Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Spoilers Jenny

Sleepy Hollow's Lyndie Greenwood Dishes 'Cool Jenny Badassery' Ahead

Sleepy Hollow‘s upcoming fourth season will be both great and terrible for Jenny Mills. Allow portrayer Lyndie Greenwood to explain.

“I like this season, because I do feel it gets Jenny back to being that badass that we knew when we first met her,” the actress tells TVLine in advance of the series’ Jan. 6 return (Fox, 9/8c). “And it’s sad, in a way, because it comes from a place of, this is all she has.”

If you’ve been transported to a hell dimension for the past year, here’s a brief catch-up: Jenny’s sister, a biblically foretold Witness to the end of days, sacrificed her life in the Season 3 finale so that fellow Witness Ichabod Crane could carry on the fight against evil. And just before that, Jenny was forced to shoot and kill her boyfriend — who was in crazed-Wendigo mode — so that he didn’t maul her dad.

Season 4, Greenwood previews, will find the remaining Mills sister doubling down on her efforts, both to help Ichabod stave off apocalypse and to help him find his next divinely chosen partner.

“She’s really cold, because her work is all she has. She doesn’t have the family so much anymore, but it’s also kind of fun,” Greenwood says. “She’s a tough girl… There’s some cool Jenny badassery.”

The season premiere, titled “Columbia,” opens with Ichabod in Washington, D.C., but Ms. Mills is nowhere to be found. “Jenny has been off on her own in the world, doing Jenny stuff,” the actress says, “looking for clues as to where to find the next Witness.”

The (offscreen) search takes her to places like Tibet; Greenwood adds that, especially after her sister’s passing, Jenny would go anywhere to help the cause. “She knows that there’s a battle that’s bigger than herself and her emotions, and she just really throws herself into her work,” she says. “She takes that on as her life’s mission.”

And unlike her early interactions with Agent Sophie Foster in Season 3, Greenwood previews, there’s no animosity between Jenny and Ichabod’s new partner Diana (played by new cast member Janina Gavankar).

“Of course, Diana is a little leery of Jenny at first, because this whole world that Diana is thrown into is very, very new and scary. But for Jenny, she’s been around this block before,” Greenwood says, laughing. “Her focus is pretty laser-honed at this point, and I think she is just appreciative of anyone that’s strong and soldier-like. And Diana is a warrior of a woman in her own right, so Jenny appreciates that about her right away.”

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  1. Jim says:

    Free Lyndie Greenwood!

    • Annie Sisk says:

      Seriously. Though – I gotta say – the thought occurred to me at the beginning but I dismissed it originally, it’s coming back to me now: Is it possible the whole Abbie-death thing is one long Jon-Snow-shaped con?

  2. still figuring out why they went the direction they went after the first season, how Tom Mison got a nathan fillion deal after only 2 seasons.

    • Danny123 says:

      The actress that played Abbie didn’t want to do the show anymore not to mention the show keeps switching producers and writers. I’m glad castle got canceled. Why would they even think of getting rid of their female led. I still love this show but I think they should have finished in season 3 when they found out Nicole was leaving.

    • Delia says:

      What are you talking about? He got no “deal.” He has a 5 year contract. The one who got the “deal” was Nicole Beharie, by finagling her way out of her 5-year contract two years early. And by doing that, she sealed Mison’s fate, sticking him to the show for the duration, no matter what he may have preferred.

      • Danielle says:

        Are you serious right now? This show has disrespected Nicole Beharie since late S1 when they continuously tried to sideline her for actresses they felt were more acceptable than a darkskinned Black woman. They tried keeping her off the S2 DVD commentary until fans found out about it. They even bullied her online about her upcoming project away from the show. Not to mention the horribly disrespectful way they ended her character. Tom Mison is not a victim of ANYTHING. Maybe if he were more supportive and vocal about the mistreatment of his co-lead she would still be there. I look at leading men such as Andrew Lincoln and SMH at Tom Mison. The way Andrew publicly has Dania’s back speaks volumes. He’s left no doubt to anyone paying attention that Michonne/Danai is his choice. In my opinion Tom Mison took the easy way by NOT speaking up when he saw Nicole being mistreated. Had he made it clear that he was unhappy with the disrespect she was receiving and would not do the show without Nicole Beharie I bet my yearly salary they would’ve treated her with the respect she deserves. Nicole did NOTHING wrong. She left because she was being mistreated. They may not understand her worth but she does and I’m extremely proud of her. She didn’t finagle her way out of anything they were more than willing and happy to let her go because tbey felt fans would prefer a White or lighter co-lead next to Tom Mison. This is the sole reason ratings have been dropping since the end of S1. Viewers and critics both saw and complained about the sidelining of Abbie Mills and mistreatment of Nicole Beharie. Sleepy Hollow is NOT Nicole’s first success and no one from ANY of her other projects have anything other than high praise for Nicole professionally and as a person. This show has screwed over several former cast whom ALL have spoken about it. Do your research and stop blaming Nicole for the unfair treatment from the writers and that show. Mison is the one who sealed his fate by not having the courage to stand up for his co-lead. Furthermore, so many of you think he is such a big star and the real reason viewers watched from day 1. Well if that’s the case he should be able to hold the show down with respectable ratings without Nicole Beharie. Maybe next time he’ll use his privilege as a White man to stand up for his Black co-lead instead of keeping his mouth shut for a paycheck. Nicole is free and I’m happy for her. She deserved much better than anyone over there were willing to give her.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          I liked Nicole’s Abbie, and the husband and I are very sorry she is gone. One thing we learned from my drama major is a general lack of respect for all actors, across the board. In the industry, being an actor is like being a camera, an instrument and commodity. Probably, this comes from the insane cost of productions, these days. Dr. Phil said they talk about seconds in costs. Russell Crowe said to a new actor, “They treat you like s…, but the pay is good.” Actors have no power, and what they say has no meaning to anyone in power. The husband and I are looking forward to any scenes that have Greenwood’s Jenny.

        • Brigid says:

          Hahahaha! That’s hysterical. They hired a black woman only to sideline her. You sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist and Tom Mison shouldn’t be held accountable for your insane contrived story telling. You have absolutely no idea what happened on set or behind the scenes. The only one not using common sense is you.

      • Marie says:

        She was sidelined season 2, given no solid love interest and her family history was completely erased by season 3. She was also written out cruelly in the finale. I was so upset see her tell her male partner that her journey as a witness meant nothing. Her existence was erased so Crane could move forward. Tom stated he was disgusted by the finale’s ending as well. It’s unfair to expect her to stuck with the show when she was undervalued and disrespected on and off screen.

        • ? says:

          So, from your statements, you were in the room for everything that happened on the set? Sat in on the contract negotiations? Took copious note on every conversation? Know every intention the writers made and why? Really? Somehow, I doubt that–no one knows anything about how this show functioned and the exact reasoning’s of what transpired–but, please continue to spitball and make up things to sound knowledgeable. SMDH

          • Danielle says:

            Nope I wasn’t there but anyone with eyes and common sense could see how they treated her. I said what I said whether you agree or not. That writers room is a bunch of clowns living their fantasies through Ichabod Crane. They didn’t even have enough respect for the one Black woman writer last season when discussing Black hair. Another example of their small minds at work feeling the need to have a meeting about Nicole wearing her natural hair because God forbid the world see a Black woman walking around with our natural thick hair.

          • Danielle says:

            I also know characters that are respected by those who write them are sent off with dignity. These writers were so hateful to Nicole and her fans for wanting better that they ended her character in the most demeaning way. To have her say her only purpose was to move Crane along was total BS. Nicole gave that character her all and she deserved better than that. A rare Black character like Abbie Mills who represented so much to a group that is rarely recognized in this way deserved better. The fans that stuck with this show despite crap writing just to support Nicole an Abbie Mills deserved better. They were spiteful because Nicole demanded better. They also need to talk to their staff they send out to promote the show. Maybe tell them to stop reinforcing what we already know. That being the S3 ending was done to spite Nicole for wanting better.

      • Tanya says:

        Minority actors simply do not have the privilege or ability to leave projects to further their careers. It just doesn’t happen. Season 3 was all around poor but the finale was blatantly disrespectful. It’s funny how anytime racism, misogyny and sexism is pointed out people vehemently deny it. Erasing Abbie is a huge deal but this show has been messy since S1. The entire dynamic cast is now gone except for Tom and Lyndie. The black, dark-skinned leading lady was killed to propel the white lead forward. I don’t care if the actress wanted to leave. She should have still been given a nice, respectful send off by the writers and producers. Also, you don’t go from 11 million viewers to 2 million in less than 3 years because your writing is gold. I can guarantee you that the show would be canceled if Tom had wanted to leave. The show has been bashed by critics and fans for the last 8 months. Fox is simply keeping the show on for pride and syndication.

      • leonard short says:

        I have been a fan of Sleepy Hollow since it premiered. The first season was a joy to watch. Then came the second season and the decisions by FOX to change the storytelling from serial to episodic and to focus on the Cranes’ marital relationship at the expense of Ichabod and Abbie’s. Decisions that the showrunners have stated were made higher up at FOX.

        Sleepy Hollow was a fantastic show, with a racially diverse cast, and strongly defined characters. But it was a politically liberal show at a politically conservative network that supported the political right. And this is significant. To say that the decisions concerning Nicole Beharie’s role on Sleepy Hollow wasn’t racially motivated is insulting.

        Yes, Janina Gavankar is a woman of color. But she is not a woman of color in the same sense that Nicole Beharie is a woman of color. Janina Gavankar’s skin tone, her Caucasian facial features (the population of western India is Caucasoid), makes her more palatable at FOX where a relationship between a white man and a black woman isn’t okay, but is okay for that same white man to be in a relationship with an Indian woman because she’s not black. Having dated a black woman and having married an Indian woman I know from experience what I am speaking of.

        What has occurred with SLEEPY HOLLOW, what has been done to it, is just a reflection of the political conservatism at FOX and the political backlash against liberalism that we are currently witnessing in the country.

  3. maregolden says:

    I thought they were getting rid of her too. Her only purpose on the show is to get into situations where she has to be saved by the others. The bad guys always catch her. She’s not a badass, she’s a constant damsel in distress.

  4. Marie says:

    I truly loved season one Jenny but by season 3 she was weak and didn’t even react to Joe or Abbie’s death. Lyndie is a poor actress and was quite smug on social media after Abbie was killed off. It seems unrealistic that she would tag along and be Crane’s sidekick after her sister and boyfriend were killed. It’s sad to see how much this show has changed.

  5. Danielle says:

    Free Lyndie is a joke. Trust if Lyndie wanted to leave she would be gone. She got what she wanted, which is Nicole out so she could be the lead. Well the jokes on her since they didn’t think she was good enough to even be the lead. She’s a snake that stabbed Nicole in the back to take her spot. Its a shame what people will do for fame. Nicole was too good for this slimy show. Glad she’s gone.

  6. Danielle says:

    @delia Tom’s fate was sealed because the writers, network sidelined Nicole repeatedly for White or lighter women. Tom’s fate was sealed because he looked the other way instead of having Nicole’s back. Nicole left because she was constantly disrespected by this show. Sidelining, being left off DVD commentary, being bullied for her new project after leaving… Tom’s such a big star he shouldn’t have a problem holding down a show on his own. So don’t blame Nicole for S4’s failure. I’m proud of Nicole for knowing her worth and standing up for herself.

  7. Erin B says:

    @Danielle-Give it a rest. You have no idea what Tom Mison did or didn’t do. Was he supposed to break his contract too in solidarity? Furthermore, if Nicole is so brave then why not speak out or comment on her departure. She has been very quiet about it.

    • Kim says:

      She’s a classy lady and does not seem to be down for drama. She wishes the cast and production well and thanked them and the fans. I loved Tom and Nicole together so it’s very sad to see the show go on without that dynamic.

    • Danielle says:

      She was brave enough to stand up for herself and walk away instead of being disrespected. She don’t need to speak out publicly because the writers and those connected with the show are doing a good job showing their true colors. Also, no one said precious Tom had to break his contract my point is he could have and should have made a stronger stand for Nicole Beharie. He didn’t and I know that because had he taken a stand she would still be there and the show wouldn’t be a huge joke right now. The way he handled the situation isn’t any different than most White men in his position. They see it and know its wrong but since they are not being mistreated they ignore it. Well he shot himself in the foot by doing so because the show is now a failure due to the disrespect, demeaning, and sidelining of his co-lead. He made the choice to turn a blind eye while Nicole demanded better. So you tell me who’s the real coward.

      • Erin B says:

        Well, you clearly have a whole narrative invented in your head that isn’t going to change so I’ll just leave it at, happy new year!

      • Delia says:

        Wow. That’s some crazy fan fiction you’ve concocted. Or maybe it’s just crazy.

      • mary says:

        Maybe, Mison didn’t get along with Beharie. That doesn’t make him a coward. And it doesn’t make him a bad person. Sometimes people just don’t get along. It makes him looking out for himself. Have you ever not gotten along with a co-worker-or perhaps know someone in that position? You’d fight for yourself. It happens. And bringing up the race factor with Mison…YOU DON”T KNOW THESE PEOPLE!. You are worse than what you claim him to be, by being racist with him. You want to base everything off of twitter, facebook-all internet. Do you realize you are seeing/hearing only parts of the whole?

  8. Kira says:

    You’re not even going to attempt to point out how ridiculous it is that Jenny, Abbie’s sister, isn’t the next witness? And that its just the show boxing in another black woman? Interesting.

    I can’t wait to see this show cancelled after how terribly it treated Nicole Beharie, John Cho and Orlando Jones.

    • dean says:

      Seriously! Jenny is the only one who should be the next witness!

    • huh? says:

      John Cho?!?!!!
      –The guy who was only ever supposed to be in the pilot as a favor to his Star Trek friends? (You’ll note he DIED in the pilot.)
      –The guy who then agreed to do more episodes once the show was picked up?
      –The guy who then got the lead in his OWN SHOW so he couldn’t do more eps after the s2 premiere?
      That guy?? Yeah, he was treated terribly. SMH