People's Choice Awards Winners

People's Choice Awards 2017 Winners: Priyanka Chopra, Outlander and More

Our country’s democratic process may be flawed, but when it comes to entertainment — specifically the People’s Choice Awards — never forget that the popular vote still matters.

Wednesday’s ceremony featured a mind-boggling 32 television-related categories, resulting in some truly phenomenal face-offs — Hilary Duff vs. Vera Farmiga? Sure, why not! — and more than a few surprise victories. Scroll down to see the full list of 2017 winners, which will be updated throughout the show:

Favorite TV Crime Drama Actress: Jennifer Lopez, Shades of Blue

Favorite Actor in a New TV Series: Matt LeBlanc, Man With a Plan

Favorite Actress in a New TV Series: Kristen Bell, The Good Place

Favorite Premium Comedy Series: Fuller House

Favorite Premium Series Actor: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ballers

Favorite Network TV Drama: Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Daytime TV Host: Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Favorite Cable TV Comedy: Baby Daddy

Favorite Premium Series Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker, Divorce

Favorite Dramatic TV Actress: Priyanka ChopraQuantico

Favorite Competition TV Show: The Voice

Favorite New TV Comedy: Man With a Plan

Favorite New TV Drama: This Is Us

Favorite Comedic TV Actress: Sofia Vergara, Modern Family

Favorite Network TV Comedy: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite TV Show: Outlander

Favorite Comedic TV Actor: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Dramatic TV Actor: Justin Chambers, Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Cable TV Drama: Bates Motel

Favorite Cable TV Actor: Freddie Highmore, Bates Motel

Favorite Cable TV Actress: Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel

Favorite TV Crime Drama: Criminal Minds

Favorite TV Crime Drama Actor: Mark Harmon, NCIS

Favorite Premium Drama Series: Orange Is the New Black

Favorite Network Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show: Supernatural

Favorite Cable Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show: The Walking Dead

Favorite Premium Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show: Outlander

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor: Sam Heughan, Outlander

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress: Caitriona Balfe, Outlander

Favorite Daytime TV Hosting Team: Good Morning America

Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host: Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

Favorite Animated Series: The Simpsons

Did your favorite shows and stars win big this year? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the winners below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kim R says:

    Kevin Hart won something before Dwyane. 😊

  2. Marc says:

    Matt LeBlanc won over Kevin James guess people did not like the show like that

  3. Bella says:

    The election is over. Get over it? The system is flawed? Because you didn’t get your way for once? Keep whining and the orange-haired nincompoop will get re-elected.

  4. claudiagail says:

    Popular vote is a bit of a misnomer, as one can vote as many times as they want in a category (or use robo voting as it is all done online). Not really a true measure of popularity, and the show itself isn’t worth watching.

  5. Leia says:

    It’s not a popular vote, it’s a who has no life and votes over and over again day after day, from their devices, it’s lame, remember when 90 million voted on AI, reaallly?

  6. Judi says:

    I wish they would say which tv shows the nominees are on, I don’t know who half these people are.

  7. Dude says:

    More like, whoever actually bothers to show up, gets the award.

  8. Judi says:

    Did it just end without announcing all the winners??

    • Andy Swift says:

      As usual, unfortunately. The rest will be announced via a press release, and we’ll update our list.

    • Alichat says:

      That happens all the time. They basically only invite the winners to the show, and if the winners can’t appear, they don’t announce the winner on air. This is why Outlander won 4 awards and was never mentioned. It’s lame as hell. They wonder why the ratings are never that great, and it’s because people spend all that time voting for their shows and don’t get to see the win. And it’s rather crappy to some of the actors as well, because some winners are announced during the commercial break. These are the ones they announce from their seats with a quick ‘hey this show/person won!’ They don’t get to say anything. Got all dressed up to be showed sitting in a theatre seat. The whole awards program should be revamped. Robo-voting should not be allowed, only a single vote per person/email/IP address, and give out all awards on the show. But that would take $$ to implement. They should at least announce all winners, and show pre-recorded thank you messages on air instead of allowing people like Jennifer Lopez to act startled that she won and talk for 10 minutes as if she’d won a Nobel Peace Prize.

  9. Jacqui Young says:

    The show has ended and I still don’t know how my Outlander team made out???

  10. Liz says:

    Wow. The ‘people’ have a very strange opinion on good acting. The Rock? Priyanka Chopra? Seriously? They like ‘This is Us’, but apparently they don’t like the acting. That just makes me sad.

  11. Linda says:

    The winners always know if they won, that is why they are there to accept the awards (if they decide to be). Most categories aren’t aired because God forbid, they have an award show to hand out awards and not waste most of the time dilly dallying.

  12. TvLover says:

    I stopped watching the People’s Choice Awards A few years ago.

    And I mean no offense to those that voted, but . . .
    What is the point of televising this award show when it takes probably four hours. And even then hardly anyone, if anyone gets awarded.
    Sorry but the PCA awards should just be on their site.
    Way too many chategories to struggle through.

    • fancykats says:

      Horribly put together show. Happy for Outlander, but why weren’t they even mentioned?? They were working in Scotland!!!

  13. TvLover says:

    Then again my ranking of TV awards shows are this.

    Golden Globes
    Critics Choice
    People’s Choice
    Teen Choice

  14. Rose says:

    Why are so many important awards announced post ceremony? Very disappointing. It’s like if The Acadamy Awards announced the winners of Best Actor/Actress/Movie after the Oscars went off the air.

  15. S says:

    Finally an awards show where Outlander isn’t snubbed!!!!

    • Sheree Orgeron says:

      I wish we could have seen it! Love the books and the show. Wasted time watching it. I could have gone to bed early and find out tomorrow who won.

    • fancykats says:

      Well, they kinda were. Swept their categories and never even acknowledged because they are filming season 3 of Outlander in Scotland!!

  16. Alice Rowe says:

    To bad u dont plan an awards show where u recognize ALL the winners…poorly planned…last time I’ll watch!

  17. Rose says:

    Finally, awards for Outlander! Congrats especially to Catriona and Sam. They are exquisite together.

  18. Sheree Orgeron says:

    Worst awards show ever! I voted everyday and I don’t get to see who won? I would have love to have seen when “Outlander” won along with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. I wasted my valuable time watching this show.

    • jj says:

      It simply means that Caitriona and Sam didn’t attend. If they were willing to attend, their category and win would have been shown. That’s how the PCAs have always worked.

      • fancykats says:

        They were filming in Scotland for Season 3! They even had a thank you recorded. So sad they weren’t even acknowledged for sweeping their category!!

  19. Et al says:

    It’s pretty pathetic when we have to turn to the flippin People’s Choice awards to give Bates Motel, Freddie Highmore, and Vera Farminga the recognition they so deeply deserve from more legitimate organizations. But I’m thrilled for them anyway.

  20. Prince Raj says:

    Where the fu*k is #GameOfThrones Thats why I dont like award shows.Its much fair and square in Sports.

  21. Betty says:

    I never got a vote to vote, I’m a People…the winners are not anyone I watch…do you? Really, Jim Parsons a favorite…he’s worn out and so is the other highly promoted average actors. Phony voting!

    • jj says:

      considering Big Bang Theory is the highest rated show and even its reruns wins the night in rating, it’s not surprising that the show and Jim Parsons are the people’s favorite. It’s actually quite naive of you to think otherwise.

  22. Daya says:

    So happy that Mark Harmon won! Little sad that Lucifer didn’t get any love, but yay Mark and BBT! <3

  23. cadfile says:

    Only to note all the awards say “Favorite” not best and many of the selections proved the point. Jennifer Lopez was not the best TV Crime Drama Actress and if the winners know ahead of time why the acting surprised??

  24. cuius says:

    Things to be thankful for – the actual PCA show didn’t get an award – perhaps people don’t like it!

  25. notfeelingencouraged says:

    Seriously, Favorite TV Crime Drama: Criminal Minds??? Seriously?? Wow, just Wow!

  26. Terri says:

    DIdn’t watch last night, but so glad that Outlander, Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe won!!! It’s about time!!!

  27. I am absolutely thrilled at the Outlander quadfecta. Hopefully, the various critics’ and guild-related television awards will finally take notice!

    • fancykats says:

      Such an amazing show! Sam Heughan is not just a pretty face, nor is Caitriona Balfe. They can act their socks off!!!! They deserve MORE recognition!!!

  28. Diane says:

    Finally some recognition for Outlander and Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe!!! Tobias Menzies and other are also hugely unrecognized. This was People’s Choice….pay attention Hollywood.

  29. fancykats says:


  30. Jo Mainland says:

    Well done Outlander, well deserved. Amazing show, writer and most of all actors. Truly outstanding T.V. !!

  31. Alex Jones says:

    not pleased with most of these, only a couple of shows on there I actually watch (Quantico and supernatural)

  32. May says:

    Outlander is such a great show and has so many fans, so I can’t understand why is it treated so badly by award shows? Even when they win, no mention of it… I don’t get it…

  33. djav says:

    Omg i cant beleive that greys anatomy and the walking dead won the price yayy