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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Arrow, Criminal Minds, Code Black, Legends, Once, Timeless, S.H.I.E.L.D. and More

What exactly sends Arrow‘s Felicity down a dark path? Which Criminal Minds hero is due for a change-of-course? Might Timeless add a time traveler? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Can you give Arrow fans any hint on who “the people a bit tied to Felicity’s past” are? —Jenny
I know many of you were speculating that Felicity’s sketchy father, The Calculator, might be an ally in her own anti-Prometheus agenda, but co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim nixed that notion. “I would definitely love to bring him back, and I would love to bring Charlotte Ross back as Donna, but [we were like], ‘Let’s tell a new story, something we haven’t done before.'” Beyond that, he would not elaborate, except to say, “As with all things related to Arrow, it’s not what you initially think it is, and it will ultimately relate to the season’s overall theme of ‘legacy.’ But it will be very specific to Felicity.” As for those who are concerned that Felicity’s “darker” direction was triggered by a guy she could barely call her boyfriend, Guggenheim affirms it was in fact born of “a bunch of stuff” — including the Havenrock tragedy, which will be addressed directly in Episode 11 — “and Billy was the final straw. It’s also the sum of the fact that Felicity has been living in this darker world for the last four-plus years now…. How has that affected her way of thinking about things?”

Any scoop on Criminal Minds‘ Reid? —Emilie
You betcha! Though… you may not like it? I asked Kirsten Vangsness about the latest episode she co-wrote with show boss Erica Messer, which is titled “Spencer,” and it sounds like a, um, eventful hour for said character. Having previously penned episodes that killed off Gideon and paved the way for Shemar Moore’s exit as Derek, “I seem to co-write the episodes that change the course for people,” Vangsness notes. “That does not mean the ends of people, it just changes their course. So [Episode 13] is a course changer. It’s a course changer.”

Will any Timeless - Season 1of the other Timeless characters — like Agent Christopher, Connor Mason or Jiya — travel in the Lifeboat through time? —Mindy
As a matter of fact, “We’re going to see somebody train to do that,” exec producer Shawn Ryan answers. “I won’t say whether he or she does it immediately or not. But there are going to be people who understand that it’d be nice to have a deeper bench than they currently have.” Over on the Mothership, meanwhile, “We’ll see a new traveler in the second half of the season. We’re going to expand our cast of characters in the time travel arena a little bit.”

Can I get some scoop on the Supergirl/Flash musical? —Jenna
Above and beyond what we reported on Sunday, EP Andrew Kreisberg said that the two-parter — which starts on Supergirl — will not feel like a standalone for either show. “What I always loved about what Joss Whedon would do with [Buffy’s] ‘Hush’ or ‘The Body’ is he’d have these very special episodes, but they were intrinsic to the ongoing storytelling. So when we get to the musical episodes,” Kreisberg previewed, “both Barry and Kara will find themselves at pivotal crossroads on their respective series, and the experience of going through the musical will have a great impact on both series moving forward.”

In the wake of that shocking NCIS death, do we have a new Big Bad, or will Chen be caught fairly quickly? —Ellys
On the heels of offing Bishop’s boyfriend Qasim (among other, global treachery), “He’s going to be the thorn in our side for a while, yeah,” Rocky Carroll confirms. On the lighter side of things for Vance, Mary Stuart Masterson is due back as Congresswoman Jenna Flemming. “I think it is good that Vance has a bit of a spark there,” Carroll smiles. “We’ll see what it happens!”

Anything new on Chicago Fire? —Tory
Given that Severide clicked with leukemia patient Anna and also made Stella his emergency contact, you might assume that a love triangle is brewing. “Through some of [the characters’] eyes, it might be, but not all of their eyes, if that makes sense,” exec producer Derek Haas says. And it sounds like Stella is the one getting Friend-zoned. “We’re going to continue deepening that relationship [between the firefighters], but less romantically,” the EP shares, adding that it’s more about “a real friendship that could go romantic, but you’ll have to wait and see.” Bonus scoop: The reappearance of Antonio’s ex-wife (played by America Olivo) in Episode 12 may spell trouble for a newbie relationship. “There’s going to be complications to the ‘Brettonio’ romance,” Haas teases. “It can’t always be smooth sailing.”

Will Code Black‘s Leanne get more action? She’s my No. 1 cowboy! —Astrid
First off, can I tell you how delighted Marcia Gay Harden was to hear you call her character a “cowboy”? (“That’s my favorite thing that I’ve heard,” she kvelled, “and if I’m not careful I’m going to cry!”) As for what’s to come for Leanne, “The last two episodes are amazing. It’s a two-parter where we’re combatting a viral disease, and we have to go out into the city to figure out where it’s coming from, and Leanne is compromised, in many, many ways.”

Do you have Legends of Tomorrowany scoop for Legends of Tomorrow? —Liz
EP Marc Guggenheim says, “The second half of the season [starting Tuesday, Jan. 24] is really paying off the Legion of Doom and what we now know is the MacGuffin of Season 2, the Spear of Destiny.” Elaborating on the reality-altering DC Comics-based gizmo, he said, “Changing time is like painting with the biggest paintbrush possible; using the Spear of Destiny is like using a very, very fine-point technical pen.” Ergo the Legion turning Rip into an American (!) movie director in the year 1967. “Arthur [Darvill] has so embraced this version of Rip,” shares the EP. “He’s obviously doing an accent, but he’s also doing a whole different performance.”

Will we see Michael Raymond-James come back to Once Upon a Time as Rumple’s son Baelfire again? We miss him. —Rebecca
Though Robin Hood is alive and well in the Wish Realm, Baelfire/Neal is not — in large part because his absence better serves the story to be told of Emma’s new existence. “We always would love to get Michael Raymond-James back,” says co-creator Eddy Kitsis, “but when we can’t, we will make a huge wall-sized oil painting of him,” as displayed in the midseason finale (and requiring MRJ’s approval). EP Adam Horowitz notes that because the Wish Realm is not about time travel, “Baelfire didn’t jump off to Victorian England to live with the Darlings” and eventually meet Emma in our world. “There was a whole different series of events that led to Henry being born.”

Matt, there has been a lack of FitzSimmons lately on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Please tell me that the writers are planning for something for them. —Tavia
I have to say, the forecast looks, ultimately, promising for the scientists-in-love. Aida’s reveal as an LMD “will have some ripple effect, because he did that without her knowledge. So they’ll have to get over some hurdles,” co-showrunner Jed Whedon tells me. “But theirs is a forever love.”

I am a huge fan Lucifer Season 2 Spoilersof Lucifer and was wondering if you had any scoop on the back half of the season. —Lucifer Morningstar
If I raised your eyebrow with this Maze tease in our midseason preview special, here’s a bit more on the dilemma she will be facing: “Her arc for the season has been trying to get her own groove going, to not be all about Lucifer all the time,” notes co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich. And in doing so, “She’ll be pushed into having to, maybe, possibly, hurt Lucifer, and be part of mom’s plan. She’ll get to the point where she’ll think that maybe she has to even betray Lucifer, in order to get full independence.”

On iZombie, how do this season’s brains stack up to frat boy, crimefighter and stripper brains? —Clarissa
You’re probably going to have a new favorite brain after Episode 2, in which Liv and Major eat the gray matter of a father and daughter, but twist, Major eats the teen girl brains. Prepare for lots of selfies and Swift. Meanwhile, on tap for Liv: dominatrix and Dungeons & Dragons brains.

Would you happen to know if The Librarians are ever going to “go there,” romantically, with Jacob and Cassandra? —Ashley
I hand-delivered your question to showrunner Dean Devlin, who promptly replied, “Yes, I do know.” :-|

Real questions, real answers! If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Kevin says:

    Would be great for Timeless to add a fourth time traveler.

    • Marc says:

      They need to explain at least why they can’t send a second crew back in time for a second shot at fixing the past when things don’t work out for the travelers.

      • Jake says:

        Why not just go back to just before the first crew leaves, and tell them what problem occurs? No need to go back to wherever they went in time.

      • Dewey says:

        Given the Timeless rules of time travel one can’t go back in time to where one has been before or the future oneself can’t meet the past oneself like the Flash did when he went into the past and saw his younger self…blah blah…Flashpoint episode.

        How did current Garcia Flynn get his hands on the future version of Lucy’s journal. She hasn’t written it yet. If Lucy writes it next month then Flynn can’t be born yet in 2017 when he sees her in 2017 with the journal in hand, existing in two different places at the same time.

        Therefore either Flynn is from the future, then how could he have a past in the current time or someone from the future left the journal for Flynn and started him on his mission with Rittenhouse.

        The question now is when will they explain the existence of the future journal here in the current time.

  2. spindae2 says:

    Thx for the scoop Matt. ^_^

  3. Mark says:

    Re: Buffy

    A better example would have been “Once More, with Feeling,” which was a special episode, crucial to the season’s plot, and also a musical episode!

    • Alichat says:

      Well I think the point was that Joss did these ‘special’ episodes alot on Buffy, and they were always essential to that season’s story arc. They were never truly one-off episodes that had nothing to do with the ongoing plot. And that’s what they intend to do with the Supergirl/Flash ep. But yes, ‘Once More With Feeling’ would have been a more relative example in this case. ;-) I think I may go watch it now!

    • Brigid says:

      I thought the same thing! LOL

  4. Callie says:

    I hope we get to see more of fitzsimmons when the show comes back. it really feels that there’s a lack of them in the first half of the season! daisy, mac and they are my favorites.

  5. Butch says:

    Thank you for DC Legends of Tomorrow info.

  6. Wordsmith says:

    I’m forecasting that Felicity will be running into an fsociety/Anonymous-type hacker collective tied to her rebellious goth-geek days.

  7. Dee says:

    If Spenser leaves that is IT!!! CM will be OFF in my house!!!

    • Irish says:

      It’s already off in mine. Spencer is the only reason I’ve watched this season, and he’s not in it enough to make it worthwhile.

      • Sheila says:

        Yep. While it’s nice to have Prentiss back, the show is quickly becoming stale, and I find that I only care about Reid.

    • Jessica says:

      Yep me too he leaves i am out as well. I could handle when Hotch and Morgan left but not 3 characters at once

  8. Max says:

    Here for the Felicity storyline. With the recent spoilers, my hope is that she builds her own secret team to take down Prometheus. Kind of like how Oliver used Anarky to find Darhk.

    • Lizzie says:

      That would be awesome. I get the feeling that the team don’t really care about her anymore or are too wrapped up in their own problems (the way they all comforted Oliver instead of Felicity after he killed her boyfriend said it all to me) to notice, so I’m not surprised she might turn to other means/people.

      • Max says:

        They’ve done a ~great job isolating her this season when it comes to her personal life. No mom, no dad, a one-sided friendship with Oliver because “they don’t have that kind of relationship anymore” (miss me with that), not one scene with Diggle, Lyla is barely around and treated her as a liability during their only interaction, Curtis will be dealing with his own melodrama. We could have had Thea/Felicity but the writers don’t seem interested in female friendships anymore.

        Yeah, I hope she brings on her wrath.

        • Lizzie says:

          Yep, this. I actually think they’ve done a great (read my sarcasm) job in isolating all of the female characters this season. Thea barely has a screen presence anymore. Evelyn was background noise until it came to turn on Oliver. Felicity’s whole plot was her pointless boyfriend that really was all about Oliver killing him. So I think her wrath is deserved. When you add up everything she has been through, I’m surprised this didn’t happen last season.

          • Max says:

            They erased the core relationships so that they can make all the main characters interact with the newbies. I get the strategy but not to the point of sidelining great dynamics that have been established for 4 seasons. I don’t think I’ve heard any positive comment about the writers’s new favorite, wild dog, who’s been having lots of scenes with Diggle. Now, he’s getting a centric episode with flashbacks. Evelyn was irrelevant before she turned out to be evil but she still had her fair share of scenes connecting with Oliver. Rory’s entire backstory was related to Havenrock so they made him share heavy character moments with Felicity. While Thea is out there playing assistant in the mayor’s office. In that aspect, I hope 5B is better.

    • AJ says:

      Who would be in this team? Everyone is loyal to Oliver. Maybe Curtis, but that’s really it.

    • Lex says:

      I just hope they don’t eff this up. I’ve been desperately waiting for the writers to actually dig into all the crappy things that have happened to Felicity in the last year and give her a real, meaningful character arc, So far she’s only been used for comic relief or to prop up Oliver and the newbies, not even getting to grieve for her boyfriend because Oliver needed a group hug.
      The sidelining of Felicity so far in season 5 has been ridiculous, among many other ridiculous “additions” that have wasted screen time (I’m looking at you, Susan Williams, who is really just there for filler and won’t have any impact on the show beyond this season). When shows start to age they often add new characters to try and spice things up at the expense of the characters people are actually there to see (for me it’s all about OTA), so the prospect of even more new faces doesn’t give me much confidence.

  9. NoMoreNealPlease says:

    Neal was killed off of OUAT three seasons ago. I really don’t get the obsession with his character. He was a jerk who abandoned Emma and framed her for HIS crime, them screamed at her when SHE found him again (despite the fact he had multiple opportunities to find HER). I would MUCH rather hear about beloved lone-gone characters like Jefferson or Graham then ever have to hear about Neal again…….

    • LauraB says:

      Amen! I agree with every word you just wrote

    • Jess says:

      I liked the storyline between Rumple and Neal/Baelfire. I would love to see him again. The show started going downhill after the focus on Hook and his “Captain Swan” relationship with Emma took center stage. They are the reason the show is lacking.

      Bring back the classic weaved storylines of S1 and S2. That very much included Neal/Baelfire.

      • kbot says:

        “They are the reason the show is lacking” – maybe for you personally and some other people that simply don’t like his character. The fact is, he is one of the more popular characters on Once and ABC overall (Colin and/or Hook have been included in promotion OUTSIDE of OUAT and so has the EQ — I will say that even though I don’t like her character). Reminder: S2 very much included Hook. He also weaves into more stories than just Emma’s (most notably Neal and Rumple). Second reminder: He and Neal were not on horrible terms when Neal died. Why so much hate from his fans?

        • Amy says:

          There is hate from Neal fans because they cannot understand how anyone could ever dislike him and blame CS for it, when actually, NEAL is to blame for me not liking him. He abandoned and framed under-aged Emma, screamed in her face when SHE found him again (despite having 10 billion opportunities to find her himself), laughed in her face when she told him how much he hurt her, let her take the fall with Henry for something that was HIS fault, belittled her in front of Henry….I could go on but I would run out of room! Emma’s TL could have been August, Jefferson, Regina or even Red and I STILL WOULD DISLIKE NEAL JUST AS MUCH AS I DO NOW.

          • BringNealBack! says:

            Literally the only one of those things that actually happened was Neal leaving Emma, which was stated (over and over) to have been because August told him it was the way to “get her home.”

      • BringNealBack! says:

        Yep, losing Neal was the first step to the disaster the show has become. It seems that the CS stans can tell, or they wouldn’t be so threatened by the mere thought of Neal returning. Must be obvious to them as well as the rest of the audience that Emma would never have chosen to be with Hook if she could have had Neal.

  10. Ian says:

    Who is still shipping Cassandra and Jake after her and Estrella?!
    I am getting the feeling that it might be the last season of The Librarians though. I hope not.

    • Wordsmith says:

      I’d tend to agree, though right now I’m most interested to see if they pursue the totally-out-of-the-blue Cassandra/Jenkins pairing. What it lacks in sizzling chemistry it definitely makes up in story line potential.

      • Jenkins is by far my favorite man in The Librarians! I can see why Cassandra would be intellectually attracted to him, and if she has enough daddy issues, physically, too. The beauty of Cassandra is that she just… is. Jenkins, Estrella, Jake… everything is possible for her beautiful mind and soul. She is, by far, my favorite tv character on air.

        • westwingwolf says:

          Cassandra works beautifully in a ship with anyone. Cassandra & Jake is my foremost possible ship, but I’m cool with whatever happens ship wise for Cassandra. Jenkins was the last person I thought in a pairing with Cassandra, but I’d be interested to see where they go with it. I definitely thought Cassandra would be paired with a guest starring female character first so maybe they’ll bring Estrella back for more if the series continues.

    • Ashley says:

      I asked the question before the last episode. I see your point

    • Couch Mom says:

      Wasn”t hard to figure out Cassandra and Estrella would get together at the end. But, they threw a wrench when Jenkins told her he loved her as she was going into surgery. Be interesting to see how they follow up with each of these possible story lines. Glad to see the surgery enhanced her abilities instead of destroying them. Hope it gets renewed. Fun show.

  11. Val says:

    NEAL IS DEAD,gone and bookended. He is not coming back can some ppl get it through their heads. Seriously he was always going to die. Fed of hearing about him and seeing him and the silly retcons they do him.

    • NoMoreNealPlease says:

      Me too! He was a plot device whose plot device-ness outlived its usefulness. I feel that characters like Graham and Jefferson have a LOT more lose-ends left story-wise to be followed up with than Neal does….

      • Stacey says:

        Couldn’t agree more!

      • Val says:

        Graham was written to be dead since the start even thr actor knew (pretty sure even Mrj knew he was here for short term too). And to be honest I think he should of been seen in the underworld only to let everyone know Regina raped him and killed him.
        Jefferson got his happy ending. And actor is busy now.
        I’m just fed of going through neal questions each year just like I’m some what getting fed of hearing about Robin hood who I found a dull character

        • Daniel says:

          I guess when MRJ signed a contract until S5, he knew Neal would be killed on 315, and before saying im lying, Eddy said it last year on SDCC, that MRJ had a contract with the show until S5, and that was why he was able to do that 512 scene aka he was bonded by contract and that any Neal stuff in this season or others, would depend on the actor being available or not or if he wanted to came back, which i guess MRJ said no, to wish world, unlike Sean that said yes. *again before u saying im lying, im only quoting Ama and eddy words, from an article they talk during media on SDCC* also side note, jamie knew about it that was why his contract was until episode graham died, and after he was no longer credit as regular, unlike MRJ that was regular in credits until end of S3. And adding that his next projects were for ABC and Disney, that screams compensation for abc break of contract.

          • Mel says:

            Please share the link, because I don’t remember anything being said of the sort, to nothing of it’s very weird for a show runner to comment on contract terms two-three years later of a character who was only on for a season and half (with minimal screen time during that). Or really, to comment at all, because there’s potential legal issues at hand. Also, generally their contracts are for 1 or 5 years, not three.

            And, of course, this fully contradicts statements Adam has made several times previously that they had decided “very early, at Writers’ Boot Camp, to kill off Bagel”.

            Meanwhile, the rest of your post is entirely your own interpretation: there is no need to have an actor under contract to enable a show to have them film a 2 minute scene 2 seasons later. Additionally, MRJ’s ONE subsequent project with Disney had been (I believe) already cast and arranged and that isn’t how BREACH of contract works. Had ABC/Disney felt/legally agreed/or been legally determined (i.e. by a court) to have been in breach, they would’ve simply paid damages, not cast MRJ in a bit part in a film.

            To say nothing of, ABC/Disney has an army of attorneys, who would provide innumerable “outs” and options for the show to terminate an actor or other show cast or crew member’s employment, for any number of reasons—-all primarily to the show’s/ABC’s benefit. But hey, prove me wrong (though even if Eddie did say that, it proves nothing).

            That said, Matt, your man-crush is tedious…..please write about the current show and current cast, not cherry picking one question about Dead Bagel

  12. Death says:

    This storyline has so much potential, i hope the writers will do right by Felicity.

  13. Rachel says:

    CS fans are so threatened by Neal. lol! I guess it’s no wonder since the question was about Baelfire coming back as Rumple’s son, but A&E’s minds went immediately to Emma. They know that Neal can’t come back without destroying CS.

    • Val says:

      Why would they be lol. When even I story it was obvious going to be CS. Most ppl don’t like neal and his recons indivually from anything from else. Lame comment I hear about CS fans being threatened that the most least thing ever lol

      • Val says:

        Oh another thing the show was never going there with neal and Emma. Emma NEVER wanted him back.Even when he was alive we still got CS build up and povs.
        CS being threatened is the funniest thing to read because that’s so not the issue lol

        • Amy says:

          Agree 1000%. It was obvious even in the Neverland arc whom Emma wanted to be with, and it sure wasn’t with Neal…..Neal was never and could never be an obstacle to CS because he and Emma were never going to get back together. Even JMo said in an interview that Neal had betrayed Emma too many times to ever be her Happy Ending…..

    • Joey says:

      I always find it hilarious that whenever anyone broaches the prospect of Neal returning for the sake of Rumple’s plotline, it is Hook fans who come out and say that Neal should never come back. For the likes of Val to say that CS never had anything to worry about, it sure shows that they worry a lot.

      • Amy says:

        Actually I am more of an Emma fan than a Hook fan and THAT is why I don’t want Neal back. He really hurt her both in the past and when she was the one to find him again and I’m tired of seeing him retconned into a saint when he was most certainly NOT in the actual show…..

    • kbot says:

      @Rachel – most aren’t threatened by Neal at all. They just don’t like what he did to Emma when she was younger, regardless of his own circumstances. He had the experience of someone 100-200 years old (thirty something in age appearance), and he got a 17 year old pregnant (gray area here). Ok, he left Emma and all that, people are upset about that, but you could even reason why he did it – to help her fulfill her destiny. But why was he awful to her when he was with Tamara? He doubted her at every turn, and even in front of Henry. And in the end, she was correct. But then he does a complete 180 when Tamara shoots him. Come on…

      He was never a threat – regardless of what the narrative tried to display (weakest “love triangle ever). I wasn’t even a huge “CS” fan then and I never saw him even standing a chance.

      He is Henry’s father and it’s important to note that, and that Henry loves him. Emma will always love him in some way, and supported him being a parent to Henry (I would’ve loved to hear what Regina would’ve said about that).

      He is not a threat, was never a threat, and 99% of CS shippers that I know or to whom I have spoken have never considered him one.

      Now, the real question is, how many more spoiler questions do we have to waste on his character to hear the same answer back every time?

    • BringNealBack! says:

      Truth. But then they are threatened by Emma having any relationships outside of Hookywooky unless those people do nothing but cheer him on.

      • Mel says:

        Really??? I didn’t know I was “threatened” by Emma being connected to her family or having friends, I thought I applauded it. Thanks for letting me know how I feel and what I think!

        • Amy says:

          I know, right? Why does it seem so impossible that someone could dislike Neal for non-CS-related reasons?? like I said in another post, I dislike him a LOT for how he acted towards Emma both in the past and when she found him again. Emma could be romantically paired with August, Jefferson, Regina or even Red and I would dislike Neal the EXACT SAME AMOUNT that I do now……

  14. Nathan Everett says:

    Oh I can’t wait till Izombie

    • AnnieM says:

      Me, too. Not so fun to have to wait so long for it to come back, but then there’ll be new episodes for quite awhile after all the other shows have their season finales. :-)

    • Brigid says:

      I’m dying for new episodes. I’m luckier than most since I Netflixed both seasons and haven’t had to wait as long as others but I really need this great show back!!!

  15. Lizzie says:

    I’m so pumped for Felicity’s storyline. I don’t want her to go truly dark or anything but a bit of a change up after everything she’s been through, especially the last year, makes a lot of sense right now. Thank you so so much for the Felicity scoop. I do love Olicity but I love Felicity more and have been longing for a meaty storyline for her, one that they actually dedicate time to instead of rushing like usual. Thanks!!!

    • Stacey says:

      I agree with you 100%! I hope they do a nice job with her SL,and hopefully they’ll give meaningful SLs to the Flash ladies, Caitlin and Iris too!

      • Lizzie says:

        Iris and Caitlin are in desperate need of proper storylines. Iris especially. I’m tired of her giving Barry pep talks and being the love interest. Candice deserves better!

        • Max says:

          At least Caitlin had her centric episode and her killerfrost storyline. Meanwhile, Iris the journalist became Iris the girlfriend and now Iris the girlfriend who needs to be saved by the superhero boyfriend.

        • Stacey says:

          I agree, does she even work anymore? She really needs a SL independent of Barry’s. And hopefully they’ll keep showing Caitlin’s struggle with her powers, I want to see why her and Cisco end up going against each other.

      • Luis Roman says:

        I must agree with regards to Iris. Caitlin has had the Killer Frost subplot developed, while Iris has mostly stood around looking worried, watching Barry and now Wally zip around. I hope the back half of the season finds her more interesting things to do.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Rushing to you guys seems like anything less than the whole season. She’s an important part of the show, but this season has been good about keeping it focused on the action and Oliver. Keeping Donna away from the show has helped a lot. The story with her father was two episodes, but that was plenty. No need to drag it out.

      • Lizzie says:

        Who are ‘you guys’? Please don’t make assumptions about me. Sorry but Felicity’s paralysis storyline was rushed. Her father storyline was rushed. Felicity’s only storyline so far this season was to get a boyfriend so Oliver could kill him and feel guilty. That’s it. She deserves more than that. Why is it that every other character can get a season-long arc but when it comes to Felicity, the show needs to be all about action and Oliver? Very odd.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          It’s called ARROW, it’s about Oliver and the action, seeing as how he’s the title character and it’s an action adventure show. The reason the season has been so good is because it’s focused and integrated. And the two episode arc with her father wasn’t rushed. He wasn’t part of the over-arcing story. It was plenty to understand him and their relationship. All of the characters shouldn’t get their own story. It all needs to be part of a whole.

          You guys are those that think Felicity is the only interesting thing about the show and only ever care about what she’s up to.

          • Lizzie says:

            Yes, I can read. There’s no need to capitalise the word. And yes, Oliver is the title character but there are other characters on the show. Characters that have season-long arcs. And again, stop with the assumptions about me. I like mostly everyone on the show right now (apart from Wild Dog). Not just Felicity. But she’s had barely anything to do for the first 9 episodes – she didn’t even have much of a role in the 100th episode which was insulting – so I’d like her to get a proper arc. Sue me. And you know, even if I did only like Felicity, what’s so wrong with that? Is the entertainment police gonna lock me up for not enjoying every single aspect of the show? OH NO!

          • Max says:

            You seem to think Oliver has to be the only one to have a fleshed out storyline because he’s the title character. Remind me again if that’s the case on the flash, or legends, or supergirl? What about Wally or Alex. Are they the title characters? What has Alex’s story have anything to do with the main “over-arcing story” which I believe includes aliens? If not for Diggle and Felicity becoming a major part of the team and humanizing Oliver who has borderline sociopathic tendencies in the first season, I would have quit watching a long time ago. If I don’t care about the characters, I won’t care about the action, which is basically how I’ve been feeling this entire season. Some just want to see their favorite characters get a proper storyline.

          • Lex says:

            Action and adventure only work if there’s character arcs and an ensemble there to back it up. If it were just the Action!Oliver show, we might as well just watch Mixed Martial Arts on YouTube, which, as Meryl so eloquently pointed out, is *not* art.

  16. For CM, is “Episode 18” correct? “Spencer” is episode 13. Or are BOTH 13 and 18 game changers? (Given recent BTS photos, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me, but I think they’re only filming episode 16 right now.)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Hmm, KV said 18, repeatedly, but I just grabbed the show rep and he said it is, indeed, 13; fixed.

      • Now watch, though, episode 18 will come along and they’ll reveal that the entire show to date was all dream. They were dead the whole time! Soylent green is people!

        • Angela says:

          LOL. Now that would be quite the twist :D!
          Seriously, I am so crossing my fingers for this “Spencer” episode to turn out okay for Reid. Please, show, please be nice to him and his mom. Please.
          Unless they have other plans in mind for that episode, that is, which could be interesting in their own right.

      • storm says:

        Could it be that maybe Kirsten and Erica are writing episode 18 as well and that is what she was talking about? That episode seems to be something big, they’re even bringing Simon Mirren back, this time as a director.

    • “Spencer” is episode 13. It’s the only one I see so far that has Kirsten and Messer as writers. So either she misspoke or the episode number was written down wrong. And they’re dragging out the torment anyway. Wednesday is a new episode, then we have to wait 2 weeks for the Reid arc to start. I’m so not looking forward to that episode. I love Reid to death, and it will be probably more devastating if he leaves than when Shemar left if not just as devastating.

  17. Disappointed_In_Shameless_EP says:

    If you were surprised by the death of a minor recurring character on NCIS who was suddenly brought to the forefront – you’ve never ever watched television before

  18. nabocane says:

    Thank you, Matt.

  19. andrew hass says:

    As for NCIS, i think enough time has passed since his wife’s death for Vance to find love again or maybe just be romantically interested in someone.Also i’m thinking McGee and Delilah’s wedding will end the season,

  20. Nessa says:

    LOL, Csers are such a children, they are becoming hilarious, by not hiding that they know if Neal was alive, there would be no CS.

    Also i thought the question was about show in general, not the wish world, not sure why the answer was all about wish world and not if there is a possibilty of seeing in flashbacks until when the show ends( series finale i mean, and im not saying this year), but guess Adam got tired of explaining on twitter about wish world and at any Neal question, lets explain, so that fans stop wining about it.

    They had to ask for MRJ approval? like What? does that mean he got paid for the use of image? If so, easiest money ever, just appear on a painting and get paid.
    This Adam answer also shows that they probably wanted him on Wish world, but MRJ most likely said no, because that is what it sounds like it, guess not much admiration this time, i however, admire him even more, because he if he said No, means there is at least an actor that knows this show is not good enough to waste time, not even for all admiration in the world, and based on some comments here and online, who on earth even wants to be part of this show, with not only a writing that makes no sense and a toxic fandom, like this show has.

    • Val says:

      Lol. There was always CS when lame Neal was alive. That was obvious from storytelling since that was always going to the love story.
      What a lame comment . And no CS fans are not threatened by nealfire and never was. It’s his lame retcons that are annoying

      • Nessa says:

        LOL, the more your whine, the more funny and hilarious you are. Of course would be, not, lol, in fact i there is a video of JMO saying the opposite, that Neal died so that Emma could start dating Hook.
        Now, i will end this talk, because with people like you, i gain nothing answering back and unlike you, i`m a adult so in respect to other people posting here, to Matt and Tv line, i`m done talking about ouat ships.

        • Amy says:

          I’ve never seen nor heard of this video you are referencing about JMo saying Neal had to die for CS to happen. There is a video, however, of her saying it would be almost impossible for Neal to have been her Happy Ending because he had betrayed her too many times. The actual, canon writing also made it fairly obvious –when she found him in Neverland, she said was that she wished he was dead, and she was a no-show for the date he bullied her into in front of her parents….

          • Nessa says:

            You know everything so well that, i can say that what you are saying is not a video, is a post on her facebook, that she posted after the video where she says Neal died to make CS was released, there is not a video, her post on fcebook in fact was done like i said after the video was released and she was bullied by cs fans. And i rest my case. Bye and have a good day.

        • Amy says:

          I still have no idea what you are talking about since you didn’t provide any sort of direct information. Here’s the screencap from what I was talking about, btw:
          http:// static. tumblr. com/4276955ec59e1db43be77d5b3b2c3494/zwvniu6/3v8ne1vte/tumblr_static_7xtohz2z8wkc4w4ko004ck00g.gif

        • kbot says:

          Who is whining here? Neal didn’t need to die for CS to happen – CS was going to happen and the writers found NO USE FOR NEAL BEYOND his relationship with Emma. Which is unfortunate because they could’ve kept him around for Henry and/or Rumple. Fact: CS was happening no matter what.

          The whiners here are the people that can’t let go of something that happened three seasons ago and keep asking the same question over and over, to receive the same response.

          • Amy says:

            Quoting you because it seems some people aren’t listening: “The whiners here are the people that can’t let go of something that happened three seasons ago and keep asking the same question over and over, to receive the same response.”
            Excellent post! :)

  21. Jared says:

    I can’t wait for iZombie to come back. I miss that show!

  22. First of all, thank you for The Librarians scoop, even if it was nothing significant. Just the mention of it matters. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend is the mostly crafted show ever made, but it’s a sweet, funny, quirky show that is all light in a world that is becoming darker by the day. We need light. It’s a favorite!

    Secondly, Marcia Gay Harden’s Leanne is probably the best cowboy on tv! Relay the message! She’s tough, sensitive, no bs and no nonsense. We love her at my house!

    Third, Spencer will probably be about Reid’s mom dying, rather than Spencer himself, which will have a great impact on him, but he’ll stick around. Also, KV seems to really enjoy making Reid suffer.

    And last, but not least, Maze has completely taken over the stage on Lucifer, definitely mvp. I hope they don’t mess up the beautiful work they’ve been doing with her finding humanity.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I hesitated on Librarians, but Dean was just funny enough that I decided to run it (albeit maybe a week too late). Mr. Devlin perhaps forgets how well I covered Leverage ;)

      • Again, thank you! This show is such a bright light in the world these days! Dean and the whole cast are wonderful on Twitter and always so forthcoming! You guys should try and talk to each other more often! <3 I promise to divulge everything Librarians related the best I can for you guys!

        • Ashley says:

          I personally really need a show like The Librarians in the world. It is fun, adventurous, never takes itself too seriously, and can never goes too dark. I use to watch OUTA but I found that I’m a whole lot happier with The Librarians on my Sunday night. I welcome any and all Librarians scoop in the future. Thank you for this!

      • Luis Roman says:

        Ahhhhh, “Leverage.” I miss it so.

  23. westwingwolf says:

    Thanks for getting my Timeless question answered. (I see you didn’t bring up the second part of the question, but that’s cool because the first part was what I cared about most. And the second part was just for fun.) I can’t wait to see who gets trained for the lifeboat. I hope the series lasts for a long while and all the characters eventually get to do some time traveling.

    – Mindy

  24. Amy says:

    I miss Neal about as much as Emma misses being in the jail for the crime he committed and then framed her for.
    That would be not at all, in case you were wondering……

  25. Kate says:

    Nothing strikes terror in my tv loving heart like a Whedon branding a couple with “forever love.”

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      +150 TVLine Power User points (no cash value)

    • Lex says:

      If I had one wish it would be to make Joss watch Friday Night Lights while I point out “SEE, HAPPY AND STABLE COUPLES CAN CREATE DRAMA!” I actually blame him every time a couple breaks up for ridiculous reasons on a DCTV show, because he wrote the book on the subject. #ForeverBitterAboutWash

  26. I wonder if Nu-Rip is very much like his dad?

  27. Agent 86 says:

    I don’t see why Arrow and The Flash are so determined to take their brightest characters in Felicity and Cisco and turn them into “dark and gritty” caricatures of their former selves. Those characters work best when they serve as an opposite to their more angst ridden team members. Sure, they need their own storylines for character growth and development, but they work best as characters and in terms of the team dynamic when they can offer a more light-hearted and enthusiastic approach to fighting the villain of the week.

    • Max says:

      They’re supposed to be human beings who react like human beings after a trauma. I’m fine with that. Plus, you just read that they don’t want to reboot the character, just give her an edgy interesting storyline.

  28. Jessica says:

    That does not sound good for Matthew Gray Giblerd character on Criminal minds if he leaves the show then i will definitely stop watching I can deal with Morgan and Hotch leaving but not adding a third character in their.

  29. rjkitch13 says:

    I don’t know what to do. I don’t watch Supergirl, but do watch Flash. Do I have to watch both to keep understanding what’s going on in Flash?

  30. Fernanda says:

    Marc Guggenheim – “I would definitely love to bring him back, and I would love to bring Charlotte Ross back as Donna”… PLEASE NOOOOOO!!!!!! Bring Back the Felicity from season 1.. likeable, fun and far far far away from Oliver.. #SaveArrow #SaveFelicity #KillOlicity #BringBackBlackCanary

  31. racbec says:

    Looking forward to seeing more Matthew Gray Gubler in the second half of the season. He is the only reason to watch Criminal Minds.

  32. Ashley says:

    You actually asked my question to Dean Devlin?!?!?! So cool! THANK YOU! Although not the answer I wanted to hear. Bummed they aren’t gonna use that crazy chemistry between Lindy and Christian. But still, so stoked Dean got my question! So neat! Everyone should watch The Librarians. It’s the most fun show on TV. Love how it never goes super dark.

  33. msgenevieve says:

    So out of all of the OUAT questions that could have been asked – exciting tidbits about Jasmine and Aladdin, Jafar, the return of Robin, the return of Captain Nemo and Liam 2.0, Snowing dealing with the sleeping curse, Emma and Hook meeting in the Wishverse, the EQ being left as a cobra or Gideon being hellbent on killing Emma, we get a completely pointless exchange about Neal being (surprise! not!) still dead? Le sigh.

    • Liza says:

      Hear, Hear! If that question is any indication of TVLine’s relevance… I pronounce this site as dead as Neal.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You sent in such questions? Not ringing a bell. But I’ve covered Robin previously, same with Gideon and Snowing/sleeping curse. Feel free to hit the keyboard and email Qs about other stuff though!

  34. Chloe says:

    Didn’t Antonio mention that he was dealing with a crazy [or similar word] ex-wife? Could she really be looney & be a stalker?

  35. tvshowpilot says:

    Liv and Major as parent/child duo. That will probably be hilarious, as will be Liv as dominatrix. Ah, I can’t wait for iZombie to come back!

  36. Kellyann says:

    I did read it i love a good movie i cant wait to watch tv movie. I m enjoy tk watch movie. Wonderful wow.

  37. Ellyce says:

    So excited about Felicitys storyline! Love everything I’m hearing. Hope it leads to more OTA and Olicity too. Thanks for the Scoop!

  38. kath says:

    Since the actors playing Cupid, China White and that corrupt lady cop from last season have returned to film again on Arrow, I’d love it if Felicity going dark would mean that she would set up her own group of antihero women vigilantes to take down Prometheus.
    Since we’re getting a Legion of Doom with three formerly dead characters, why not this?

  39. Spikenalabama says:

    Ew, Jake and Cassandra? I look at that as more of a brother/sister relationship than romantic. I thought the last episode where she kissed Estrella was much more interesting…….