The Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: Miss Mystic Fail

Sybil gained an unlikely hero-haired ally in her quest to expunge Elena from Damon’s memories on Friday’s Vampire Diaries, an episode that retreaded some very familiar — and profoundly uncomfortable — territory.

I’m talking, of course, about the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, believed by historians to have been the birthplace of the romantic force known as “Delena.” Stefan certainly remembered, taking every opportunity to remind his brother that he was Elena’s second choice, that she “never would have looked at [Damon] twice” if he’d been there that day. (Is it just me, or did Stefan sound surprisingly bitter when he told Sybil, “This pageant is the day Damon realized he could take Elena from me”? To quote the philosopher Princess Jasmine, Elena is “not a prize to be won!”)

To his credit, Damon did a pretty good job of shrugging off his brother’s revisionist storytelling. And as for Sybil’s control over him, Damon may not have his feelings back (yet!), but he still doesn’t appreciate being messed with — a fact he made crystal clear when he slammed Sybil’s face into a mirror during one of her little mind tricks. Unfortunately, Sybil loves returning favors, so the episode ended with Damon being crushed under the weight of his own humanity coming back. Womp.

Granted, Damon and Elena’s flicker of a relationship looks like a damn Disney movie compared to what Caroline and Stefan are currently going through. Between him throwing her into a table, then her literally killing him, I’m starting to wonder how these two will ever make it to the altar. Watching her give back his engagement ring certainly did nothing to ease my concerns.

Putting aside the obvious weirdness — like how creepy it was for Damon and Stefan to be lurking around a bunch of teenage girls — I really appreciated this episode’s efforts to honor the show’s legacy. The Elena flashbacks were used really effectively, I enjoyed watching Caroline mentoring the next generation of Vampire Barbies, the love triangle was surprisingly fun to revisit, and I’d never say no to one last choreographed dance at a big fancy mansion. (The fact that this one was set to a song from the musical Waitress nearly ended me.)

Elsewhere this week…

BONNIE BENNETT… BLOODSUCKER? | Fortunately, there is one couple still going strong on this show — stronger than ever, in fact. And I know you can’t see me right now, but trust me, I’m kicking myself for ever questioning Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship. Like Caroline, I was a little worried when Bonnie returned from Paris with a vial of her man’s blood around her neck, but it quickly (and thankfully) became clear that she hasn’t changed her stance on becoming a vampire. Instead, she wants Enzo to take the Cure so that he can live out the rest of a human existence with her, a twist I can totally get behind.

Sorry, I’m just really digging this couple all of a sudden. Their romantic one-liners (“I fell in love with a vampire that makes me feel alive,” and vice versa) felt so genuine, and I think we can all agree it’s nice to see Bonnie enjoying her life for the first time in… let’s see, when’s the last time she died? I was a big fan of Bonnie’s relationship with Jeremy back in the day, but seeing her with Enzo has made me realize how much more serious this one is.

MATT ON A MISSION | While Sybil hounded Damon for the siren bell’s striker, Matt and Dorian — you know, the only survivor from Alaric’s latest crop of Armory interns — spent the bulk of the hour tracking down the bell itself, which somehow resulted in them forming an uneasy alliance with Seline, who wants to “make good” by helping them kill Sybil. Look, I’m trying not to rush to judgment on this one, but given Seline’s history with Alaric’s employees (R.I.P., Georgie!), I hope Dorian is watching his back.

Your thoughts on this week’s nostalgia-heavy episode? Hopes for the remaining seven? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. John036 says:

    Can’t wait to hear how ‘Klaroline’ should be endgame, when Caroline should be with neither Stefan nor Klaus, as both possible suitors are horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ari says:

      I think Caroline is the horrible one in that triangle. Stefan and Klaus both deserve better than her!

    • Lucy says:

      I’m a huge fan of Klaroline, but currently, I don’t see how it would work without it seeming rushed or OOC. I always said if not KC then a Forwood endgame – but honestly I would be happy for it to end with Caroline on her own as a strong, independent woman – embracing her vampire side, because she is too human at the moment – she needs to embrace her vampire side and be the badass from earlier seasons

    • SL says:

      Loved this episode. Stefan finally saying what most of us have been saying for seasons! Loved that Caroline broke the engagement and hopefully it sticks this time. Loved the Bonnie and Enzo dialog just not really feeling the couple…I mean I guess as long as Bonnie is happy that’s all I can hope for. Matt wasn’t useless for once. Finally an ep I could somewhat enjoy.

    • Jacob says:

      It does really get annoying how people go on about something that hasn’t been a thing a years when they bring up klaus

    • So says:

      Agreed. Caroline and Tyler were perfect together however but the writers screwed that up for a pointless one night stand only brought on by fanservice.

      • Jane says:

        If they didn’t break it for Klaus, they would’ve broken it for Stefan or any other reason. JP doesn’t write interesting L-T relationships, that would last seasons. Either actors get bored and leave (Delena), or they stay but their characters end up jumping from bed to bed (Caroline) or alone for most of the tvd (Bonnie).

  2. Gena says:

    Please let this be the end of Steroline. The getting back together and breaking up every few episodes is super annoying, it’s obvious Stefan is still bitter over Elena, and I’m so over them trying to work it out. If you have to try so hard so many times, it’s not meant to be and he was awful to her and she lets him walk all over her.

    • Lucy says:

      Don’t hold your hopes up, remember that episode where she called it off then all was forgiven by the end of the episode and all she cared about was the stupid June Wedding. Stefan stopped her and Alaric from rescuing the twins! I would love for her to stick it to Stefan for good, but Caroline will forgive and forget because whenever she is around Stefan she forgives him for everything, desperate to cling onto him.

  3. Tina says:

    Whispers **Klaroline should be end game**

  4. Ari says:

    The parade of Delena’s greatest hits that has been this season would be better if Elena was still a character on the show. Nina left, they need to accept it. They could have done so much with this show after Nina left but instead they made it some kind of grotesque monument to a character that was no longer on the show. Elena gets more screen time than Bonnie simply because she’s constantly being mentioned.

  5. Sharon says:

    It’s about time that somebody cares about Bonnie like she deserves, thank you Enzo! I really hope they have a happy ending. Loved seeing some Bonnie/Caroline scenes for a change, have really missed that. Loved Caroline in mentor mode at the pageant and especially with Violet. LOVED Caroline throwing her ring at Stefan. He was so annoying in this episode. Please let this be the end of Steroline.

  6. Val. says:

    Anybody else got feelings of ep 3×11 and Caroline speech to Violent… Life doesn’t end because you became a Vampire, there’s a whole world out there.

  7. Liz says:

    Small town life, small town boy will never be enough for Caroline. And Stefan is that essentially. I am all for her leaving Mystic Falls and finding herself. I am all for Klaroline, but I feel like the most appropriate ending for her is herself. No more man drama!!

  8. Yeah, I got into TVD in the first place on the merits of Beremy, mostly ditched out when that became disappointing with a quickness, then returned full throttle with Bonenzo (what can I say, Kat Graham fan) – and they make up for all that disappointment x1million. I assume that is the Malarkey factor on top of the Graham factor. These two could do so much more on this show, tbqh, but they always transcend whatever they’re given so it’s worth coming back for over and over.

  9. Jess says:

    I haven’t shipped anything on this show for a long, long time, but Bonnie and Enzo gave me all of the feelings. I really hope these two kids get their happy ending.

    And I’m over Ripper Stefan, just like I’m over his awful relationship with Caroline. I honestly want her to end up alone if the only alternative is Stefan.

  10. You slept on Bonenzo, Andy. I’m glad you’ve seen the light :D

  11. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of season 8. I thought this episode was really well done and made me remember why I love the show and the characters. Surprisingly, I don’t really like Elena and really could not care less if she comes back before the series ends. This episode kind of made me rethink that. I thought they did a really good job of bringing things full circle. I am also surprised at how much I actually like Bonnie/Enzo together. Steroline–ugh vomit. But more than anything, this episode made me sad that the last season of TVD is more than half over…

  12. Stacey says:

    Whenever I bring up Klaroline all I ever hear is that he hurt her and Stefan could never do that. Last I checked slamming someone through a table constitutes as fighting, poor Care, she doesn’t deserve this. And yes for Bonenzo, I loved them from the onset, adorable couple.

    • So says:

      I don’t like Steroline but Stefan had his humanity off so it’s not comparable. Klaus was fully aware of what he was doing and he even looked pleased with himself after he did it. Klaus also did this while he was supposedly in love with Caroline so his “love” for her didn’t stop him from attacking her.

      • Stacey says:

        He still cared for Elena when his humanity was off and never hurt her. I think he will always love her more than any other. Though I do see DE being endgame. Plus Klaus saved her after and has since changed his behavior. He even saved Stefan after Care asked him too. So having no humanity doesn’t excuse his actions since he still kept Elena safe when they were off.

        • So says:

          Yes, he did. He bit Elena and she ended up in the hospital at the end of 3×05. And FFS it’s not called saving when he was the one that willingly put her life in danger. It’s called sparing. Learn the difference.

          • Stacey says:

            I know the difference, thank you. And remember in both instances his humanity was turned off, and he was compelled to bite Elena, he hurt Caroline without compulsion. There is the difference. I am not saying Klaus is any better but he’s definitely not worse. I can’t stand Stefan’s holier than thou attitude, he’s just as bad, if not worse than everybody else.

          • So says:

            I’m not defending Stefan because I can’t stand him either but they are all terrible with their humanity off. Caroline were going to kill Matt and Tyler and Elena tried to kill both Caroline and Bonnie. They just don’t care and there lies the difference because Klaus had the ability to care.

    • Angi says:

      Well, Stefan had no humanity and so he doesn’t care about anyone or anything. He stabbed his own brother. Ripper doesn’t care.
      Now Klaus has never switched off his humanity, but he still hurt Caroline.Even worse than no humanity Stefan. Klaus claimed to love Caroline but he has physically hurt her and almost caused her to die twice. So yeah poor Care when it comes to Klaroline and Ripper Stefan and Caroline.

    • Liz says:

      I agree. I am so tired of see the arguement that Stefan had his humanity off while Klaus didnt. What’s the difference he did it! In reality they both suck, but you can’t call out one without calling out the other.

      • Stacey says:

        Thank you!! Exactly, they’re both bad! I am a KCer but I am not defending Klaus for doing that to Care. Just trying to show that Stefan is just as bad as Klaus.

  13. Katie says:

    Anyone that doesn’t think Steroline is endgame has never seen a television show before apparently. There are still seven full episodes left. Plenty of time to save Stefan and Damon from Cade and have Stefan and Caroline reconcile. Its unfortunate that they had to go with Ripper Stefan but its pretty clear that Julie Plec is feeling nostalgic this season so she’s trying to hit all the shows greatest hits. And I don’t really remember but I assume Elena got through to Stefan the last time he was the Ripper? So it makes sense that they would want to show that his love for Caroline is as strong or stronger than his love for Elena. She’s going to get through to him eventually. Look, I love Klaroline myself but I don’t mind her with Stefan, probably mostly because I don’t see us getting out of it. They pulled Elena from him, theyre going to give him a happy ending.

    • Jane says:

      Agree on some points, but then Stefan sounded so bitter about Delena in this episode. Too bitter for someone who moved on and supposedly was in love with Caroline for a few years now.

  14. Bonnie Slayes says:

    Well I’m happy that Bonnie and Enzo get more and more likes for their relationship. It really wasn’t shown how every other couple was but they are so refreshing and wonderful together. They do deserve more recognition and Andy you should NOT be sorry for digging them ;) The only thing I miss is seing them having scenes where they help, interact and have real vampire action against evil with other characters, that would be better to watch than Sybil in every episode!

  15. Stacey says:

    I am going to call it now but I definitely think that Stefan is going to turn human, maybe Damon will find that journal to help bring back Stefan’s humanity and turn him human instead. Stefan has always been bad at being a vampire, him turning back to human could save him from ever killing again. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Jane says:

      Yes human Stefan and human Elena always made sense to me. Just like vamp Elena and vamp Damon. But not any other “mix”-option really. It might be Damon will sacrifice himself and Stefan become human. So after that brothers can do no more harm.

  16. Richmond says:

    Please what are the same of the songs sang during the background of the scenes? Please anyone. The songs are nice

  17. Nan says:

    So glad this is the last season. I have had it to up to here with the Sybil storyline already and this storyline and gotten really old very quickly…same stuff different day..

    • Jane says:

      Agree. If they wanted to make it nostalgic so bad, they could’ve at least bring Kathrine or Kai back and not waste half of the season on some random new villains, these sirens, I couldn’t care less about.

  18. AnnieM says:

    How could Enzo possibly take The Cure? Sure, he’s nowhere near as old as Katherine was, but wouldn’t he still be, like, 125 years old or something like that? Which would still kill him, like it did Katherine. Anyway, I’d rather see Bonnie become a vampire; she’s been through so much crap on this show she deserves to have someone (Enzo) who will adore her for literally all of eternity. Actually, I’d love to see those two move on to The Originals.

    • Flashrow says:

      He can take it and still being young. The only problem is it means no one elsa can take the cure. Well I think it is a payback from Bonnie, like, B/itch if you have my life linked to you, the last thing you can do is giving me that fricking cure for my man.

      • Jane says:

        Not quite, it’s not Elena’s fault their lives are linked. By the time Bonnie gets old, so will Enzo, so Damon will be able to take the cure from an old Enzo. Enzo and Bonnie die from old age and then it’s Damon and Elena’s turn to live their human lives.

  19. Chelle says:

    Would Bonnie becoming a vampire means she’s “dead,” effectively breaking the curse and allowing Elena to “live” again? Just wondering if maybe that’s where the storyline is going….

    • Candace says:

      Bonnie specifically told Enzo that Kai said no tricks. I feel like her becoming a vampire would constitute a trick.