

        Best thing to happen to this show in 2006 was EJ DiMera and James Scott, how good was he as an actor, we were suppose to hate him given all the things you mentioned EJ did but instead I LOVED HIM!! James and Ali brought something to this show that had been missing in a long time, Passion, excitement. They might never come back but let’s be real here apart from some ole timers who still think John and Marlena are Hot the show needs to concentrate on the 20s-40s age bracket moving forward.

    • Sandra R Matthews says:

      I agree and give Nicole her baby, she had enough sadness, let her be happy and bring back Daniel

    • Sheri says:

      We need to go back to “old school” crazyness. The backdrops rarely change anymore. Bring back the cliffs, castles and mad scientists. Characters like eugene bradford, howie hofsteader and kaliopy jones with her crazy earring and funny characters in her hair, princess Gina, and yes susan. But some things never matched up. Kristen and ej were brother and sister but same age susan was his mother

      • Marla says:

        I forgot about calliope. SHE was great. A quirky character. You are right they need to bring back some things to liven it up!

  5. Helen says:

    The new Abi is just NO. It seems like they deliberately cast someone who looks constantly strained. Chabbi was a power couple and now? IDK.

    • lulu says:

      Chad and Abi were NEVER a power couple, they were lame and uber propped and this new actress is better than the last one who was an insult to the character and totally cheap the character..and made it sleazy.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Chad and Abi most certainly were a power couple to the younger generation. I’m trying with the new Abi but the chemistry just isn’t there like it was with Mansi. Mansi rocked that role. I’d rather see Chad with Gabi at this point.

        • truth says:

          Mansi was horrible and ruined the Abby character (she did not even looked like one bit like her tv parents..pitiful..) and NO Chad and Abby were not/is not a power couple for the younger generation..not true..despite all the uber propping writing..

          • Diane says:

            Mansi was THE BEST!!!! This new gal is okay. I just don’t see Chad with her. I think Chad needs a new found love with someone else and not Gabi. Gabi needs to focus on herself/her daughter and get her life together

          • elsa says:

            Maria..pitiful Maria…for the hobby question..look at the mirror..pathetic this type of answer when you have no arguments what’s so ever..

        • I so agree I’ve tried with the new Abby but truth is chad has much more chemistry with Gabbi

        • Nancy Mckinnney says:

          I disagree with Gabbi an Chad she’s better with someone like JJ. he really does love her . The show goes way back with Chad an abi

      • Mary Boven says:

        Agree .Miss Kate

      • Lori Bierman says:

        The new Abi is so different in character than the last one. Anemic comes to mind.

        • CJ says:

          I don’t care for the new Abigail either. She makes me yawn…if I were Chad, I’d be warming up with Gabi too. Abi is about as exciting as a dead fish…

    • True, she and Chad have no chemistry.

    • The new Abbi looks old enough to be Jennifer’s sister.

    • Donna says:

      I dont care for the new Abi!!!! Shes not classy like the old Abi. I Was totally disappointed when this new Abigail came on the scene. Not the same. Their love isnt as strong and nobody can replace the old one. Big disappointment

      • elsa says:

        Are you a troll, is it a joke ?? The last Abby was everything BUT classy..she was slutty, ugly and a way the total opposite of classy..

    • Sandra R Matthews says:

      I agree bring back the old Abi

    • Yolanda Merritt says:

      Yeah I agree to a NO with this new Abigal. Maybe, I am just used to the old one.

      • Patricia Hornberger says:

        I personally feel the nee Abby is doing a great job. She definitely is attractive and fits the needed age bracket. We were so use to the old Abby. I felt she looked too young for the part. Please give our new Abby a chance.. Please give Nicole her baby and giveher a good life with Damos.

    • SUSAN COMPTON says:

      Agreed, I was very disappointed with the new Abby.
      Was hoping they were leading up to reintroducing David Banning, but alas, learned Friday he had died.

  6. lulu says:

    Ej and Sami are too good for this soap..if it is for destroying them as much as they could like many lame team of writers tried to do on this soap : i say NO THANKS, we the fans are not masochists..

  7. Paul says:

    The EJ and Sami one is the comment i agree with the most most popular couple ever so missed they are.

  8. Carlene says:

    Bring back EJ and Sami. I haven’t watched since they left.

  9. Carol says:

    Get rid of all these young teenagers. There acting is terrible and they bring nothing to the show. Get Hope out of prison and let her and Rafe be happy. There’s no happiness on the show. Things go on way to long.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Hahaha, the teen scene is cringe worthy but I don’t necessarily blame it on the acting. The stories are awful as well also the Hope/Stefano crapfest. Nicole and Deimos are gross too, lmao!!!

    • Debra L.Koons says:

      Please keep Days on…I’ve watched this show since I was 8 yrs old with my mother..I’m now 64 and record it daily. I would be lost without Days of our lives!! Would love to see Sami an EJ come back

    • Loretta E Davis says:

      I totally agree on all counts. The new young actors are terrible. They all just pout and whine, especially Joey. None of them can act yet and they’re just boring to watch. Hope in prison is not her best role. She is best and believable as a super cop and it’s time for her and Rafe to be happy. Everyone is miserable or angry on the show and romance is always a great scene to look forward to. Go back to what worked.

      • Kathy Miller says:

        I disagree with you on the teenagers. I think they bring something to Days. I’ve been watching for 50yrs. I remember when Hope first came to the show as a teenager, she also was a pouty spoiled brat, until she met Bo. We have to give these kids chance like we did with Bo and Hope.

    • Chloe says:

      I totally agree about the acting. Ciara is the worst. Thank goodness the actress is finally leaving. She needs to find a new career. Joey is almost as bad.
      I used to like Claire but they’ve made her so obnoxious & in love with herself that I can’t stand her anymore. Jade & NuJade do nothing for me. Theo is the only one who’s bearable.
      Days would have been better if they’d just recycled the old scripts from when we had Shawn, Belle, Chloe, Mimi & Philip. There was drama & fun, like the Last Blast Dance. Now we just have boredom.

      • CJ says:

        I couldn’t agree more! Ciara makes me crazy. She & Joey are very dull, and sound like they’re whining, even when whining wasn’t written in to the scene! Never cared for Jade. I used to like Claire but they’ve turned her into a narcissistic little snot.

        We need some exciting, fun teens doing kid stuff, rather than boring story lines full of nothing but senseless drama. Yes, I know it’s a soap opera, but they could at least write in some fun stuff to balance it out. I’d love to see Theo & Ciara start dating…that is, if they hired someone for Ciara’s role who had more personality than a pet rock.

    • Larry says:

      I agree! This bunch of teenagers is ruining the show. I cringe every time anyone of them is in a scene. Useless. Do NOT bring back any more dead people. Dead is dead.

    • Jackie Waxler says:

      I agree

  10. Kevin says:

    Hope DAYS should bring back Molly Burnett or maybe Rachel Melvin among others.

    • CMM says:

      Melvin is on FOX’s Sleep Hollow now – Fridays. I did not recognize her at first, as I’d not seen her since Days. She plays a techno-librarian character, for lack of a better description. Too bad the show is not very good and will likely be cancelled, but that should give you hope she’ll appear on Days.

  11. Mary E Tichenor says:

    DOOL would do so much better if it was not a Station that bases it’s ratings on Current events news wise. With majority of its time slot for current news events. Omplypics sports.

  12. Sue L Baylor says:

    Please get Hope & Rafe back to some happiness!! Get her off the charges without bringing back Stephano if at all possible!

  13. Kat says:

    Two words: Kristen DiMera!

    Eileen can single-handedly save Days!!

  14. Sharen says:

    Totally agree – bring back Sammy & EJ PLEASE!!!

  15. Lisa lawrence says:

    I love seen the old timers they are the one who keeps the show rocking ….Sammie,bo,Brady,the old abbi,stefano all the old timers keeps the show going bring them back….

    • truth says:

      old Abby ? You meant Ashley this case yeah she was better than the others Abby portrayers, especially Mansi version who was infuriating..yuk..but she moved on a long time ago to better and bigger things (pretty little liars..)

  16. Soraya E. says:

    I think things would’ve been better had they not SORAS’ed the kids. It was not needed to have them be teens/young adults. They could’ve done lovely things with younger Ciara, Chase and Theo. Keep it more family oriented than have (bad?) drama for the sake of drama and have it fall flat.

    • Ashbash says:

      I don’t think it was necessarily bad that they SORAS’ed the younger kids I just think they keep SORASing by too many years. Every time the SORAS the younger characters they always make them college age and throw them into adult storylines. You never get to see them mature or come into themselves like you got to see with Phillip, Shawn, and Belle. Those three were the last characters to be aged to early teens and get high school storylines and that was all the way back in the early 2000s. There’s no investment in the younger characters anymore and it’s a shame.

  17. Erica says:

    I agree with Sami and EJ completely. I miss them. But honestly, I need Bo Brady back and with Hope. I don’t care what writing trick needs to be pulled. I am 36 years old and have been watching this show my entire life (Dad used to record it on a VCR every day and we would watch during dinner. Don’t judge). I cried like a member of my family died when Bo died in 2014. BRING BACK BO! Also, the Bromance between Bo and Steve was awesome

    • Pam M says:

      I sure do agree with you. I bet that when Peter Reckell returned for that short time the ratings went up. If you bring back people that you know would send the ratings up the problems is solve. Never in day time has there been a more power couple than Peter and Kristian. They were the Days of our lives. I still watch old episodes of the two of them. They really made Days. If ask for opinions but never implement them. Hope and Bo were the Couple to watch. Alot of times their lines were crazy but for the most part the two made their characters. Try it, you might find you’ll like it

  18. They could start by getting rid of anyone under 25./ The teens except for Theo can’t act and are simply boring. And now we have three crime families? And it seems when the writers cannot come up with anything they pick on poor Nicole.

  19. I have the best story line to end the Fiasco of eternal confusion that has always been “Days” ~ Have this Huge Mother Ship from Outer Space (Preferably from Mars or Venus) Hover over Salem for about 3 nights ~ Then Just beam the whole twisted town up into it & transport them all away to some Far Far Away Galaxy ~ The End ! :-)

  20. Rhonda Lafferty says:

    ….get back to the basics of the show……need more love interest’s. Don’t drag story lines out so long……and DON’T keep repeating old stories, create new – Doug and Julie need to be made the saints of the show. Give them more air time – a place where family can come home to and talk about life. Just like you did with Alice and Tom. Love is what we look for in the afternoon, sassy – hot – passionate – lust – Bring it on baby…………we’ll be watching! Rhonda

  21. brenda says:

    Stay on best soap ever I have been watching soaps for 20 years gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day I record it every day and after work I can sit down and it relaxes me

  22. Vicki says:

    Love this soap! I have watched it for years. We do NOT need or want another news/talk show with Megyn Kelley or anyone else. Keep Days ON.

    • Tessie Trejo says:

      EXACTLY!!! I’ve watched Days from the BEGINNING!!! They are FAMILY!!
      Even though my job would NOT grant me bereavement leave when Grandpa Horton passed. Honestly the STATE has no sense of humor!!

  23. Emmakind says:

    I would be happy if everything from September 2015 forward turned out to be a bad dream Dallas style. Have Sami come back and search for EJ. Have Will be alive and help his mother. Have no Hernandezes running around sucking up stories. Let JJ be a musician again, and even bring back True O’Brien who finally learned how to act and won an Emmy but they fired her to replace her with Gabi, who is dull. Let kid Chase & Ciara be themselves with no rapey horror. Have a Bo/Hope/Aiden triangle for adults. Yes to romance and adventure, no to criminal versus criminal. Have Abigail and Chad be the romantic pairing they can be.

    • myrna delby says:

      so tired of Hope “dying” – I can never understand her when she is talking =
      time Marlene opened her eyes when she speaks! get rid of the teenies = Sierra
      never opens her mouth when she speaks = get Patch an “artificial” eye –
      boring and boring – Abigail is beyond awful! hope this new writer bring some
      interesting dialog–

    • Kal says:

      Yes they need to undo everything that has happened in September 2015 to now if the show wants a chance to get back some of the viewers they’ve lost.

  24. I agree to bring back sami and ej, they are exciting together. Bring back John. I have not seen him for awhile. Did he quit?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      He was injured on set but is back to filming now. Not sure when we will see him on air though since they film so far in advance but he is for sure back.

  25. Julia Muller says:

    Please do not cancel the show we need this it has been in my life forever and I look forward to it each day

  26. Susie says:

    I would love the return of EJ and Sami! Plus more twists on events that seem to have a clear conclusion but suddenly it’s not all black and white!

  27. angela M. Fradella says:

    have Nicole dump Demois and meet someone better for her and raise the baby together. more romance i love Days of our lives but now it is getting boring might drop it totally.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I think Brady and Nicole are going to end up together with the two babies.

      • Yes! It’s like a yo-yo effect with Nichole. I didn’t start liking her character until she became a really good person. She and the viewers deserve her to be happy.

      • Kimberly says:

        I love this idea! I hope they make it happen!

      • Diana Gibson says:

        I agree. I think Brady and Nicole make a great couple and they would be great parents for the two little ones. Get real people, you can’t bring back all these dead people. They’re dead, let them stay dead and let the actors move on in life just like we should. Deimos is an awful person and needs to be eliminated.

  28. A fan of TV says:

    Y&R is the only soap I’d miss if it was canned, because it’s the only one my mother watched and I was raised on it. Soaps are though, by design, a bit too out of touch to truly succeed in their existing formats, namely because they try so hard to target people who aren’t home to watch them and can hardly commit to watching evening weeklies on the regular…

  29. Donnalee D. says:

    What happened to Clyde? He didn’t die. James Read is a good actor. Plays a good villain, good foil for the questionable dealings and power-brokers. There is a lot of milage left in his character. Get rid of the new Abigail! Gabi and Chad are great together. The Hernandez family lends a much needed diversity to balance out those pinch-faced Hortons. Time for Hope’s mom and daddy to go to FL with the bluehairs.

  30. Phil says:

    IF you want to cut dead weight among actors, who would you cut?
    I like Steve and Kayla and Justin and Adrienne, but these characters are played out. Aside from Judi Evans, I feel like these characters bring the show to a screeching halt whenever they take center stage. The actors are fantastic and I don’t want them unemployed, but their romance stories are three decades old! Time to move on.
    Then, stop dumbing down characters! Paul and Nicole especially right now. Christopher Sean is a great actor suffering from no one knowing what to do with him. Ari Zucker has proven time and again she can do ANYTHING and yet they continually have her moping around, and playing second fiddle to male characters. For a few months, her storyline with Kate and Theresa was GREAT – and then jettisoned. This woman is the STAR of the show – give her the appropriate material.
    Now Deimos. This concept of this character is fine, and Vincent isn’t the problem, but just move the focus anywhere else for awhile. I’m so sick of him being the hero and the villain in EVERY STORY, and every character bowing down. Philip is the only smart one by leaving (and I miss that character).
    On that note, bring back the 30-year-old characters! This entire age group is decimated. I know Shawn is here (kinda), and Chloe, and Belle is on her way back, but come on – the 90s kids are not well represented.
    Chad/Abby – break these guys up. The couple is always on shaky ground, and Marci Miller has more chemistry with Dario. Embrace Abby’s inner selfish jerk, destroy that angel monument, and let her reign some terror on her sweet, innocent image. Much more fun. She and Chad can always get back together in another few years.
    Teens: the only one with acting ability is Olivia Rose Keegan (no singing ever again please). Ciara is thankfully leaving, Joey and Theo are both flat, all the times. Neither one has emotion in their voice, or their faces. James can cry okay, but that’s about it. It’s time to start fresh with this set. NOW. Their storylines have also been awful (like how three fifths of them all became criminals within three weeks – rape, murder and vandalism), but the actors aren’t promotable because they are awful.
    I’ve got more, but I’ll stop. Best wishes to Ron – I hope things improve FAST. No time to waste.

    • mooshki says:

      I agree so much with all of this!

    • Jane Pappas says:

      Why is Ciara leaving? Actually, she’s gotten much better. I say get rid of that self-centered shallow Claire. Joey and Jade are awful. Theo is sweet and should be with Ciara. Is the character Ciara being re-cast? I hope so.

  31. Dolores says:

    I have been watching since I was15 years old and now Ian 64 I love days of our life’s hope they don’t take it outlet keelly go to ABC save days of our lives enough news

  32. Alice says:

    Most of what is above I agree with… just not the bring back Sami and EJ part…. sorry….
    better stories would be nice… family members actually acting like they KNOW each other would be amazing…. friendships and some happy times instead of doom and gloom would be much appreciated too…

    • elsa says:

      Ej and Sami were the only thing/dynamic really interesting, modern, complex these last years on this soap..who is otherwise outdated..and that despite the convoluted/destructive writing they went through..And that is a credit to the two actors above all..Yet with all the damaging writing they have been burned enough..these characters and the two awesome actors who play them..deserve better than the writing given on this soap.

  33. John says:

    I agree bring back Sami and EJ they brought new meaning to crazy in love and also reduce the cast size I find myself fast forwarding through most of the episode to skip the people I don’t care about which is most of them.

  34. Vicki says:


  35. mary says:

    Why do I feel using: make like a Phoenix & rise from the ashes is inappropriate considering Mascolo just recently passed away?

  36. Stacy says:

    I feel like they are setting us up for a major Deimos/Nicole/Brady love triangle, and if so, I hope the shake up won’t deter that. I love Nicole and it just seems so clear that her and Brady are endgame. I’m hoping this thing with Deimos was just something to add drama to them getting together.

    Chad is the other favorite of mine on the show. Chabby was the best couple as far as chemistry is concerned but unfortunately he had more chemistry with Seirra than new Abbie. The need to figure something out with his character. A good solid love interest. That’s where he shines. This might sound crazy…but Chloe, maybe? I’m on the fence about Gabi.

    And whatever it takes they need EJ back. I can take or leave Sami, she does have the tendency to overtake every storyline.

    • pau says:

      PLease…Sami was the most interesting and dynamo leading female character on Days for these last 20 years, other female characters don’t compare..she is iconic and Ej should be with Sami..that is all..they complete each others, simple as that.

  37. Renee Lalla says:

    Stories are dragged out forever. Keep some of the older actors so the older generation of people still watching recognize their favorites. Add some younger actors 30-50s

  38. Tomm Huntre says:

    I gotta agree that the six months in advance production schedule is killing the writing!!

    I don’t mean to harp on past success, but the show needs a Gloria Monty type overhaul: throw out a lot of the already recorded episodes, let the writers and production have a 6-8 week advance at the most. P

  39. B says:

    Nothing will ever match the greatness of Marlena being possessed by the Devil, or when Kate (I think?) had Hope (I think?) buried alive, and was taunting her via two-way radio in her coffin.

  40. Claudia says:

    Claire! Get rid of her or have her grow up! I am not a Jade fan, but I would rather deal with her than the immaturity of Clair. Ciara needs friends. Hope, Rafe, Stefan, etc. end this farce bring back mystery, romance, excitements. Unfortunately, yes, cut back on actors (probably the young ones). It was a mistake to soras the kids. Really, look at what worked for soaps in the past, keep current. You might want to skip the kid summer theme this summer and use that time to get on track for continuous viewer watching once schools are back in session. Forty years ago a friend of mine got me hooked on Days. I also remember coming home from school to watch GH with my Mom when it started! I have taped these shows when I could, talked to others when I didn’t have a VCR. If you create a loyal base, we will follow!

  41. Karen says:

    Have watched since the beginning….bring back Sami and Ej, put Hope and Rafe together, give Nicole her baby……QUIT dragging stories out for ever… gets very boring!!!!!

    • Connie Kluesner says:

      I I agree quit dragging out storylines.
      and how mant times are you going to put Hope in jail. Getting old. Bring Sami back she gave a lot if excitement to the show.
      Nicole is a great actress she can be dramatic and also funny.
      ANDRA needs to go. He’s gross.
      No more bringing Stefano back he’s dead

  42. navygirl says:

    Sammy and EJ? Really? Get over it. What are Deidre Hall, Drake Hodgestyn, Thaao Penghlis, Mary Beth Evans, Melissa Reeves, Judy Evans and the like doing there in the first place? They were all part of the heyday in the late 80’s to early 90’s and they all need to be retired from the that show. Their storylines are dead. I really don’t get why everyone keeps holding on to the past. That’s been Ken Corday’s mistake this entire time. At least he’s hired Carlivati. Before he simply recycled the same head writers over and over again. Where the hell has that gotten him?

  43. Gladys Kuli says:

    Bring back Sami and EJ, this is and was the only soap worth watching. No couple ever displayed real heat and emotion like S and EJ, bring them back!

  44. Bea Grayson says:

    Get rid of the college kids in their dorm and give poor Theo some backbone.Get the darn DNA from Stefano and clear Hope . This nonsense.has gone on long enough Some of these May December romances don’t ring true and for goodness sake get Kate a man that doesn’t look like a bum like the last two!

  45. Marylou says:

    I have been watching “Days” since it began over 50 years ago. I agree with all the changes, but what the story line would be to bring EJ back, I don’t know how you are going to that one! One suggestion I would like to make is about the loud background music that is now on the show….I never remember that! Some times it is so loud that it drowns out the dialogue that the actor is speaking. Also, if I should miss a show and have to catch up and watch it on my computer……..there is no background music! Anything you can do to keep “Days” on will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Lynn says:

      As I recall, Stefano made a call to Kristin right after EJ died and instructed her to do something with his body. There was a scene showing her doing something and then calling Stefano to tell him she had taken care of it. Perhaps the writers could embellish on that to bring EJ back? I would like to see Sami back too, but I think EJ could be cast with the right love interest to create the chemistry the show needs.

      • elsa says:

        Nah, it is Ej with Sami or bust ! And it has to be the two original actors otherwise nah..the chemistry between these two actors can’t be replicate. End of story.

  46. Cathy says:

    Please provide storylines for Maggie/Victor/John/Marlena/Hope etc… The teens are completely boring. Focus on the vets who have delivered so many times before. Honor them, write appealing storylines for them, bring back realistic conflict and love and friendships.

  47. Linda says:

    Had ENOUGH of SAMI !!!!!
    Please DO NOT bring her back!

    • lulu says:

      Sami was the most interesting, dynamic, complex female character on this soap these last two decades !! So they should beg for her (and her BIGGGGGGG fanbase) to come back..That being said, she is too good for this soap.

  48. Anitra Hampton says:

    Get Brady & Nicole married. Put Kate and Damos back together as the bad couple.

    • Carol says:

      Nicole with BRADY or Eric as a couple to raise Holly as a good family unit. Get rid of teens except for Theo & Hopes daughter, JJ & Hernandez tigether, Hope & Rafe, a sharp looker for jennifer, Paul & Sony together. Not so long on each story line as becomes boring. Enough of all the Sammy drama taking over for so long in the past. We need the long timers that you have as they are the bloodline of show. How about establishing much more family gatherings & good times like when Horton gatherings use to happen. That would be something enjoyable as that has become so rare these days with everyone so busy doing non family, friends, or neighbors gatherings.

  49. Susan says:

    I have watched this show since it began! Great story lines and can go with the new characters. Will NOT watch a Megyn Kelly show—ever!

  50. Yes! Bring back EJ and Sami! Hurry and drop the old Demira history and allow Chad to make it into something positive. Demetris should be the new (old) version of Victor kiriakis. Let Chad and Abby be happy as well as Rafe and Hope. Please do something with Kate character, she’s boring! The entire “Stefano” storyline is played-out and redundantly redundant…end it, please! I can go on forever however, I’m a huge and lifelong fan of Days. I hope you’re able to revive the show for years to come.

    • Shirley Guidry says:

      Go with Brady and Nicole, Rafe and Hope, Chad and Abby, Paul and Sonny, Get rid of Kate, I’m sick of her. Find Jennifer a nice guy. Put some excitement in their lives, not bad excitement.