Girl Meets World Cancellation

Girl Meets World Boss: 'There Are Talks Underway' to Continue the Series

It’s the question on every Girl Meets World fan’s mind as we approach Friday’s penultimate episode (Disney Channel, 6/5c): Is there any hope of another network — or streaming service — reversing the show’s cancellation?

“There are talks underway, but we’re at the very very beginning stages,” series creator Michael Jacobs tells TVLine. “And I can tell you it’s because of the audience’s reaction to the cancellation that there is interest in other places. For anyone in show business, if you ask them why they’re doing something and they say they’re doing it for themselves, they won’t sustain long. Those that answer ‘We’re doing it for the audience’ and mean it, they sustain.”

Jacobs attributes outside “interest” to the fans’ paper airplane campaign, something he’s proud to say “they came up with by themselves.” He adds, “Networks want to do something to gather an audience. The fact that there is an audience who’s been so loyal says a lot.”

Though Girl Meets World‘s cancellation wasn’t made official until earlier this month, the writing has been on the wall for some time — hence the Jan. 20 episode, which was filmed back in July 2016, being titled “Girl Meets Goodbye.” The episode features the largest assemblage of Boy Meets World cast members in GMW history, including both actresses who played Riley’s aunt Morgan (Lily Nicksay and Lindsay Ridgeway) on the original ABC sitcom.

Are you hoping that Girl Meets World finds life on another platform, or have you already accepted that it will soon be over for good? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Stacey says:

    Freeform should pick it up if Netflix doesn’t… That way they could do more age appropriate storylines now the kids are getting older like Boy Meets World became known to as the boys got older. Freeform needs a show that brings a audience to it. Netflix has the ability to do Fuller House. So I hope they are able to find some way to continue it…I love to see how Riley and Maya grow up and how Cory and Topanga continue to deal with it.

    • Jared says:

      Freeform and Disney are owned by the same people. Probably won’t go there

      • Devin says:

        do you see the stuff that airs on abcfamily/freeform?? disney channel is more kids while the latter is young teens/adult oriented

        • Gern Blanston says:

          I don’t know, Freeform currently airs a show, Shadowhunters, where one of the main plotlines is possible incest. Is it really all that different from The Disney Channel?

          • Debbie Reiff says:

            I think all these movies on Freeform are inappropriate as well as gorey

          • Isabella says:

            It wasnt incest for the shadow hunters..they were going by the books and in the books they found out they weren’t related..it sucks to see the show go, I just hope someone picks it back up because the original cast worked so hard to make it happen

          • Sarah White says:

            the shadow hunters show is based of the immortal instruments and the main characters in that get together then find out that they are brother and sister

        • Tonya Canipe says:

          I don’t understand why every time a good show comes on they take it off the air….But they can keep stupid shows on like bizzaardvark, gravity falls,Phineas and Ferb..Just to name a few…Someone please keep girl meets world..Some one else please air it.

          • Sue Newsom says:

            You hit it right on!!!
            Don’t cancel GIRL MEETS WORLD

          • Sue Newsom says:

            Don’t cancel GIRL MEETS WORLD biggest mistake ever!!!!!!!

          • Regina Holton says:

            That is exactly right. I would love to see this show to stay on Disney.

          • Lucy avak says:

            Please don’t cancel girl meets world. The show was the best show on Disney channel. Very educational and fun.

          • Regina Kelley says:

            Totally Agree!

          • Jo Ferrothorn says:

            I’m not happy about Girl Meets World being cancelled, but please don’t drag down little gems like Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb.

            Also, remember that Phineas and Ferb got cancelled too and Gravity Falls was over in two short seasons.

          • Anyjah says:

            Right!! Girl meets world taught kids lessons in every episode. Lessons that were actually important to people now and days. This show was the best EVER!! For them to take it of the air is just ridicilous. Some other plantform needs to keep this show going. It was such a great inspration to the world. It need to continue!!

          • chelsea says:

            i say the same thing there gravity falls in one of the stupidest shows i ever seen they want put stuff on tv like that i think it make kid kinda stupid where girls meets world help kids with friend ship and family
            they really need to make more

          • Gabrielle says:

            I like gravity falls

          • Annaleise says:

            Tonya canipe: I know right they always make good shows then just end them it’s so dumb to let down all the fans.liv and Maddie is ending.Jessie ended.Austin and Ally.Also so many more and now there gunna try taking wlaway GMW I can’t believe it I love that show.

          • Meka says:


          • Bronte says:

            Don’t cancel PLEASE. It’s such a good show!

          • Maggie says:

            Agreed what do our children learn how to goof off?

          • Wolf says:

            Completely agree with you. Why do they cancel decent shows that teach proper, valuable lessons and keep mindless, violent garbage instead? No wonder our youth and family units are so messed up.

          • Bailey Martin says:

            Ok one I agree about the keeping the girl meets world but all the other shows are not stupid they are meant for smaller kids and there is only so much comedy that can be used in those shows due to the age range of the watchers so of course they seem stupid its Disney Channel.

      • Ashleigh says:


      • Jon Edmonds says:

        well that sucks!! :/
        except, the networks do deal with different age range shows so, I agree that it could thrive there if they went a little more the style of the original BMW high school and college years.

    • Anisje Thomas says:

      Exactly This is honestly one of the few shows i like on disney now and when i say few i mean few. As in i can count on one hand. I feel as though the show may have out grown disney but freeform or netflix really should pick it up i love this show its as such good lessons to teach children and adults. I never really had an urge to cry for a show like i did when i watched the 1 hour special World Meets Girl

    • Alyse says:

      You are so right Stacey I couldn’t have said it better myself you are absolutely right it would be amazing to see how things are when they are older.

    • Cassandra Barnes says:

      I watched boy meets world when i was a growing up even when they all when to college n i was always hope that they would have a new seires of some sort with the ppl from boy meets world. When the made the new show girl meets,world i watch the show on Netflix since i dont have cable tv witch is better since u can watch all the new shows and stuff on her i dont want u to cancelle the show please it gives me something new to watch with the stars from boy meets world and everything its good that the show is about Cory Matthews daughter n the new ahow Girl meets world like this new show alot its fun and its funny and u can learn from it please dont canelle the show

      • Lindy Pivalizza says:

        Oh yes!!! I strongly agree! I was in tears with my daughter while watching the last show. #PleasesaveGirlMeetsWorkd

    • Rochelle Boyce says:

      I love boy meets world and also girl meets world because it’s changed my life for the better. It helps me understand my own problems that I have. I hope they reconsider canceling or another program accepts them to make more seasons because I enjoy it. I still have hope for girl meets world to continue.

    • Gabrielle says:


    • Amie says:

      I agree we need girl meets world

    • Tiffany carr says:

      I agree

    • Bailey Martin says:

      GMW needs to have another season because not only were the girls excited about all the seasons the boys in my grade(9th) were also exited about GMW and any show that can have both genders sitting around for another season is a show worth showing!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this show…I watched Boy Meets World first time around…..I think Disney missed the mark in cancelling this show and I hope someone else is smart enough to jump on the GMW bandwagon and picks it back up!!

    • cassie982003 says:

      I agree. I really hope it finds life somewhere else as I have seen every episode and loved each one. I’m 45 years old.

      • Ivis de la Fe says:

        I am 45 as well and I watch every episode with my 12 year old son.

      • Curt Nichols says:

        I’m 78 and I agree, it’s great!

      • Jennifer says:

        I watched BMW with my nieces. I watch GMW with my daughter. It’s sad they cancel shows that apparently have a great fan base. Hope Netflix hears us and will pick it up! Oh and btw I’m 50. Love this show it makes me remember growing up and my best friend.

        • Patrick Haugh says:

          It’s sad that Disney canceled Girl Meets World, they seem to forget that not just the fans of the show but the fans of Disney in general come from all ages and backgrounds! So yes Disney gears there shows for a younger audience, however they seem to forget about their older views, who pay the bills, and subscribe to the Disney Channel so their children can watch those shows. I enjoy watching shows that all members of the family can watch together, so they do away with GMW, I will support the show by doing away with the Disney Channel, and no more trips to Disney World. Disney needs to start thinking about fans of all ages, and if Disney isn’t that smart, hopefully another station will be!!!

  3. Lois says:

    I’m definitely hoping it finds life on another network! Especially one that will allow the writers to develop the story more than Disney did.

  4. Tanya Purifoy says:

    Like I said I’m 58 and I love this show. Hopefully free-form will take it, not everyone has netflix or Hulu. Just please bring the show back.

  5. Marc Klein says:

    Put it back on ABC where it belongs (pair it with Last Man Standing) or on Freeform (Pair it with Baby Daddy and/Or Young and Hungrey)

  6. Alicia says:

    I hope it comes back and they really don’t cancel it like I watched boy meets world and now I watch girl mwets world and I record every show and watch it all the time I live girl meets world even if Disney don’t it hopefully free-form picks it up.

  7. Harmony says:

    I love Girl Meets World and it’s an important show to have on the air right now. I really hope another network, or streaming site, picks it up for a fourth season. The audience isn’t ready to say goodbye.

  8. Emily says:

    Please please please please please please don’t cancel This show! It’s the best!

  9. JB_Smooove says:

    bring it. another iteration would be fine by me.

  10. pikya says:


  11. Tecia says:

    It would be very good if they find another platform because I would still be able to learn things about friendship

  12. Brian Kaplan says:

    SQQQQUUUUUUUUEEEE!! I am a 36 and 11/12 year old partner at PWC and I still love the show. Hopefully it will go to netflix; then maybe they can do a cross-over with Fuller House.

  13. Jared says:

    I just wanna know what happened behind the scenes that made Disney Channel cancel GMW?? It certainly wasn’t because of ratings. Netflix would make a perfect home for the show considering it already has streaming rights I believe.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Not in Canada :(

    • Lois says:

      They’re claiming ratings but a lot of people say it’s because they would’ve had to pay the cast more for a 4th season and they weren’t willing to do that. They cared more about their bottom line than keeping a fan favourite (and non-superficial) show on the air.

      • Devin says:

        also heard that with them getting older and dealing with young teen/adult topics, it doesn’t fit the disney channel image

      • Yasmin fan of GMW says:

        I read somewhere that they don’t have to pay the cast more if they make it a new show like a spin off
        E.g. liv and maddie calistyle
        Or suite life on of Zack and Cody/ deck
        So why couldn’t they make a spin off of gmw or make girl meets high school the spin off then have another for college/ uni

        Soray that was a lot, hope it makes sense

  14. Andrew Hass says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Free-Form picks up Boy Meets Girl because back when it ABC Family it used to air Boy Meets World reruns.So there’s a connection there already.However i don’t think Girl Meets World belongs on a major network like ABC but on a cable network where it could air just 13 episodes a season or where they could split a 20 some episode season in half

  15. . says:

    I love this show and the characters and actors/actresses so much! Hope it continues on another network.

  16. A. D. says:

    Yes please….this show means a lot to a great deal of people and it needs to continue for many more seasons!

  17. Mari says:

    YAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! We’re too excited!!

  18. Rachel Register says:

    I hope that it gets a new network to be aired on!

  19. A fan of TV says:

    Absolutely hoping another network/service picks it up. I loved the original and I’m totally invested now in the entire high school/maybe even college life of their kids!

  20. Brooke says:

    Girl meets world is a continuation of boy meets world, the show is not only for best friends but also the whole family. The life lessons in this show are unforgettable. Not only does the cast spend time together off screen but they are all actually best friends, which makes the show even more real to the audience. This show has helped so many kids about expressing the real them. I think girl meets world should be picked up for another season. The cast has worked so hard for this show to become all that it is.

    • Yasmin fan of GMW says:


    • Belinda says:

      I agree, Jacobs has done an outstanding job with bringing QUALITY family shows to our home with actors and actresses that my kids can look to as role models – unlike so much of the other yuck that so many are calling entertainment. I say find someone who has the resources to fund Jacobs his own network and let his clean creative mind make 10-12 shows!

  21. Blup says:

    I love Girl Meets World it teach me a lot about life what i didn’t know. Until show didn’t start I didn’t know so much about life but Riley,Maya,Lucas,Farkle,Ray, Smarkle teach me something but not everything and that’s the reason why you have to continue this show because they didn’t end the chapter they can still teach many kids,teens and Topanga and Cory can teach adults about life,love…

  22. Caitlin says:

    KEEP GIRL MEETS WORLD PLEASE!!! This show has taught me so many life lessons! It’s also taught me how to be a better friend !!

  23. Larry Larson says:

    Its time the fans won one, especially since they just announced a movie for there show cought in the middle, how could a low rated show like that get a movie, and we get cancelled

  24. Emily says:

    I really hope Girl Meets World gets picked up by another network. I think Disney made a mistake with cancelling the show because there are so many loyal fans that watch the show and there are so many unlearned lessons that Maya, Riley, and the audience need to learn.

  25. Savanah Glisson says:

    Please keep on with Girl meets World it’s the best show ever. I love to watch it everyday when it comes on.

  26. jessica perry says:

    if it doesn’t continue imma be pissed. it’s a great show for girls and boys to look to as they’re growing up because it teaches so many great life lessons that kids might never learn if someone doesn’t show them like this show does. there’s a new lesson to learn in every episode and i, a 17 year old girl look to this show for advice and help on things that i go to. people relate to this show. i won’t ever watch tv again if it doesn’t continue somewhere

  27. Fan says:

    I really hope it will continue. GMW FOR-EVAH!!!!

  28. eallfan1 says:

    Girl meets world is such an amazing show… It teach us a lot of things and lessons, it deserves to end after giving more, because it has more to give, if not it would be wasted potential. We love Girl meets world and that’s why we want another network to pick it up, and we won’t give up until we get it!

  29. Trevor canales says:

    We all love girl meets world and don’t want to end it keep it on!!!

  30. Mar🌻 says:

    Yes baby😍

  31. Lyd says:

    Continue girl meets world!!! IT USB such a great, inspiring show!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Samantha says:

    I really hope that they do continue this show 😫

  33. Becca says:


  34. Chris says:

    They should leave the show running longer it is a great Disney program for children it is better than half of the stuff that disney should be rethinking about

  35. Kathleen says:

    I love girl meets world, and i dont want it to end. I have learnt so much from it that other shows dont even talk about teaching you. This show has got me through bad times and I wait anxiously that it is picked up again. Please dont go through with the cancellation.

  36. Donathan Lee Mullins says:

    Abc family should bring girl meets world please so I can what he the show please

  37. Clara says:

    Girl Meets World was one of the few good shows left on Disney Channel. The idea of not canceling it, makes my heart really happy.

  38. Mallory Tillotson says:

    Please save this show. I love it so much.

  39. Shay says:

    I started crying when I heard girl meets world was being cancelled. This show has been my life for 3 years and I’ve loved watching it he characters grow up.

  40. Eric says:

    I came to this show as a fan of Boy Meets World, but I really do think that today’s kids need a series like this. One that portrays the trials and tribulations of a real kid, and the journey that we all take as we grow up. I feel like there were a lot more shows like this when I was growing up, but every kids’ show these days needs a gimmick. The kid is a pop star! The kid can time travel! What happened to kids being kids? GMW was a breath of fresh air, a little bit of reality and relatabitlity in a world overstuffed with crazy, high-concept fluff.

    I echo the sentiments of those who would like to see it continue on a platform that allowed the series to tackle more mature topics the way BMW did, and think that the show could live on for many more years if they took that approach. I’d love to follow Riley and Maya and the whole gang into their college years, like we did with Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Angela, and Eric.

  41. Hurkey says:

    Yes yes yes pleaseeeeee!!!!

  42. Fgh says:

    Don’t cancel it! It addresses REAL issues and the characters are great. It has such a wide audience, keep it going!

  43. Mary says:

    I love this show so much! It has taught me so many important life lessons that I wouldn’t even be aware of if it wasn’t for this show. It would be severe deprivation if the younger generation do not have the chance and opportunity to learn these lessons from people who they look up to and view as role models! It would be a huge mistake to cancel this show with so many unanswered questions for the world wide audience! I beg you not to cancel this show!

  44. Jim Taylor says:

    The more noise the fans make – the better!

  45. Lynn Whitten says:

    Of course it should be picked up and continued. Young people all over the world tune in and get an entertaining and life lesson in every episode. What better way to help young people with the issues and questions they all have growing up. My granddaughters absolutely love the show, and they are very disappointed. (I like it to as a grandparent)

  46. chadcronin says:

    I got really upset when the show was canceled. There isn’t much on that has a great cast and so many more stories to tell. We’ve been told flat out this show will be able to tell more compelling stories on another channel/company. I would love for Netflix to pick this up but would be happy to see this anywhere.

  47. Alexa Cabrera says:

    I’m ready for another platform if Disney channel was actually going to do that then theyre lucky if I actually watch it again

  48. Jennifer says:

    I don’t mind what platform just please make at least one or two more seasons. Please!!!

  49. Joey Padron says:

    Good news there are talks to continue the show. Hope another network will pick up the show!

  50. Hannah says:

    I won’t ever give up on the show that has taught me so much