Bones Revival

Bones Boss Already Eyeing Revival: 'I'm Not Considering This the End'

Perhaps Bones should change the title of its forthcoming series finale from “The End in the End” to “The End in the End… Until It Begins Again.”

Although the Fox drama’s final 12-episode season is set to launch on Jan. 3, executive producer Michael Peterson is confident that the franchise will live on in some form beyond this spring’s two-part closer. “I absolutely am not considering this the end,” the EP maintains to TVLine. “I am in full-on denial. I’ve been working on the show for eight-and-a-half years. It is my family. I adore it here. I don’t want to leave. And the idea of having some kind of reunion in a year or two… I would not rule it out.

“We haven’t figured out what we’re going to do if it does come back,” he adds. “But I can tell you that 99.9999 percent of the people here would rush to return.”

Bones wrapped production on its farewell season earlier this month, and Peterson is mum on whether Fox — which in the past year has revived The X-Files, 24 and Prison Break —  ordered the sets destroyed or preserved. “That’s a very tricky one to answer,” he hedges. “I don’t know exactly what they’re doing with them…”

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  1. Collette says:

    I’ll miss it for sure, mainly for the ensemble cast. I’m not all that attached to Booth & Brennan. I’ll look forward to seeing the others in future endeavors. The various squints have been turning up on other shows like Big Bang, Forever etc.

  2. kia says:

    yes please
    yes yes yes yes yes
    a million times yes

    this show has to have a revival at some point, I need it “But I can tell you that 99.9999 percent of the people here would rush to return.” well if this isn’t the best way to end 2016/start 2017 i don’t know what is

  3. heather says:

    I am all for a revival as long as Peterson doesn’t mess up S12 , in particular Booth & Brennan narrative.

    Don’t let me down.

  4. Fernanda says:

    a limited series or one special event each year on fox or streaming.. but seriously.. i don’t want to see a widow Brennan or divorced Brennan… this show deserves a proper ending and maybe the lab assistants could be in a spin off series with Clark, Wendell, Colin, Arastoo, Finn, Daysi and others more.

  5. Paniz says:

    OMG…. yes yes yesssss… 😍😍

  6. Jason says:

    They should do TV movies like they used to do with shows like Columbo.

    • skrable2a says:

      I like this idea. Say, a couple of two-hour movies a year. Self-contained mysteries, focus on the cleverness of the crime and not some long, dragged out super villain

  7. sofia says:

    Bones has been one of my favorite shows for over a decade, I’m going to miss it very, very much when it ends, and I am all for a reunion or a revival in the future, I love the cast and want to see them together again, but I think it shouldn’t happen in less than 5 years after the end of the show.

  8. Frank says:

    Let it go, buddy.

  9. SmileTime says:

    Definitely a NO from me! As all Xfiles fans can attest they always mess with the main characters when they bring shows back. Be grateful they don’t try to kill off one of the leads or leave them going their separate ways and leave well alone!!

  10. Anon says:

    This scares me, particularly if Hart Hanson isn’t involved, but I do think if all of the main cast is on board it would have a chance of succeeding. Mostly I would look forward to seeing more of David and Sunnie Pelant together…Booth with a more grown-up Christine would be priceless!

    • Stacey says:

      That would be the perfect scenario if they got David and Emily to agree in a few years. Have it when Christine and Hank are older, but most of Christine. Is she like her father?
      And be the next generation FBIer and have Michael Vincent a scientist artist like his parents. They partner up, and fall in love while we see Booth and Brennan are still active in their own ways… New cases.

      • Anon says:

        I was thinking more of early teenager Christine. Frankly I think David and Sunnie could do a different show together…they interact very well onscreen.

      • Collette says:

        As long as it isn’t the annoying little pill currently playing Christine.

        • Anon says:

          My dear Collette, The little girl who plays Christine (Sunnie Pelant) is wonderful. Perfectly cast…she looks like she really could be the daughter of Booth and Brennan.

        • dragons3 says:

          The character is written as a little pill. Doesn’t mean that the child herself is a little pill. I’d really prefer to see as little as possible of her, though. Brennan’s training her to be an arrogant, supercilious little know-it-all, just like her mother.

          • kmw says:

            Then don’t watch if you hate the TITLE character. if you also hated the children so much you would have enjoyed last season, they were hardly on and with only 12 episodes now its safe to say they will hardly be on this year. Please tell me which Brennan you are watching because the Brennan I am watching is not what you are describing at all anymore. I love how Brennan is described as a know it all when all she is intelligent and confident in herself which I guess is a horrible trait for a woman( because if Brennan were a man you wouldn’t dislike her so) but actually not really. Oh well you may dislike her if you want but I love both Booth and Brennan and their kids are cute. To each his own.

          • Paul says:

            @kmw To me Brennan has always been the female equivalent of Sheldon Cooper [TBBT], zero humility and unbelievably arrogant ad condescending.

  11. Sarah says:

    Yes please!!!!

  12. Donald says:

    For the love of God, just let it die! Every show has a point where it needs to end and Bones is long past that. Its had a great run but all good things must come to an end.

  13. kmw says:

    This is not a surprise to me that they would even consider this and I am very torn about it. on the one hand I would like to see them reunite, especially if it was around Christmas time and do something fun. On the other hand The X-Files return did nothing to make me want Bones to do this. Part of me wants them to let Bones be without ruining what they have done. FOX would be smart to not tear down these sets any time soon however especially if their mid season show don’t work or they cannot get The X- Files back. This is almost smelling of what happened with 7th Heaven, they said they were done and then they came back. The fact that Booth and Brennan aren’t leaving their jobs at series ends is another indication of how easy it would be to get them back. I just hope for these 12 episodes to be good without hurting the integrity of the characters and leaves them in a good place.

  14. July Lark says:

    Let it go, am more interested to see what Boreanaz and Deschanel do for future projects than stringing this out for another 6 eps or year or whatever. It is way past its pull date and the 15 interns never did anything to peak my interest.

  15. kmw says:

    I love that Peterson says that he doesn’t know what they are doing with the sets. I am sure they broke them down but they can be easily put back up. especially in a year or two. And IF this is to happen it better not be longer than that. The problem with The X-Files was that not only the second movie took too long to make but the revival last season was too far away from the movie as well. Do a couple of movies within a year or two and that is acceptable not five or ten years later. No offense to Bones supporting cast I don’t want the show to go on without Booth and Brennan. Seeing Bones with David and Emily in the background is why I hated the 10th season so much. Its interesting that we haven’t even seen the final episodes and they are already talking of this. Maybe having less episodes made David and Emily re think that they could do it longer.Like I said I would much rather see one or two movies than the series still going even if its just 10 or 12 episodes because there isn’t much left to tell with Booth and Brennan( other than illness). its easy for us to say we want them to move on ( with David and Emily particularly) but they obviously have enjoyed working together and it is hard to let go of something you love especially in a town where jobs are hard to come by. I want David and Emily to move on because of the way FOX has treated them and their show but if they want to do more that’s their decision I just don’t want them to ruin what they have done and generally revivals don’t live up to their hype and disappoint I don’t want that for Bones

  16. Bette logan says:

    I love it his show have never missed a show. Why are they taking it off the air? Why do they take the great ones off?

  17. kmw says:

    Whatever happens I just hope they have a plan in place IF this happens. So many shows do this and its clear they didn’t have a clue what they were doing. DONT come back if you truly don’t have a good story in place. Again I find it interesting they are talking about this when we haven’t even seen their first episode yet. Makes me wonder what is going on at FOX. also the cast mates goodbyes on twitter with the exception of a few of them didn’t seem too final-ish. Also one of their leads ( Emily Deschanel) hasn’t really said a word at all at least on social media but then again i might be reading more into that than is necessary. Again if this happens Mr. Peterson make sure there is a story in place and a good one at that

    • Anon says:

      I feel the opposite about the cast goodbyes…they seemed quite final to me. David Boreanaz tweeted about feeling Booth slip away into the magic of TV history, and not one actor, director, writer, or producer for Bones has retweeted the link to this article, which to me is rather telling. I hope Peterson wasn’t just running off at the mouth and actually had some concrete facts backing up what he was saying, because he has gotten a lot of fans excited about the possibility of a return.

      • kmw says:

        Well that’s good to know and I know after all these years that these show runners will lie but I doubt he is lying about this. But like I said this kind of article should be coming AFTER their final shows air not before even one has aired. I can see them doing movies because that wouldn’t take too much time, maybe a couple a year. IF they ended up with episodes again I cannot imagine what they would do especially with Booth and Brennan.

  18. I’ve watched Bones since the beginning and almost gave up because of two things, Pelant, but most of all her arrogance. It’s too bad TPTB didn’t write her to be more sympathetic. The “I’m right and the rest of you are wrong” attitude was the main reasons of the show’s demise.
    The daughter has been almost non-existent as if it’s an afterthought to even mention her.
    I say let it go, allow all the actors to pursue other endeavours. Netflix carries the show. That should be enough enough.

    • kmw says:

      It still amazes me how so many can watch Bones and dislike Brennan so much, since she is the Bones in BONES and is one of the two leads. Again if Booth was arrogant no one would have a problem but since its a woman its awful. Again to each his own. Also showing the kids on Bones is not something that everyone wants to see and the producers have to toe the line with their case of the week and everyone else and Booth and Brennan. Even when Christine isn’t on they mention her often its their son who was non existent last season and again with only 12 episodes I cannot imagine they will be on more than 4. That is just the way it is. I agree that Bones should be done but that doesn’t mean the actors and or FOX do. This story could just be promotion for last episodes or they might be seriously re considering which some shows have done( 7th Heaven did this ). As long as Bones ends well I will be happy

  19. Nancy says:

    Considering Bones is one of Fox’s most watched scripted shows, I wouldn’t be surprised if they return for a couple of episodes each year. I for one would love it.

  20. 100 percent of the audience wants it to return! This show and Gold Rush are my two all time favorite TV series rivaling only Gunsmoke!

  21. kmw says:

    @ Paul that’s your opinion and that’s fine. I happen to like her and that is my opinion and that’s fine. To each his own

  22. Kristie cangelosi says:

    I am so sad that u r ding the show. Pease don’t I have never missed not one show. I need to know will jack ever walk again and u know what will be awesome if he got all his money back. I think u r making a big mistake by taking this off the air. Please have a 13 season

    • Slingshot says:

      Hodgens has already stated that he doesn’t want his money back. In fact, Angela found his money, and he instructed her to donate it all.

  23. khakigothic says:

    David Boreanaz has said repeatedly that he doesn’t like reunions. He didn’t even want to come back for the Buffy final series, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    • kmw says:

      That’s all true but even though Peterson stated it could be a reunion would anyone consider it a reunion if they came back a year from now? No and if you put enough money on the table any actor including Boreanaz would at least consider it. FOX is in a big mess and if they don’t get The X-Files back and their mid season shows stumble I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if they came back a year from now. I know Boreanaz didn’t respond to this story in a way that made it seem possible but nor has he denied it either. When Peterson says 99.99 percent of the cast is on board I would assume he would include both leads in that assessment. However it still probably is wishful thinking but with FOX you never know

      • khakigothic says:

        Oh, I’m not saying it’s impossible to get Boreanaz back. You put enough money in front of anyone and they’ll do it – that’s how they got him back on Buffy in series 7. I’m never going to say never on this, but the fact that he’s spent so long on this show, to me, makes it even less likely that he’ll return any time soon. Maybe after a few years, but he seems to be the kind of guy who wants to break away from projects with a clean break once they’re done so he can do something else. Add to it that David and Emily have had a bitter settlement in court with Fox recently for Fox withholding pay. For tens of millions (some reports say up to 100 MILL). So Fox would have to basically have to bankrupt themselves trying to keep them. I think they’ve half done so just giving them a short finale series order.

        So would I be surprised if Bones, in one way or another, came back? Not at all. Do I agree that Fox is in an absolute mess? Yes I do. (incidentally I think that’s also why their remaining shows (Bones, Simpsons, etc) have gone on about 3x as long as they should have – Fox can’t afford new programming).

        Do I think Emily and David would charge a *lot* to guest star on any Bones spin off that would have other Bones actors on it? Yes I do. Do I think it’s really likely that Fox could *afford* David and Emily to come back in full time for more Bones? No. Do I think it’s really likely that Fox could even afford them for a couple guest spots on a new show? No, not really. Maybe one or two. But that would require Boreanaz being willing, and I don’t get the feeling that he’s too interested.

        TL;DR: Unless Fox has 80 trucks of money to pull up to Boreanaz’s house (and I think we can agree Fox does not have said money, or they’d not be in such a mess), I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll see him in a Bones-related project.

        Could be wrong, he might be up for it. But he seems a bit eager to go into directing and producing, and hasn’t seemed enthusiastic about Bones since like year 5.

        Who knows. We’ll find out either way. But Fox will have to somehow 1) pay off what they still owe the stars (assuming the suit is legit) and then make nice with them enough to get them back. I don’t see either of those happening soon.

        Who knows.

        • kmw says:

          Well now we know. Both David and Emily put down a return in the near future. So that is that and I am fine with that. And now we know why Bones was put as cancelled in the renewed and canceled is because FOX didn’t ask them back for more. Emily and Hart Hanson just said so. So while I will miss them I hope David and Emily and all the others have great jobs coming toward them

          • khakigothic says:

            Sorry you won’t have a show to enjoy anymore. I’ve got to admit, I haven’t enjoyed the series in years, but I know other people have. Hope you have/will find another show you will enjoy as much soon.

  24. Please don’t let the show end!!! It’s so realistic and everyone is so good at their roles. Please!!! Please!!! Please!!!! I’ll miss it so much. Please

  25. Jeannie Richards says:

    I have been enjoying Bones very much—-please do not end the series yet—-I know you can continue to find more good story lines for this intriguing and entertaining show—-enjoy the characters all very much as well—do not want them to end!!

  26. Donna says:

    Please don’t end! Love Bones. My favorite show…watch from season 1-11 when nothing good on tv! Netflix and On Demand are great!!!

  27. Paul Sullivan says:

    Can the CW or another network take on the predecessor to Bones? I think the writing is magnificent, I would.liked to have seen Sweets stay as the dynamic was good, but one loss I’d ok versus the whole series. What can fans do to bring this back….

  28. Sharon says:

    Yes have a comeback of bones maybe later. Show the kids growing getting married and Hodges having children and possibly able to walk again. Their are so many things that could make more episodes. I will miss them all dearly. It’s funny how a show can become part of your family

  29. Sharon says:

    I will miss them dearly. Funny how a show becomes part of your family. I hope they might have a comeback later.

  30. Sharon says:

    Love bones hope they comeback later.

  31. Doris says:

    Going to miss bones so much love this show. Hope they bring it back.

  32. Bob says:

    When Sweets got killed off, I lost all interest.

  33. The last few seasons have become boring and the fake technology is really becoming outlandish to be honest.

  34. kmw says:

    Funny what is coming out of Boreanaz’s mouth right now. He is dead set against a reunion on Buffy but NOW he is saying if they set it up right he might consider it for Bones. I wonder why he has had a ( admittedly) slight change of heart. I hope if Bones does come back in some form that they think long and hard about a plot and get Hart Hanson back as well. If there isn’t a good plot and they don’t get everyone back then don’t do it. I believe despite some of my griping that Bones will go out well and doesn’t need to come back just to come back

  35. Courtney martin says:

    Please dont let this be the final season!!

  36. JL murray says:

    BONES is my favorite TV series so do not wish it to end!!

  37. Lin says:

    I will miss Bones with my whole heart and soul. Please have a reunion. No show will be able to take its place.

  38. kmw says:

    Now have come some interesting interviews with Emily Deschanel and Hart Hanson. Both have started to tone down their negativity they have seemingly had or have against FOX. All of a sudden its a honor that Bones moved all over the place? I appreciate them saying nicer things but the fact remains they are suing FOX and that doesn’t mean you are happy with the company you work or have worked for so this turn around in being grateful seems fishy. Here is some of the only ways Bones could ever come back. One, if they ever settle lawsuit. A reunion will never happen until that does. Two, it wont air on FOX, most likely would air on Hulu or some other streaming service And if it does happen it will never be longer than 10 episodes. Any of those scenarios seems far off to me so I am prepared to sign off on Bones on March28th


    Please, please bring Bones back. It’s the best show ever!

  40. Erin says:

    Please bring bones back don’t stop at 12:12 keep her going bc no on will ever get bored with it…. all I do is watch bones n all reruns over n o er please bring it back to tv or make and move as long as the GodFather starting fro
    Beginning to th end

  41. L L says:

    I have lived this show since it came on. I do hope they will somehow continue. Maybe a reunion show could comeback with another series. I know a lot of people would enjoy it. It’s been a pleasure watching this series. Ty

  42. L L says:

    Love tye show from the beginning. I hope somehow there is a reunion show and possibly another series. There’s j7st nothing else out there like it!!

  43. Carla England says:

    Please, please, please bring Bones back for another season! Love this show! Love the cast! All of them!


    I’m so. Sad this is the last season. I love Bones & I’m sure u will think of something for the new season :). Please don’t cancel the show, it’s awesome!

    Thanks for all these years,

  45. Lee says:

    Bring it back as special episodes. Love the show and cast.

  46. Eliza beth says:

    We have watched every Bones show since day one. Also reruns. We only have a few shows we love – Bones was the only on Fox. All different NCIS programs, CBS. So am very sad to have them cancelled..want them to continue (not come back)but continue to season season 13 and so on. Seens Emily may be pregnant again so maybe after she has the baby..But ASAP

  47. KCB says:

    PLEEEEAAAASSSSE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  48. Sherry Pollinzi says:

    Please bring back Bones. It is one of the greats, it keeps you guessing and it’s a show the family can watch together and it’s clean. There are very few shows these days that you don’t have to worry about cussing and sex. Our family enjoys trying to solve the mystery together. Please keep it on, Please!!

  49. Kat and Glaissia says:

    We want Bones to continue (with it’s full cast not like “The Good Wife” was with “The Good Fight 😞”

  50. Sarah Powell-Trattner says:

    I literally cried my eyes out just knowing you guys were not coming back. This show got me through my 3 son’s teenage years, some very difficult health issues and the depression that followed. Really, this is no joke, your amazing talent and extraordinary writers made this my extended family. I am no crazy person, I promise, I work hard, and am as middle class as they come. This show just really gave me a sense of good and decent things to believe in and that good triumphs over evil…family is everywhere and people are still lovable. I hope you will all reconsider and return after a very SHORT break to a new lab, new cases and bring my Bones family back to life! I love you guys and dolls, thank you for being there!