Days of Our Lives Cancelled Ending NBC Megyn Kelly

Is Days of Our Lives Cancelled? NBC Boss Says: 'I Don't Think It's Over Yet'

The reports of Days of Our Lives‘ cancellation may have been greatly exaggerated.

The long-running NBC daytime soap was rumored to be on the chopping block earlier this month after the network signed Fox News alum Megyn Kelly and offered her a daytime news program. But NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt cautioned soap fans that the fate of Days hasn’t been settled yet.

“We don’t make a decision for another couple months,” Greenblatt told TVLine at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Wednesday. “But I don’t think it’s over yet.”

Greenblatt also doesn’t think that Days, a NBC daytime staple since its 1965 premiere, will necessarily be affected by Kelly’s arrival. “Everybody assumed that she would kill that show. And that’s a bad assumption,” he says. “It’s still too early to know where she’s going to be in daytime. And we have a lot of news hours in daytime, so there’s some flexibility.”

Current contracts for the Days cast and producers only run through the end of 2017, so the clock is ticking on a possible renewal. But Greenblatt says the network would make an effort to give Days fans plenty of notice if they do decide to pull the plug: “We would try to do that. Unfortunately, soap operas are written so far ahead of when they air… like, six months. But yeah, we would try to be respectful.”

Days fans, what do you think? Is the end near? Give us your take in the comments.

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  1. Peter Allan Ker says:

    I love Days of Our Lives but it’s time for it to end.

  2. kmw says:

    While it would be nice to take his words at face value, I do believe the end is near for DOOL. NBC has plenty of hours for Kelly? Yes I suppose they do but I don’t see NBC yanking any of the Today shows hours and I guess it depends on the rest of their line up. Days is the easiest to pull because its the more expensive of their shows. So sad to see the soap operas of daytime fade away

  3. GuessWhat says:

    It’s over.
    And then there will only be 3 left.
    And soon those will be over, too.
    RIP soaps.

  4. Jeff says:

    Heheh – major negotiating ploy. He says it’s a possibility but not a sure thing. This is a tactic for negotiating with Sony for a lower license fee. If Sony balks, then the hourglass for Days will run out.

  5. ninergrl6 says:

    Not all soaps are written six months ahead; that’s a Days thing. I was a die-hard fan in the 80s/90s and still tune in occasionally (have see the Horton Christmas tree!) but I think they alienated a lot of longtime viewers by killing off beloved characters. With so much competition for viewership, it’s just a matter of time before all of the soaps are gone.

  6. Traditionalist says:

    I sure hope it’s not over for the Days fans out there. Never really watched it much (except for Will and Sonny), but I know it’s vast history. I still mourn One Life to Live every day. I know people will find that weird, but they do get in your heart (even when the stories are silly and lame), soap characters are more than characters, they truly do become friends when you watch them daily for 40 or more years. Even though the writing has been horrid of late, I dread the day GH gets the axe.

    • AngieD says:

      I do miss AMC and OLTL. However, I think the ratings on GH went up a tick after the other 3 were cancelled. The producers made a lot of effort to bring back fan favorites to GH for their 50th anniversary and has managed to keep many on a recurring basis. So far, TPTB haven’t been able to find a successful 2nd show (i.e. The Chew survives as an AMC timeslot replacement, but the 2nd replacement show in OLTL’s timeslot hasn’t been discovered yet.) and until they do, it wouldn’t be wise for them to cancel GH. One of the problem with GH’s writing is that the cast is now so big that it’s hard to balance pacing of storyline vs disappearing characters. We haven’t seen Lucas and Brad together for months and Lucas is a Spencer/Jerome family member and a doctor who never seems to be on duty at the hospital. Lucas should’ve been around when Morgan, his nephew, died.

  7. Angela says:

    The only show I DVR is Days. I work 12-14 hour days and live a drama free life. However, I enjoy my daily dose of Salem drama. The characters have been a part of my life for 35+ years. If it gets cancelled, so will my cable.

  8. Dee Winte says:

    I love love this soap. Cmon leave it alone it is middle of day put her on at later. Dont like her anyway. Wont watch her show.

  9. Stella McMurray says:

    Days is gradually getting better. It irks me when other viewers complain about the length of some of the plots. The writers are telling us a story. They could possibly move it along a bit faster at times, but Days is a character driven soap, not necessarily an action driven one. This I believe, is what help to make us feel connected to certain characters. They are giving us a message. This is how soaps were written 60 plus years ago. Hopefully it isn’t over yet. I think NBC is very aware of the possible backlash if they cancel Days abruptly. I think they will give Megyn Kelly a show for a year and see how the ratings are. If Days has not improved enough by then, it could be gone by September of 2018.

  10. Michael says:

    Sound just like Brian Frons before he axed AMC and OLTL, and we all know how that ended. I hope NBC/Sony looks at DOOL for other more modern platforms, and keeps it around a while longer

  11. becky butler says:

    I have been watching days of our lives since I was 7 years old and I still watch it I am its number one fan I do not want it to go at all

  12. Iakovos says:

    Not sure why DAYS has to go. NBC can take back the hour it gave affiliates when it let go of ANOTHER WORLD, can’t it? I like DAYS and would rather have a few daytime dramas to spare us from the repetitive guests of bland talk shows or the trashy guests on those courtroom shows. Once regarded as derivative in itself, serials now seem exceptional in a loud talky TV landscape.

  13. Mary Alice Guy says:

    I have been a fan from the beginning. Now, my 93 year old husband & I watch it everyday. Please!!! MmM

  14. Sandy DeVore says:

    My mom and I have watched Days for many many years and we would be very disappointed if they cancel it.

  15. Robert45 says:

    Started watching it by accident when I had it on as background noise when I was working from home for a few days during winter storms and have been sucked in. Now it has now become a staple on my DVR when I’m at work. I get that Megan Kelly has a fan base on FOX but so did Katie Couric on NBC and how long did her talk show on ABC last before they cancelled her. Is it really wise to give yet another person a talk show when as someone said she will end up rehashing the same guests? And maybe Savannah Guthrie will tire of the early mornings when her new contract is up and she wants out. Maybe a good slot for her with Matt Lauer. I really hope they don’t end up canceling Days and now with a storyline that will involve 3 families going to war maybe it will improve the ratings. Additionally couldn’t they kill the 9 am hour of Today with Al and Tamron, move Hoda and Kathie Lee to the 9 am hour and give Kelly the 10 am hour or something to that effect without killing Days.

  16. pat says:

    days must stay on. I am a 3 generation fan. it is part of our family!

  17. sandy reagan says:

    i watch today from 7 til 11 every day and i love it, i also watch days every day and dr phil and nbc is the only news channel i watch!! If they cancel days, i will boycott the entire channel and never watch it again!!!!!!!!!

    • I have pretty much been a fan my entire life as I was born in mid August and Days was my mother’s and sister’s show so I have been a fan from the get go and what I wouldn’t give to be a part of the end should it come to that!! I have memories of Mike and Trish, but I am not sure who or where their lineage comes from but what an incredible 50 something years of pure middle of the day enjoyment! My husband has afforded me the luxury of being able to be out of work a few times during the early 1984-88 on and off being out of work and having my 2 beautiful children and living the dream I have had since birth, I have survived alcoholism and broken marriages and medical issues and just life in general and I so miss the Horton’s and many lives of Stephano Dimera and Mickey Horton’s and Daniel and everything Maggie as she was my favorite character from the show and I shared Day’s with my own daughter in 1985 so my husband even became a fan after watching with me over the years and I just can’t tell you how Day’s has been there for me through the years, so I pray that the show goes on for the rest of my Days of my life, I had a series of mini strokes 2yrs ago and it was due to a tumor on my heart that they told me was extremely much like the Days of my life and for Nicole finally becoming a mother just is a beautiful story so I have been scared to death to lose the show around the same time in life that I am also losing my only sister as she is dying in a prison for a crime that she didn’t commit sounds like a Day’s story line huh? Well I wish I had more time to share how Days has affected my life all the life I have ever endured so please let me be a part of the end if you don’t mind I just think it would make it more bearable because when I had my strokes I also lost whatwas a unbelievably bad eyesight became ever more in serious condition and it like Paul story in the Bible verses where he wrote the books of the Bible both Phillip Ian’s and Thessalonians when Paul started losing his eyesight while writing the Lord’s words and I feel like my nephew is a modern day Paul and Joseph story as he and his mother was innocent of the charges they were committed to prison and we my auntie Cathy and my cousin Dana Lynn Cox and my sister Donna Lynn Phillips is a story that the likes of Days only can portrait and be the Day’s that my life is made of! Just know that I am typing this with the thumb of my right hand only so try this, put your one hand behind your back and then imagian if you broke your arm and only had your one hand to wipe your rump with, and you wouldn’t do so well as it comes as quite a shock to the system when for the longest time you feel as though you have been robbed of the last 4 years of your sisters life and 4 years of her son’s life and you can visit the FB site Justice4JaidonMorris and you can plainly see where they were framed by the town we grew up in only a story line that Day’s story line could portrait! I am furious how the media played against them and ended up with a state appointed lawyer who might I add is a joke from the beginning and if I could go back I would have taken my sister more carefully and I would have found a way to have gotten her a good lawyer but BC we were all so poor and couldn’t afford her proper representation and maybe we could have kept her from going to prison BC I believe had we all known that this was going to happen we would have done everything in our power to kept her out of prison and spared her four children from all this pain as her son’s lost their father when her oldest son was walking with him to town BC he their father had an alcoholic addiction and they were walking to town when a camper home that had their owning not properly restrained down for traveling passed them on the road and it struck their father in the head tearing his head open in front of his eldest son Sid and killed their father instantly and traumatizing Sid and forever leaving them w/o a father and now a mother, such a devastating life it must be thinking that the boys have lost both parents at the tender ages of34 and 33 so please keep us in your prayers and
      Like the sands of the hourglass, so are the”Day’s of our lives”!

  18. jean kelley says:


  19. Mark Goldstein says:

    Lots of other NBC affiliates? And cable channels….. It has 50 year old legs.. Lets keep it going elsewhere if need be.

  20. Julie Leingang says:

    There are more than enough talk shows/news shows. Each one has their own biased opinion. Why would we want another one??? Don’t take Days off the air, it’s the only daytime entertainment there is.

  21. Chloe says:

    I’ve been watching Days since 1968. It’s the only thing I watch during the day & if they cancel it, the TV will not be turned on until the news comes on. I’m hopeful after reading Greenblatt’s comments but still nervous. It sounds like it could still go either way. Let’s hope that sand hasn’t run out of the hourglass yet.

  22. Kevin says:

    Hate to wonder if Days of Our Lives will get cancelled and replace with Megyn Kelly. This won’t be good for Days because of low viewership and the series brought back familiar faces including Christie Clark, Austin Peck, Greg Vaughan and still to come Martha Madison and Shelley Hennig.

  23. Bonnie Zak says:


  24. Paul says:

    Days being over ever since Ali and James left to be in 2014 i hope its not cancelled for few fans that watch it now but i not watched a proper episode since they killed EJ off in Oct 2014 hated the ending they gave Ejami.

  25. A fan and I have always watched NBC says:

    I look forward each day during the week to watch Days of Our Lives !! We do not need another talk show or game show. If Days is canceled I will not watch NBC again. Please do not cancel !!!

  26. A fan and I have always watched NBC says:

    Please do not cancel Days of our lives, I look forward to watching it each day. We do not need another talk show or game show. If it is cancelled I will probably not watch NBC again in the daytime.

  27. Paula says:

    DOOL should have been cancelled years ago. Time to put that relic out of its’ misery! Daytime soaps should only exist in memory. I remember watching the very first DOOL episode when I was a child and I continued to watch it off and on for more than 3 decades. I actually kept up with 13 different soaps everyday via constant channel switching (and later the invention of the VCR). But daytime soaps have been dreadful for a long time so it would be best to let them go and not prolong their lackluster ratings any longer. End DOOL now and hopefully ABC will axe General Hospital, too! The daytime landscape needs to totally reinvent itself.

    • James says:

      The BBC’s daytime soap Doctors is doing pretty well despite being placed at a noontime slot there. Plus daily serials are staples on primetime across multiple UK networks.

      Additionally, a couple of other countries overseas still have daytime dramas scheduled in the afternoons. One has soaps contributing a little over 5 hours of programming daily.

    • Jewels says:

      If you don’t want to watch it, change the channel. There are many people who enjoy it. Me being one of them. Hate Megyn Kelly, boycotted her on Fox and will also boycott her on NBC.

  28. Mary says:

    I don’t watch this one but hate to see any more daytime drama TV being cancelled.

  29. Susan Jurist says:

    They should get rid of the 9:00 hour of the Today show – a total waste of time without one inch of news. Having a real news program in the morning would be a refreshing change.

    I’ve been watching DOOL from the beginning, and while it sometimes gets boring or silly, I don’t want to see it go.

  30. MMD says:

    I have never watched an episode of Days of our Lives but it seems by the comments here that there is an incredible and loyal fan base and NBC (and the other major networks) should be trying to keep viewers not completely alienating them. There are more than enough talk/news/channels and shows without adding more.

    Just sayin…………………and the networks wonder why streaming services are so popular. smdh

  31. Marylou Pironti says:

    Please, please don’t take it off the air. I have been watching it since it began, over 50 years ago! I started watching it when I was 27 and now I am 78 and I planned to watch it til I leave this earth. So please keep it on a few more years.

  32. I’ve never forgiven TPTB for their horrible behavior towards Chandler Massey. They replaced a good actor with a mediocre one and ended up killing off the character. I have tried watching since then because I grew up on Days, but the writing is terrible and the change-ups behind the scenes have created a lot of confusing and discombobulated story telling. They need to hire a new show runner and all new writers (and I don’t mean recycle old “talent” like they’ve been known to do; it’s a frickin’ revolving door) to bring the show into the 21st century.

    • mooshki says:

      Chandler wanted to leave. They’d bring him back in a heartbeat if they could.

      • Chloe says:

        He did; you’re right. But instead of letting him finish out his contract, they informed him one day that he was done & pushed him out the door. It was apparently payback because Chandler had announced his intention to leave the show at the Emmys. Maybe he shouldn’t have handled it that way, but he didn’t deserve to be “punished” that way.

        • mooshki says:

          So, he got paid for the rest of his contract but didn’t have to show up to work? Can I be “punished” that way? ;) I agree, it was tacky of them, but I don’t think it was that big a deal.

  33. Kyel Calland says:

    to be honest daytime soaps dealt with more darker themes like sex and drugs during the 70s and 80s, degrassi does better soap and that’s a kids show. now days its all so light weight. they need to go to cable so free to air censorship rules don’t apply so they can do darker, heavier storylines.

  34. barbara says:

    love this show…no negativity, please and assume it is already over. we need something more positive than all the news, anger and badmouthing going on, Yeah for Days forever!!!

  35. emma says:

    They lost a lot of fans with the new writers. It became all about what one writer wanted and not the fans. Get rid of the current head writer, and give the show another chance, I think fans would come back. But a lot of fans have made it clear as long as DH is there they will stay far far away from the show.

  36. loretto collum says:

    I THINK THEIR IS ENOUGH TALK SHOWS ON TV NOW THAT ALL TALK ABOUT THE SAME THING.PEOPLE OF ALL AGES PLAN THEIR DAY ON WATCING THIS SOAP. THEY HAVE ALL BECAME FAMILY TO A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO are house bound and cant do anything but watch tv.i think they should leave well enough alone. we love ou days of our lives hour we have everyday.

  37. Days was a great soap , but in the past year the acting & the script has gone downhill . I think its time to ax the show.

  38. tazzy says:

    This makes me incredibly sad. I was devastated at the loss of All My Children and One Life to Live. No, my life did not come to an end, but I still miss the characters and the stories. So — I hope that DOOL will continue to be around for the show’s many fans.

  39. Soraya E. says:

    It upset me greatly when ATWT ended, I cried. I really am not ready to see DAYS go.

  40. If days does goes off, I want Lumi back together in the end.

  41. Marylou Pironti says:

    Love the show, the actors, the story line, etc. but…………the loud background music drowns out the dialogue of a lot of the actors. In my opinion the show could do without that loud music. If I watch the show on my laptop, there is no music!!!! Why, I don’t know, it is only on the tv!!!

  42. Jam says:

    I will boycott NBC, Kelly and their sponsors. I watch a lot of NBC programs, “Days” and the news only during the day. Most every show listed from 8p-10p. I will not buy one product they advertise if they cancel Days. I have been a “Days” Watcher since my teens. I am now 62. There are to many talk shows and I do not watch any. Most have really bad undertones and language. Always bashing some one or something. Days is a diversion from all the nastiness.

  43. A.V. Marcoux says:

    The only thing I watch on NBC is Days, so if Days is taken off the air, I’ll never watch NBC again. Don’t do it!

  44. Heidi says:

    My mom and I have been watching DOOL since the very first episode. It’s only 1 hour out of daytime programming, that give several hours for any other program they wish to add to the line up. I know a lot of shows are on different outlets but let’s face it DOOL have a lot of old viewers and they aren’t going to watch or even have the ability to watch on other devices. So please NBC leave DOOL right where it is for us old timers.

  45. DEbbie says:

    There are too many talk shows now. If you want another news program go to CNN

  46. Donna Knight says:

    There are to many news/talk shows on now & I don’t watch any of them. If the soaps are gone I have no reason to watch TV.

  47. casper1701e says:

    I agree 100% with Jeff…this seems to be nothing more than a negotiating tactic to lower the licensing fees…however, if this woman is the ultimate reason Days gets cancelled I can’t tell you how angry that would make me. She is an extremely unlikable, judgemental person and I wouldn’t watch her whether Days stayed on the air or not. But for her to be the reason they ultimately give us (true or not), would push me right over the edge…NBC has made some major, major mistakes with truly good nighttime shows they just arbitrarily cancel after maybe 13 episodes…and no warning…cancelling Days over money or that woman would be the ultimate slap in the face. I’ll stick to GH and Y&R for my daytime watching material, otherwise, I’ll just keep watching TNT reruns of Supernatural and Bones…those are 100 times better than what’s on daytime TV, other than our beloved soaps.

    On a sadder note, it’s pathetic that Joe Mascolo’s death didn’t get any recognition in the beginning “credits” or even an “in memory of” nod. Shame on whoever dropped the ball there!

    • Jennifer Hayden says:

      I hear you on the negotiating tactic…As for Joe Mascolo’s death, I think because of the current storyline where the crew is trying to find Stefano, I don’t think they want to mention his death. If they end up finding Stefano alive, maybe they mention it then, or they’ll re-shoot any scenes Mascolo did and they’ll do like they used to do in the old days – put a crawl on the bottom of the screen – “The role of Stefano DiMera is now being played by XXX.”

      Either way – the show’s getting better. Less drama with the teens, they’re on the back burner. I think there will be an uptick….

  48. JANE says:


  49. Shirley Williams says:

    Please do not cancel it. I am 63 years old. Have been watching it all my life. If anything comes on in the afternoon they always take Days off. Take some of that other junk off. Days is the only thing that I watch.

  50. Nancy Jones says:

    Oh I sooooo hope they work this out. I’ve been watching for over 40 years now and can’t imagine life without my daily update on what’s going on in the Days lives. It’s definitely NOT time for it to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!