Scorpion Season 3

Scorpion EPs Tease Paige's Fury at Walter, 'Interesting' Triangle Fallout

At least one member of Team Scorpion will be ringing in an unhappy new year when the show returns Jan. 2 (CBS, 10/9c).

Despite the fact that Paige’s beau, Tim, is relocating to Jordan for a new job, Walter will be no closer to a relationship with the former waitress than he was when they first met.

According to executive producers Nick Wootton and Nick Santora, Scorpion‘s first 2017 episode will find Paige giving Walter major cold shoulder for the way he’s treated her boyfriend. (In case you need a refresher: Walter has actively tried for months to exclude Tim from the team, even going so far as to give Tim an office… in the elevator. Feeling unwelcome, Tim opted to take the job offer in Jordan, where he can have actual authority over a team.)

Scorpion Season 3“Paige is furious at first,” Wootton tells us. “Walter, meanwhile, feels terrible about the whole Tim thing and tries to be sweet and kind to Paige with the purest of intentions.”

Paige will ultimately get love life assistance from the last person you (or she) would expect: her con artist mother, played by Switched at Birth‘s Lea Thompson.

Continues Wootton: “Eventually, Paige realizes that if Walter is going to make any emotional headway, she needs to follow advice that her mom gave her. And when [Walter] is trying to be kind to her without any ulterior motives, interesting developments arise.”

In other words? If you’re a Waige fan, you should probably keep a close eye on the second half of Season 3. Although Santora assures us that Tim won’t be completely out of the picture — he and Paige will have “daily connections via online video chats” during his time in Amman — Walter will continue trying to win over his longtime crush in the episodes ahead.

“Walter and Paige is the true relationship of the show,” Santora teases. “Despite the Tim tension, that relationship is the one that the show will focus on, despite it having its occasional speed bumps.”

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  1. sladewilson says:

    For the life of me, I’ve never understood how people just ignore history. This show is majorly suffering from the “Moonlighting Effect”. Keep teasing a couple too long and throwing too many obstacles their way and the audience loses interest. Paige and Walter needs to be resolved one way or another this season. Keep dragging it out and soon people will move on…

    • Fido says:

      I haven’t moved on from accepting a paige walter relationship, I was never ON such a thing happening. Sure Walter does some amazing things, but as a person he isn’t very likable.

    • I fully agree with your comment! The first season of Scorpion was the best also due to the beautiful feeling between Walter and Paige. If the Season 3 will keep on avoiding to bring them together like in the first one , I will lose interest in seeing the next season (if any…)

      • tolera girma says:

        The first season of Scorpion was the best also due to the beautiful feeling between Walter and Paige. If the Season 3 will keep on avoiding to bring them together like in the first one , I will lose interest in seeing the next season (if any…)

  2. Dan says:

    So I’m sitting here on the last day of the year and reading news about a show I gave up on for almost 2 years ago. Now that must be a new low, lol
    Still, nice to see that I made a good judgment call, I simply HATE the love triangle BS that so many shows insist on.

  3. Ted says:

    Walter is an emotionally stunted egotist who acts like a jerk half the time and has no business being in a relationship with a regular person. Paige is a tease who let Walter get close to her and then friend-zoned him in favor of the first alpha hunk who walked into the room. This terrible “will they or won’t they” plot line is the worst thing about this show and probably the worst one on TV.

    • Fido says:

      I agree with your assessment of Walter, but of Paige, no. Paige waited sooo long for Walter to make a move, to declare he had feelings for her, to do SOMETHING, but he never did. She didn’t just fz him when the first hunk appeared, she accepted he was never going to do anything and opened her eyes to possibilities elsewhere.

      • Rocky* says:

        Yeah exactly. Do people just expect that Paige was going to wait around forever for Walter to eventually pull his head out of his a** and actually do something about his feelings for her. I mean, 2 freaking years she waited and hinted, for nothing!

      • Den says:

        Well its not Walter not doing it its the writer he has to follow blindly with what’s written in the script

  4. Sylenda says:

    There is no chemistry between Walter and Paige and that actress doesn’t fit in at all. The character who played Linda, Walter’s ill fated date , had it all going….. we were hoping you’d have kept that line going.

  5. Larry says:

    Glad Tim is gone. Hope Page and Walter do work it out & Toby and Happy do get married. Ralph to help the Team more.

  6. Casey says:

    I really like Paige with Tim. Walter is a horrible fit and the actors do not have that kind of chemistry. I actually only started watching again when Tim and Paige got together hoping that Waige was finally dead. If they are back together then Scorpion is off my DVR

    • Pete Wilson says:

      Considering they dated in real life, perhaps your judgement about chemistry shouldn’t be trusted. Go Waige!

      • Casey says:

        There are several instances of costars dating IRL who have no on screen chemistry. Grimm stars for one. They were as bad together but irl are engaged. So still not seeing Waite as a couple

        • Your dumb…I mean I’m not trying to degrade you but seriously. Your looking at a suppost tp be hunk like Tim. Walter is a nerd hes not going to catch onto the ability of love…Especially he never knew what love is so her being a beautiful girl compared to him is going to make him nervous to ask her out…Like someone else said its not him backing away its writer….besides this couple is not only thing that makes this show. Your opinion you want to quit watching but its not all about looks for love

  7. The EPs say Walter and Paige are the true relationship of the show and yet they bring on a love triangle and leave it way too long and it is not over even yet. Then they let Tim and Paige play kissy face in front of Walter and in his garage and on the job. What planet do you live on? Paige has lost a lot of fans this year and you make Walter look stupid. Come On! Not to mention that Walter is a genius. If you tell him he needs to correct something, he can and will do it. Not looking forward to more Tim on every episode. So disapointed this year. I used to rewatch all episodes over and over, cannot do it this year. Can barely sit through once.

    • tvloverSA says:

      I really get what you are saying this has gone too much and for too long paige being the smart one people wise and the so called emotionally in tune girl she claims to be if she really had something for Walter and wanted it to be with him she could have made a move a long time ago……she has really started to annoy me as much as Tim annoys me and I feel for the survival of the show either she permanently leaves or she works things with Walter they is no other alternative to their storyline. ….its just become awful

      • Scorp1 says:

        Paige was practically begging Walter to ask her to stay at the end of s2 and he still told her to go to Tahoe …. WITH TIM!!! Clearly Walter is not yet ready for a relationship with Paige, even if he does love her (and vice versa) so for Paige to push him into it would not be right. The writers need to sort Walter out though. His personality can be so offputting. Are we meant to find his arrogant or immature behavior endearing because he’s a ‘genius’? I feel like that got old in s1!

        • silvercloak50 says:

          Walter’s behavior is actually true to character. It’s not a foible for the writers. They’re actually doing a very good job with Walter’s character. It would be ridiculous to have him suddenly “figure out” relationships. This is a guy who is a genius and social sand paper to people. Of COURSE he’s going to be a totally off putting idiot. Most geniuses usually ARE and don’t change just because a pretty woman enters the picture.

          If Paige honestly loves Walter – she’s going to have to realize this and deal with it. In fact, she will probably have to be the one to initiate. Walter is simply emotionally incapable of doing this.

          And it’s cruel to expect him to work alongside her AND Tim. I really really despised that plot tangent.

    • Prince says:

      I totally agree

    • Prince says:

      I watched seasons 1&2 repeatedly. In comes Tim and I watched out of loyalty. All my excitement evaporated. The damage is probably irreparable .

  8. CaptMediocre says:

    Don’t worry it’s impossible for Walter and Paige to be together until they both sleep with someone else in order to realize the one they want is not the person they’re sleeping with. That’s how Hollywood tend to resolve WTWT.

    • Betty Taylor says:

      They seem like they are doing the Arrow thing. The writers say that Oliver and Felicity are also the show’s core couple. But they are sleeping with other people. I hope they realize theyes need to be together.

  9. Scott says:

    These producers dont know what they are doing . No matter what they say it’s not up to them but the network . The network won’t let them put the characters together until latter on because they know the producers and writers do t know how to write a main couple . Not to mention this show has lost almost 3 million viewers since the first episode so keep it up producers so the can cancel it where it needs to be . I don’t hate the show but with this stupid story line bringin in a character that was a waste and was there for only one reason is a insult to the fans . I don’t have a problem with outrageous story ideas where it seems Walter life’s is on the line but watching this garbage love story line you have to put your brain in stupid mode and for that I have to say enough is enough .

  10. Maria says:

    Team Happy-and-Toby.

  11. JaneLane says:

    I can’t figure out what purpose Paige even serves on the team. She’s the “normal” person, but so is Cabe and he actually has a usual skill set as well.

    I also find it unlikely that romantic relationships would be tolerated within the team members.

  12. arial2 says:

    Please, just stop dragging this out. Every show seems to be going this route. It’s getting old.

    • CK says:

      I agree. It was bad enough when they brought the ex-husband back, but as soon as Tim joined the show, I thought, “Aw crap, here comes the same old love triangle BS.” Never liked him. Glad he’s gone. I loved season one. Season two was OK, until Tim joined the show. This season has been a disappointment so far. Let’s get to it already before I lose interest. I really want this show to work.

  13. Femoral says:

    Cr*p TV.

  14. Scorp1 says:

    I kinda hate the way the writers have gone with Waige this season, just dragging it out for no real reason. What’s worse though is that Walter’s just proven how emotionally immature he still is – I thought the point of the show is that he’s meant to be progressing emotionally. If anything he’s just getting worse. If I was Paige I’d probably have chosen Tim too and I say this as a Waige fan (and someone who hopes they end up together). He had every chance in 2 seasons to tell Paige how he felt and pushed her back time and again. At some point a girl’s just gotta say Anouilh and move on. Obviously Waige will still be ended game and I’m okay with waiting and suffering through the roadblocks for it to happen. I just wish they didn’t choose a love triangle to do it!

  15. iceblast says:

    I see so many comments complaining about Tim or Walter or Paige. From the start of the series, we have been told that Walter’s emotions are closer to a kids level, and he’s not emotionally mature enough to give Paige what she deserves.

    Tim’s whole point on the show is to shake Walter up, and make him deal with his emotions, from the start of the show, he’s been getting a step better with them. He keeps being forced to see that he needs Paige in his life. I also think, he sees Ralph as his son.

    For the first time in his life, he’s starting to really feel for someone, and he’s at fault for pushing Paige at Tim. Now he’s trying to correct the damage he’s done.

    • Buffy0531 says:


    • Rocky* says:

      Yes, this! Although I do sometimes feel with Walter it’s 1 step forwards and then 2 steps back! I feel he has brought this situation on himself and don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for him, and personally find it strange that some Waige fans are acting like Paige has done something terrible by dating someone else, when her hand was pretty much forced by Walter to start with.

      • Rebecca Rivera says:

        The audience understands the reasons Paige chose to move on from Walter by dating Tim. The present annoyance with this supposed high EQ character is rooted in the insensitivity she has displayed toward Walter. She knows he’s in love with her yet continually flaunts her relationship with Tim right in Walter’s face. This IS the “something terrible” that the viewers (including this one) feel she’s done. Also, it makes no sense and seems completely out of character, which makes me think the writers are deliberately trying to make her unlikeable so that a new love interest can be introduced for Walter without alienating the audience the way Tim did.

        • Jenn B says:

          Maybe she’s acting this way to make him jealous because she still cares about him

          • silvercloak50 says:

            Then why freeze him out and treat him like crap, even in the hospital? When she gave him that smack down – if it had been me, I’d have pulled the plug on that relationship. There’s no way I’d allow myself to be treated like that.

            ‘Course, it’s realistic enough, how young 20ish girls act when it comes to relationships.

          • Jenn B says:

            I feel like she’s trying and failing to move on so she’s frustrates with his lack of progress and with her inability to let go

          • silvercloak50 says:

            Well if nothing else, they have captured the essence of 20’s relationship angst. :P

          • Jenn B says:


        • clayton says:

          i now hate the paige character as much as i hate Tim.I think by now the writers should have worked something for walter coz by the look of things walter and paige are never going to couple.I’m loving happy and toby though

  16. Donna says:

    Wish they would keep Tim and Paige together give Walter someone else.theres no chemistry between Paige and Walter bring Tim back

  17. Max says:

    Love the show, love the people, love the excitement, hate the forced love story of Paige and Walter. Why do they have to be together? Why does he need anyone in a romantic capacity? He’s a loner, despite his work family, why not keep him a loner?

  18. Mai says:

    I don’t like Walter much on his own, but if they were to pair him up with someone, I agree with another poster and also choose Linda, that speed-date bomb-strapped gal. Walter actually had good chemistry with her, and she had a refreshing, normal reaction to most things going on with the team, as opposed to Paige who just brushes off the weird too easily. The show is most fun when it’s the dynamics and personalities of the team interacting and trying to solve a case. They spend too much focus on Walter and Paige, while some of the other team members, who are actually more interesting and likable to me, aren’t given enough screen and story time.

  19. Gloria says:

    Please keep Tim he is a hunk and love the tension of him wooing Paige and Walters jealousy. He is sexy too

  20. Clara says:

    Yay! I love them

  21. silvercloak50 says:

    Paige’s piss poor attitude shows she still has a long way to go to understanding how highly intellectual people process emotions and express them. Tim was a horrible addition to the team, it’s tantamount to inviting the jock from high school who gave you regular swirlies to become part of a task force while he interferes with a long and patiently developing relationship between not only the geek and his girl, but also his father figure.

    So yeah, I wouldn’t be too hard on Walter for being a bit threatened and reacting a little. This season Paige has really PISSED me off.

  22. Anna says:

    The first season the show was awesome, the second it was good, and then the third season just sucks. First of all, we all want Waige to happen, it’s been to long of the back and forth, I’m even getting frustrated and thinking of stopping watching, even though I watched every episode of the first two seasons a couple times. Drew didn’t annoy so much, but the relationship with Tim and how he wants to take the father figure to Raplh away from Walter is the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen on TV.
    Secondly, everybody loves the episodes where the team is shown like family and love each other, and would die for one another, not just two people.
    And mostly, it’s the writers fault that this season there’s no chemistry between Walter and Paige. They only play the jealousy/we can’t be together card, there are NO really intimate and romantic moments between those two, only “i was worried about you” or “I’m jealous” crap. The writers are great with the action stuff and all the rest, but they really should change how they write the Waige moments.
    And I really want to stop watching the show, despite the fact that I know every esisode from first two seasons by heart…

  23. Karen Simokat says:

    Paige! Get a life. You cannot play one man against another! Yes, Walter has his issues but so do you! You lack empathy, and intelligence regarding EQ individuals. I am getting tired of your attitude.

  24. Den says:

    Its great Tim is gone I’ve started watching again but its still a negative the way paige treats Walter. Need to eliminate Tim altogether

  25. Dean says:

    When the show started Paige was brought in from waitress job to be able to understand Walter and help him understand the real world. The potential relationship between them was implied as she understood him given her son. So to rub in his face her relationship with action man is rude to say the least. If I were the genius working to save the world I’d simply ask for her and toy boy to be remove from his team. Paige and Tim add no value.

  26. Pam says:

    Walter and Paige need to get together. If it continues to go as is I will find another program to watch.

  27. modaya says:

    I will kill nick santora if paige goes to tim. Paige shoud with walter…..