Meryl Streep Donald Trump Golden Globes Speech Video 2017

Meryl Streep Blasts Donald Trump's 'Instinct to Humiliate' in Passionate Golden Globes Speech — WATCH

Meryl Streep used her time on the Golden Globes stage Sunday to implore her fellow actors to fight back against Donald Trump’s imminent presidency.

While accepting the Hollywood Foreign Press’ Cecile B. DeMille Award for her career’s work, Streep said there was one recent performance “that stunned me. It sank its hooks in my heart — not because it was good. There was nothing good about it. But it was effective, and it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh, and show their teeth. It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. Someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back.”

Streep referred to Trump’s 2015 mocking of reporter Serge Kovaleski, who suffers from a chronic condition that affects his joints, particular one of his hands and arms. Trump later claimed he never mocked Kovaleski.

“It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I still can’t get it out of my head, because it wasn’t in a movie. It was real life,” Streep continued, never mentioning Trump by name. “And this instinct, to humiliate when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life. Because it kinda gives permission for other people to do the same thing.”

She went on to ask her fellow artists to join her in supporting the Committee to Protect Journalists — “because they’re going to need them going forward, and they’ll need us to safeguard the truth” — and wrapped by tearfully quoting “my friend, the dear, departed Princess Leia,” aka the recently deceased Carrie Fisher.

“‘Take your broken heart, make it into art,'” Streep said tearfully.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Streep’s speech, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. fatalsin says:

    Love her but she still looks like she let someone loose with a bedazzler on her gown!

    • Kay says:

      She makes an empassioned, intelligent, thoughtful speech, and we still can’t comment on anything but her outfit??

      • Haz says:

        I see no problem in it because there will people who enjoy her speech and others who loathe it. While celebrities are allowed to have an opinion because after all they are human many are getting sick of them lecturing the general public 24/7. If they could maybe understand that many have other concerns than what’s posted on a bathroom door or climate change.

        • Paige says:

          If you “loathe” her speech about empathy and inclusion; you do have very big problems.

          • luv2cook says:

            It’s not a matter of disliking her speech or not. What some people in Hollywood fail to understand is that a great many people are sick of the Hollywood community thinking that they have the power to make things the way they want them to. It was that ridiculous train of thought that helped Trump win. Sad but true. I watched the Golden Globes tonight and whenever anyone decided to go with a speech that had anything to do politics etc, I changed the channel. Just get up there and thank the people you want to and get off the bloody stage already. This continual political or agenda pushing is not helping their case in the slightest. I think that Mark Wahlberg said it best a couple of months ago, Hollywood needs to shut up when it comes to politics.

          • Temperance says:

            Then you should be VASTLY more sick of FOX News and all the other propagandist fake news channels that are merely extensions of the conservative agenda. The idea that Hollywood is some monolithic organization is absurd, and the output of Hollywood doesn’t represent a decent slice of the world is also just silly propaganda. .

          • Mary says:

            Everyone has the power to change, Celebrities included, when they speak up for the injustices of the world. You have the right to ignore what is being said but that doesn’t make it any less valid. Have you heard of the MLK march, the Women’s suffrage movement. Gee with your thinking we would still be living in the 1800’s, which is where I believe many of the GOP wants us to be.

          • schu says:

            @luv2cook in agreement, Hollywood is so far removed from the everyday American. It’s not a matter of disliking the speech, it’s a matter of disagreeing with the method of its delivery, I just want other people who praise this speech to understand where half of America would be coming from in what they want out of watching a Hollywood award show.

        • Gary Tomei says:

          It was not a lecture but an heart rendering expression of what troubles her, and many Americans, about the President elect and the people that support him.
          And your comment illustrates why it is so,so, important that the public hear and understand her feelings and concerns.
          I feel sorry for you and the lack of empathy you and so many others in the US display.

        • DL says:

          Nobody should have bigger concerns than climate change…

          • Barbara says:

            Do you really believe it is Hollywood and the press who are the only ones who can tell us the real truth? If so, you are truly delusional. As for movies being “art”, I’ve seen some pretty awful stuff I would be ashamed to call art. Most people in Hollywood for very long seem to have their brains in la la land.

          • Mary says:

            Are you seriously asking that question. I can see you have fallen for Trump lie that everyone except him and fox are liars. Talk about having brains in fantasy land. Art is subject, what you find awful other find entertaining. Let me guess you are into the reality TV shows.

          • Barbara says:

            DL. Most people have way more than climate change to worry about. Like a job, how they’ll afford to buy food, clothing and shelter for their families. How they’ll afford healthcare, etc., etc., etc.

        • liame says:

          So this idiot elect president can act like a fracking 7 year old whenever someone questioned his actions and the public shouldn’t be concerned? I don’t get it, the GOP turned their backs on him during his campaign but since he was the only one left that had any chance because of the KKK endorsement. The GOP told him to denounce the KKK and then they would back him. So Putin stepped in and gave the gigantic push these people needed. Making money for the Country will be worth jackshyt in his legacy as POTUS because everyone knows what he did to get there.

      • fatalsin says:

        Her speech was great but that dress was very distracting… and its not like she didnt know she was gonna be up there giving a speech.. she took away from the speech!

        • Grey'sFan says:

          Not sure what a dress has to do with anything, but I can tell you that you’d be happy if I gave a similar speech at an awards show because I would be wearing a dress, I’d wear a pants suit, which is more comfortable and more my style. I am a woman.

        • Yasmeen says:

          Wow… the things that people focus on these days, who the “F” cares about the dress, the message is what is important here… this is why we have a clown running our country because we don’t pay attention to what is being said!!!

          • fatalsin says:

            No the message was important to YOU… the award shows are about the shows and the fashion not politics.. I chose to comment on the dress because it’s my being political about an awards show is yours

      • YestoKylie says:

        It was a very thought provoking, powerful speech and people are deflecting because they know she speaks the truth. This is the time for celebs to voice their opinions as loud as possible and at every opportunity they get; they should never stop speaking up for those who cannot.

      • Beth Page says:

        Amen! Sorry fatalsin you missed the point of her message. Your loss.

      • Barbara says:

        Her speech was stupid. Hollywood is not the place of truth tellers. Please, give us a break.

    • Gary Tomei says:

      There must be something wrong with you! An impassioned heart felt speech and you make a comment about her dress???????

  2. MTB says:

    Shut up already! This is why these awards shows are losing ratings. Accept your reward and go away.

    • SMD says:

      LMFAO…and yet, here you are bitching and moaning about it.

    • YestoKylie says:

      Triggered ae!

    • Dante Capuano says:

      AMEN!!!! If you’re going to make a speech, make an accurate one. He never mocked the disability.

      • Mary says:

        Seriously, been there done that. Some of us have eyes and ears. Just because he put a spin on the explanation doesn’t make it false. I guess he didn’t admit to being a sexual predator either in your eyes.

      • french5851 says:

        Yes, he did. We all saw it. He is a mean-spirited bully. I am so glad that there are people who are willing to point to it and call it what it is. She sacrificed her time in the spotlight to use it for the voice of those who do not have the ability to speak out. Thank you, Ms Streep!

      • Jean says:

        He mocked someone who happened to have a disability. Only bullies do that.

        • Patrick says:

          It is possible (though difficult) to mock someone with a disability. Trump mocked him because of the disability and mocked the disability itself.

    • mary says:

      Ok but here you are on a site about tv. So you like tv somewhat, yes? Which means you somewhat like those who entertain you? Well you know some of them are Americans, who have the same rights as you & I to speak. That’s the great thing about America is we have those rights. But here you are trying to say she doesn’t. Maybe you should go live in Russia where they don’t have the rights to speak.

    • Barbara says:

      MTB. Haven’t watched these kind of award shows in YEARS. Became too political. Because they’re “stars” they think everyone believes what they do. Hopefully, people can think for themselves and do their own research.

  3. Haz says:

    For someone who is constantly nominated for awards you would think she would hire a stylist and dress halfway decent. Every red carpet she walks she’s always in frumpy God-awful dresses.

    • Mary says:

      Everyone has different taste. The fact that you don’t like the dress doesn’t mean anything. Seriously she is a mature older women, what do you want her to wear, a low cut slit dress. She is a fantastic Actress and every word she said was the truth. I think people need to stop being so superficial when it comes to celebrities and realize that they are human beings and US citizens with thoughts and beliefs of their own.

    • LEP says:

      This was posted incorrectly. Was supposed to be in reply to the person who said “Shut up already.” I agree with that statement, not the speech.

  4. Brian says:

    An amazing speech by her.

  5. Drew says:

    Loved the speech. Best part is not once did she say Trump’s name. I’m sure a lot of Trump supporters will be upset, but there’s not one factually incorrect statement in her speech about his behavior. Truth is so inconvenient like that sometimes…

    • BM says:

      Oh, now I know why Trump hasn’t already commented on how bad an actress and what a loser she is and that she’ll never be hired for another movie. ;-)

  6. Lola says:

    That woman is class personified. No agenda but just some hard truths. Bravo Meryl.

    • schu says:

      I don’t agree that there was no agenda there, why else would she have made it political, when this award was simply to embrace her lifetime acting career. It just frustrates me.

      • Ben says:

        Look, I’m not even American and don’t care who you elect in your country. But standing up against bad behaviour and for good behaviour is not an agenda, it’s just common decency. Why would anyone criticise that?

        • Lola says:

          Claps for you Ben. That behavior was disgusting for any human being whether is was some high ranting person of power or some lowly poor person on the street. Where was the common human dececny for your fellow man. Sad that we live in a world where it’s ok to look down upon people lesser than ourselves.

          • schu says:

            No one is questioning that. You may not believe that I am a decent human being making this post, I have no agreement with Donald Trump’s actions in some cases, but what does that have ANYTHING to do with Meryl Streep being nominated for 30 Golden Globe awards? Again, my point is that this is an awards show for ACTING, this is not a political rally or campaign or human rights platform. I just so wish Meryl would have embraced her lifetime acting career. She quoted Tommy Lee Jones as saying “isn’t it such a privilege to be an actor?” and it is, I so wish she would have used the time for more sentiments like that.

          • Ben says:

            @schu – when you get a privilege like that, this is what gives you the moral imperative to use it, and the platform it gives you, for good. If not then, when?

          • YestoKylie says:

            @Schu She’s using her platform to raise awareness, it’s nothing new….This is not a political issue anymore, it’s a humanitarian issue. Obviously she realized there are far superior & pressing issues to be addressed than her lifetime achievements.

          • schu says:

            @Ben – literally any other time. Meryl Streep is in the incredibly fortunate position in her life, a life that she was able to build and create in the U.S. of A to make statements and express feelings like she spoke of at any other moment. She could write an opinion piece for any news outlet in the country and they would probably pay her to print it. Here she was receiving the Cecil B Demille award, an award dedicated to a man who helped create Hollywood, which is what everyone who watches awards shows watches awards shows for, for the special amazement of Hollywood. Again I just really wish she would have embraced her long career and shared more memories and emotions about the films she made rather than a current politically motivated statement.

          • NightOwl1 says:

            IMO, complaints about misusing a platform should be used to condemn someone who uses the power of their platform to divide the country, attack personal targets, and to crash stock (who is benefitting from that, is it done to help someone?), rather than condemning someone who used the power of their platform to unite, commend and strengthen.

      • NightOwl1 says:

        YOU see it as being “political”. Many of us see it as being about our lives. It is no longer about Dems or left/right. The issues with Trump transcend party lines and loyalties to a candidate. The issues are about a true and real danger to the country. A president elect that is himself a National Security risk. That’s a risk to the ENTIRE country, NOT just the losing party.

        • thehour says:

          Better go back and get dome sleep nihht owl. It was Hillary that was the secrity ridk with her unprotected server in her basrment. This has been proven.

          • Angela says:

            Remind me again which candidate it is that’s tied to a Russian hacking scandal?

          • Temperance says:

            Thanks for our daily dose of wacko. *gags* As if.

          • Mary says:

            Proven it was used but no proof it was hacked. In fact might have been a blessing since the President elect has friend like Putin to help him along the way. Yes he is a national security risk when he takes to twitter and attacks our intelligent agencies. Yes he is a risk when you take the word of Putin and Assange over them. If you cannot see that then you definitely have a serious problem.

      • Gary Tomei says:

        I’m truly sorry you are frustrated! It must be difficult to hear the truth when you are enamored with a lying bigot.
        I wonder, being the sensitive, easily frustrated person that you are, if you approved of the denigration of a disabled person by a foul mouthed sexual predator? Or were you frustrated at that display of arrogance and ignorance????

        • schu says:

          I’m sorry as well then Gary Tomei, I thought I was watching a Hollywood Awards Show where Meryl Streep was receiving one of the highest honors for her work as an actor, not a political activist? I apologize, my sensitive self must have been so mistaken, I’ll go cry now for my ignorance, you have really made such a strong point.

          • Katherine215 says:

            I’m really enjoying how you’re trying to censure Meryl Streep’s right to say whatever the heck she wants whenever the heck she wants, particularly while she is accepting her own award.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Gah, *censor

          • Temperance says:

            You are mistaken. Many award recipents use their time, instead of for self-aggrandizement and profit, but for humanitarian and social justice issues. No one really care of you like it or not: she’s an American with a platform, just like all the conservative folks that do the same. Only, they’re getting paid to lie for the most part. At least Streep’s just being honest about her own feelings and very legitimate observations about what is going on.

      • Paige says:

        Trump voters complaining about Hollywood is rich since they elected a reality tv star.

      • Temperance says:

        Then Trump and his horrid cronies shouldn’t be attacking pretty much everyone. They’re going to get reamed (at the very least) right back.

      • Her breakthrough performance was in a movie about the holocaust. Her acting career has been fraught with social commentary.

  7. Butch says:

    God bless Meryl Streep for putting into words what I feel.

  8. schu says:

    If she had been receiving a humanitarian award or an activism award I could much more sympathize with her speech, but she wasn’t. I have always been an incredible fan of Meryl Streep’s acting. And I so wish she would have used that moment to embrace a wonderful career that is still as strong as ever before. She mentioned Ruth Negga born in Ethiopia, Natalie Portman born in Israel, and she made it sound as if they aren’t welcome here now that Donald Trump is president. This is absolutely not the case, the fact that they are able to be here and do what they do and be where there are is everything that is right with America. It’s horribly ironic that Meryl can say whatever she wants to say here, because the U.S. of A is one of the few places in the world where she can, and she chose to use it as a negative. It’s a shame the message of how great America is so misdirected in Hollywood.

    • Barbara says:

      SACHU. Totally agree with you.

    • DavidJ says:

      Sure… unless you’re Muslim and suspected of being a terrorist, or Hispanic and suspected of being a criminal, or black and suspected of only wanting a handout, or gay and being accused of destroying the institution of marriage, etc, which are all things we constantly hear being harped on from people on the right (whether it’s from Trump, talk radio, or commenters online).

      Not sure how you can look at all that and REALLY think the Republican party is one of acceptance and inclusion (unless of course one happens to be a white Christian, in which case they have no issues with you whatsoever). And the fact a handful of actors manage to make it big doesn’t mean everything is magically hunky dory and those groups suddenly have nothing to worry about.

      • schu says:

        @DavidJ – you have completely diverted from my point and if anything have shown what a speech like hers can actually do, fuel dispute and dissension and misinterpretation between people. I never said everything is hunky dory, my point was to express a desire her someone receiving a lifetime achievement award for a craft they have excelled in to the fullest extent to embrace the moment for what it is. Would you disagree with me that you would have preferred her to use those few minutes to regale us about her film experiences and collaborations and countless honors rather than what she did do with them?

        • DavidJ says:

          I don’t know, isn’t it the common criticism that actors are all vain and self-centered? I thought it was refreshing that she decided to use the time to address bigger and more important issues instead of simply talking about herself for 10 minutes.

        • DavidJ says:

          And I’m also not clear how a speech like hers can “fuel dispute and dissension”, but the actual actions and attitudes towards the groups I mentioned is somehow not doing any of that at all.

          • schu says:

            You don’t have to be vain and self-centered to be humble and emotive on a career like Meryl Streep has had to receive the Cecil B Demille award. We will have to agree to disagree then on what we wanted from her.
            And the “dispute and dissension” I was referring to was your personal initial written response to me, I didn’t refer to any racial/ethnic generalizations or even a political party generalization, yet you immediately did with your response. I stated how I disagreed with how she used the moment and you misinterpreted it that I should be concerned about the politics at play. I am not concerned with that in this moment, I wanted Meryl to celebrate her career, I wanted to watch an awards show where the acting and films were celebrated and honored. That is my point here. Anyone that disagrees with how she used her time is automatically labeled an ignorant right wing bully.

        • DL says:

          The only thing I think is it’s her lifetime achievement award, that she earned, and she can use her acceptance speech however she darn well pleases. Who the heck do you all think you are? When you win a Cecil B. DeMille, you can say what you want, too. Till then, suck it up and stop being so sensitive. Ahh, I’ve always wanted to say that one. ;-)

          • schu says:

            It is amazing, if I were to say anything highly disagreeable I would be labeled a whiny conservative bully and if I say anything too delicately to avoid that label I’m called too sensitive. No where have I stated she does not have the right and ability to say what she wanted, I just hope people that read my comments understand my thoughts of how I wish she would have used this moment. I’m not writing this on CNN or FoxNews, I’m writing this on TVLine, an entertainment website, I watch awards shows because I love movies and tv and I want to enjoy the art and see tinseltown in all it’s glory. Meryl Streep is highly intelligent and knew exactly what she was doing with taking a political agenda in her speech and I simply disagree with the tactic, look at the conversation it has again fueled on social media this morning, I feel it did not do a service to her lifetime acting career for what the award was meant to do.

          • Mary says:

            @Schu I get what you are saying but I look at it as her way of saying yes I love my career and has been very fortunate; however, there are many who aren’t so fortunate like me and they have concerns and fears that are real. I think she believed that social issues were a more pressing matter than to say thank you I am great.

    • Temperance says:

      How is defending yourself and you nation negative? Just because you don’t like the truth? Sorry, if you feel this was negative, you’re in for ultimate agony until Trump’s gone because this wasn’t even a molecule toward the world of hurt on it’s way.

    • It is a shame that you can’t empathize enough with people of different backgrounds to understand that for the last year, Trump has campaigned on making those people not feel welcome here and people cheering him on. You aren’t listening to what Trump is saying, other people are. Other people hear the Nixonian and even Nazi rhetoric he has included in his speeches and Twitter feed. You aren’t seeing the damage of years of championing the birther movement in all its racist delusion. The message of how great America is? When has Trump ever championed how great America is? He’s denigrated the military, the joint chiefs, the intelligence agencies, the FBI, the Justice Department, lied about our economic stability, lied about our stance in the world, lied about the economic recovery, lied about jobs. For 18 months all he talked about was how trash America was while he praised dictators.

  9. Zee says:

    Powerful words and respectfully said Meryl

  10. Shelly says:

    Hate this speech!! Why does she use her award to make a political speech. Lost all respect for her because of this!!

    • Ben says:

      When exactly should people use their position to stand up for others?

      • Temperance says:

        Exactly. The sheeple seem to be so completely brainwashed they make no sense.

      • Nichole says:

        Meryl Streep uses her speech to make a political speech that the left like and it’s okay. Scott Baio uses his fame to support a conservative who won and he’s verbally abused in a supermarket. But hey, it’s the conservatives that are the bag guys right? I mean, there where weeks of riots after Obama won, students needing hot chocolate and counselling, and the sky fell – didn’t it? Oh yeah, that only happens when the Left doesn’t get it’s way, sorry my bad!

        • Mary says:

          Well one big difference is Meryl showed class and gave a respectful speech, even if you didn’t agree with it. Scott made derogatory remarks and posted a low class picture to try and prove his. There were protest when Trump won, incited by his own actions and words, but a few unruly do not make up the whole. The fact that you stated Scott use fame, what has he done lately, to support a conservative, really you think Trump is that, is laughable at best.

    • kath says:

      How is a plea to uphold the Constitution a political speech? She made a plea for the freedom on the press in a country that says it values freedom for all. In the same way that the Hamilton cast made a plea to Pence to uphold the freedoms of the Constitution and its amendments.
      The only people who could disagreed are those who want freedoms taken away so they can open the door to repression.

    • Anne says:

      You are obviously one of the “deplorables”

    • YestoKylie says:

      Pretty sure Meryl would not want the respect of a closed-minded person anyway. This is not a political issue anymore, this is not about Dems v Reps anymore..this is about people’s lives. It’s a humanitarian issue and standing up against oppression of any kind takes precedence.

    • Grey'sFan says:

      Why? She made an intelligent, thought-provoking speech based on factual evidence, unlike certain immature babies who are so obsessed with looking at themselves in the mirror and then sputtering nonsense for all the world to see how unintelligent they are in 140 characters.

    • Mary says:

      Now you know how many of us feel about Trump. After his words and action we don’t have respect for him either. Yes he is President but he will never have the respect he is dying to get.

  11. Nonna says:

    Go away?? Ha, those jobs you saw go away ain’t coming back baby. Then, you’ll be singing a different tune… to about $500,000.00 in the Exxon deal with Putin,

  12. texmike says:

    That’s why I’m not watching tonight. I knew it would be Liberal Hollywood whine fest. They just can’t help themselves. We didn’t have great choices for President, but it’s over.

    • jj says:

      the election is over. But Trump’s Presidency is just beginning. The effects of his choices as President are just beginning.

    • Angela says:

      You know it’s not just us liberals who can’t stand Trump, right? There’s plenty of Republicans/conservatives who aren’t exactly enamored with him, either. Heck, I’ve yet to hear about any notable Republican celebrities volunteering to speak or play at or attend his inauguration.

    • Temperance says:

      Ha! It’s far, far, far from over.

  13. Rob says:

    Love her movies, but she was just given award for being one of the best at playing pretend. She should have kept comments to that subject. I don’t want to hear the newly elected President going off on actors any more than I want to hear actors going off on politics. It is all wrong and out of place. Just stop.

    • DavidJ says:

      She’s a citizen of this country. She’s just as entitled to speak out about something she believes in as much as any anonymous wacko on Facebook or Twitter. And frankly I’d much rather hear what she has to say over any of them.

      • Rob says:

        In a different forum, maybe. In this forum, it is not appropriate. Inexplicable lack of understanding of boundaries is how we are in the situation we are in right now. Time and place become very important. What she said will never be accepted because of how and when she chose her event and audience. While a few will call her courageous and a few will call her offensive, most will call it unfortunate for an actor receiving an actor’s award in front of other actors to blend a different message other than gratitude.

        If you truly believe in free speech, back the new president’s right to use it. I think if he misuses the inauguration speech for potshots, he is inappropriate, too. At least, I am consistent.

        • Mary says:

          He has the right to use it, but we also have the right to call him out on his BS. Sorry I hold the President at a higher standard, silly me. What comes out on twitter has done nothing to instill confidence that he is sane enough to do the job. Not watching the inauguration speech. If he stays on script, he might do okay, but that is a mighty tall order for him. See the problem is unless someone writes what to say, he has no clue on how to be Presidential.

    • mary says:

      We have the right to voice our opinions anywhere we like. That’s called America. So why can’t she? When did it become this uproar that just because one is a celebrity they’re not allowed to voice opinions about anything in the real life? She could have said this to a reporter, & people still would have attacked her merely because she’s a celebrity talking about politics. She’s also an American People this is what our country is about. Whether we agree with one another or not, it’s our freedom of speech that so many other countries don’t have.

  14. kath says:

    Awesome speech! How can anyone disagree with that/

    • Richard says:

      They can disagree with it because they don’t have the same opinion as her, or all the other Leftie lovers. Better get used to fact that the hidden majority that doesn’t have the chance to make feel good speeches to captive audiences, have the vote and will use it. Worldwide this is happening now.

  15. Butch says:

    I obviously agreed with what she said so perhaps i am not the right person to comment but why do people who disagree with her point feel she should not express it? Why the call to censor what you disagree with.

    • c-mo says:

      It’s not that people disagree with her comments, its the venue she selected to voice her concerns. People watch these awards shows to *see* their favorite TV and movie stars, not to hear their views on politics. It’s very difficult for people earning average or below average paychecks to relate to people making, for one episode or a week of work, more than what they would earn in a lifetime. This is specifically why I do not watch these types of shows anymore.

      • Angela says:

        It’s very difficult for people earning average or below average paychecks to relate to people making, for one episode or a week of work, more than what they would earn in a lifetime.
        Really? So explain why so many of those same people voted for a millionaire like Trump? I sure as hell don’t think he can relate at all to the working class, and yet many of them had no problem supporting him when he shared his political views. Why is he supposedly so relatable despite his rich lifestyle, but a Hollywood celebrity isn’t? I really do not understand.
        Also, can we try not speaking for all working-class people? No, I sure as hell don’t live the sort of lifestyle the Hollywood celebrities live, and yes, there are ways in which we probably wouldn’t be able to relate to each other. But that doesn’t mean I can’t agree with them politically, nor does it mean I have to be “turned off” from them sharing their political views, regardless of where they’re doing it. If people do agree with her comments, why does where she shares them matter? And what does somebody’s paycheck have to do with how bothered they should be by her making this kind of a speech, or where she makes this kind of speech?
        I’m just so tired of this general narrative people like to put forth that middle America/working class people must be at odds with the “liberal elites”/people on the coasts/New York and L.A. sorts, or must be bothered when they dare to share their political views in public, or can’t possibly share the same views or values or political opinions or whatever as them. It really doesn’t have to be an either/or scenario the way people like to paint it, and not all of us working class people here in the middle of the country lean conservative or get all upset when Hollywood celebrities spout off their political opinions.

  16. Emily says:

    I genuinely do not understand: since when did it become controversial to ask that those in power (and ordinary people as well) not bully and respect basic human decency? Why is it bad for those with visibility to speak up on behalf of those whose voices don’t get the same amplification? And, again, literally what is wrong with saying “Don’t be awful to people or legitimize being awful?”

    • BM says:

      It became controversial when the biggest bully of them all was elected President. Ever since then it’s okay for a rich, privileged, born-with-a-golden-spoon-in-his-mouth, out-of-touch-with-reality white guy to abuse his power but not for anyone else to use their popularity to speak out against him.

  17. Why can’t many people like Meryl understand the difference between ILLEGAL and LEGAL immigrants. Trump and others have NO problem with LEGAL immigrants (or people here on LEGAL work Visa’s, etc.). I’m sure the actors/actresses that she pointed out that are here from foreign countries are here legally. It’s the people that are here ILLEGALLY that Trump and others have a problem with. There is a difference, yet many people like Meryl, just lump them all together to try and make their point/

    I agree with her on Trump making fun of the disabled reporter and he should be called out on that, however, that was a year ago and he has been repeatedly called out on it. The best part of all of the whining since the election is it’s all about how bad Trump is, not about how great Hillary would’ve been, The fact is both choices sucked and it’s over now. He’s going to be President so move on.

    • L says:

      It was a year ago and he’s going to be President so let it go, because he very obviously apologized, learned his lesson about respect, and no longer believes in demeaning or mocking people.

      Oh, wait…..

    • DavidJ says:

      Yes they’re here illegally, but when the vast majority are good and decent people who are here simply to work and provide for their families, and yet are regarded with absolute scorn and contempt by many on the right (while being called all manner of horrible names in the process), you can understand why that might not sit too well with others of that race. Or just, you know, empathetic people in general.

      • Angela says:

        This. Thank you. It is possible to discuss the issues surrounding immigration without making insulting stereotypes about the actual immigrants themselves. Apparently some people don’t seem to understand that.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Yes, of course it’s OK to belittle and threaten ILLEGAL immigrants because they’re just garbage anyway, right?!?!
      God, you deplorables really are disgusting. Both choices most certainly did not suck and the fact that you believe that tells me exactly how much empathy is in your heart.

      • Typical of people to change the topic of conversation to suit their argument. I never said that belittling ILLEGAL immigrants was OK or right. Making fun of anyone is not OK, and this is something that everyone needs to learn, including liberals who constantly mock Republicans and make unfounded accusations against 45% of the country simply because of their political affiliation.

        As for my empathy, I have plenty of it. However, why is it that so many people are so upset that Trump wants to actually enforce our immigration laws? People that are here illegally must be fined & become legal citizens or leave.

        I had a 48 year old Nigerian man rent a room in my house in 2013 for 1 year. He worked 2 jobs so that he could legally bring his wife and kids here. My friend married a Canadian web designer last year and they spent $1000’s of dollars and went through the crazy immigration process so that she could come here legally. What does it say to people that like them that legally immigrant here if we don’t enforce our immigration laws? We can’t be a country without borders and without laws.

        I’m not sure why this has become such a controversial issue. Anyone that came here illegally know that they were breaking the law and could face consequences. it shouldn’t be our problem that they had kids, developed a life here and now things may change. Does that suck? Yes, it does. But again it was their choice to break the law. I save my empathy for LEGAL vets, homeless, abandoned children, the working poor, etc.

    • A) Trump often did not distinguish between legal and illegal when he attacked various non-white groups. Sometimes he didn’t even distinguish native born American citizen from illegal immigrant. So while you might personally make that distinction, he didn’t and you don’t get to rewrite what he said to make yourself more comfortable.

      B) And when he apologizes for it, maybe he will be forgiven or at least forgotten, until then…well he’s still acting like a 3 year old thinking people believe his cries “I wasn’t making fun of him.”

      C) Illegal immigrants, like say Melania Trump in the 1990s, are still human beings, many need help, some are completely innocent and for all intents and purposes Americans who were brought here as small children and know no other country. He made them all into rapists and murderers and said people should fear them, blame them, hate them. For a country built on immigrants that is offensive rhetoric.

      D) We don’t move on when he get to set foreign and domestic policy for the next 4 years. We stand up for what we believe in. We protest. We call our representatives. We speak out on whatever platform we have. The election wasn’t the end of Trump, it was the beginning.

  18. Love says:

    People disagree with the speech because they are exactly who she was talking about!

    Viola did a magnificent job just introducing her as well. Best parts of the evening.

  19. Mark says:

    Meryl was on point with her speech, i admire her for it. She spoke the truth, all those who think she went overboard I’m sure are Caucasian and have never had to deal with any type of discrimination. Trump only won due to the screwed up electoral college votes. He did win the popular vote. He IS the least popular person to EVER run for president, not to mention the most unqualified. All those who voted for him will soon find that out.

  20. Cory Kinservik says:

    It began as a wonderfully telling introspection of the melting pot that we should all be proud of. The great mrs streep has a heart larger than trump’s ego.

  21. Anita DeCresenti says:

    I’ve always admired her and believe she’s a very talented actress, however tonight’s speech at the Golden Globes was a total disappointment. I can not believe that she chose this forum to share her disappointment with the Presidential election results. Quite frankly the Hollywood reactions to the election results has been rather sickening and we’re all pretty tired of hearing the opinions, the elections are over, she lost and we must all move on and support the President. As the sister of a combat wounded veteran it is completely disheartening to say the least that Ms. Streep would support someone like Hillary. We will never forget Benghazi and neither should she..

    • Gary Tomei says:

      Ms. DeCresenti The winner of the election was Hillary Clinton. The fact that it was stolen from her doesn’t alter that FACT!
      Your mention of Benghazi only exemplifies your ignorance of the facts concerning that
      witch hunt which only ended in embarrassment for the Republican hounds!
      I truly feel sorry for you wounded brother, but I must point out that you and the crowd, of which you are part, supported Geo. W. Bush and his war mongering and now you rue the result. I just hope we all won’t rue the actions of the present President elect.

    • Katherine215 says:

      She expressed disappointment over the type of person who will be president. Because he is truly a terrible person.
      I’m very sorry about your brother but the fact you mention Benghazi but make no mention of the 87 people who died in embassies and consulates from January 01-09 destroys any credibility you might have claimed. Sexist much?

    • YestoKylie says:

      This is not about the election results anymore or Hillary. How do you people not get that. When Obama won both terms, like him or not, one of the first things he spoke about was uniting and strengthening the nation as a whole…and tried to restore hope about the future for everyone not just for his supporters.
      Now can you go on Trump’s twitter wall and see how he continually denigrates anyone who questions him. His New year message alone was so hateful & spiteful and has made it perfectly clear he wants nothing to do with Dems/ his enemies as he calls them. The nation is more divided than ever and people are scared. This is why Meryl took this opportunity to say something…and rightfully so

    • John says:

      Thank you for that comment. People make it seem like trump is hitler 2.0

      • Mary says:

        Um there might be some truth in that. Have you been paying attention to some of his cabinet picks? Many of us see a clueless egotistical man who sole purpose in life is to seek revenge on people who don’t agree with him. Who tweets like a 5 year old and has made no attempt whatsoever to unite us, in fact he has made the divide even wider.
        Sorry his actions since the election proves what many suspected, he is not of sound mind.

    • Mary says:

      Do you mean like support the President the way the GOP did with Obama, or the birther movement Trump kept going for years. Sorry getting the title does not negate the fact that a clueless man was elected. It does not negate everything he has said and done.
      When you see a train wreck about to happen do you just move on or do you speak up?
      Think about this, if Trump was truly interested in uniting the country would he be tweeting his rhetoric or would he actually be sitting in on meetings and trying to learn everything he could. A man who claims to know it all is a very dangerous one.

  22. Jj says:

    Beautiful speech. We must all hold the Fuhrer accountable in the coming years if we hope to survive them.

  23. Cindy Cabral says:

    I’d be surprised if the ratings for this drivel hasn’t continued to bottom out. People want to be entertained by the Hollywood elite boy not lectured to or bombarded with politica rhetoric. No one care what they think politically. They have no idea what the real world is like. After their night of bashing political figures or policies they don’t agree with and patting themselves on the back, they go home with their armed body guards, to their million dollar lifestyle in their safe gated community. They have grown so outta touch it’s almost conical.

    • Angela says:

      If that’s the case, why did people support and elect Trump? You do realize he’s a celebrity, too, right? He got to spout his personal opinions on politics and became president for it. And he lives in fancy mansions, and is part of the gated communities, and is a millionaire.
      So if he gets to do all of that, why can’t Hollywood actors do the same? What exactly is the difference?

      • Mary says:

        That is what truly amazes me when they make remarks like that. Trump lives in a gold mansion and was hand deliver his rich status by daddy and they think he knows what the real world is. I can see why they were classified as uneducated. Their hatred for the Women has truly made them blind to his faults. What they don’t comprehend is that these Actors speaking up will actually do better under his administration because they are in the top 1%. They can’t see that they are sticking up for the everyday person. Logic has escaped many of them.

    • Mary says:

      Actually the ratings went up, so I guess you are in the minority on watching them. They are not the ones who are out of touch.

  24. Marcello Cerroni says:

    Meryl is Spot On in her sincere thoughts and passion on where we are today, January 8, 2017 and what we need to do with a focused awareness, energy & tenacity- Meryl Streep pulls no punches here!

  25. Jan says:

    Celebrities should keep their political opinions to themselves. I care as much about that as I do what they had for dinner. All this has done is make it less likely I will support her work going forward.

    • Angela says:

      They have as much right to express their opinions as any of us “average Joes” do. Why should they have to remain silent just because they’re famous? And if you don’t care, then why even click on this article? The headline didn’t exactly hide the fact that Streeps comments were going to be political in nature.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Celebrities like Donald Trump, right? He should really shut up about his political opinions.
      I can’t decide if it’s hilarious or horrifying that you made this comment without any sense of irony.

  26. Kathy Rea says:

    I honor Ms. Streep for her spirit and saying exactly how I’ve been feeling. It is not a political issue its an humanitarian issue. I commend her and I thank her but most of all I respect her.

  27. Beth Craddock says:

    My heart is broken, too, Meryl but as Carrie said, we will make something good out of it.

  28. Daniel B Taylor says:

    God bless us our humanity… the most important asset we have is our love and compassion for each other… then in lies our true power!

  29. Marietta Sironen says:

    Meryl Streep is a class act and she definitely has a moral and big heart. I stand beside her as well as with her.

  30. Marietta Sironen says:

    Loved her gown as well as her commentary.

  31. Raul J says:

    Loved watching Meryl become unhinged over Trump’s presidency on the Golden Globes. Yes, Meryl, it is not a dream. Hillary lost. Get over it. I just wonder if someone made an anti-Obama speech at the Golden Globes what the reaction would be. Don’t forget, Meryl, there IS always Canada.

    • Katherine says:

      Nobody ever had to make an anti-Obama speech because whatever you thinknof him politically he is a decentbhiman being. Trump is not, no matter what his apologists say. And Streep’s speech was not a lecture, and last tome I checked she was an American with a voice which she should feel more than comfortable using, as any American should. I wonder how his supporters will react when Trump tries to silence them.

    • Temperance says:

      No one if going to ‘get over it’ – no sane person that has American values ever will. They’re going to get active, and hostile, and very, very even for the destruction about to unfold.

    • Mary says:

      Did you forget about the anti one term President the GOP did when Obama was elected. Have you forgot about the birth movement Trump kept going even after the fact. I guess you need to look up the word unhinged because her speech was certainly not that. Now if you look at Trump’s tweets it might give you a glue on the true meaning of the word.

  32. James Gaulin says:

    Best speech I have heard!!..right on the $$!..And yes, I am an old white guy with a special needs, make a wish 6 1/2 year old grand daughter!

  33. David schaeffer says:

    I’m tired of these actors who make more money for one film than I will in my lifetime. I work in healthcare what people depend on everyday. Maybe they should have to get there healthcare like we treat our veterans or have to live paycheck to paycheck. The actors who said they would leave If trump became president should honor their word and just leave.

  34. Butch says:

    The man more interested in what people say about him than in preparing to run the country has commented about Meryl Streep’s speech per Deadline, calling her a Hillary loving Hollywood liberal who misconstrued what was his intention when he imitated a physically challenged NY Times reporter.

  35. Pat says:

    Actors having a hissy fit.
    What else is new?

  36. taken the chance and pointed it out very well! may others follow …

  37. Claudia Helmkamp says:

    Thank you, Meryl Streep. I am an admirer of yours ever since I saw you on London stage in “The Interpreter”. – Thank you for you courageous words

  38. cat says:

    Meryl You’re great and one of the best- thanks a lot.

  39. Berti Naumann says:

    What the men made, was it clownish or was it disrespektful ? If it was clownish, it can’t be an president. If it was disrespektful its not an president.

  40. Zimmermann says:

    Very encouraging, honest speech saying the truth and what has to be said. Thanks God for her.

  41. DL says:

    Amazing to me how often conservatives tell liberals to stop being sensitive and suck it up. Well, same to you, folks. Did Meryl’s speech upset you? Oh, boo hoo, she broke your safe space, did she? And for those claiming they don’t like Trump but are so triggered by Meryl… Did you vote for the guy? You did, didn’t you? Well, you know how it goes. You break it, you bought it. You may not be a Republican after all, but if you voted for the great divider (the short-fingered vulgarian), then you own our dissidence along with his ascendancy. Be prepared for speeches like this to continue until both parties come to terms with impeaching the dishonest predatory sociopath in the White House, who will be in violation of the Constitution on Day One.

  42. Manuel Molina says:

    Thank God the USA has influential people like Meryl Streep to move others to action against bigotry and abuse of power. I think the USA is going to need plenty of influential people like her with moral integrity to fight what’s coming, not only to the USA, but also to the rest of the world, for the next four years. God bless people like Meryl Streep.

  43. Nichole says:

    Considering most late night hosts (if not all) and a heck of a lot of comedians used Trumps appearance (hair/tan colour) as a continual joke source for the better part of a year, Meryl Streep needs to get her one sided glasses off and leave political commentary to those who are paid to do it. So sick of Hollywood preaching to everyone else. Trump won, move on, if Californians are so upset, separate from the USA and get on with going bankrupt quietly.

    • Mary says:

      You do realize it is not just Californians that are upset right. Her speech was anything but one sided but I am not surprise you don’t see that. There is a difference between preaching and making a statement. Preaching is the religious zealous and Trump is the one who files bankruptcy when his business ventures fail.

    • Katherine215 says:

      The difference is, the mocking was done by a person with power and privilege, attempting to assume the most powerful position in the world. And it was done to a disabled person, with considerably less power and privilege. Trump chose to run for office and take the criticisms and jokes that come with being in the spotlight. But yeah, telling people not to bully and mock makes *Meryl* the bad guy.
      And btw, California is one of the states that pays more in federal taxes than it receives. Leaving the Union would probably help its budget, as they wouldn’t be paying for the predominantly red states that live off the federal dole.

    • Kay king says:

      Talking about bankrupt let’s pray the Donald do not file chapter 7 for America like he did so often to get out of debt.
      Face it the truth hurts.. with a this chatter I can feel a middle east type of uprising. We have to keep this going we don’t want a dictator in America…..

  44. Leia says:

    So was that Anna Wintour? Devil wears Prada? Sounded just like her, so much for acting, the woman who cheered the award for rapist Roman Polanski, and about the attack of a disabled person, some of the liberals pets in Chicago just attacked a disabled white kid did we hear from Meryl? No. go to news for ya Meryl, MMA and HGTV are starting to look real good, oh and that technology thing? That could put people like you out to pasture, who needs whiny overpaid celebs, when a computer can create the whole thing.

  45. Tony Lang says:

    It’s as inspiring as it is disturbing to realize that entertainers do a much better job of representing and speaking for the people than those who were specifically elected and paid to do nothing but.

  46. MaMa To 8 Christian Conservatives says:

    Keep politics out of award shows. No one wants to hear your Hollywood political crap. Hillary Lover

  47. Ron says:

    There is a time and a place for political speeches….like in Washington ….a great honor to win this award..and you embarrass yourself on national television…..I will never see a movie with you in it…and this award show should be cancelled

    • Angela says:

      The Golden Globes have been airing for over 70 years, but yeah. I’m totally sure they’ll cancel this ceremony because you and some other viewers griped about a political speech. ‘Cause.those have NEVER happened at these awards shows before.
      As Trump supporters’ favorite saying of late goes, “Get over it”.

  48. Carol Carpenter says:

    She is right to call out disgusting behavior. Thank you, Meryl.

  49. Dante Capuano says:

    She should accomplish what Donald Trump accomplished. I sick of this falsehood about Trump mocking the reporter. HE DEMONSTRATED HOW NERVOUS HE BECAME WHEN HE GOT CAUGHT IN LIES!!!!!!!!! HE NEVER MOCKED HIS DISABILITY!!!!. Donald trump accomplished more than everyone in that room put together in achieving his presidency.