24: Legacy: Why Tony Almeida Is Back — and Why Chloe Isn't

For the thousandth time, no, Jack Bauer will not be a part of Fox’s upcoming 24: Legacy event series (premiering Sunday, Feb. 5 after the Super Bowl) — but at least one familiar face will be.

As previously reported, Carlos Bernard will reprise his role as Tony Almeida in the midseason series. An original 24 cast member, Bernard (after a “one day” absence) last co-starred in Season 7, then appeared in the DVD extra 24: Solitary, where it was revealed that the morally compromised former CTU agent had been sentenced to life in solitary confinement. Tony, though, lobbied to be released into genpop so as to secure actionable, life-saving intel about other prisoners and, in doing so, return to being the man his dead wife Michelle knew him to be.

Explaining the decision to make Tony the lone “encore” for 24: Legacy, co-creator Manny Coto said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, “We love the character and we loved [Bernard] so much we added that scene in the DVD. It felt right that he was the one person who comes back.” (Producers then let slip that Tony will have a “history” with one of Legacy‘s major characters.)

That said, “We’re very carefully making sure that people do not have to see the original series” to appreciate Legacy, said EP Evan Katz. “There may be an Edgar Easter egg here and there” — the late CTU wonk is referenced in the premiere —  “but we were most concerned with making this its own thing.”

Of course, no new day of 24 24LAD_EP9-SC917_CR-019 is complete without fans clamoring for an appearance by super-hacker Chloe, played by franchise vet Mary Lynn Rajskub (who returned for 24: Live Another Day). But that is one encore the 24 faithful won’t get.

“Once we decided to bring Tony back, with only 12 episodes, to bring other [veteran] characters back as well throws the balance off,” Katz told TVLine. “We want viewers to build relationships with these [new] people and not think about the past.

“Chloe could come back in a future season,” he allowed. “We love the character.”


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  1. Nicole Walker says:

    I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it. Tony is in need of a redemption arc and this season provides a way.

    But I do hope that we get a chance to learn Chloe somehow rebuilt her life. And is covertly working on getting Jack back from Russia. If Tony survives, she can recruit him to her cause.

    • Tracey Taggart says:

      I agree.. massive fan of 24. And the new 24 legend looks and is very enjoyable too.. cant wait see tony anyway..

  2. Kevin says:

    I would be bummed if there’s going to be no Chloe O’Brian and no Jack Bauer in 24: Legacy. Have a feeling that the latest should be one and done. BTW, I’m always a huge 24 fan.

  3. They ruined the character of Tony in 24 over the seasons. I’m not sure how believable he can be as a good guy turned bad turned goodish again??

    Doesn’t matter I’ll still watch.

    • Wyngate says:

      They also ruined the Jack Bauer character as well. He was always screwed at the end, from season one on to the end. Always lost his love, always got the shaft, was never appreciated, never given credit due for his service to his country. Why would he want to come back? I’ll continue to watch for awhile, but the script is running on the same old tired themes, and Jimmy Smits acting is as dull as a cardboard character. TV Line has this as a long shot for renewal and I believe they are right.

  4. Luis Roman says:

    I’ll miss you, Potato Face

  5. RZ says:

    Tony was a good character who ended up being ill-served by the show first through his ridiculous near/supposed death (losing a fight against a mostly unconscious man) and also through his evil turn. Hopefully they have a proper plot line for him that will prove redemptive.

  6. Carlos Lee says:

    No Jack and a pissed Chloe : (

  7. Geo says:

    The whole Tony storyline became a disaster. It was one of those times that the showrunners thought “we need a shock” rather than better storytelling or character consistency, so they made Tony a villain. It never worked, and just became more frustrating over time as it threw off one of the better parts– and better characters– of the show. 24 got way too into that whole “good character suddenly turns out to be bad” thing until it became a huge, lazy cliche.

    So I hope that when they bring Tony and Carlos Bernard back they’ll sure serve him better. I’m afraid, though, we’ll just be given another cliche of “character redeems himself and then gets killed.” If I had to bet exactly where they plan to take the Tony storyline this time– unless they plan to actually engage some legitimate surprises this time rather than these phony “shock” ones– that’s exactly where they’ll go.

  8. Mik says:

    It seems like the producers think the majority of their audience for Legacy will be people who have never watched 24 before. The show aired for 9 seasons over 14 years, and its easy to access on streaming services. The majority of the audience will be people who have already watched 24 and keeping them interested in Legacy should be essential. Bringing in old favorites could be a way to do that, but maybe the producers have enough confidence in what they have with the new characters that they didn’t feel it was necessary. Regardless, I’m excited for the show to be back.

  9. Jeff says:

    If you don’t want me to think about the past, then I won’t think about how much I liked the old series, either. Then, I have no reason to watch the new one. Thanks for saving me all that time!

    • Agnes says:

      My point exactly! A legacy goes waaay back so there is no way to talk about one if your audience shouldn’t look back.

  10. Meo says:

    Would love to see Tamer Hassan come back, or bring in David Dayan Fisher! These guys need to be back in dramatic/action roles.

    WTH, always want to see a Ben Browder on TV again too!

  11. Walkie says:

    People are really clamoring for Chloe? That was easily the most one dimensional boring character in the original.

  12. drhenning says:

    I look forward to the new 24… Face it folks.. Jack’s gotten to old to be running around like he did for years on this show.. People still go see James Bond movies even with new Bonds… We should give this new team a chance and be happy for the format keeping going..

  13. DJ Doena says:

    If I remember correctly it was season 4. I had totally forgotten about the character until he showed up in that warehouse. And then I was like “TONY!!!!” and had a huge grin on my face. I was genuinely excited to see him in that moment, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to reconnect with him.

  14. Boo. I want my Jack and Chloe.

    • Blue Note says:

      Always wanted Jack & Chloe to be a “thing.” Can only hope that just maybe, they could get together before they get to old or killed.

    • Tracey Taggart says:

      Me too.. to be truthful jack bauer and the team are 24. But i will give this new team a chance and see..

  15. RichieS says:

    Describing Edgar Stiles as a ” late CTU wonk ” does the character an extreme disservice. He served his country the best he could and made the ultimate sacrifice to save others.

  16. Roy says:

    When will Jack be back?

  17. Miss Rozie says:

    “Once we decided to bring Tony back, with only 12 episodes, to bring other [veteran] characters back as well throws the balance off,” Katz told TVLine. “We want viewers to build relationships with these [new] people and not think about the past. hahahaha!!! Sorry this statement is really laughable … for those original 24 viewers, such as myself, who never missed a day or “season”, we have way too much invested NOT to think of the characters who won’t be returning – they DID name this new reboot 24, right? When I hear 24 I immediately think of Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida, Chloe, Michelle and Edgar – sorry. But I am looking forward to the new updated show – the new show HAS Jimmy Smits … so Jimmy Smits AND Carlos Bernard means we have a date boys … :-)

  18. T12 says:

    never really warmed up for Chloe. a shame Jack traded himself in for her.

  19. Jay says:

    In Kiefer Sutherland’s voice: “DAMMIT!”

  20. Kat says:

    OK, it looks like its the producers who don’t get it.. A large part of the reason fans are watching 24 legacy in 2007 when there are so many other great shows on TV is because we’re looking forward to seeing those awesome cast members from the original series, you can rotate their appearance, again, they’re are the reason we watch… we still love your new cast but the old ones are our first love…bring them back or your ratings will fade out. Thank Goodness Prison Break is back! with a bang! and with the old cast that we looove so much. @24 producers, listen and learn!

  21. jef says:

    just hate how fake the car ride’s look come on it ist a cheap soap opra