Last Man Standing Ratings

Ratings: Last Man Standing Tops Night, Sleepy Hollow Dips to New Lows

Fox’s retooled Sleepy Hollow this Friday drew 1.91 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating (per finals), ticking down on both counts to new series lows.

Leading into that, Rosewood (2.9 mil/0.6) was down a tenth in the demo.

ABC’s Last Man Standing (6.9 mil/1.4) led the night in the demo, up a tenth week-to-week. Dr. Ken (4.6 mil/1.0) also ticked up.

Over on CBS, Hawaii Five-0 (8.4 mil/1.0) — leading out of an inauguration post mortem (4.7 mil/0.7) — slipped to its smallest audience since April while matching its series low in the demo. Blue Bloods (9.8 mil/1.2) in turn also dipped, yet as usual commanded Friday’s largest audience.

NBC’s Grimm (4.3 mil/0.8) was steady, while Emerald City (2.8 mil/0.7) dipped another 12 percent.

The CW’s Vampire Diaries (860K/0.3) hit and tied series lows, while Crazy Ex (560K/0.2) was steady.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Sleepy Hollow should have been canceled when they killed Abbie and told the audience that her story never matttered. They lost so much of their audience over the last couple of years and alienated fans. Tom Mison is fantastic but this loss is on the powers that be. Put a fork in it.

  2. tip says:


  3. TvLover says:

    Ugh, Sleepy Hollow is starting to get CW numbers.
    I like Tom Mison but I think that he’s not enough to save this show unless it improves soon.
    It’s only been three episodes but this does not bode well for the show at all.

    • delorb says:

      But isn’t he a big star? LOL.

      • Becca says:

        Not only is he a “big star”, apparently HE was the draw for the show. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • Sherrie says:

          I get why you guys hate the show. I really do. But dragging Tom like that is just rude. He didn’t call *himself* a big star. And he’s doing an amazing job this season.

          • Yay says:

            Nope it isn’t rude. The network continued its erasure of Nicole by calling him a big star.

          • Sherrie says:

            No, you’re taking a comment about Tom and making it about Nicole. They never said she *wasn’t* a star, just that he was.

        • Annie says:

          Not sure why you all are being so cocky, seeing as the All About Abbie season last year bled viewers all season long.

          • Yay says:

            Interesting comment though I don’t recall ever seeing a 0.5 rating before. Nope never. Looks like Tim “Big Star” Mison wasn’t such a big star after all.

          • Annie says:

            Yeah it hit .6 by season end. Not exactly something to brag about. This show has been mishandled by Fox since S2 and that is the problem with it.

          • yay says:

            Ha nope it only hit 0.6 once last season. But now it’s averaging that. Except last week with a very special 0.5 for those loyal fans in the back. Face it, your Big Star ain’t getting the job done. But we knew that would happen.

    • JabbingJay says:

      Maybe after Fox finally puts the show out to pasture, it can find a new home on the CW, lol.

  4. Kevin says:

    Shocked about Hawaii Five-O going down in numbers even though it was the first episode without Masi Oka.

  5. JoshBK says:

    I have to say i’m not surprised by sleepy , i mean this isn’t what the people wanted, don’t get me wrong i don’t think this season is extremely bad its just missing something or rather someone, This show would have been amazing if Abbie moved to DC where she was introduced to Alex and Jake, Ichabod being recently kidnapped escape and meets up with Abbie to tell her that it is not only two witnesses prophesied but three, thats where Diana and molly come in. there could have been so many avenues explored if Nicole was treated better, they screwed up so bad after season 1, I being a writer saw so many ways that could have fixed the series yet these more established writers could not. they complicated Cranes life with the family drama , started playing on a will they won’t they aspect of Abbie and Ichabod, Strayed away from origins of season 1 and the four horsemen and the two witnesses and trekked off into another direction, Introduced characters that viewers could not resinate with. Season 3 was awful and the season finale was terrible, there are many ways Abbie could have Left or died yet they made it seem her only purpose was to further Crane along as if she was nothing and the sad part about it all is had the writers been on their A game and weren’t trying to constantly push Abbie to the back burner for a new female lead , she wouldn’t have wanted to leave in the first place. Im currently watching from the beginning on hulu just to see how bad the show has gone. Good luck sleepy.

    • Larc says:

      I’ve been a fan of SH since the beginning, but am losing interest this season and thinking seriously of bailing. Last night’s episode was especially poor, IMO.

      • Ella says:

        To each his or her own, I guess. I liked it. The callbacks to earlier episodes were great. They tried to forget the first two seasons existed last season, which was a mistake. In this episode, watching Crane explain who he was was cool and I thought Headless felt menacing (and really pissed off) again. The pace has been better this season too. It feels more like Season 1 because they only have the 13 episodes and it all keeps moving along. Nothing is being dragged out.

        • Lynn says:

          Agreed. I have really enjoyed every episode this season, and especially Heads of State (from 1/20). Season 3 was definitely the weakest of the first three, in my opinion, but the show still has the elements that made me love it. This episode had something great happening at every turn: man-out-of-time apartment hunting; flashback to Revolutionary War era with a new historical figure, Benjamin Banneker; reveal to the new team members of Ichabod’s past; team working together to try to corral Headless; and Diana’s revelation that her daughter is tied into all of this craziness. I’m very excited about the return of John Noble next week, as I know that that promises some fantastic scenes between him and Tom Mison.

  6. kmw says:

    Not a good night for television. LMS sure is a workhorse for ABC, it just keeps on going. over at FOX no surprise at either shows dip. FOX must be really hoping that 24 is going to carry the network till March. Emerald City really given the night its on it was going to have a hard time and it is but good for Grimm for staying steady

    • Christian says:

      LMS is on all morning on Freeform, all afternoom on CMT and all evening on Hallmark! This show is too mediocre to be getting so much airplay!

      • grazelled says:

        Apparently lots of people disagree. For to be on so much and still get such good demo ratings for new episodes on a Friday night despite all those repeats isn’t bad for an aging show.

      • Ryan says:

        I like it! I’d agree that when compared to a lot of television it’s mediocre but it feels familiar and is incredibly easy to watch. I’m glad it’s continuing to perform well for ABC Andrew maybe we’ll get a few more seasons out of it.

      • Iakovos says:

        It is one of the few family comedies on the air that retains a sincere tone. Basic, by the numbers sitcom work. Tim Allen and Nancy Travis are fun to spend a half hour with. The kids tho Not as strong as other series. But ABC, you can bag DR KEN. Ugh.

  7. delorb says:

    Not sad to say, but this is what happens when you disrespect your audience like they have for 3 seasons. When everything can, will or has been retconned, people will tune out. We’re supposed to silently overlook the whole ‘bloodlines’ explanation. Or the fact that several people who were immortal were killed. Nah.

  8. Avinash says:

    Why was Rosewood moved to Friday’s? Are they trying to kill that off too?

    • Jared says:

      Rosewood was dead way before it moved to Friday nights. It’s only down a tenth or two in the demo from what it was getting on Thursday’s.

  9. Good to see Sleepy Hollow get the ratings it deserves. Hope it goes lower.

  10. Shanean austin says:

    Remember when Sleepy Hollow was as the the thing. It was getting Empire numbers season one. Why mess with something that was working. Stupi. The producers are never happy. They had orlando ones who was great. Just smh. I like the new show but. The new witness is a kid. Why not make Jenny a witness.

  11. liame says:

    RIP SH.

  12. Jane says:

    I really wonder if people are watching the same Sleepy Hollow that I am, because based on the comments they are not. Or they are just coming on pages like this to post negative comments after they swore they wouldn’t watch? I am enjoying this season so far and I am looking forward to see how the season will play out.