The Vampire Diaries Recap

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Hell's Bell

When it comes to lunatic teachers leading their students into life-threatening situations under the guise of a “field trip,” Ms. Frizzle’s got nothing on The Vampire Diaries‘ Sybil.

I mean, I don’t recall the Magic School Bus dropping any kids off in the middle of the woods to recreate a mass witch burning. And I’m fairly certain Ms. Frizzle never abandoned her students to track down a supernatural siren bell. Yet those activities were all on Sybil’s to-do list during Friday’s episode, which also dropped a heap of mythology on us. You might even say it landed with a bonnnnnggggg. (That was supposed to be a bell noise. I’ve never been great at bell noises.)

Anyway, this bell — which I’m going to just refer to as Belle, unless instructed otherwise — was constructed by the Maxwells back in the day, then charmed by the witches as a means to take down the sirens. (Side note: I’m not the least bit surprised that angel-on-earth Matt Donovan comes from a long line of churchgoing bell-makers.) So you can imagine how badly Sybil wanted to get her sexy little claws on it — and how furious she must have been when she and Caroline discovered that it’s already in Seline’s possession.

(Another side note: I love the way everyone’s family histories are connected on this show. Matt’s dad, Elena’s parents’ car accident, Belle — everything on this show, for better or worse, seems to lead back to Wickery Bridge.)

And after seeing the episode, I no longer think Ian Somerhalder was exaggerating when he referred to Caroline and Sybil as “odd bedfellows.” It was as strange as it was exciting to see them spending so much time together. Sure, they hate each other, but I feel like (in a weird way) Caroline values Sybil’s opinion, especially when it comes to the threat Ripper Stefan poses to her daughters. And can you blame her for listening? With Elena asleep and Bonnie off in Paris — scoping out venues for the #SterolineJuneWedding no doubt — she’s running out of friends!

Meanwhile, across town…

Is anyone else struggling to remember how many times Damon has died this season? I mean, he’s not at Bonnie status yet — there’s a reason that girl is played by someone named Kat — but his constant demises are starting to lose their impact. Well, Stefan’s big brother kicked yet another bucket this week, as part of an elaborate scheme to test the morality of a young doctor named Tara (played by The Lying Game‘s Alexandra Chando, always a welcome presence on my screen).

Tara talked a big game about her Hippocratic Oath, but once Stefan “informed” her that Damon drove her parents’ car off the road, she made sure to see him die in that hospital bed — unexpectedly earning her a roadside death, courtesy of her not-so-dead victim.

Speaking of victims, Stefan pretty much bullied Damon into tossing Elena’s necklace out the window during their post-hospital drive — but the fact that Damon went back to find it (“Whenever I have it, I just feel better”) shows that there’s hope for him yet. Stefan, on the other hand, is fully giving into his Ripper side. I’d tell you to ask one of the hospital employees about it, but you know… they’re all dead now.

Your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Hopes for the remaining eight? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Helen says:

    So Stefan is not a good guy?! Jeez who knew. It’s time for Klaroline endgame

    • spindae2 says:

      Cause Klaus is the best guy out there, isn’t he? Sure ;-)

      • Helen says:

        Course not, Klaus never pretends he is better than he is :)

        • Stacey says:

          Exactly! Klaus doesn’t pretend he’s a victim and doesn’t act holier than thou. I loved when Klaus told Stefan that keeping his victims letters was no different than writing their names on a wall. Stefan is just as bad, if not worse than Klaus.

          • Ify says:

            Stefan is worse than klaus.stefan is holier than thou.the only Salvatore hat has being true to his personality is Damon.That elenas necklace should have touched his human side just as it touched Damon.Afteral he still cares about elena so much,have we forgotten when Damon told him he burnt elenas corpse how angry he got and beat his brother.this is just who he is that is why he is always scared of flipping that switch cos whenever he does…calamity follows.

  2. Tina says:

    Ding dong I hear the sound of that trash steroline dying. My money is still on them never actually marrying. Sure they may get to the alter, but Caroline is going to realize Stefan is garbage and she will finally leave him to continue being in love with himself.

  3. luv2cook says:

    Please make it stop!

  4. Stacey says:

    So Stefan kills an entire hospital full of innocent people. Tell me again why he is better than Klaus, lol. Hoping for a SC death, Sybil is right, how can Caroline trust her kids around a rippah (Klaus’s voice). She can’t be that idiotic, can she? Sorely missed Bonenzo but enjoyed the Damon scenes, seems his humanity is coming back at last!

    • maria says:

      Stefan has always been week. I think Damon is stronger then Sybil and playng along to protect everyone , especially elena , until he finds a way to destroy Sybil and Cade.

      • Stacey says:

        I hope so, I can’t wait for this show to end, this season has been disappointing. Glad Trevino is coming back. At this point I would cheer if Stefan was the rumoured death, I can’t stand him anymore. Hope Bon Bon gets her happy ending, she deserves it!

  5. C-dskjfsf says:

    I think that TVD is losing all its magic, it has turned into something so dark and not even entertaining. It used to be about love and friendship, and exciting adventures, even though they were dangerous and scary and people died. I felt the show used to be emotional, you discovered something new in every episode, and now it’s all so stupid, with the devil, sirens, and even the heretics last season. I don’t know why they didn’t follow the same line after Nina left, they should have, now I only watch it because I was a hardcore fan of the 1-6 seasons, if I was watching a new series with this storyline I would drop it in a heartbeat.

    • Kenshella E Moss says:

      I agree with you 100. This is why they lost so many viewers. Could have been a season nine if they didn’t. Change the theme of the show. More like a horror. Story now

  6. 514ED says:

    Tvd really is boring! Can’t wait for the originals to start. Julie plec can u plz bring back Finn, mikeal & hendrick. we need a really good storyline wit demons from hell. Julie plec I think u need to hire the main producer of Buffy the vampire slayer & angel & am sure u will see some healthy tv ratings cause ur ideas are just going down the drain & a great show like the originals are suffering because of u. Put demons in the show we don’t want romance give us action

  7. Guest says:

    I wish they could change the actor for freya they should’ve gotten someone like Rebekah cause freya really doesn’t look like the oldest sibling & she’s so weak at first they made her seem so powerful

  8. Guesty says:

    Okay so this is the same old situation wit Stefan & Damon turning back on there humanity switch off. Am gonna look back at these seasons to check how many times this happened already. Can’t wait for them to bring back Finn mikeal & hendrick as series regular

  9. Claire says:

    Ok. So I read somewhere bonbon comes bk from her jollies with a vial of Enzo’s blood…..does that mean she’s going to die again at some point, comes bk as a vamp cos she drank the blood? This would make her really dead this time thus waking elana from her slumber in time to save damon? Stephan goes off to rip everything in sight, caroline ends up with the kids n alarick ‘again’/ follows stephan to try n save him from himself ‘again’. And bonbon is living in ecstasy with Enzo. ……sorted! But….after seeing pictures of Ian directing TVD with his Mrs next to him keeping an eye on things will nina really want to come bk and put us all out of our misery!!

  10. Ify says:

    Some of you talk about Nina as if she is going to change anything in this show.the truth is that she is going to act what the writers has already written and wouldn’t be so different from what they are doing now.You guys should stop attaching much importance to Ninas character. What I know is that TVD is becoming a mess.switching humanity,like how many times??you guys should just give us a break and finish this story about the sirens already,we are tired.Bring back the originals please.We all know Stefan is the bad guy he just suppresses it,he has always being the one that needs redemption not Damon and that’s why he was the best choice for Cade.caroline should forget him.#lookingforwardtoklaroline.

    • Stacey says:

      Completely agree with you!!

    • heyitsme says:

      Preach it. I personally don’t think it’s because of NINA that the show has gone down spiral, it’s because they changed the essence of the show we all knew and loved. Go #klaroline! I think it’s so hypocrite of people to ship Steroline because Stefan is supposedly the nice guy, he’s no better than Klaus himself, and at least he’s more honest about who he is.

  11. Dominique says:

    what a shock to learn stefan’s a bad guy… not. there’s no way they can sell steroline after the (very true) things sybil told caroline.
    what a pleasure it was to see alex chando in this episode, i just wish she wouldn’t have died.

  12. Amy says:

    Maybe this is all part of them being stuck in hell and the wedding at the end of the season is really Alaric’s and Jo’s and none of this happened…..

  13. Melissa says:

    I liked the Defan moments and Sybil actually made a good point to Caroline about Stefan. How can she have her daughters around Stefan, when he has turned ripper time and time again? He can’t control himself, and there will always be that danger. I can’t help but feel like the writers are trying to show that Stefan as a vampire will never be able to be “good”. The possibility of becoming the ripper will always exist. So either he has to die or maybe he has to become human.

  14. I finally watched it today. Not reading other people’s comments till I post mine in order to preserve initial first impressions. First of all a little mention on Ian’s direction, seriously not his fault if the episode mostly sucked, a director can only do so much to doctor up a lousy script and make it appear appealing. When a show has been on for 8 years, the sameness of the sets starts to show a lot of wear and tear and location fatigue is bound to rear its ugly head. Ian did the most to minimize the monotony, quick look at Mystic Falls High School sign,little time spent in Alaric’s generic old classroom,hospital scenes mostly focused on empty corridors and actors’ faces which was the smartest move. The Armory, repository of all things mystical (WTF!) retains a certain appeal in terms of location so longer panning shot of it was fine. As per usual very little special effects were used so Ian didn’t have to worry about those at all. Felt he did a competent job with the material he was given. A director’s job is to creatively translate, via images and sounds, the written material and direct the actors responsible for emoting the dialogue. On that score Ian did well now on to the episode itself.
    It’s a problem when a show I have felt so invested in,yes even the lousy episodes of past seasons, ceases to absolutely elicit any sort of genuine care or interest. The sheer coincidences of Mystic Falls being THE place where everything and I mean everything happens has really started to grate. To briefly recap, vampires, founding families,doppelgangers,vikings/the Michaelsons,the other side,Markos,Silas,travelers that famous killer oak tree,the Augustine society,werewolves, hybrids, the Armory, witches 100 of them burned in a specific location and now the bell to end all bells coupled with the tuning fork which together will make a super bell and hell do I really give a damn? This plus the new information that Matt’s lineage is also tied directly to the Mystic Falls ever increasing gang of supernaturally related misfits, frankly it’s all a bit much to pile on.
    Matt ceased to be relevant at the end of season 5, efforts to keep him on in any interesting capacity have been weak at best. Bringing dad on has not improved this situation. Personally don’t care about daddy dearest,don’t care about the bell/tuning fork and by extension don’t care about Sybil/Selena/Cade,never liked Caroline much did care about the brothers, a lot, but even their relationship is now on repeat mode. In fact the “road” trip made me think of Klaus/Stefan season 3 with Stefan now assuming the Klaus role and Damon assuming the reluctant Stefan role. It’s clear that Damon has his humanity back, in fact I’m proposing he never actually lost it, was still in a back pocket somewhere safely tucked away and hidden so as not to endanger the ones he loved namely Elena,Bonnie and Stefan. After abandoning Stefan to ripper mode many years ago Damon has promised he would never do that again thus the road trip and the need to protect Stefan from himself and the need to stick to little brother in the hope of keeping Stefan’s ripper gene in check. That was perhaps the most compelling part of the story for me. Hate to admit it, but I still have a soft spot for Defan just wish the relationship wasn’t always explored in ways that make it mostly antagonistic, wanted to feel the love,we’re not getting that. Instead we’re getting Stefan,ripper mode again,and reluctant partner in crime Damon. If Stefan gets forgiven after that because HE CARES, I will abandon all hope for this show. Seriously Stefan has been leaving untold number of bodies in his wake and the trend continues yet he’s always been considered the more caring sensitive brother whereas Damon, who’s always assumed his bad mistakes, has been saddled with the blame game,ok little Damon rant there,please excuse me and it.
    The whole Sybil in the classroom episode was totally useless showing a severe lack in the area of creative writing. It’s sad when the “biggest evil” on the show has been turned into a history teacher,allow me a little laugh here. Of course the students were never in danger and apparently being “sirened” is the new in thing much better than compulsion which is so totally passé. On the subject of Sybil Damon did rip her heart out last episode and although we know she’s immortal it would have been nice to have a little feedback,refresher. Did she wake up,discover her heart on the bench beside her and magically put it back in,maybe that would have made a better back story witnessing the aftermath coupled with some interaction with the ever elusive soul eater Cade. Instead there she is fresh as a daisy,sparkling with mirth (the actress is growing into her role) impeccably groomed ready to take on the challenges of delivering an interesting history lesson and yes having taught social studies myself it can be a challenge.
    At this pivotal time in Mystic Falls history with evil lurking everywhere Bonnie decides to screw it all and take off for Paris with her one true love Enzo. That’s a bitter pill to swallow since I literally can’t stand Enzo and especially can’t stand Bonnie with Enzo. Bonnie no longer cares about getting back her magic,she obviously doesn’t care about any of her friends,she especially doesn’t care about erstwhile best friend who saved her ass Damon, she only has eyes for Enzo. Everything that made Bonnie strong,fierce,loyal,magical has been taken away. I don’t recognize this love sick unimproved Bonnie. I’m not denying she needed some happiness but not at the detriment of everything that made her who she was in the past. The total lack of Bonnie/Damon interaction which was always a highlight has really irritated me this entire season. Their interaction had spark,it had wit,it had pathos and danger, was hoping for it to resurface this second half but with Enzo sticking around way past his expiry date I really don’t think it’s going to happen.
    At this point I’m not even sure what the story is none of it makes much sense.
    A last word on the acting. Caroline’s reaction when told by Matt that Elena’s parents had died on Wickery Bridge was a bit puzzling, she almost seemed surprised, bad acting or bad directing,not sure. Preferred Damon’s more subtle acting in this episode to Stefan’s more over the top ripper which we’ve seen before…the haunted look,the intense craving etc… Ian is usually the one being accused of over the top acting but I felt he was reflective, conflicted,convincing when he tried to save look alike Elena/Tara. Elena much prettier in my opinion,frankly didn’t care if Tara lived or died. At this point we have to know that Nina is not coming back so the endless references to Elena are well endless. Too bad they had to tie Damon’s humanity to hers whether she’s around or lying comatose in a coffin, it does hamper the development of a better story line. Elena should really have died season 6 opening up the plot to better stories. I tried hard to enjoy it but my initial impression is one of indifference.

    • Liz says:

      I agree with so many of your points. I liked Bonnie, I even liked Enzo. Bonnie and Enzo I find intolerable. And I agree with your ‘Damon rant’ as well. Stefan (and Caroline) always seem to get a pass for the bad choices they make, but Damon almost never does. And before everyone yells ‘he killed Jeremy’, yeah, sure some times the flack doesn’t last long, but generally he does get it, for at least an episode. And there have been innumerable times that he’s taken both the blame, and the responsibility for stuff that was not at all his fault. At this point, I still want the brothers to ride off into the sunset together, leaving all of mystic falls with amnesia or something. Regarding the bell of hell, can’t they just reforge a new one (they have the measurements), and then get the kids to witchie-woo it and then defeat Cade the ultra Siren? Seems easy enough.

  15. Liz says:

    This episode was boring. I thought with the limited amount of episodes left they would at least attempt to wrap this story, but no they are going to drag this to the bitter end. The only saving grace was when Sybil, yes Sybil, called out Caroline over Stefan. Stefan is and will always be a ripper. There is no sugar coating this. If they didn’t reuse the ripper storyline throughout the series we could have overlooked it, but he always reverts back to form. And yes Stefan is by far my least favorite character. And PS stop rewriting canon history on the show, it’s really annoying. Thanks!

  16. Needed more Bonenzo…never again! 8 eps to go, TVD, we can’t spare the only reason for watching.