Girl Meets World Series Finale

Girl Meets World Creator & Star Preview Emotional, 'Premature' Series Finale

Friday’s Girl Meets World series finale (Disney Channel, 6/5c) is a perfect example of that age-old idom “prepare for the worst, hope for the best.”

When the episode was filmed in July 2016, the network hadn’t officially decided whether the show would return for a fourth season, forcing the writers to get a little creative.


Photo: Nate Taylor

“We shot it so it could pass as a finale if we needed it to be,” Corey Fogelmanis (aka Farkle) tells TVLine. “We wrapped the season with that thought in the back of our minds.”

Series creator Michael Jacobs explains, “We signed up to do four years. Whatever Disney Channel’s business model is, we always tailored the show for four years. We wanted to basically do the seven years of Boy Meets World in four years of Girl Meets World. We had some really wonderful plans for the fourth season. Knowing there was a possibility that it could end, we came up with ‘Girl Meets Goodbye.'”

Part of that “goodbye” involves the show’s largest reunion of original Boy Meets World cast members yet — hey, somebody has to help Topanga decide whether or not to move the family to London — including both actresses who played Cory’s sister Morgan: Lily Nicksay (Seasons 1–2) and Lindsay Ridgeway (Seasons 3–7).

“It was really exciting having the Morgans on the show,” Fogelmanis says. “Not only was it both of them, but this was [Morgan’s] first episode [of GMW], so it was cool getting to watch them reunite with everybody else.”

There’s also a special moment in which a potentially London-bound Riley has a heart-to-heart with Farkle, as the two rehash their own somewhat complicated history. Looking back on the characters’ relationship, Fogelmanis says he’s glad that Farkle found Smackle, and that his character is better off as Riley and Maya’s friend: “Not every relationship between a guy and a girl has to be romantic.”

As for whether Fogelmanis would return to Girl Meets World, should it be picked up for a fourth season elsewhere — which remains a possibility, according to Jacobs — he says it would need to be a group decision: “I’d want to make sure everyone else would come back. I’d want to continue it as it was going. We really got into a groove there.”

“Hopefully there’s another venue out there that realizes theres an audience that loves this,” adds Jacobs. “There are many stories to tell. Maybe there’s an incarnation where we can do this and get both the old audience and the new audience. The last thing we’d want to do is overstay our welcome, but I think we died prematurely here.”

What are your hopes for Friday’s finale? Do you think the show deserves to continue elsewhere? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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  1. Joey Padron says:

    Good interview about the finale. Excited to watch but also sad the show is ending for now. Hope they will find a new home for the show soon!

  2. Barbara Roberts says:

    KEEP the show on Disney with the same cast!!!! I love that the show deals with the stress of a girls life from middle school to collage. The show is more than a fun show, it deals with what daughters r going though right now. PLEASE keep the show on the air. My daughter loves it and so do I!!

  3. Kermit says:

    The finale is already available on the Disney Channel app. No spoilers, but I thought it was a fitting end.

  4. Amanda says:

    Please save GMW! Netflix, Freeform, somebody take it over and keep telling this story. I” a fan of Boy Meets Workd and have loved this continuation. It’s clever and moving.

  5. Vaughn says:

    Moooooossssst definitely….please someone pick this incredible show up……better yet…DISNEY, Please change your mind….long live Girls Meets World

  6. Ray Bernstein says:

    Keep it going it is my favorite show. It can’t end or my life would end. That show actually helped me through my problems. So please keep going and have Riley date Farley and Mya date Lukas. See funny twist. DONT END IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    • Mary says:

      Pretty sure if you read the article it was stated the Farkle is friends with both girls besides if you understood the ending at al Maya would never neither Riley nor Maya would ever jeopardize their friendship with the other so Maya will never date Lucas

  7. hvnobles says:

    We are all planning to watch the finale tonight. My 8 year old is heartbroken the show is ending. I am too since its one of the only shows that teaches good morals and positive relationships. We need more shows that address relational issues but don’t encourage kids to be rude, snarky or mean. Disney please re-think this! Netflix please pick it up – you should be able to see how many times my daughter watches past episodes over and over again.

  8. Ibifuro clement says:

    Girl meets world should go to season 5 or eve. More I mean everyone loves I don’t know anyone doesn’t you really can learn something from the show so don’t stop it.

  9. Ibifuro clement says:

    Maybe it should be on abc but the same cast and crew

  10. Yasmine says:

    I’m angry that Girl Meets World is ending . My daughter Samantha is in love with this show. She is upset now that it’s ending. Please keep the show on Disney channel cause I like the show too .

  11. Barb Valaitis says:

    You guys need to stay on tv. This is a great show for kids. Like you said. A guy and girl at 13, 14,15 and even 16 don’t have to romantically involved. They need to be kids. Learn from each other. Grow up together and sometimes go in different directions. That’s what growing up is. You gain friends, you keep friends and sometimes you lose friends. This show is good tv. I hope another network gives it a shot. We have too many cop, killing, dark side shows on. My prayers are with you.

  12. Desiree Myers says:

    It should continue because there are a lot of life lessons to be taught and this show is THE best show on Disney.

  13. Julie says:

    I really hope the show continues on another channel!

  14. A. D. says:

    Someone save this amazing show!

  15. Peggy says:

    Yes .Keep this show on .I grow up,watching Boy meets World ,was. So excited when Girl meets World come on .I have a ten age daughter that she has watch Boys Meets World with me before going to school the morning ,now we get to Shar time toghter watching a new geration .We both love this show .Please reconsider keepingg this show on .The show has such great values for teenager to watch .Love the show

  16. Christina Mackenzie says:

    I love this show!!! I am so sad. This I actually the one show that I like my son to watch. We watch out together every week. It seems to be the only show that has good morals and life lessons. Please someone pick this show up.

  17. Denise Cotheran says:

    Please don’t cancel the show I love the show and even my husband loves it. We don’t want to go it’s the best show on disney besides liv and maddie we love that one too. It has a great cast they need to stay with the show if it does back on the air they need to keep the same cast and as we watch the the kids grow. They give the best way for the kids to learn how to be good it give them morals.

  18. Kristina Wilson says:

    As a parent, Girl Meets World is my favorite show for the kids. Every now and then it starts to take a weird turn, but always comes around to values and morals that I stand by and appreciate from every aspect of the show – parent to child, friendship, young love, teacher to student, etc. Please don’t have it end! Disney, what are you doing? You finally have a show with real people, real issues, real dialogue, and real values, rather than the fairy tale you paint on virtually every other show where in the end, everyone’s dreams come true, everyone makes it as an entertainer, and everyone becomes rich and famous! Why would you possibly trade anything like that for something as completely wonderful as Girl Meets World? Someone please continue with this show. I can’t express strongly enough how much I appreciate this show. I would be extremely disappointed if it stopped

  19. Michelle White says:

    Girl Meets World deserves to be picked up for a 4th season and hopefully even more seasons elsewhere such as Freeform. I watched Boy Meets World growing up and love the inclusion of old characters and I love the new characters. Deserves more time

  20. Brandi says:

    I hope the show does Continue.MY girls and I cried on the finale. We looked forward to every week to watch the Show together.As a 33 yr Old I grew up w/ Boy meets World and was excited to hear about Girl meets world.Makes my girls and I sad to see it go. I felt it was a very positive show for young girls to learn from! Hope to see its big return!!!!

  21. Angela Castrovinci says:

    Absolutely! I think you should carry out Girl Meets World the entire 7 years that Boy Meets World was. Fabulous show and wonderful lessons for everyone.

  22. Melfrieda Logan says:

    Wow I cant even believe that they would take Girl Meets World off the air. This is such an amazing. So my hope is that they will continue the show or another network pick them up.

  23. Eveliz Cotto says:

    I grew up with BMW and my girls were doing the same with GMW. Life lessons is what these shows are about. Please keep it up. There are hardly any shows like this and in this world we need more like these.

  24. Smokey says:

    I hope that girl meets world has a fourth season. And I believe that there is hope. Someone will realize the audience that loves this show and will pick up this show for a fourth season. Hope is not for suckers. Hope is the light that helps us out. Never turn off that light. Never give up hope. Because Thunder and Lightning will keep us all connected to Girl meets world. I believe(and hope) that “Girl meets goodbye” will not,I repeat,WILL NOT,be the end of Girl meets world. Save girl meets world. A whole audience is counting on it.

  25. harry casto, retired marine says:

    i am 70 years old a maybe not so grizzled old vietnam vet, the kids were great escape from flashbacks, my kids love the show , and they are adults, well most of the time. really cold, sad ending

  26. Anthony says:

    I I would like to see the cast and show move to another network they have so much chemistry together

  27. Jo pilcher says:

    Sad that this very quality show is over!! We welcomed this awesome cast into our Friday night home and laughed, cried and discussed many real life issues with our tween .. Very premature we think!!

  28. Lisa says:

    My daughter and I loved to watch this show together. Please don’t take the characters away right now. It’s not the time yet. ❤❤❤❤

  29. Dani says:

    Mabey it will be on Freeform or on Netflix I have been reading about this all night

  30. Jan says:

    Disney is making a big mistake taking thos show off the air. It’s a great family show and something that is missing in shows for families today. Get rid of Stuck in the Middle!

  31. asterling45 says:

    Sad to hear GMW is ending on Disney. Hopefully another network will pick up the show to continue the story of these teens as they continue their lives & continue giving life lessons to the teens who watch this show. Let’s hope we’re watching new episodes next season.

  32. Kelly Taylor-Rhoades says:

    Growing up watching Boy Meets World was truly one of life’s lessons that I was fortunate enough to have in my generation. It taught us that not every family was perfect, nor was life. The World outside could sometimes be a scary and harsh reality an yet at the same time be simply amazing. I am now 43 with 2 kids of my own, one’s 22 and one is almost 5 and I must say this generation is way differen than mine. Introducing Girl Meets World to todays generation was an amazing idea. It teaches us about real life struggles and the realities or children are facing in this da and age, sch as bullying. I’m glad the story line portrays some of life’s “old school” lessons and realities such as those from Boy Meets World. Along with keeping in the now with the new generation and how our world and it’s societies keep changing. I myself have not missed an episode. Please reconsider keeping the show up and running. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, along with fingers crossed.

  33. Amber says:

    Hope someone picks it up I grow up watching boy meets world and as an adult I love watching girl meets world. I def think it’s worth it to keep going. U can still go so much further with it.

  34. No one specific says:

    I don’t understand why it had to end. I get it was only a 4 year contract, but shouldn’t the large number of viewers over the years tell you to keep it going?

  35. robert busan says:

    I watch the show with my daughter… he has watched (an) for the entire time it has been on … She is now a freshman in high school like the kids in the show ….very unhappy it ended…so much more to create for these kids …. the rest of high school! ……. bunch of my middle school students feel the same,,,,, Netflicks next?!!

  36. Makenzie says:

    I do believe that the show should have another chance it is an amazing show and theaches so much I don’t want to lose the show I love the most. It has fought me so many life lessons. I can’t have this amazing show be canceled. Please don’t do this to your huge fans of Grill Meets World.

  37. Colleen says:

    I love girl meets world and would really hate to have it end to soon! Keep it for the kid in all of us!

  38. Mackenzie says:

    I hope they continue with the show, it was my favorite. It helped me realize things.
    It was both sweet and funny
    It’s a great show, with great people.

  39. Danielle Johns says:

    I am a fan of both Boy Meets world, and Girl Meets World, I was also excited to see how Uriah acted in Girl Meets World because I was/am obsessed with the movie Lifted that he was in. Although I was skeptical at first I began to relate to the characters ore and more. I’ve cried, laughed, got angry, and I felt connected to all of them. Girl Meets World is way more then a 5th show, it has really made an impact in not only my life but many others. I hope you continue, and find a channel because I know im not the only one who was heart broken to hear about the show possibly ending.

  40. I was so upset I hope they come back

  41. Deanne Torres says:

    I thought it was just a joke when I found out, I love the show, and it is way to premature to end this . I see so many,many stories that can still be told
    . I recorded it but don’t want to watch it, that way for me , its not not over please bring it back so I can watch girl meets goodbye.

  42. Abbi says:

    I think girl meets world needs another chance ! I love this show and so does everyone else !!!

  43. Abbi says:

    This is an awesome show and i love girl meets world! ! It needs another chance !!

  44. PATRICIA A GWYNN says:

    Yes I think the show should continue. Its a great show. I hope when the show finds its new home its with the same cast members.

  45. Kristina Brezinski says:

    My daughter and I just watched the season finale “Girl Meets Goodbye”. We were sad of the possibility of it being the last season but thankful that it’s not set in stone. This is the best and most favorite show of mine and my tween daughter. She has gone through some difficult friendships and I was able to use this show to help her see what true friends are supposed to be like. The cast in this show inspire her, especially Riley and Maya. She wishes she could be part of this cast, because of how close they are on stage and off. Our hope is to see GMW continue. I am a past fan of BMW and now with my daughter a fan of GMW.

  46. Bug says:

    Yes don’t end the show😭Please that was the only good show on Disney Channel😔😔😔😭

  47. Bug says:

    Let it continue let it be like boy meets world with seven seasons because boy meets world was awesome just like girl meets worlds is now I’m so sad why producers whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  48. Bug says:

    Or it can start another season but fall under a different name like Hannah Montana

  49. Elijah Smartt says:

    I really do think GMW Should come back

  50. Mallory Tillotson says:

    I think this show should continue somewhere else because I love this show. And it teaches me a lot of stuff.