The Catch Morphing Into an 'Adult Scooby-Doo Sex Farce' In Season 2

OK, here’s The Catch: Things are about to get a lot sillier.

After “sort of finding” itself tonally in its first season, the ABC caper will embrace its lighter side in Season 2, exec producer Allan Heinberg told reporters Tuesday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, before adding, “The show really is a romantic comedy at its heart and we embraced it.”

To that end, a fundamental element of the series — the cases of the week — have been overhauled. “I was realizing that these cases were not allowing me to spend as much time getting to know the characters as I really wanted to, and they were crowding out some of the soap [opera] I wanted to do,” Heinberg explained. What’s more, the EP noted that leads Mirielle Enos and Peter Krause “would see all the fun that was happening on the con-artist side of the show, and they would say, ‘Why can’t we do that? I want to do that.'” 

As a result, “I made a promise this year that would just get rid of all that stuff in Season 2 and only have [Anderson-Vaughan Investigations] cases that actually ended up exploring their lives, their backstories and their relationships, so there are no wasted moments on the show.”

Later, Krause characterized the quasi-Season 2 reboot thusly: “It’s an adult Scooby-Doo sex farce.”

The Catch returns on Thursday, March 9 at 10/9c.

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  1. sam says:

    So basically the last hail Mary to try save what was an utter dissappointment in season one. I’m not convinced that it’ll get better as i didn’t even get to the season finale. It was undermining people’s intelligence and the poor ratings spoke the same language.

    Cancel it already.

    • Laura says:

      Agreed, it needs to be cancelled. I love every single actor on this show (John Simm is literally my all-time fave) and I could not stomach it past the halfway point of the show. Just abysmal.

  2. Kyle says:

    Still doesnt sound good…

  3. Jon says:

    Everyone involved behind the scenes of this show should be ashamed of what they did to it. Shonda & co. basically stole it from its original creators and turned it into some unwatchable mess, and instead of backtracking their mistakes they’re diving further into what made it terrible in the first place. Count me out.

  4. George H. says:

    Never heard of this show.

  5. KLS says:

    Isn’t this the third time they’ve “fixed” this show?

  6. Matt C. says:

    I’m totally okay with this. I was much more interested in Alice and Ben’s romance than any of the case of the week storylines in season 1. I can’t wait to see how season 2 plays out now that they’re officially together and on the same team!

  7. CM says:

    So it’s now Moonlighting?

  8. cogrady53 says:

    Jeez, it was only the cases that kept me interested! Enos and Krause have zero chemistry and Krause looked constipated for most the show! Only Sonya Walger and John Sim livened up a pretty awful show. Looks like one to check out of….

    • Jennifer says:

      This! I definitely won’t be watching anymore. Enos thinks being sexy is talking in a baby voice (which drove me NUTS!) and Krause really did look constipated most of the time.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ABC wasted / continues to waste money on this drivel but couldn’t find enough dollars to pay Stana Katic and Tamala Jones? And keep Castle on the air? No wonder they are in 4th place.

  10. Lisa Echerd says:

    There is only so much story to tell about the core characters on these shows. You need the procedural part to keep it going.

  11. BlittleU says:

    The show never had a chance once they cast Peter Krause. The role requires someone who is an absolute panty dropper…and he isn’t it.

  12. "A" says:

    YeeeeeeeeeessssssSSSS ! I LOVE this show. I CAN’T wait.

    The promo looks amazing. So Ben and Rhys are working off possible jail time by helping the FBI take down even worse criminals then the two of them.

    I wonder if Anderson | Vaughan ( Alice, Valerie, Danny, & Sophie ) Investigations are apart of their ‘crew’ as well.

    Obviously Agents Jules Dao and Justine Diaz ( Gina Torres ! ) are their ‘handlers.

  13. herman1959 says:

    Wow, April Fool’s Day came early this year.

  14. bigdede says:

    Adult Scooby Doo….. that alone shows this new season will be an awful mess. Adult Scooby Doo? I’ll hate to see that Scooby Snacks!!

  15. Boiler says:

    Unfortunately typical ABC move

  16. kn1231 says:

    I enjoyed the first season of The Catch, although I’m still slightly bitter Bethany Joy Lenz wasn’t kept on the cast. I like the idea of them developing the relationships more but hate that it’s being compared to Scooby Doo. How immature is that?

  17. V.J. says:

    I wasn´t going to comment because I think it is dumb to say “I´m not watching that sounds horrible” but that actually does sound horrible. Maybe it is because I´m a fan of procedurals were they manage to find a balance between character developement and intereseting cases or maybe because the whole love story aspect was – for me – a reason to NOT tune in (but hey, every one has a different taste). So, I´ll give it a try and see what they make of it, but I´m sceptic.

  18. darkangel200 says:

    This sounds dreadful. So the story was crowding out the “soap”? Um, I’m out.

  19. Nerdbot says:

    I remember watching the trailer for the original show and it looked really intriguing (I still hope some day it will be leaked.) When I watched the new version, it was refreshing to see a Shondaland show that wasn’t dead serious, besides Mireille Enos is magnificent, she lights up the screen with her presence and is the main reason why I kept watching the show. However, I must say that the finale was awful, easily one of the most terribly written episodes of the last years, so, I’m not so sure if this “reboot” will be a good thing. It definitely needs some wit, but I’m not so optimistic after reading this article.

  20. Jeff Becker says:

    I just discovered The Catch last week, and I fell in love! I binged the first season, and now I’m caught up to the present. I love these characters, and I love the people who play them! PLEASE tell me that we can look forward to Season 3? What do I have to do to get a Season 3 of The Catch?