Hawaii Five-0 Chin Dies Spoilers

Hawaii Five-0: Can Chin Cheat Death? (If So, He Owes Abby a Call, Right?)

When Hawaii Five-0 resumes Season 7 this Friday (CBS, 9/8c), viewers will learn precisely what grisly fate the vengeful cartel has in store for Chin Ho Kelly, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the midseason finale, trading his well-being for that of niece Sara.

“The fact that he was willing to lay down his own life for this girl says everything — and it’s not a rash decision he made,” notes Daniel Dae Kim, who was named TVLine Performer of the Week for the soul-crushing episode. “He decided in a cool, calculated way that his life is worth the well-being of this child.

“As a parent, I understand that instinct,” the real-life dad of two continues, “so it’s nice for him to experience that. It’s not nice for him to go through it, but it’s nice for him to understand what it means to love a child.”

But perhaps all is not lost for Chin. Couldn’t the Diego cartel find a use for him — perhaps exploit his resources as a lawman — instead of simply killing him? “I doubt it!” his portrayer answers with a laugh. “So it really will be a matter of how the team works together to get him back home. We’re going to see Five-0 get involved, as we always do when it comes to the welfare of one another.”

Whether McGarrett, Danny et al can extract him from this seemingly airtight situation will be settled, one way or the other, by the end of Friday’s hour (as if production stills for the following episode didn’t already tip the show’s hand). “It is Five-0 at the end of the day, so this story will get wrapped up, because we need to go on with the show,” Kim acknowledges. “There is a resolution.”

One difference Hawaii Five-0 Abby Spythese days about Chin Ho’s life-or-death predicaments (which happen on the regular for the Five-0 team members!) is that he now has a lady love, SFPD Detective Abby Dunn (played by Julie Benz), invested in his survival. So, maybe he owes her, like, a phone call if he makes it out of this alive?

“You would think! But yes, it’s nice to be reminded that he’s got somebody pretty great waiting for him,” Kim concurs. “That’s been one of the really nice things about this past season or so. Julie Benz has brought a really great dynamic to the show, and I really enjoy my scenes with her.”

Thing is, Benz has a recurring role on the new CBS drama Training Day, premiering Thursday, Feb. 2 at 10/9c. As such, Abby resurfacing to help soothe her beau’s wounds “is a matter of trying to work out the schedules,” Kim says, “but I do know there is a very strong appetite to bring her back, on everyone’s part.”

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  1. RichieS says:

    Well, if Julie has to leave the show how about a reunion with Yunjin Kim. Talk about chemistry !!

  2. Ella says:

    I love Chin and Abby together, one of the highlights of the show for me :) That and McDanno, which we just haven’t had enough of since Chi McBride and Jorje Garcia joined the show.

  3. Belle says:

    I understand the conflict with Julie Benz actually appearing due to her role on Training Day although I wish she could have been in a couple more episodes at the beginning of the season. I can buy the excuse her new job at HPD has her working at odd times. My problem is the complete lack of mentions especially when they would flow naturally in the storyline. It was really noticeable in both the 150th episode and the last one before the winter break. Wouldn’t it have made sense to at least say she was out of town?

  4. LiquidAloha says:

    H50 is doing great this year and I feel like the show I love is finally back after slowly dissolving during season 5.
    BUT there is something the show always had lacked: the attention to mentions. It’s a small but very important detail. Where has been Lynn before episode 707? where has been Abby? (Kono babysitting Sara is not weird but it was a nice occasion to say Abby was working a case, and why did she miss her bf birthday and doesn’t check in on him?) Where is Melissa? How is Renee? we have a lot of characters and it’s hard to keep tabs on everyone but you may thing it’s normal to mention your significant other at least once every 5 episodes..
    They always had a very weird conception on how building the romantic side of H50.

  5. Marciaa says:

    I’m a great fan if H-50. So glad winter season is finally almost here. I know the show wiil be worth waitint for. I also hope they bring back Catherine back as Steve’ love interest. I think this show is one of the best shows on tv.

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview of new episode. Can’t wait to watch it on Friday! Hope Chin makes it out alive!

  7. Debi says:

    I can’t wait to purchase the 7th season. It’s my favorite show on TV. I wish Catherine would come back. I agree with other comments too, bring some the love partners back very once in awhile. I love Lou have brought some humor to the show. Not a huge Danno fan. I am a huge Steve fan damn!!!
    I hope China makes it out but it is H5O. They have to make it out. (Esp up b the great work writers.

  8. Lee says:

    It would be great to see Abby back again. I wish they hadn’t let Training Day snatch up Julie Benz. I liked the way she filIed in with the team when needed.

    I agree with others that it wouldn’t hurt to talk about other characters a little bit when they can’t be in an episode. They’ve been a lot better about mentioning why Danny isn’t there during one of the five episodes Scott misses during during the season. I’ve heard Adam will be in the 2nd half of the cliffhanger so it would have been nice to have him mentioned in the previous episode.

    There was a spoiler here that Danny and Steve’s girlfriends will be back soon but having them call or mentioned occasionally would be nice too. I can’t wait to see Steve, Lynn, Danny and Melissa interacting for an episode.

  9. Michael Rose says:

    Abby is boring, much like Catherine and Steve’s mom. Chin needs someone with some pizazz. Steve needs to hook up with Lynn again. Kono needs to dump Adam, he’s pretty boring as well. As far as Danno, don’t really care one way or the other. These are just my observations…

  10. so glad that pl said the steve and cath story isnt over and shewill be in the series till it ends