Girl Meets World Recap

Girl Meets World Says an Early Goodbye to Fans With Hour-Long Special

Friday’s episode of Girl Meets World may have been filmed months before Disney Channel announced the show’s cancellation, but judging by the tone of the hour-long special, it’s clear the Powers That Be knew the end was near.

Aptly titled “World Meets Girl,” the episode was essentially a visual thank-you to fans, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the series and stars they’ve spent the past three seasons obsessing over.

My personal favorite moment, naturally, was this shot of the actors’ classroom, which has an entire wall full of candid photos taken on the set of Boy Meets World:


During a conversation with the audience, the stars reflected on some of the show’s most crucial plot points, including the ever-controversial Riley/Maya/Lucas love triangle. (Sabrina Carpenter said she loved the episodes at the ski lodge, not only because it retreaded classic Boy Meets World territory, but also because they “showed what our show is all about, which is friendship.”)

Bloopers, montages and fan tributes filled the remainder of the hour — is it weird that I’m jealous of everyone who got to sit at the bay window? — leading up to dramatic shots of the show’s many empty sets. (And don’t even get me started on Carpenter and Blanchard crying together at the end. Too much!)

To be honest, I’m almost surprised Disney Channel agreed to produce and air this special episode, considering it shows just how much of an impact Girl Meets World has had on countless fans around the world — and, you know, how it maybe shouldn’t have been canceled so soon into its run.

Your thoughts on this week’s special episode? Hopes for the show’s impending finale? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below. 

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  1. I still don’t understand why it doesn’t move to another network where they can explore more serious topics. My daughter is sad about this. We quite enjoyed sharing this universe.

  2. Lois says:

    I know there’s tons of fans reaching out to Netflix and Hulu to see if they’ll pick it up. Netflix has been responding positively but I have a feeling there’ll be too many contractual issues with Disney. It’s just such a shame that the writers aren’t able to finish telling the stories they wanted to tell, not to mention it makes no sense for a network to cancel its most successful show.

    • Sam says:

      I don’t watch this series, but Disney owns Marvel which has a partnership with Netflix. So I wouldn’t count their involvement as a bad thing.

    • Rob says:

      Disney already has major dealings with Netflix including co-productions on several series. That won’t be the thing that stops this from happening. Perhaps Michael Jacobs should get to work with Netflix immediately.

      • Lois says:

        Yeah I know Netflix have a lot of dealings with Disney, in fact I think the first couple of seasons of GMW are on Netflix right now (at least in the US) which definitely helps. But Disney like to lock in their young stars with contracts and make them do Disney movies too. I heard a rumour that Disney might’ve locked them into 5 year contracts in 2013 and wouldn’t like to relinquish those just for a show they created to make it on another network, meaning they probably wouldn’t be able to work on a new season until 2018 even if they could pick it up.

        • DV says:

          Everything you just said is completely wrong and is stuff you totally made up but wrote like it is fact.

          • Lois says:

            I didn’t make this up, I’ve read this stuff online. I said ‘I heard’ and ‘rumours’ because I don’t know what the facts here are. None of us do on the outside. It’s speculation. I want this show to get another chance on different network, but I don’t know if Disney will let them.

    • Mel says:

      Based on last nights episode its possible Disney is rooting for someone else to pick up the show. The canlellation of the show was financial. Disney has a higher expectation of ratings. I dont see any reason Netflix wouldn’t pick it up other than how affordable priduction rights will be.

  3. Mack says:

    Netflix should pick it up and continue it.

  4. Jason says:

    Now that the show is ending I hate how much of this show was devoted to that “love” triangle. So many other things could have been explored

  5. mike says:

    we should all call Disney to protest

  6. Caitlyn Ruby says:

    They should of NEVER cancelled this show. It’s the only show on the Disney Channel that’s real, a show that kids and teens can actually relate to. Example, what are the chances of finding out your a spy (KC Undercover), or being able to time travel (Best Friends Whenever)? Girl Meets World was a real show with real people put into REAL situations. I do think as the characters got older and the topics became more mature, it should’ve been moved to Feeform or ABC, but it should’ve NEVER been cancelled.

  7. Mike says:

    I’m Ben’s age and I’m literally bawling through this episode. I just don’t get Disney. Whatever reason it might be, they need to tell us why they would cancel what is obviously such a beloved show. The longer they wait, the more upset the fans are going to be. This was a great cast in a great situation. :(

  8. datdudemurphy says:

    It really did feel like a “Goodbye” to the fans….
    The whole thing kinda made you wonder why Disney would be willing to cancel the show.

    All I can figure is that they didn’t want to pay the cast to re-up their contracts. With the popularity of the show, the cast could have asked for more money and with the Disney channel model of advertising, it wouldn’t bring in enough revenue to support it.

    Supposedly, Netflix (which already has a relationship with Disney) is already interested in picking it up.

  9. The only things I could think while watching this was that somebody definitely knew it was ending, there’s no way they couldn’t have. And if that’s true, it was unnecessary to drag it out for so long while letting the fans believe that there was a chance of renewal if they fought for it. The other thing I was thinking was that they should’ve aired the last two episodes first, let “Girl Meets Goodbye” be the official series Finale and then air this as a special at the very end.

    • datdudemurphy says:

      I totally agree, they led the fans on. Gave them false hope..but I think airing this at the very end and showing how much the show meant to the fans, would have made it feel even more like a slap in the face.

  10. Kimberly Mlejnek says:

    Dumb Disney….this is one of the top shows….wth.
    Netflix or Hulu or Hell CW…..this is an amazing show with a HUGE fan base out there

    • Harding family says:

      This is the only show me , my step daughter, & brother &sister all watch we loved boy meets world & gmw also we have all on DVD . They should reconsider & not cancel a great show

  11. Gabrielle says:

    Watching Sabrina and Rowan cry at the end took a little piece of my soul. I’m a long time BMW fan and was losing my mind over this GMW opportunity. I’m so disappointed at the cancellation and my young daughter is shocked and having her first cancellation of a show she cares about freak out. Let’s hope for a Nashville/CMT possibility that some (any I’m not picky) network will pick it up.

  12. Angela says:

    Disappointed in disney channel.
    I’m 38 years old and literally recorded the show to watch with my daughter! Loved the show mainly because it brought me back to my childhood of watching boy meets world and also gave my daughter and I yet another thing in common! I loved watching it and telling my daughter stories about the show I once watched when I was younger. This show could have easily done as well as boy meets world!

  13. Kelly says:

    I don’t understand why girl meets world would be’s a great family show to watch without sex and violence. I think it stupid to cancel the show

  14. Jake L. says:

    On the one hand I thought it was terrific to get a behind-the-scenes peak; on the other, it was very strange to watch this 2 days after the official cancellation news. And while I normally like behind-the-scenes specials, I sort of minded this one’s existence because it was a regular episode in their season order, and while that wouldn’t bother me at all if the show were being continued beyond this year, it does feel like producing this prevented them from giving us one more narrative episode in its place, and there are only two left now, so I mind that a bit. The behind-the-scenes stuff was more interesting to me than watching fans from all over the world who sent in tapes — and it felt to me like much of this epode was a pitch to the network as to why they should not cancel the show, and yet, here it is airing the very week of said cancellation. I felt really strange watching this.

    • Mandy says:

      I agree! I am so upset that we are now one episode short. It would’ve been better if they aired this after the finale.

  15. Lw says:

    They cancelled this show which addresses issues and has some revelance but keep shows like bizardvark and had jessie on forever. My kids will be changing to Nick. Since Disney doesn’t care about anything but drivel.

  16. Anonimo says:

    Me Desepciona Mucho disney porque deja series en la que no nos enseñan nada en cambio GMW nos enseña a ser leales, seguros de nosotros mismos y por sobre todo , siempre verle lo bueno a lo malo.
    Esto Va Para Disney:
    -Estas cometiendo un grave error al sacar la mejor serie que pudiste tener en la historia, Te aconsejo que nos dejes ver todas las temporadas que el director quiera hacer o vas a conocer a los verdaderos fans de GMW(no es una amenaza ya que GMW nos enseño a hablar no a golpear ya que eso no sirve de nada)
    Atentamente:Fans De GMW

  17. Beyonce says:

    Please move girl meets world to freeform.😞😭😭😞😞😭

  18. Ray says:

    Speculations abound in the comments section about the cancellation of this series and its potential to be picked up by another outlet. I really don’t have much to contribute about that.

    I’d like to recognize some of the love things this “World Meets Girl” highlighted:

    1) The friendships the young stars of the show seem to have cultivated. Yet another legacy passed down from the BMW cast/crew.

    2) It’s a small thing, but it was nice that this hour tribute to the show wasn’t all about Rowan and Sabrina only. Their co-stars got a lot of highlights too. And it was particularly gracious that the foundational stars (Ben and Danielle) didn’t pull too much attention. It was about this next generation and the juxtaposition between BMW/GMW was handled with the right balance.

    3) The friendship moments on the bay window were all sweet. But in particular the one between the two boys was quite powerful. How often do we get to see two boys share their love/appreciation of friendship to each other? If we hope to see a better world, the work isn’t just for girls to be regarded as equal to boys, but for boys to be taught how to appropriately channel their feelings/emotions as well. It was in some ways truly RADICAL to show that small moment between those boys.

    Here’s hoping that if GMW doesn’t get saved, that at least Disney/Nickelodeon/Freeform — or any outlet — continues to develop fun shows with its same spiritual pedigree: an unabashed celebration of family and friendship for young people.

  19. Shame on Disney. My kids love this show. It is something we all can watch together. Would love to see Netflix or Freeform pick it up. It was actually a quality kids sitcom in the midst of all of Disney’s other nonsense shows.

  20. Heather Roxanne Freeman says:

    I absolutely think Disney is losing their minds. This was an amazing show and I was so happy when it started. My daughter loves it and why take away something that so many watched.

  21. Aubrey says:

    Is there any chance this moves to another network (Freeform) or streaming platform (Netflix)? I haven’t watched regularly since season 1 but planned on picking back up with the series and see it continue on for some years.

  22. ttienter says:

    I actually saw in November on IMDb that they were cancelling the show . They’re also cancelling Liv and Maddie. And since they have no new shows coming up it looks like the rumors of them fading out the Disney channel and only having Disney XD may actually happen. I hope for all the Disney channel fan’s this isn’t true. I’m so disappointed in Disney. There are so little decent channels for our children to watch these days I just hate seeing them cancel one good show after the next.

    • ttienter says:

      One thing I didn’t mention was did anyone notice that they had too many shows at one time they had to split new episodes between Friday and Sunday and now all new episodes are on Fridays. That should tell you something! What a shame.

    • ttienter says:

      I personally think that it’s not a bad idea to get a petition going and get as many signatures as we can. I’m so tired of Disney cancelling the good wholesome shows appealing to ALL GENRES AND ALL AGES. The kids deserve to have a stable Network that not only has good story lines but teaches values and an education at the same time. Disney this is to you, stop being so greedy. You’re losing more respect everyday!

  23. Gail Hernandez says:

    Please reconsider your decision to cancel Girls meets World I really likeed this show and the messages it did. I am an adult who loved this show.

  24. Lanasha says:

    Please don’t cancel the show my daughter is a big fan

  25. Jodie says:

    I actually got my husband to watch the show with me and I will miss it very much it was our bonding time 😭😭😭😭

  26. Please don’t take Girl Meets World away I want to see them grow up like Cory and Topanga did with there friends and family.