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Sleepy Hollow Recap New Witness MOlly Season 4

Sleepy Hollow's New Witness Revealed: Tom Mison, Clifton Campbell Weigh In

Warning: This post contains a major spoiler from Friday’s Sleepy Hollow. Proceed with caution.

Abbie Mills’ successor in the battle against evil was revealed in this week’s Sleepy Hollow and, as some viewers guessed — and the final moments of last week’s episode all but revealed — the next Witness is Diana’s young daughter, Molly (played by Oona Yaffe).

Ichabod first encounters Molly in a dream designed to help him find his next partner, though at the time he is unaware that the girl he sees is Diana’s non-speaking kid. Later, while on a case with Agent Thomas, Ichabod is taken aback when he sees a photo of Molly on her mom’s phone. And when Crane and Molly come face-to-face outside of her school, Molly surprises everyone by breaking her self-imposed silence by saying hello to Ichabod.

Though Crane and Jenny plan to let Diana in on the secret, they eventually postpone sharing the news, choosing instead to let Diana and Molly enjoy their first night of conversation in a long while. Plus, as Ichabod notes at one point during the hour, “How does one bring an innocent child into the battle between good and evil?”

Series star Tom Mison says he pondered that question, himself, upon learning the news.

“There were lots of different avenues that the new Witness could’ve gone down. An 11-year-old girl certainly wasn’t one that I saw coming,” he tells TVLine. “For Ichabod, to see that it’s an 11-year-old girl, knowing the sort of battle that she’s entering, how could anyone be enthused? How could he be excited that he’s found the next Witness, when it’s a child?”

Showrunner Clifton Campbell says the series was sure it wanted the next Witness to be a new character, dismissing the idea of assigning the role to an established character like Jenny as “too easy.”

He adds: “It wouldn’t have challenged the idea of Witnesses in a significant way, and we just really needed to go far afield to explore the possibilities and to really give the idea that the greater good calls for who it needs when it needs that person.”

But just because Molly is a prophesied player in the End of Days doesn’t mean that she’s about to start packing medieval weaponry and chasing down demons, Mison stresses.

“Crane does a scene in one of the episodes where he explains to Diana that the Witnesses in the Bible are only meant to be there to witness. There’s nothing in the Bible that says, ‘They go in with flaming crossbows and things,'” he says, laughing. “Ichabod and Abbie chose to fight, to battle against it. And Molly can choose a different route — which I suppose is one that he and Diana and Jenny would encourage.”

If you have thoughts on the revelation of the new Witness, tell us about them in the comments below!

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  1. Mary P says:

    Though like Tom said I’m surprised by the reveal I’m more surprised that it happened so fast. It does, however, open lots of possibilities and storylines. Good choice.

  2. SweetLife says:

    Best part is that shippers won’t ship it and drive everyone else crazy with their juvenile obsession.

  3. Laurie says:

    Molly seems like a great character but this show makes little to no sense. When Abbie was killed they said the witness would be from her bloodline. Molly is clearly not related to the Mills family. This show has become so predictable. They continue to throw ideas at the wall to see what sticks. I can’t believe the creator and writers get paid for these juvenile ideas.

    • A says:

      they could be related in some way , bloodline wise could mean maybe they share an ancestor .

        • Whoozis says:

          …or maybe they just changed their minds about forcing a “bloodline” into the series’ overall story after coming up with a better idea for their mostly new cast. It’s tv: I understand it, I’ve got no problem with it, and am perfectly happy to move on. If anything, they seem to have recovered a bit of the Season 1 vibe.

          I don’t expect to be watching Sleepy Hollow in 2018, but for 11 more weeks at least it’s decent, escapist fun.

        • Rosemary simmons says:

          Its gonna. Fail for sure..the show sucks soooooooooooo bad!

    • Punky Brewster says:

      Clearly, you know little about genetics, because racial ancestry is not always physically obvious. For example,most people don’t realize or believe Mariah Carey, Wentworth Miller, Derrick Jeter, Cash Warren, Dwayne Johnson, Pete Wentz , Troian Bellisario are half Black and there are many more celebrities that are of multiracial heritage so it is not far fetched for this girl to be in the Mills bloodline. I think a pre teen witness is more far fetched and while surprising, I don’t find it terribly exciting.

  4. Danielle says:

    I am enjoying season 4 of Sleepy Hollow. Tonight’s episode paid tribute to the show’s history and next week’s will have the Headless Horseman.

  5. The new witness could be related. We just don’t know it. Like by a great great great aunt, uncle.

    • worldtraveler9 says:

      In seas one episode “Sanctuary” we saw Abbie’s family tree, starting with Grace Dixon; there were several branches on that tree, so it’s likely Molly is descended from one of those branches.

  6. sarah of old says:

    Still not sure where this is heading or if the writers know how to make the show appealing and thriling. The witness was found so quickly seem like it woud have been intriguing to prolong that part of the storyline, remember when Henry out of the blue was Ichabod’s son. Hate to say it but DC locale is much better than Sleepy Hollow. Hope the Headless Horseman comes to DC in time to stop the inauguration. Now that would be a good storyline.

  7. Katherine says:

    They killed off 90% of the cast and now have a child as the next witness. One who is clearly not related to Grace Dixon. And they revealed it this early? This show continues to disappoint.

    • ? says:

      Speak for yourself, I and my family, are enjoying it. Here’s a thought, unless you have been kidnapped and someone is forcing you to watch the show, turn the channel and save yourself (and the rest of us) from your angst. Yikes…..

      • yay says:

        I’m pretty sure that everyone who comments here speaks for themselves. Please save yourself (and the reserve of us) from your commentary on their angst…yikes indeed

        • ? says:

          Wow, seriously? I’ve seen various comments saying “all the fans (put any show title in) absolutely despise…” and many others have commented on that, lucky me, you don’t like what I say. You don’t like a show? Fine, I really don’t care and I usually stay quiet. But, to continually come to the comment section–and many have for the new version of Sleepy Hollow denouncing the show and vowing “never” to watch it and rag on it, week after week. Yeah, it gets tiring and most of those comments are angst ridden so, sorry you don’t care for my choice of words, but it remains…. (By the way–what does, “and the reserve of us” mean? If one is criticizing another person’s comment–at least clarify your meaning.) As mentioned, yikes and a SMDH

          • yay says:

            LOL I guess you’ve never had a typo. Whatevs. But my comment remains. Stop worrying so much about what other folks think about the show and their angst. Worry about your thoughts and perhaps how to get other folks to watch the show so your beloved Tom Mison isn’t cancelled and sent back to England never to be heard from again. Oh and also YIKES

          • ? says:

            Ahh, I happen to like a show, so, you (who must know me so well to make stupid judgments as to who I like on the show–I happen to like both of the original stars, with Abby being my favorite–but, please, you do know everything about everyone, right?) I’ve had typos and I normally don’t say anything, but for you, I’ll make an exception–you didn’t like my wording and decided to school me on my comments. You continue to behave like a spoiled child–to quote you, “Whatevs”. (Real mature). Perhaps you should take your own advice and stop worrying about what other people think/write–or, are you the only one allowed to make pithy remarks and be ruler of the comment section?? I had no idea, you were so important and one must get YOUR permission on what to write. Get over yourself honey, your ego is showing, and it’s not very attractive….

          • yay says:

            Wow all that to call me immature. That was a pretty long immature statement by you. Also if Abbie was your might have noticed you spelled her name wrong. But again. Whatevs..keep up with your “maturity”

    • Nan says:

      Then don’t watch it anymore and suffer so. Plus it will give the rest of us a break from your ‘disappointment’.

      • Yay says:

        Looks like that’s exactly what has been happening to the tune of a 0.5 rating.

        • Nan says:

          Listen, it’s had a good run for a show like this and I think that’s great. If you remember it was only supposed to be a one time thing and it evolved into a regular series. If this is it’s last season….so be it. I’m grateful for having seen it from the beginning and I’ll stick with it right to the bitter end.

          • bgurrl says:

            It was not supposed to be a one time thing. It was like any show aired to get ratings and possible renewal

          • Nan says:

            Thought the show last night was very good and very engaging. Kept our interest the whole way through, the way it always does. We’re looking forward to the finale next week and really hoping that it will be renewed once more.

    • Rosemary simmons says:


  8. QueensBee says:

    Why do shippers concern folks so much? Fans can do whatever the heck they want. Their wants and desires don’t stop you from enjoying a show in the privacy of your homes. Making Molly the witness won’t stop ppl from shipping. I see ppl already trying to ship Ichabod with Jenny and Diana. Shippers will always find a ship to attach themselves to. It’s the nature of shipping.

    • SweetLife says:

      Simple. Because they are insufferable. They browbeat the creators of the show if they don’t see their ship coming fast enough for them, and they attack anyone who doesn’t support their ship. If only THEY would enjoy their ship in the privacy of their homes. They never do.

      • yay says:

        LOL meanwhile you browbeat folks here with your insufferable idea?! Hilarious

      • Angela says:

        Some of us do. I’ve never harassed actors or showrunners over ships I like, or obsessed over whether they become canon or not. I just read and write fic and enjy whatever moments I get with them on the show and leave it at that.
        Try not to lump all shippers together into the same.boat.

    • Katherine says:

      Shippers are literally on every show. The only reason Fox and close minded individuals had an issue with Abbie and Ichabod is because they were two attractive, interracial leads with undeniable chemistry. You rarely see anyone complaining about shipping when the leads are the same race. If Abbie was white the shipping “wars” would be welcome and adorable.

      • Jane says:

        Exactly Katherine!

      • BM says:

        I’ve certainly seen a lot of comments from people who are not fans of the Lucifer-Chloe pairing on Lucifer (me included) or the pairing of the two leads on Conviction and they’re both same-race couples.
        Some people just don’t like pairing up a couple for whatever reason. I don’t think that each and every lead needs to become a couple.
        Sometimes, the chemistry just isn’t there and sometimes, the writers spend no time on developing a relationshp between character so while there might be chemistry, they’re not exploring it. And when they then all of a sudden decide to pair their leads up because the show is coming to an end or whatever, I find it completely unnecessary and will complain. Or at least say that I don’t like it.

      • Penny says:

        I don’t think that’s true. I see plenty of shipping wars that are nowhere near adorable and it has nothing to do with race. I couldn’t care less who anyone ships, just don’t attack the people who disagree.

      • Gospino says:

        Why are you dragging race into this discussion? Plenty of viewers dislike shipping some couples who are the same race, if you bother to pay a little attention and admit this fact. A few examples: Mulder/Scully, Buffy/Spike, Damon/Elena. While supported by many, these significant ‘ships have all also been disliked by much of the viewership. And it wasn’t because of race.

  9. Angela says:

    Remember when Abbie’s family were suppose to be the line of Witnesses? LMFAO. These people have not one original idea or clue and are just throwing fats and darts as they go. Ridiculous.

    • worldtraveler9 says:

      Abbie’s family tree, dating back to Grace Dixon, was seen in season 1, episode Sanctuary. There were several branches showing on that paper. Very possible Molly is descended from one of those branches. Abbie’s father said the new witness must be part of Abbie’s extended family.

    • John NYC says:

      Her father could easily be the lineage connection.

      Not rediculous.

  10. Genie says:

    I don’t know if Molly will turn out to be related to Grace, or whether the writers will come up with some other connection, but I do know that it’s entirely possible for a white person today to have a black ancestor from the 18th century. Francis Barber (1742-1801) was born a slave in Jamaica and became a servant to Samuel Johnson in London, and today his direct descendants are all white. I am surprised they revealed the new witness so quickly, though. It seems like a missed opportunity to drag the search out a bit longer.

    • Laurie says:

      It’s definitely possible, I agree. Many people would find black relatives from the 18th century. My concern was the writers and showrunner made it seem as if they would have an African-American witness from Abbie’s direct line. After all the backlash and the tension with killing or replacing people of color in so many Tv shows this choice is predictable and a bit controversial. This show has made many mistakes but refuses to learn from them. I’m quite unhappy with the direction but I would like to be hopefully optimistic.

      • worldtraveler9 says:

        Abbie’s father said in the last episode of season 3 that the witness must be from Abbie’s extended family. The family tree we saw in season1 (the Sanctuary episode) showed several branches. Very possible Molly is from one of those branches

  11. QueensBee says:

    You all are putting way too much emphasis on Molly being the second witness. Answer me this, what is the purpose of the second witness? Why is a second witness needed? I bet no one can answer outside of Ezra saying their needs to be two. The whole witness thing has been downplayed since season two when the end of days was averted. The writers are once again stringing fans along for no reason whatsoever. There is nowhere this storyline can go. Nowhere. At best, Molly will be used as a vehicle to keep mentioning Abbie. Stop thinking Sleepy Hollow is about anybody except Crane. Stop thinking Molly will bring something to this show. She is just there to prop up Crane. An entire cast of characters were brought in last year and dispensed with at the end. The same will happen this season as I suspect the show is prepping a spinoff focused solely on Crane.

  12. Tawanna Paschall says:

    I love it, and I just love this show. Can’t wait until next Friday.

  13. arianeb says:

    Janina Gavankar seems to fit amazingly well into the part of Crane’s police partner. I recognize her from many other genre shows where she either played a police officer (Arrow, The Gates) or a mystical creature (True Blood, Vampire Diaries)

  14. Jeremy cohen says:

    I believe the witness, is still out there, and agent Thomas daughter, is just a part in the story line too fine her, if fox goes ahead and my the child the the New witness, this might be the end of sleepy hollow,you have too think, that a child that young can’t handle that type of responsibility, too much on a young character that’s a kid, so I believe she will help icabood and her mother in the right direction fighting evil etc,

  15. kmw says:

    I love some of the comments on this site about ” shippers”. Sleepy Hollow’s problems have nothing to do with fans who wanted Abbie and Ichabod together, the show started being a mess long before this would be considered an issue. And the reality it isn’t, people who watch shows for relationships don’t force shows to go one way or the other. Fans have absolutely no bearing on whether a couple gets together or not. So called shippers don’t have that kind of power over show runners. Abbie and Ichabod had really good chemistry and fans of the show will never know how good it could have been whether still platonic or not because of obviously different factors, including the lead actress who apparently wasn’t happy. Relationship’s, whether romantic or not, are what television and movies and books are all about. Abbie and Ichabod had a good one and FOX and the execs at Sleepy Hollow ruined that. But to those who have come back to the show and are still with it good for you because you still see something there. Some don’t and that is fine as well.

  16. Manny says:

    I like the girl added as a witness. Her mother needs to go. She doesn’t have any life to her. The team needs to be Crane, Jenny and the witness go after the bad guys.

  17. Nab says:

    Loved the show last night and love the new Witness being a youngster. Very different idea and unique. Gives the show a different kind of balance. Also was very happy to see ‘The Horseman’ in the ads for next weeks show. I’m glad they put him back in for abit as it just wouldn’t be ‘Sleepy Hollow’ without him surfacing once in awhile.

  18. It looks as if the show wants to add their own Westley Crusher.

  19. Loool. I watched five minutes of this snow which used took be my favorite network TV show. wickety wack. The end.

  20. Terri Schroder says:

    I love the new cast! I adored Nichole Behari and didn’t think I’d watch if she wasn’t part of the cast. ……… I was so wrong! I think the little girl witness will add another dimension of thinking to the plots. I also love the two caretakers of the vault. They fit in right away. And ‘Diana’ is perfect. Tom Mison alone is worth watching for an hour even if he did nothing but talk. I think this may be the best cast combo ever.

  21. grys03 says:

    Absolutely enjoying the new season far more than the previous 2. Of course I miss Abbie but am more than satisfied with new cast members.
    Hope this invigorates the show & keeps it going.

  22. Cat says:

    I love Molly being a witness. What a twist!!! Love the new cast as well. They fit right in. As for Molly not being a relative of Abbie and Grace… It is totally possible!!! There are many white ppl who have roots back to 18th century slaves. What I will find interesting is how Crane and Jenny deal with a witness so young. Crane will protect her at any cost and Diana is NOT going to take this news easily. She barely believes in the supernatural at this point!!!! Such fun to come!! I applaud show runners for making lemonade after Beharie’s departure!!!

  23. herman1959 says:

    Realizing at the end of Episode 1 that Molly is the new witness (Yeah, I called it!) is the ONLY reason I continued onto watch Episode 2. Don’t knock it, it’s the best thing about the show.

  24. tvdiva says:

    I am kinda excited about the Headless Horseman being back. I liked the character in the flesh – I thought the actor who portrayed him was fantastic. If he is just going to be headless then that is a waste of time. I like the new characters except for the villain. The actor is a pretty cardboard cut out of a bored rich geek.

  25. Young New witness, new female lead actress all are boring to watch without Abbie I really miss her. But nobody know how the show may turnout to be now that my favourite headless horse has appear

  26. clara54 says:

    Called it before big reveal..Premiere boring.More creativity please!