Mariah Carey New Year's Eve Blooper

Mariah Carey Vamps Her Way Through Painful Lip Sync Snafu on ABC's Rockin' New Year's Eve Special — WATCH

As the clock was about to strike midnight, you can rest assured someone was about to get clocked backstage at Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve With Ryan Seacrest.

Multi-platinum recording artist Mariah Carey headlined the 11:30 pm half-hour of ABC’s annual NYE broadcast. Unfortunately, soon into her medley of greatest hits, the vocal track gave out, leaving the singer to wander around aimlessly on stage unable to hit any of her iconic high notes on her own.

After opening with a few bars of “Auld Lang Syne,” the Grammy winner emerged from a cocoon of feathers to perform the 1991 hit “Emotions,” during which her backing track malfunctioned.

“This song went to No. 1, that’s all we’ll say,” she commented from the stage, before explaining that one of the vocal tracks was missing. She then vamped by inviting those in the Times Square crowd to sing the song for her. Carey urged the technicians to “get these monitors on,” while she continued on with the choreography (“just for laughs”) — and with a smile. “I’m trying to be a good sport here,” she said.

“That was… amazing,” the singer quipped at the close of the first number, leaving the audience wondering just how she would finish that thought.

The problem appeared fixed moments later as the medley transitioned into “We Belong Together,” but it soon became clear that what Carey was hearing in her earpiece was not in sync with what was heard by the audience at home, at which point she stopped lip-syncing again.

“It just doesn’t get any better,” she said once the set was finished, before turning heel and heading off-stage.

On a scale of 1-10, how awkward was that Mariah Carey performance? Relive it in its entirety above.

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  1. aaron says:

    Well she was a good sport about it. I’ll give her that.

    • Barbara says:

      No, she wasn’t. She had options to still offer her fans a performance and she made no attempt to entertain.

      • Carrie says:

        What else could she have done? She couldn’t hear anything. She tried to dance, sing and get the audience involved. She even tried to make jokes about the situation.

        • Greg says:

          Uhhh she didnt dance or sing… She walked around making comments.

        • Mary says:

          Um they are her songs she should now them inside out. Here’s a thought why not just sing even if she couldn’t hit the high notes. This isn’t the first time she has botch a “so call live performance”. Sorry no excuse.

          • Harry says:

            That wasn’t so much a thought, as it was a ‘vibe’ or feeling from someone that doesn’t understand live music or television. Seriously, no clue.

            Nothing more deadly than mixing high expectations with a low IQ.

            This culture is ridiculous. Most of you know you’re not really criticizing, right? You can’t judge what you don’t understand, only your misperception. Why rush to share what you don’t know?

      • Gabby says:

        A true professional, when faced with messed-up audio, would have asked the sound guys to cut the audio out, tell the back-up dancers to sit down and relax, and then just sing something a capella. That is, if she were at all interested in giving the fans a performance that they’ve been waiting hours for. And, that is if she were still able to sing.

      • kathy santini says:

        she is not a good

  2. Shana bell says:

    Bless her! She’s still my fave! I enjoyed seeing her anyway. #truefan

  3. Kelly says:

    On a scale of 1 to 10? Try 99. It was both laughable and painful to watch. She has such a diva attitude that it was hard to feel sorry for her. Did all the acts lip sync? Why couldn’t she sing for real?

    • Ashbash says:

      All the performers use a backing track because the cold weather. It affects their voices and can cause their voice to break or train, so to protect their voices they have the backing tracks.

      • Kelly says:

        Well fine, if that’s the case, but she couldn’t even pretend that she was singing. She’s supposed to be a professional.

        • Kela says:

          Right?! I know plenty of singers that can hit them in any weather! Truth is she just cant sing like she used to! Time to retire! Whitney lost her voice too!

          • MMD says:

            Rachel Platten didn’t look like she was lip-syncing when she performed Imagine just before midnight.

          • MMD says:

            I just watched Keith Urban from a CNN tweet do a LIVE tribute in Nashville to some of the greats that we lost last year and you could see his breath as he sang. Not only did he do a great job but he did it live. #class act

        • Nancy Jamison says:

          I am so confused, I didn’t watch it, just the video. My first reaction and humorously enough my oldest daughter’s, “Why didn’t she put some clothes on?” Then, someone said she couldn’t hear? Then why were the dancers dancing and she was moving in time with the music? My understanding is, this was ‘her’ song? So she couldn’t ‘sing’ her own song for real? Of course maybe the lack of clothes and cold affected her memory. I understand the fact it might not sound like the prerecorded record version, but you’re seeing the performer LIVE. If I wanted to hear a recorded version, I’d stay home!

          I’m sorry, maybe I’m too old for this stuff, but I don’t understand how prancing around on a stage talking, is better than performing. I understand the cold, and I’m not saying PUSH it, she had a mic that was plenty loud enough. I’m also more prone to believe from those I’ve spoken too, singers, that there were possible other reasons why she couldn’t or wouldn’t sing her own song. And truthfully? What if she screwed up? It would probably have been humorous.

          Anyway, my estimation of Maria Carey just plummeted.

          • Again, people, you don’t understand. With all the tracks playing and the noise of the crowd she could not hear her voice in the sound system nor the track. We could hear it but she couldn’t. You have to be a performer to understand.

          • Random Perfect says:

            The weather for New Years was SO warm for NY, it was around 40° that is very very warm for January. There has been some years where it is -10 with the wind. Many artist have performed *live* in that Temp. I have the feeling she hit thise high notes one to many times when she was younger and can’t reach them anymore. She has to accept that she is almost 50, and not dress like she is 20 or 30 anymore. she should be embarrassed in those clothes..smh

      • Anni says:

        Oh, puhleese. People who really know how to sing are able to sing in cold weather.

        • Ashley Simpson career ended after her lip sync malfunction. Mariah does not have the same voice she did years ago. She should retire she has enough money. It was very un professional. She could have continued Lip singing. I don’t know how much she was paid to perform. They should get there money back because she did not deliver. Her Diva attitude sucked too. She was not sincere she was a Brat.

          • Kela says:

            I TOTALLY AGREE! Retire and just raise your kids! She had a good long 🏃! People who can really sing, like she could years ago, can sing in any weather! Continuing to put on shows and trying to hit these notes that she can no longer reach is just messing up her name! She need to have a seat and let it go! Its over! Make a guest appearance every blue moon (no singing) or do some charity work! But hang the mic up MARIAH! People will still love you! I think she is scared of becoming irrelevant! She needs a REAL FRIEND to tell her the truth!!!

        • Arley Dean says:

          Right on She is not able to sing anymore without her tone maker machine . She is a fake .

        • JimmyBX says:

          When you need a tooth pulled, one doesn’t go to a car mechanic. When we want someone to talk about live entertainment in front of a crowd of thousands in the freezing cold, we’re not going to talk to YOU about it. Virgins can’t talk sex. Clam up and ask a professional, clown. You know nothing about singing in public.

          • brigitte says:

            So if the cold is such an obvious issue, wouldn’t it make sense to wear warm clothes?

          • Kela says:

            And you dont have to be a professional singer to know when someone has HAD their run and can no longer sing! This has been going on for years! Matter of fact when is the last time she has hit these notes…all by herself?!………..Dont worry, ill wait?
            Truth is plenty of singers who can still sing , have sang out in the cold and still was able to hit the correct notes! You could see the smoke coming out of their mouth because it was cold……i know you love her but point blank period….she needs to retire! We all know what kind of notes she would hit years ago and noone can take that away from her but bad shows are happening too much! She needs to retire!

      • rowan77 says:

        I don’t think you know what a backing track is. A backing track is what plays in their earpieces so they can be sure to sing on key and at the right time. Playing on stage, especially where the speakers are away from them, it’s very difficult to hear the other musicians on stage, so they all wear a set of “ears.” It is NOT a backing track to have a pre-recorded song play and they lip sync to it. That’s just old-fashioned lip syncing. Mariah lip syncs at all of her performances, indoors and out, summer or winter. She doesn’t even try to sing really. I used to be a fan, but when it became clear that she only goes through the motions – literally – and never really performs as a singer anymore, I just felt like she’s phoning it in, yet expecting people to react as if she’s performing live (as a singer. Any fool can lip sync). Not a fan anymore.

      • Mollymoo says:

        I’m fairly certain just a few hours earlier, Gloria Estefan sang live. There were a few words or notes and pulled off of and the lyric faded…it didn’t go without her lips moving.

      • Derek says:

        Carrie underwood doesn’t

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I did the Times Square NYE thing a few years ago and most of the performers sang with a track. I think it has to do with acoustics.

      • Christy says:

        Acoustics, weather, making sure a live event goes well, etc. If you want to see someone really sing, brief TV appearances are not where you should be looking. :)

      • Mollymoo says:

        Which would have had nothing to do with the lack of effort on her dancing. She looked like she was going through the early stages of blocking in rehearsal, not a performance. The track wasn’t what she expected (if she came when she was supposed to, she would have been prepared for that. Ive read she showed late.) the ear piece wasn’t working, fine, but again, if she showed in time for a sound check she’d haven known that with time to fix it. Instead she gave a half-a&$ed effort and stormed off.

    • dlraetz says:

      I get lip syncing in Times Square on NYE. It’s so loud you can’t hear yourself think. What I don’t get is not dancing the performance while letting the backing track do all the work and at least trying to put on a show

  4. Linda says:

    Awkward and painful to watch.

  5. Maren says:

    You lack an understanding to even write this article. She couldn’t hear herself and refused to sing. It’s not a lipsyncing snafu, it’s a refusal to perform under not perfect circumstances.

    • Kelly says:

      But it was obviously lip synced. During the second song, I heard the vocal track continue on when she pulled the microphone away from her mouth. It was far too clean for her to be singing live.

    • Tori says:

      Hi Mariah stan#1, it’s still lip syncing and it was still terrible. She hasn’t sang live in forever because she CAN’T ANYMORE. #fact She’s become an embarrassment.

  6. Dana Gordon says:

    Mariah should never return to Dick Clarks New Years special, her lip sync was so far off it was pitifull.
    A 4 year old could lip sync better than her.

  7. SF says:

    She actually really seemed to be under the influence, stumbling around. I guess they can’t really say that though. Not saying there weren’t technical problems- just that didn’t seem to be the main problem. A trained pro such as herself should have been able to handle it a little better than that.

    • Survivor says:

      I agree SF. Even in her interview, before her horrible lip syncing, she was acting strange. Then during the malfunction she seemed all over the place. Her dancers looked good. One of them kept trying to keep Mariah on track. It was ambarrasing and unprofessional.

      • Wayne says:

        She went off on Seacrest a bit when he asked her about her “reality show” and she said that she told him a few minutes ago, when he mentioned if off-air, not to call it a reality show. Mariah was last on Rockin’ Eve in 2005 when she was apparently the very first performer to perform live ever. If I recall correctly, she wasn’t wearing much back then either but it went better than it did last night. I’m guessing it’s a possibility that Mariah might appear on Ryan’s radio show Tuesday morning to talk about it (maybe?) since it’s been a trending topic all day today.

  8. E says:

    Growing up listening to her sing i told my children this would be an awesome performance. After it was over I explained that is what happens when you have been drinking or on drugs. So disappointing.

  9. EloiseM says:

    I saw it. It was awful I was shocked.

  10. Kathy says:

    What happened?? I feel so bad for Mariah! Haters are really going to have a field day.
    Things happen. She’s still one of the greats.

    • nobama666 says:

      Just like Rhonda Rousey the veil has been lifted and it ain’t pretty.

    • vision2040 says:

      She WAS one of the greats, not anymore. That is fine, however she needs to quit acting like she is all that. Pathetic effort, the Drugs was on didn’t help her either.

    • Sunny says:

      Kathy she might have been one of the greats back then but right now she’s ruining her legacy. We all know things happen but, they shouldn’t happen all the time at concerts.

  11. Paul H says:

    That was wac!! She wasn’t that good of a sport! She even said they didn’t do a soundcheck. She looked good though… of course

  12. Anni says:

    Also? If you’re going to go out there with your hindquarters hanging out like that, you best be able to sing like nobody’s business. That performance was 360 embarrassment. And she looked completely whacked out on something. She be DONE.

    • nobama666 says:

      You mean that big fat azz?

      • Temperance says:

        I’m not sure why she always insists on dressing like a cheap hooker. She’s so gifted… it’s just tack was all getout.

        • c-mo says:

          That’s why she dresses as “a cheap hooker”, she’s lost her voice. Why do you think she’s been releasing all of those videos of her barely dressed? She doesn’t want you to pay attention to her voice or the song, she wants you to be distracted her barely clothed body.

  13. MTB says:

    Just a big FAKE! What a way to make millions off of people. She’s mad because she’s a fake. If you can’t do it real time, let someone who can.

  14. Deb says:

    Apparantely she was suppose to show up early afternoon & fuess what no show. Her performance was disgusting, pitful, laughable for such a diva. Her lack of clothing was inappropriate for families that were present. Aaron says she was a good sport. LOL. Wait till she got off stage. She’s a real b–tch to work with & for. She should not return next year. Others did not lip sync. Very bad. Happy New Year to all!

  15. ninergrl6 says:

    I’m in California. I wonder if anything about the performance will be edited for the west coast broadcast. Now I’ll have to tune in!

  16. Deb says:

    The diva was awlful. Very bad performance. Should never show up again. Others did not lip sync. She will be complaing & blaming others for her mistakes. Happy 2017 to all!

  17. Mlebartley says:

    Did anyone else hear Ryan Seacrest tell her ‘to drink more champagne, honey’ or something to that effect when NYNY was playing?

    Also, Idina Menzel is a pro. Sang live in the cold on NYE and missed the high note in Let It Go. Shrugged it off later saying she makes it most of the time which is better than most.

  18. Lola says:

    She’s crazy af. I was laughing because the whole thing was a mess.

  19. madbengalsfan85 says:

    And yet it was still a better performance than the one Ohio State gave in the Fiesta Bowl

    • c-mo says:

      So sorry for your loss, but your comment literally made me LOL! At least your team got one of the meaningful bowl games, my team played a few days ago in one of the blow-off bowl games, watched only by fans who didn’t go watch live.

  20. Patrick Kwasny says:

    Poor Lionel Richie….he is touring with faker….

  21. Yes she a diva but she sounded hammered i no she sing with a back up track but she is a pro last time i check. She is a freaking joke now are a freak show. With her big hips and boobs falling out.

    • Shanni says:

      Joe Petitjean you roasted on her. Let’s not forget thou that she is like the biggest joke of the beginning of 2017. She’s like an old lady who lost her voice and thought she was hot so it would make up for her bad singing and so called “dancing. “

  22. Pamela says:

    Despite being terrible she was poised. Worse was her ATTIRE. Totally unflattering to her .. bad choice

  23. Et al says:

    I can’t think of a more appropriate end to this horror show of a year.

  24. James says:

    I’m sorry, but “cold weather” is not an excuse. Have you seen Kelly Clarkson sing live in cold weather? She’s awesome (for example). It can be done if you prepare your voice for it. And like so many people said in here, Mariah is supposed to be a pro, she should be able to handle technical difficulties better than this. She didn’t even try!

  25. AngelWasHere says:

    I felt bad laughing at her, but I couldn’t help it. It was sooooo awkward. She should have freestyled it or something. Anything, but that. So embarrassing.

  26. Danielle Marshman says:

    Does anyone else think Mariah gained weight and should not have been wearing that outfit????

  27. Liz Porter says:

    Please Mariah,waited 3 hours to hear you sing not watch you fake it.

  28. Barbara says:

    I can’t believe people are excusing her horrible performance. She should have been able to sing her songs with or without her tracks. She couldn’t even lip sync well. Does she even know the words to her own songs??? And then let’s talk about the choreography. There was none. She could barely walk unassisted. It was a huge insult to her fans. I have never been a fan … I prefer singers who sing from their soul.

  29. Cindi.hart says:

    Mariah Carey was just plain terible.
    She no longer can sing her own songs, has to lip sync and does even that horrible.
    When she performed in Oahu, Hawaii a few months ago she made people wait over an hour, than came on stage and lip synced the whole set. She needs to retire.

    • Carrie says:

      I saw her perform on Oahu, and that’s just not true. She did a great job. She clearly couldn’t hear anything during most of the New Year’s Eve performance. How could she possibly sing along when she couldn’t hear the music or the backing vocals? She tried to be a good sport about it, but it was embarrassing for her and obviously the fault of those in charge of the sound.

      • Sunny says:

        Well she still could’ve tried to sing she didn’t even try because, she knows that she can’t sing. Also, what’s up with that attire was she trying to scar little kids watching from all over the country by looking like a skank. All she did was walk around the stage half necked and do little shameful riffs and runs. If she wants to save her image she needs to start helping people instead of being a selfish bad singing diva.

  30. This was hilarious, bless her for staying on the stage and not giving an f though!

  31. Allie says:

    She kept it together and is the connsumate performer. Everyone does it so it’s not that big of a deal. I would definitely fire someone if I was her though.

  32. Shouldn’t she know how to sing here own GD song with out any vocal tracks. I mean come on the song is more than 20 years old shouldn’t she know it by now. Getting a little sick of her S*.

  33. Temperance says:

    Our technology fails us sometimes. She’s talented. She *can* sing, and well. I’m not sure why a fifty year old woman needs to teeter around dressed like a hooker, though. She’s fit… but no body wants to see that.

  34. Chris Norris says:

    Ha! What a stupid idiot.

  35. Banach says:

    This’s not concert, it’s big event .it’s show so I believe she can sing better than using sick backing track, it’s sound engineer mistake,not hers

  36. Troy says:

    I would like to think that in this great Nation we could find a handful of people to actually SING on a freakingn New YEAR’S Eve!

  37. xomylifexo says:

    Her dancers were like 1000% more professional than her. She is so ridiculous.

  38. Elizabeth Nicholson says:

    That was painful to watch. Yikes. If 10 is the highest, that was a 1.

  39. harry rothstein says:

    Definitely the diva…her backup guys tried to keep it going too…pretty embarrassing…

  40. Monica Lauby says:

    Wow, that was awful. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

  41. jon says:

    Thank God all this happened before 12am. Could not continue forward knowing that we started 2017 with this atrocity. It the perfect end to a crappy year.

  42. Barbara Hennon says:

    Mariah Carey’s performance really strange. I figured there was a malfunction. Handled oddly, I think. But maybe she couldn’t do anything else.

  43. Cas says:

    Eh who cares? I was a Mariah fan in 5th grade but haven’treally cared since. Does she even have new music? Let her retire.

  44. Barbara Hennon says:

    One more thing. Someone asked why she dresses like a hooker. Compared to the way Beyonce dresses, she looked like key.

    • Barbara Hennon says:

      One more thing. Someone asked why she dresses like a hooker. Compared to the way Beyonce dresses, she looked tame.

      • Temperance says:

        Beyonce dresses like a even cheaper hooker most of the time. It’s tacky… I won’t watch either of them because it grosses me out. I mean, if I can rate your plastic surgeon though your outfit, you look like a floozy.

  45. Leo Stringer says:

    Totally unprofessional she shouldn’t be paid. Made no effort to sing just painfully made it clear she has no singing ability. A washed up DIVA

  46. retsim says:

    If i flash my Boobs and Bum they wont notice the lip sync .

  47. Gay Kotch says:

    I felt she was a little off even before she sang. Her answers to Ryan S where strange.

  48. Andrea Fortier says:

    Really she should not be invited back EVER to sing for this event…..She is NOW just a Dried up Singer….please just go home.

  49. Michael says:

    Being a good sport would have been singing it LIVE. She’s terrible. No remnant of talent left within her.

  50. Kim says:

    And if anyone thinks she was gracious and understanding when she was off stage? She is a raging, has been, diva. Anyone with the amount of money she has and probably got from Nick Cannon and tries to sue a former fiancé who is probably thanking God he got out in time, is a raging egomaniacal diva.