Beyond Recap Series Premiere

Beyond Series Premiere: Will You Join Holden on His Quest for Answers?

Monday’s series premiere of Beyond introduced viewers to Freeform’s newest it boy, an appropriately hunky coma victim named Holden Matthews.

Played by Canadian actor Burkely Duffield, Holden rightfully assumed that the hardest part about emerging from a 12-year hospitalized slumber would be adjusting to his new surroundings — but that was before he exhibited superhuman strength in a parking lot and accidentally burned down a house with his mind.

You might be asking yourself: What the hell happened to this guy that could have given him these crazy abilities? Well, join the club — that’s pretty much the entire of premise of the first season. (“It’s not something you can easily describe,” Duffield tells TVLine of the gradual reveal.)

Though Holden’s family — younger brother Luke (The 100‘s Jonathan Whitesell), dad Tom (Ray Donovan‘s Michael McGrady) and mom Diane (Glee‘s Romy Rosemont) — are completely ignorant of Holden’s situation, new “pal” Willa (Da Vinci’s Demons‘ Dilan Gwyn) appears to hold the answers he seeks.

“Holden is trepidatiously listening to what Will has to say, Duffield says. “He’s not sure if he can trust her yet. She says a lot of incredible things that he knows will force him off the path he’s been going on.”

Fortunately, it’s pretty clear who Holden can’t trust: anyone in a mustard-colored jacket. Or big glasses. Or, God forbid, both. And if you’re wondering all the romance was — this is a Freeform show, after all — fear not, it’s coming.

“That’s a whole other part of Holden’s life that does get explored down the line, those feelings and urges,” Duffield promises us. “But he’s got a lot of other craziness before we start to see some of those feelings kick in later this season.”

Did enjoy your trip to Beyond? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Kate says:

    I watched the whole thing today. The basic story idea is okay (kind of an odd blend of the OA and Stranger Things) there were some major issues which kind of felt like the show was rushing. I honestly wish they introduced Charlie earlier (because lets be honest she made more sense with Holden than Willa did because she was right she had the same involuntary experience he did and if I did the math correctly, they just missed eac other). I wish they had started the recruitment of Luke earler too instead of the odd sending him back to school. That way we might have been wondering about him which would have made sense. I had also an odd question that they apparently didn’t find Holden until he was nearly 20 (it sort of got answered at the very end bit which was basically puberty) and it might have made sense to have him remember some of his time on his own or when he was being observed since Arthur seemed to be there based on what Charlie said and really why did she and her foster sister hate him so much? I vaguely get Holden’s issue but that was more the philosophy of the place. I did sort of wonder if we would be getting some bigger answers about how Holden and Charlie were different than say Annabelle or Willa, I think the show left the door open for that. And I also think I was more intrigued by HRG at this point in Heroes that I am at all about Yellow Jacket who I just don’t like at all. And that is even with the fact that I suspect he has a similar evolution to Noah.

    • Kristine says:

      I think you used 9 sentences in that whole comment. Take a breath. LOL

      • kate says:

        Ha..its not twitter. I think I had every intention of just saying it was okay, I think I’d like more of the story but there are things to clean up. And that its whole season was very piloty. But, it was soon after I finished and the last scene made me think I figured out why we didn’t see younger Holden in flashbacks (which also leads to my thought that a kid who grew up being hunted, wouldn’t be quite in the traditional hero mold that they made Holden end up being when Willa’s comment to him earlier on that the Holden she knew wouldn’t be a vigilante, when that is probably exactly what he would be). Which also led me to thinking, I was watching the end and hoping they didn’t drop Charlie’s story. And then those end little bits were all like, well, if we get a second season. Like, as opposed to the big thing (which probably could be a little mini series if Freeform doesn’t want a full season) but also the minor things as Holden heard a voice over the walkie that sounded suspiciously like someone, which might have been enough. Or like the parents are going to totally be working a different angle of this, but, they left it out there.

    • SPOILERS BELOW. Same here. Binged the entire thing yesterday and came back with very similar conclusions. At the end of the 10 episodes, I feel mostly unsatisfied with the show. I felt Holden was unnecessarily annoying in those first few episodes (and I say this understanding that he emerged from a 12 year coma). His relationship with Willa was building I suppose, before he remembered and they were full on making out to him having sex with someone else in the span of two episodes? It made him unlikable quite frankly.

      I loved the Luke character, and like you, wish they had not had the drugs b-storyline play out on campus. I was waiting for Holden to confide in his brother the entire time and it never happened. I suppose this worked because it gave Luke and Willa more screen time, which was a good thing. I thought they had better chemistry that Holden and Willa did.

      Same re: Charlie. Her sl felt like a weird add on by the time she was introduced to the story. Overall, I feel strange about this show. I’d watch more of it, but I didnt quite enjoy it. Like I said, weird.

  2. z says:

    So did he go to the gym while he was comatose?

  3. Jess says:

    He’s gay right?

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m on episode 6. Good stuff! Willa looks an insane amount like lauren jauregui

  5. I liked it, I watched the whole season yesterday and today. I’m hoping they give it a second season, I’d like to see where they go with the whole idea.

    • kate says:

      I sort of want one too, just because this felt like a lot of set up for an exciting series to me. Like, I want to see now that Luke is in on some part of the secret even though he probably is far more skeptical than Jeff is, but I feel like that was also a story line that disappeared for too long or took too long to develop that, like, because I only 75% trust Willa, Luke doesn’t know a lot yet, and Charlie is probably too easily manipulated, Jeff is the only person Holden can really both trust and rely upon. But like, as much as everyone kept saying he was a crazy conspirator, there probably should have been a moment when he was like, maybe I am crazy. I liked they took a moment or two in the episode they meant to show more of Holden’s time in the Realm where he just explained his motivation to Lydia – that Holden was Kevin’s best friend and was always there for Kevin, including what he did with Jeff, but Jeff is considering it an extension of his big brother duty, and this isn’t just guilt.

  6. Matt C. says:

    I watched the premiere when it aired on New Year’s Day and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Already started watching the rest of the season on Hulu and I’m officially hooked!

  7. genedebsrulez says:

    I’m about halfway into episode 2 I have to say it is tough to get past the fact that all the actor’s behave as if they are speaking a foreign language – a diferent one from any other actor’s since there are only statements made that no one acknowledges or acts upon because they are too busy declaiming their own nonsense which is inevitably irrelevant to whatever tosh the first one spouted.
    As for what they do – well imagine you’re stuck in a really lame 80’s horror movie where everyone decides to do the stupidest thing possible – the thing most likely to make the monster/serial killer pick them to attack and you’ve got pretty much all the action in this direfest of nonsense down pat,
    The only mystery is how in heckdid this thing get approved? Don’t they understand “The Producers” was fiction? Choosing the worst script, the most incapable wooden actors and an incompetent director doesn’t make a hit in the real world.

    • VOLVI says:

      all so very true, I am struggling getting past ep.4 with this bs. The main actor and his script are both terrible.

  8. pablo says:

    The Horrible:
    – Holden has more chemistry with any girl who appears in the whole season but Willa. (By the way I ship Willa with Luke)
    – How the plot tighs
    – Holden´s mom… as much as i love the actress that character is annoying and silly. I guess Finn´s mom and i want her that sort of mom.
    – The big bad one is boooring

    The Bad:
    – Holden powers and behaviour reminds me about a litle stranger things. She was more compelling than him.
    – The father… can simply kill him off and take also the priest.
    – Willa and Charlie will be the new Laurel and Felicity on tv?

    The good:
    – Charlie. She is fun
    – The yellow jacke man. Scary, and everytime he is around, you know something very bad is gonna happen
    – They are not afraid of taking risks (killing people off)
    – Some one episodic characters… i want them back

    Conclusion: Even though Holden´s love life is incredible busy in one week after waking up. I want more of it. Speacilly a team up with Luke, Charlie, Holden, Jeff, Wyla and scary jellock yellow jacket man

  9. jr. says:

    Binge watched the entire season on New Years Eve! Hope there is a season 2. Good show!

  10. I found it too derivative, and sometimes silly. Freeform needs to get over the ABC Family vibe.

  11. Rob Hinkley says:

    I’ve seen the entire season and i’m wanting more. From the first few minutes I was hooked. Then when I saw the closing credits and it hit me. I loved the show because it had all of the elements that Kyle XY had. Instead of Zzyzx, we’ve got Hollow Sky. It’s has the perfect balance of sci-fi, drama, and feel-good moments. I really hope there’s a 2nd season!

  12. Laurabeth says:

    Just finished the whole series and thought it was very good! Though the graphics and some of the scenes could be cleaned up a little I thought it was a very interesting story. I really hope to see more of the Realm and Author’s story in a second season!

  13. Shelby Trombley says:

    My husband and I just binged watched it. I really like it. I hope there is a season two. The man in the yellow jacket is weird. It is hard to see him as nice daddy and seconds later violent killer. Weird. Holden having feelings for Willa then jumping into bed with Charlie two scenes later is horrible. Now back with Willa……..hope this straightens out. Maybe put one of the girls with Luke. Overall I really enjoyed it. Look forward to more PLEASE

  14. Cameron says:

    Such a great show! Got me hooked. Hoping for season 2

  15. james Getlein says:

    Is there going to be a season two of beyond