Criminal Minds Gibson Fired

Criminal Minds Boss Opens Up About Writing Thomas Gibson's Exit Story, and the Cast Change She Didn't Expect

Thinking back to June/July, Criminal Minds boss Erica Messer says the challenge facing her back then with regards to Season 12 indeed was mighty quaint, compared to the flurry of cast changes she would end up having to accommodate.

“That’s exactly right. We’re shooting the serialized arc [for the back half of the season] right now, and I was like, ‘Remember when this was the big thing we were doing this year?’ That was all we were sort of worried about.”

At that point in the summer, all Messer had on her plate was writing in Luke Alvez, the agent who would wind up filling Derek Morgan’s vacancy on the BAU team. “Adam [Rodriguez] has been such an amazing addition, from jump,” the CBS drama’s showrunner notes. “From the minute the audience met him, the minute the team started working with him, he just fit right in, and I’m so thankful for that.

“Obviously there is no replacing Shemar [Moore],” she adds, “but Adam had no intention of doing that. He brought his own thing to the character. He fits in on-screen and off-screen.”

Two months after Rodriguez was cast for Season 12, however, an on-set, physical altercation between Thomas Gibson and writer/producer Virgil Williams would eventually lead to Gibson, an original cast member, being fired from the series. As a result, the Criminal Minds writers needed to find a way to write in Hotch’s forever absence, without his portrayer available to appear on camera. Ultimately, it was revealed that after one too many at-home scares from Mr. Scratch, Hotch had entered himself and son Jack into Witness Protection.

Asked to comment on the Gibson situation, Messer hedged, “I don’t know how much I can say,” because of legal reasons. “But personally, I was really sad writing the episode where I had to say goodbye [to the character], because I knew that no matter what you do, it’s never going to be perfect. You’re not going to please everyone, especially when you don’t have the face there to say goodbye to.”

That said, “Given what was in front of us — I wrote that and Matthew [Gray Gubler, who plays Reid] directed it — it was done with such love and care for the history of the show and that character and the hero that he is and will continue to be, in the eyes of the team and most importantly the eyes of his son. He gave up being an American hero to be a hero to Jack, and I do feel proud of that.”

(As for the criticism that Hotch would have been wary of WITSEC, given Scratch’s proven ability to hack that database, Messer maintains, “It’s the safest possible route, because what wasn’t safe was trying to live a normal life, having Scratch show up at Jack’s school. The second that happened, Hotch is like, ‘I’m out.’ That felt real to us.”)

In addition to adding Rodriguez and cutting Gibson, Criminal Minds this season promoted Aisha Tyler to series regular and extended Paget Brewster’s short-term encore as Prentiss into a full-time gig. But the recent addition of Damon Gupton as Agent Stephen Walker actually was not Messer’s doing.

“That was really a decision that the network made,” she shares. “They are part of our ‘village’ — the leaders of our village, in fact — so I embraced it after hearing their reasoning.” Still, adding another new face amid so much existing cast churn was no easy feat.

“For us, it’s always a challenge to bring somebody new into a group that has functioned together as long as they have. It’s like, ‘OK, what role needs to be filled?'” the EP says. “So we brought him in with a specialty in the espionage world. The idea being that he had a skill set that could help us find Scratch made a lot of sense to us.”

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  1. Obviously, the network couldnM’t deal with having more women than men on the cast, could they? It had BEEN PERFECT as it was, just after Hotch left, Alvez and Lewis as regulars! I adored them! Gupton’s chatacter is completely unecessary. I hope he does well and shows some personality, but so far he’s been a such a drag!

    • Angela says:

      I don’t mind Gupton’s character (and I loved the actor on “Bates Motel” last season, he was great on there-it’s cool that he’s shown up in two shows I like now :D), but yeah, eight people does feel an awful lot to juggle. Doesn’t surprise me that’d be a network decision, though-they really do seem to like poking around with this show, don’t they?

      • Yeah, like I said, his character is just unecessary, takes screen time away from other characters that are funny and interesting and is there for the sole purpose of what? I don’t mind the character himself, just… no point. My guess is that he won’t stick.

        • Angela says:

          Yeah, I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t stick around long, either. I could see him getting offers to be part of other shows down the line and moving on.

        • Jane R says:

          Oh, I like having Gupton around. Same with Paget and that other guy. They do a good job at driving viewers away.

        • MLO says:

          Who’s to say his character won’t be funny and interesting? He seems to be a good fit so far and he has a history with Rossi which could prove interesting. I’m sure if he were younger and hot, hot, hot you’d be all over him.

          • MLO, I said before I hope he shows these characteristics in the future. You obviously don’t follow my comments on this site, because my favorite CM character has long been Rossi, who’s very funny, interesting, smart and sarcarstic — yet, not young and hot. On the other hand, I never quite liked Derek that much, although I didn’t mind looking at him. Have fun!

        • Tammy Moulton says:

          Getting rid of Hotch was one of the worst things they could do! And don’t insult PPL with your stupid comments on what we can and cannot write!!!

    • Fabrizia says:

      Right. A CBS procedural with a woman in charge of the team and with 4 female cast member versus 3 male. The suits must have thought it was too “girly” for their audience.

    • Jim says:

      Hotchner was the show just as fox will soon learn jack bower is 24 i stoped watching at episode 5 when i figured out he wasnt coming back pluss its dull when 95% of the cases revolve around white males just like the law and order mandate all 83% of the criminal must be rich whites or jews if you want to know whos really committing violent crimes watch the first 48

      • Vanda says:

        Jim they are FbI behaviorist. They dont deal with regular criminals. They get called in to solve the cases involving highly intelligent, serial crimes. Which are unfortunately committed by mostly white males.

    • Lizzie says:

      It isn’t likely realistic for more than half of a team of elite and experienced FBI agents to be mostly or all women. Emily, after Interpol, can handle the job, but not all of the women characters on this show have been as good as most (say, Elle). The quirks and nature of the characters that are gone can’t be replaced by new people, bring back Gibson, and please don’t take away Spencer.

      • Garcia is tech/IT, so, it’s a completely different area. JJ started off as a liasion and was the only one to build her way up into the team, Prentiss — although talented, probably started where she is because of her parents, and Lewis is the one who came from the outside. It’s as realistic as any other CBS show (because Hawaii Five-0 and Scorpion are super realistic down to the action and the science!). It’s simply a sexist issue and CBS/ABC studios has been known for it for many, many years.

        Gibson is NOT coming back, even though Criminal Minds has likely the best history to bringing characters back. He left way more a la Mandy Patkin than Paget Brewster. You people need to get over it, for reals.

        • Windy T. says:

          Wow! Barbie, you don’t have to be rude about it. Really! Who are you to be telling people what they should be doing or feeling? You’re not God! We don’t need to get over anything. This was a show that I’ve watched for 12 freaking years and it frustrating that it had to happen this way. Gibson was the show, period. This show just lost another viewers. No Thomas Gibson No Criminal Minds. Hope it ends soon, this is NOT the show that it once were.

          • Lol, I’m being rude? Rather, I’m being realistic! No one is forcing you to watch the show! It is super annoying though, when we’re effectively debating what could make the show better and people are like “Bring X back” and they’re not coming back. I, personally, never said Paget wasn’t coming back because she left on good terms and always said she was up for guest starring, she did just that, and look at her now! Gibson was fired! He isn’t coming back! Just like Cote de Pablo jn NCIS, she’s not coming back and in every single NCIS post, we get “Bring Ziva Back” comments. On the other hand, Michael Weatherly left in great terms and said he’s up for guest starring, so, Dinozzo will likely be back at some point. It’s like, you need to get over it and enjoy the show for what it is, or quit watching it already if it bothers you so much!

          • Wilma says:

            I agree , without Hotchner the show is just not as good. I watch the reruns because the team seemed to fit together so well. No Hotchner, no show for me.

      • Jen Johnson says:

        BRING BACK GIBSON!!!!! THAT WAS THE WORST THING THEY DID!!! ALSO, it’s life when there are situations at work, that’s why people get written up, not fired right away! Criminal minds is now a bunch of BULLSH!T

    • Janet Dinan says:

      It wont be the same so I wont be whatching it any more as its not as good now

    • Debbie says:

      Show has nothing to do with male or female, seriously. It is personalities
      …. “Eric” from CSI Miami is awesome BUT I want Hotch & Morgan BACK. Gideon too if he weren’t dead…… my be scratch has him….

  2. Sure, Thomas Gibson was not screwed over…lol. Keep talking Erica and all over at CM. Its a feast for TG’s lawyers. BTW, a little professional never mind personal courtesty, would have had you acknowledge the actor and man who was so fundamental in ensuring this show reached 12 seasons, and you know that very well Erica.

    • James says:

      Erica said in the articl that she can’t reall say much with everything related to Thomas Gibson due to legal reasons.

      • Lizzie says:

        The show is not the same without Hotch – I would have fired the wuss writer and kept Gibson. I hope Gibson takes the producers for every penny he can get from them.

    • Lizzie says:

      When a show has gone on as long as this one, taking away major characters is like surgically removing limbs, and it doesn’t go well. I am one of the people who cried when it at first seemed that Emily had died, and her being in Europe for her own safety was okay to deal with. Morgan and Hotch – goodness, these two men are key to the ongong story of the show. The history we experienced with these characters is a big part of watching any episode, and why we watch the reruns for the umpteenth time, and also the new ones. Knowing that the show didn’t make it possible for Gibson to remain on the show, just annoys me no end, and I have only watched about half of this season’s episodes that didn’t include him. Epic fail by the producers, network, and fragile writers who can’t get over themselves in order to keep a major character. Just could have put the allegedly kicked writer and Gibson in opposite corners, don’t let that person write his stuff, whatever. Move the writer to a different show, and pay them off. But don’t take the main character of the show and write him out. And bring back Derek for a visit at least, maybe with a couple of cute kids in tow.

  3. ScottJ says:

    In the real world people come and go from jobs all the time without needing big stories. So why does does every departure on a TV show have to be something dramatic? There’s nothing wrong with “he got another job and resigned”.

    • Okay let say your wife was fired from her job because she wouldn’t sleep with her boss would you just let that slide

    • KatsMom says:

      That’s basically what they did with Shemar Moore’s character. His significant other was pregnant, so he decided his life was too dangerous, resigned and went to find a new job. That wouldn’t have worked here though because an amicable departure is something people expect to see on screen, not just hear about.

    • Eurydice says:

      In the real world, people circle can spend half an hour looking for a parking space, but on TV that would be pretty boring…except…no, wait…that could actually work…hmmm…

      I think in in Hotch’s case, though, the challenge was to find a way to get rid of the character, keep him alive, and make sure the actor had no way to come back to the show. People who leave for another job don’t just disappear, and there’s always the possibility they could come back for a visit.

    • Because he has made a HUGE impact on viewership which means$$$$ so that’s why a HUGE departure in tv land MATTERS!!

  4. She the reason I can no longer watch my favorite show

  5. With Shemar leaving, and you dumb asses firing “Hotch”, I don’t watch anymore. Use to watch reruns most of the day… NOT!! LOVE Garcia, Reid, Rossi and Prentiss!! Just not the same. I’m outta there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Don J. says:

    Honestly I don’t think the Walker character is needed. Cast feels kind of bloated now.

  7. Rose says:

    Wow, you think you did your best concerning the firing of Gibson and Hotch exit. Your best wasn’t good. The Hotch character would have never ran away. He deserved better, so did Thomas Gibson, so did the fans that watched him for 12 years. I read that another man is being added to the cast. Apparently it takes a village to replace Hotch…good luck with that.

  8. Kevin says:

    Time for people to give up watching Criminal Minds and who knows if CBS is planning to renew the series for a proper final season.

  9. sarahpawelski says:

    Hello! Why write him out, so what I Understand is the bad guys wins, inside in the story that we cannot defeat the criminal minds with perfect team… defeat twice? Morgan and now Hotch that is the inside of the story… in this moment of distress we need to catch the bad guy and bring America together bring the bad guy to justice and have the kids be rise by a single working Father who help catch bad guys… Maybe jack ends up working in the BUA… common good story good material, good people
    Good line of story.

  10. Andrew Lenart says:

    Yeah, okay. It’s time to end the circus by adding to the cast. Let’s get Hotch out of witness protection and back with the BAU where he belongs. In this case the punishment does not fit the crime for Thomas Gibson.

  11. Gloria Davis says:

    Ms Messer is “full” of crap. She had a good thing going and let her ego get in the way of common sense. How dare Thomas Gibson question something he didn’t agree with in the script. Way to go, you already lost Shemar Moore and now Gibson. Replacements does not make the show. Stupid!!!

    • Angela says:

      She didn’t fire him, though? The network did? And his questioning something in the script wasn’t the reason he got fired, it was the fact he kicked somebody. .
      Seriously, can we please actually try putting the blame on the people who were responsible for this situation in the first place-the network heads, Williams, and Gibson himself for a change, and quit dumping on the rest of the cast and crew who had nothing to do with it? Is that really that hard for some people to do?

      • HelloDolly says:

        Yeah, It’s funny how almost everyone on CM got the blame for Gibson’s departure except the networks and Gibson himself. Didn’t ABC and CBS issue a joint statement that they decided to let him go? I’m sure the networks could have just upheld the suspesion and let the incident go but they didn’t. Their decision, no one else’s. But sure let’s dump it on the actors themselves and everyone else behind the scenes. Even Paget Brewster who wasn’t around when the incident happened is being harassed by Gibson’s fans on Twitter for her alleged part in getting him fired.

      • mary says:

        Not to mention, none of us were there. We also don’t know what was in his contract. Because of what happened the last time, they might have added a clause dealing with his anger management.

    • Lauren says:

      He KICKED SOMEBODY. The lack of maturity alone is disconcerting. HIs behavior had probably been an issue for a long time. You don’t act perfectly pleasant and then one day kick a co-worker. I’m thinking there had been other issues leading up to this.

      • Jean says:

        Thomas Gibson is an avid soccer fan and player. I’m pretty sure if he actually intentionally KICKED someone with malicious intent or otherwise ASSAULTED someone’s leg, that Virgil Williams would have ended up in the hospital. Or, at the very least, with a major injury. Was there even a bruise? This is what makes me more inclined to believe TG’s version of the story that it was an unintentional tap.

        As for the “previous incidents” that have been cited, 2 were personal and one was already dealt with.

        • Grace says:

          Gee, with you on their side, the Menendez boys would have gone free thanks to your plea on their behalf. After all, they deserved our sympathy being orphans.

        • Shari says:

          It is not cool to kick someone. But CBS firing him was a little bit extreme. But hey in a world where if you put a finger on someone they scream abuse. I am not surprised.

    • Shari says:

      Lol!!!! Yup.
      It feels forced now.
      Very forced.
      I love the Hotch character. And I love Gibson.

  12. Tanny Wilkins says:

    As much as I loved the show, it was heartbreaking when Derrick left and I managed to continue watching. I like Rodriguez but losing Hotch was too much. He was the leader of the team and with him gone, I just didn’t want to watch anymore. It’s not the same.

  13. Linda Rahn says:

    It will NEVER be the same without Hitch. He WAS the show. I have tried watching it but it sucks
    I watch reruns with hitch in it.

  14. Linda Rahn says:

    That WAS to be HOTCH not Hitch. Sorry

  15. Megan Thompson says:

    Don’t care how they wrote him out. Don’t care why. All that matters is that he is gone, so so am I. This show can go down with the Titanic and if it gets cancelled at the end of the year, instead of being sad, I will be ecstatic!

    • Lauren says:

      I can’t wait for a co-worker to kick you and then have your boss say, “Well he brings so much to the office, we can’t fire him!” A job is a job, regardless of whether yours happens to be on a TV show. They were right not to tolerate his behavior.

      • Flora says:

        Your reasoning is sound and I’m so agreeing with you. I loved the ‘Hotch’ character and I will miss him but actors need to know, just like everyone else, that there are consequences for what we do. I think all the ‘swollen’ heads need a little shrinking now and again.

    • mary says:

      Do you realize that there are other human beings who work for the show? They have bills to pay. You have the option of just not watching.

    • Shari says:

      Yes other people work on the show. But honestly the show is NOT even close to being as good. It is sad but, it isn’t.
      I love all the actors and actress. But it is not as good. I will be surprised if it isn’t cancelled.

  16. No More says:

    Shemar gone. Hotch gone. I’m gone.

  17. Lisa Williams says:

    Please bring Sehmar Moore back!!!!!

  18. SoFla says:

    You lost your fans by your incorrect response and now you try to treat us like we are idiots by saying you tried to do right by the character and you are so sad he is gone. Hogwash. You could stunt cast the rest of the life of the show, bring in Bullock, Theron, Wilde, Roberts (Julia OR Eric), Clooney, Gosling, Pitt, any top list, big name draw out there and you won’t get back your loyal fans that you screwed over. Sad it is ending this way. I feel badly for the remaining stars of the show, and the new additions you brought in to try to replace Hotch. I haven’t watched and won’t watch again. #NoHotchNoWatch

  19. I still NEVER miss an EPISODE, miss my favorite Shermore and I’m hoping my other favorite Gueber isn’t leaving too,but I’m faithful to the show and I’ll stay that way as long as it stays on air! Good luck CM :-) :-) :-) :-)

  20. mary sue Thomas says:

    I have watched criminal minds faithfully….Still watch the reruns…hotch and Derrick my 2 favorites gone….Can’t say it will survive…Sorry those two were the heart and soul of criminal minds…Very sad

  21. Kiesha says:

    I believe they should get Derrick and Hotch back, they made the show great and interesting matter of fact they were the show. I have no interest in the show anymore, it was my favorite show and without the old team it’s just not the same big ups to the old teammates that is still there but Hotch and Derrick the show is nothing without them!!!

  22. Skip says:

    To me there is only one Don Carlene (Al Pacino). That’s because he was a son. There’s only one Sargent Riggs and one Sargent merta( lethal weapon). Same goes for cm. Anyone else just doesn’t work. I’m mean Rodriguez will always be Delko. Sorry but that just how it is. I don’t and won’t watch anymore. I’ve seen every single episode and will not watch anymore. Only reruns over and over. Rip Criminal Minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Elizabeth Drake says:

    I agree his character really could be done away with. Im not sure I will cont. to watch if spencer reid is not on the show.

  24. Marie Smith says:

    You think replace Thomas Gibson your wrong, your response for let him go why don’t start acting like adults instead children. Whole thing is stupid what about your didn’t do anything to him. I watched show beginning but destroyed family.

  25. Rudy Goldblatt says:

    didn’t really need another character. haven’t seen Reid in two weeks!!!! and he is an original and a personal favorite. starting to become less interested in show.

  26. David Rochevot says:

    Whatever it costs or whatever it takes if you want this show to succeed in your interest you should bring everyone back if you can’t do that end the show. If not you will get the worst ratings and the show will die out. And all the greatness that it has been and shown will just be another failure due to greed/power…

    • clamzilla says:

      Truthfully, I think CBS doesn’t much care if CM’s dies on the vine. It has been on the air way longer than most dramatic shows,and every year it continues on, it costs the network more money (raises for staff on-screen and off), advertising costs, just basic overhead, etc. That, with diminished viewership which happens naturally as shows age (how many ways are their to murder somebody?), and with the kind of harsh rhetoric they read in chat rooms like this makes the probability of renewal that much less.

  27. Jules says:

    I am very disappointed in “Hotch” no longer being on the show. He made the show what it was. To me, it’s just not the fantastic show that it was with him.

  28. Merry Walker says:

    Thomas Gibson was so professional in his roll. As long as Rossi is on we will keep watching.

  29. Margaret Shellenberg Morales says:

    Without Reid this week, the characters looked robotic. Walker’s too stiff. The team used to be a “family” and now they act like they’re at a family reunion where they don’t like that side of the family. Thank goodness for Rossi and Garcia because at least they acted naturally and spontaneously. The show used to be so spectacular but it now lacks luster. It doesn’t matter how good the plot is if the characters don’t mesh. I’ll give it another couple of weeks and if not, I’m going to start watching NBC at the same time because SVU’s cast now outshines criminal minds.

  30. Myra Hernandez says:

    I love the show it is amazing but I love Thomas’s Gibson I miss seeing on the show I don’t care for Gupton he’s to dry , I think somewhere down the line Hotch needs to come back I think all should be forgotten and forgiven. I started watching Criminal Minds on Netflix I started from S1 E1 this show is so goodbye I hope it never goes off

  31. Myra Hernandez says:

    I meant the show is so good (spell check )

  32. Myra Hernandez says:

    What’s going on with Mathew Gray Gubler he hasn’t been on for a few episodes I miss looking at his face

  33. swpwallie says:

    I posted this comment on another sight more than a month ago, but I find it’s an appropriate response to Erica Messer’s trying to spin her way out of the muck she and her juvenile producers have put themselves in over the shortsighted firing of Thomas Gibson. And for those who keep saying the networks fired Gibson, give it up. When you read this interview she pretty much admits to being the one behind Thomas’ firing but makes certain to give the credit for the hiring of Damon Gupton to CBS. So stop trying to defend her and blaming the networks for Gibson’s firing. She wanted a Charlies’ Angels version of Criminal Minds with Paget Brewster in the Hotch role. She got what she wanted but she had to cripple CM to do it.

    I read a recent comment on TV By The Numbers questioning why CBS left CMBB off its spring schedule since CMBB has been pre sold to international markets and Netflix international. The problem is that benefits ABC Studios, not CBS. CBS receives no profit from international sales, only domestic distribution and advertising rates. ABC Studios reap the multimillion dollar benefits from the international market. So it made me think that CBS may not have been in on the initial firing of Thomas Gibson, which has hurt ratings for CBS. But CBS had to go along with the program or else come off as an unwitting dupe. Erica, Virgil and the rest of her producers hatched this scheme that ABC Studios helped them carry out. Dust-ups like the one TG & Virgil had are rarely if ever reported to management, especially by so-called family members. The fact that Virgil later reported it probably came after he, Erica and the rest of her producers got together & decided it was something they could use to get rid of Thomas. I’m sure they promised CBS that CM wouldn’t be hurt and their profits would increase because they had Paget back & could make her full-time with the money saved from TG’s firing. They probably promised a ratings boost as well. Based on how abruptly they fired TG and started celebrating & speaking of him as if he were never there; Erica, Vangsness, Virgil, Harry & the network smear campaign was designed to bury Thomas. He should be the forgotten man by now. Little did they know, they messed with the wrong person/character & the wrong fanbase. CBS seems to now be playing a little hardball with ABC, Erica and CMBB by leaving it off its spring schedule and making its viability questionable. In the end, TG lost his job, fans lost their favorite actor/character & CBS lost ratings & it’s competitive edge because CM is now a weakened product. ABC Studios has now potentially lost product for the international market–all of this because Erica Messer and her shortsighted producers are scheming, greedy vipers willing to sacrifice dedicated fans and its loyal star to massage their own egos and to settle personal vendettas. #NoHotchNoWatch will exist until CM no longer exists- and/or Thomas Gibson is made whole.

  34. Lindsay says:

    I don’t see a problem bringing Gibson back. We have athletes that commit worse incidents and are allowed to excel in their position as a ‘professional’ athlete. Gibson apologized and it was behind the scenes, made public by the company. He’s a great actor and I’m sure would proceed with caution if he’s permitted to return. The rest of the cast is exceptional as well.

  35. Shari says:

    As much as I love Criminal Mindustry it is no longer as enjoyable to watch. Not after losing Moore and Gibson.
    Don’t get me wrong I love the actors and actress.
    It just isn’t my favorite show anymore.

  36. Queen says:

    Hotch, Reid and Morgan’s characters out at the same time is not good. My favorite show is just not the same. I love the other cast but these three were essential in making the show number one. It was hard to deal with Morgan leaving but I can’t deal with Reid and Hotch gone also. I guess it’s time for me to move on as well.

  37. Cynthia Lynn Robinson says:

    I stopped watching criminal minds.To many new characters and without Hodge and reI’d just not the same!

  38. Bring back Hotchner and Morgan Please work it out somehow!! Miss them sooo much!!

  39. I don’t buy Hotch going into witness protection. Easy way out. I’m still watching, it remains my favorite show.

  40. Angela says:

    I dislike the changes made to the case. The most is the woman who replaced Hodge…Never have liked her. The rest I am trying to deal with…But it is no longer the Criminal Minds that I have always loved. The writing is poorer. The way that they explain everything is SO boring. Most people watching Criminal Minds know all the basics of their work.

  41. Debbie V says:

    That Adam guy is terrible. Doesn’t act FBI at all. SHow has really gone down hill. Looking for another show to replace what was my favorite for so many years. I’m done

  42. Mona Brice says:

    It doesn’t matter what or how you write out Hotch I won’t be watching 😔

  43. Chantel says:

    I really love Criminal minds but I am not happy with Thomas Gibson leaving the show. He was the main character and it just doesn’t feel the same without him but I will get over it, now if Reed leaves then Criminal Minds is on it’s last leg. Hopefully that does not happen. But without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Morre it’s already headind down hill.

  44. Wow there is a lot going on with the show. Just thought I’d check in and see what and who was left after Hotch, since I quit watching. Anybody know how the ratings are going. It will probably limp along like two and a half men and die the same long agonizing death.

  45. Yoko says:

    The newest addition to the team makes no sense. Dumb move CBS. Reid needs to come back and very soon or I’ll be drifting off this show that I have loved for years.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Quite possible the network added Gupta in its ongoing mission for diversity/inclusion.But he’s a fine actor and it will be interesting to see how his character progresses.

  47. Lizzie says:

    Erica Messer – I would far rather that they replaced you, and brought back Thomas Gibson.

  48. Beth Hotvedt says:

    I haven’t watched Criminal Minds since they fired Thomas Gibson. I only read the article to see how his character was being written out.

  49. Mary Gay says:

    Hotch (Thomas Gibson) brought something special to Criminal Minds. I still watch the show but I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to and I have been a big fan since day one. Surely since the powers that be are adults, they could come up with a way to forgive and give Thomas Gibson another chance. He brings a lot to the success of the show. I love all the characters, but Hotch made me look forward to watching every week. Please bring him back!

    • Barb S. says:

      Have been a CM viewer ever since I saw Thomas Gibson on the show. Has been my very favorite show TIL Gibson was fired. The show just is not as good without his character. I continue to watch reruns over and over. It would be wonderful to see him back on the show. Read the others comments and majority does seem to rule that fans want “Hotch” back. Do you hear us?

    • Klsas says:

      Agreed. Need Reid back full-time too. I still watch but it’s sure not the same. Hopefully they will bring him back especially without Shemar. I don’t mind Tyler but Gupton needs to go.