The Vampire Diaries Elena

Ian Somerhalder on Elena's Presence in The Vampire Diaries' Final Episodes: 'She Is Still the Light in Damon's Life'

Even if Nina Dobrev doesn’t return to film new scenes, Vampire Diaries fans will be getting a whole lot of Elena as the CW drama barrels towards its March 10 series finale — and you have Sybil to thank for it.

Having already spent much of Season 8 warping Damon’s mind with memories of his sleeping beauty, Sybil kicks things up a notch in Friday’s episode (8/7c), which finds the gang reliving one of the series’ most iconic events: the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. As Stefan recalls in the promo below, Damon and Elena’s dance at the 2010 pageant marked the beginning of their “vomit-inducing love story.”

As you probably also noticed in the promo, Sybil is back to her old tricks, attempting to do… whatever it is she’s doing.

“I don’t know exactly what’s happening,” Ian Somerhalder admits to TVLine. “But I do know one thing: Elena never really left. She’s always ever-present, and she plays a great deal into Damon’s morality, his understanding of who he is — especially in these last episodes. Despite everything he’s gotten involved with, he’s still trying to make decisions Elena would approve of, because she is still the light in his life, even cast in the darkness of her absence.”

Sadly, Somerhalder has no update to share on Dobrev’s tentative return: “How much she’s going to physically play into things, I’m not really sure. I think they’re just finishing writing the finale now.” (Disclaimer: This interview was conducted several days before Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson completed the series finale.)

Your hopes for The Vampire Diaries‘ home stretch? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Dawn B says:

    I just want to see it all span out to where we the fans will enjoy it and sorry to say… you’re chemistry u had once upon a time should be how it ends not like a Bobby Ewing wakeup dream sequence… not a How I met your mother disappointment in how I ended up with your step mom.. just make it happen and give some time and new scenes with Elena and Damon and give that #DelenaHappyEnding and bonnie her powers back and Matt being happy at the end address Caroline goes to be with Klaus since Alaric hid with the girls…

    • Ma says:

      Agree fully!!

    • Sara says:

      NO, we’ve had enough of the aptly called ‘vomit inducing’ dullena! I do want the last 4 seasons to be Elena’s nightmare starting when her and Matt went off the bridge. That’s the only thing that will make sense of this senseless show.

      • Yeah that was Stefan who said that and nobody takes Stefan seriously, jack all is apt by him. Just because you never get what you want doesn’t make it senseless. Too bad someone that they can find no more joy in a series because of their own bias and blinkers. Too bad last EP, this EP, and next EP, and so on are so full of Damon and Elena, and Damon centric. My advice stop watching because it isn’t going to stop. Unless people like to stew in their own vile. Elena returning to Stefan circa S4 would be the most senseless of all especially current Ripper Stefan and his all vomit inducing attacking of children shows how he is the worst of all things here. Damon and Elena story started long before then anyway =)

        • Hallie says:

          Honestly not a big fan of either pairing but i think both stefan and damon have there own story with elena regardless of which pair you like but i think the show is going a little to far with elena it is getting kinda boring i get that is all they have left at this point but watching damon spin out of control is getting old. Clearly humanity less stefan isn’t so over what damon did back then. Stefan and Damon are equally as bad the only difference is that Damon has control where stefan never does and damon can except who he is but with that said i am not really sure what Ian is talking about because up to this point damon has not been doing things that elena would approve of.

  2. Gina says:

    I so wanted this final season to be good. I actually had high hopes for it. But it’s just not good at the moment. The first half wasn’t good either. I’m sad.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’m mostly just reading the recaps until the finale’ episode. You’re right, it’s not good.

    • Sharon says:

      Sirens bore me to death. My ending: Stefan kills Elena, Bonnie recovers her blood, creates vamp cure. Damon kills Stefan. Caroline moves to Paris to become a writer. Enzo refuses the cure which splits the Bonenzo up. Damon takes cure. Repents. Rebecca takes cure has normal life w Matt. Bamon end up together.

  3. Jane says:

    Sadly if Nina was to appear they would’ve already started to toss it around to bring in more viewers. Smth like “she’s coming but watch to see when” kinda thing. They can keep Klaus as a secret to not break sc just yet. Anyhow I expected more reappearances, we more than half way into the season and have only seen Tyler (barely) and Sarah (don’t care) so far

    • Well there is that Dorian dude and Henry is supposed to appear next week, that Damon’s war buddy guy xD Think Liz might have been in a flashback as well. Julie said in a question and answer we will see Tyler again as well.

  4. Television says:

    I still really enjoy this show and really hope that no matter what they pick it up on a different network. I’d like to see them continue this show, there are lots of storylines that they could go down. I for one think they could even have Elena wake up in a different body, different actress, and it would be fine. Or they can just show new adventures with a few of the cast members. I just want the show to continue in a new direction that would give us more seasons.

  5. Ma says:

    Sadly they really are ruining the end of the show. Everyone wants Elena an Damon to end up happily ever after! And all the other loved characters in the same way!

  6. Oh meaning the fans who carried the show for so long and the pairing that won them so many awards. TVD would have been nothing without them.

  7. Oh yeah and Klaus isn’t going to be anymore healthy for Caroline than Stefan. Everything Sybil said there could also be said about Klaus.

    • Jane says:

      Take a pill and breeeeathe

      • I’m good xD Just saying if they do KC again there will likely be a lot of issues they still have to go through since Klaus is far from perfect and has done a crap ton and is also very dangerous. So it won,t be all sunshine and rainbows right away. I just hope she doesn’t end up with Alaric just because it is safe and for her daughters. Being in a relationship with someone just for your children’s sake when you don’t actually love the other person comes with it,,s own issues. Caroline,s own happiness and what she wants is important too. Children can sense when your unhappy and if a sadness permeates a family.

    • Stacey says:

      At least Klaus owns his actions and doesn’t pretend he’s holier than thou, like Stefan. Stefan has no self control, he’s a horrible person, but somehow believes he is better than Damon and everyone else. I want my former favorite character, Caroline, to come back, I haven’t seen her since season 5. I just want her to be happy. Klaroline would be wonderful, but I’ll take her single and exploring the world, like she always wanted to do, any day of the week. Hopefully Bonenzo will get a happy ending too.

      • Jane says:

        Yes, Caroline single is still better than Caroline-hypocrite, who presumably despises bad guys, but engaged to an on/off ripper when her main priority should’ve been not Stefan, not Klaus, but kids. Alaric took them away and she was like “sad, but what can I do?”. Break off an engagement with a ripper might be a step one.
        And I wish the writers worked harder on Bonenzo. They created smth like KC in no time, surely they could’ve done better with Bonenzo.

        • Stacey says:

          I know, she’s been preoccupied with this dumb wedding to a mass murderer when her kids are in danger. Girl has to get her priorities straight. Agreed about Bonenzo!

        • I loooove Bonenzo! They could be more sophisticated with their storylines, but they could be more sophisticated with ALL the storylines. Bonenzo has managed well, considering.

  8. Also if nothing else a Damon and Elena ending or a Defan with Elena being Damon’s last and one and only true love, last girl forever, so all those who want to take away or destroy this pairing for everyone are not vindicated the vindictive souls that they are wanting to destroy all about and the memories of a pairing so many love so much. Disgusting. It ending their way would be heartless and cruel, they don-t want people to have a happy ending.

    • Jane says:

      Different people want different “happy endings”, JP can’t make all of us happy. As for SE/DE, it might be too late to give a proper ending to DE, let alone SE. As for SC, that’s one pairing I honestly can’t digest (and yes, I am a KC fan, so that might be why). And as you said in a previous comment, there are indeed many things that would need to be sorted out between Caroline and Klaus. But then there is no limit for future TO seasons, if JP bothers to improve the writing. So far, not impressed with TVD final season.

  9. Leah says:

    That’s where this show went wrong. Keeping the focus on a character that left two seasons ago. Tiresome. Pure fan service at it’s best, when it could of had a fresh turn.

  10. Lisa says:

    I hate this show is gonna end. I do hate the whole Sybil bit. A little of it was ok, but I didn’t know the end of the show was still going to be that story line until the end. I hope they finally kill her..Damon and Elana reunite, Bonnie gets her powers back and lives happily with Enzo…Stefan and Caroline get married and Alaric finds a new love that he can live with the east of his life and raises those beautiful witch daughters. As far as Matt he needs a special someone in his life and be head Sheriff until he retires.

  11. JJLantern says:

    I agree with everyone who has said once Elena left they should have killed her off and let Damon and everyone else move on! We would have happily watched anything NEW with the brothers and others of Mystic Falls but they blew it big time by keeping the focus on Elena.

    I think they just weren’t brave enough to kill her off. They could have. Damon could have gone over the edge (Ian never got to play as crazy as Paul did as the ripper so it would have been a treat), but then Stefan could have brought him back to help save the gang he has come to actually care about. Yes, some fans would have had a fit and left immediately, but the usual usual quality writing and fresh ideas could have revived the show and brought in new viewers if Julie Plec hadn’t restricted the writers to an Elena future.

    Instead, the tiredness and mediocrity of the last two season (granted with a few exceptions) has been much worse than losing some “ship.” It has given TVD a slow painful death. It has broken my heart. In some ways it is even worse when we do get a good episode (like the Christmas one) to remind us why we keep having hope. But no, this week my hope for a redemptive final season has finally died. (R.I.P. TVD)

    So now my only hope is that they kill them all! I think Bonnie’s scheme should somehow result in Elena dying. Then, at the end, when Matt rings the bell to kill the sirens I hope the “super bell” kills ALL supernatural creatures – including witch Bonnie. (We have already seen the tuning fork does affect her.) Heck, I wouldn’t even mind if while dying one of them kills Matt too! I would prefer sudden horror to banal mediocrity. And, it would be much truer to how TVD started.

    It seems Julie might be headed this way anyway. I would have preferred them all dying heroically really still loving each other as great friends but it looks like Julie is intending to turn every single person against each other and burn all bridges. (Ironic) Wrong choice! But. at least she would have made one bold choice in two years.

    JJ Abrams ruined both of my former favorite shows Alias and Lost at the end so I guess Plec will be in good company at least. I just hope she doesn’t expect me to follow her to any other projects after ruining my all time favorite show. Nope, can’t even give her credit for originating it now because I have scars I wouldn’t have had if I had never watched.

    Some fans are very talented with their editing systems and make great TVD YouTube videos. Maybe when this sad season is finally put out of its misery we can all go to work editing something together that we can still feel good about? Looks like it is up to us. I would have expected this final season of TVD to kick butt. Instead it has become clear that even for the fans the who watched faithfully for 8 years they didn’t care enough to even try.

  12. melissa covert says:

    I think elena needs to come back, but not to be with Damon. I mean after all he did kill Tyler. She needs to come back and be with stephan. Damon and Caroline need to be together. When Elena finds out Damon killed Tyler she should hate him for it.

    • Danielle Wilson says:

      Exactly! In what UNIVERSE does Damon (think Damon killing Tyler) get to have Elena (think Elena saying “It will always be Stefan”)???

  13. Team MFG says:

    As others have said, the show made a huge mistake in keeping Elena so present these last two seasons. The smart move would’ve been to kill her, but even just going a few episodes without mentioning her could’ve helped. As it stands, she’s like an anchor dragging down every storyline even though she’s not there. And I say this as someone who liked Elena and was sad when Nina left. But that was her choice and the writers should’ve been brave enough to put her character aside and given the show a fresh start.
    Given that Nina will likely only appear in a scene or two in the finale, I don’t think they should have her end up with anyone. There won’t be enough time to properly develop an ending for her with either brother so just leave it open ended and focus her screen-time on her reuniting with her friends (whichever ones are still alive, that is.)
    Let Bonnie get her powers back, let Enzo take the cure, and give them a happy ending. Caroline should ditch all the men in her life and focus on her kids or go traveling. At this point, I really don’t care what happens to Alaric. It’d be nice to see Matt get something to do for once. Maybe he can form a new council since the old one blew up a few seasons back and they never replaced them. Maybe this one could even have supernaturals and humans working together to keep the town safe. I’d love it if they brought Tyler back to life, but I’d settle for learning that he found peace in death. Damon and Stefan should either die saving everyone or just leave town together. A Defan ending is the only thing that makes sense for them now.

    • Joyvonejelagat says:

      I just hope for Elena to die I don’t like the fact that she coming in between the two brothers its that Stefan still feeling for her on the other hand Damon loves her the brothers are better of without her

  14. Bobby Moniz says:

    I hope Nina decides to come back even if it’s not full time, or if it wasn’t her choice to leave I hope the producers do it because I’m sure I’m not the only fan disappointed with her absence this long… It’s not the same

  15. Pamela Simmons says:

    Who cares if Elaine comes back I don’t cause she was not s good actor and she didn’t have much interested in the story always bitching and complaining.

  16. yesyesyall says:

    Nina left the show and TPTB should have let Elena leave with her – for good. I say Damon and Stephan get their humanity back, get their minds wiped of all things Elena and Mystic Falls, and ‘come to’ in some new city and realize te beauty that is the Damon-Stephan bromance.
    The ‘oh crap Kat and Ian have major chem but I don’t wanna go there for my own reeeeeeasons clusterPlec’ denial that brought about the instaEpicRomance that is Bonenzo can just die because Bonnie needs to just escape this den of life-suckers and go find Dean and Sam. And Caroline needs to go get her babies, smite St. Alaric and start her own reality TV series.

  17. Tina Cameron says:

    Sorry to see my number one show ending

  18. Peggy says:

    Yes damon and Elena They are soul mates. They challenge each other in a good way. Bonnie is happy now let them find a way to break the curse . Stefan and Caroline do make a good couple . let Matt be sheriff and be happy. Let it end where they’re all happy and having a good time together. There’s been enough sad times for the show.

  19. Danielle Wilson says:

    Elena belongs with Stefan…I can’tell say that enough. The writers got me watching it by drugging me with the Steven a loveliness in the beginning …I expect to be led right back around to it somehow!!

  20. Ajay says:

    I want tvd to go on for all ppl who wants it to end n who thinks its stupid y should we care abt wat they think they don’t have to watch it it has a lot of fans who would want tvd to have more in the series