The Originals Spoilers

The Originals: Hayley and Elijah's Romance Comes at a 'Cost' in Season 4

Fans of Hayley and Elijah’s star-crossed romance will have plenty of drama to sink their teeth into when The Originals returns for its fourth season.

“They have one of the most dynamic journeys that we’re going to have dramatized this season,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells TVLine. Though Hayley and Elijah are currently existing on different planes — just another one of their relatable relationship obstacles — Narducci promises that “right away, you’re going to see what Hayley is willing to do to get the final pieces of the puzzle to get Elijah and his siblings back.”

And lest there be any confusion about where the couple stands at this point, allow Narducci to sum up Hayley and Elijah’s status in his own words:

These are two people who clearly love each other, even though they have a very complicated situation. Elijah is a thousand-year-old vampire with a sense of honor and dignity, yet he’s capable of doing unspeakable things. Hayley, despite being a hybrid, has only lived a mortal lifetime, and she has values and ethics that approximate those of a human being. When their family is put in jeopardy, these two people are going to do whatever they have to do to protect each other.

Sounds promising, right? Well, there’s also this: “We’ll explore what the cost of that love and that association is.” (Of course, there’s always a catch!)

We’ll have more scoop on The Originals‘ fourth season as the March 17 premiere approaches. In the meantime, drop a comment with your hopes for the show’s future below.

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  1. Joey_Prue says:

    That sounds good Andy, now about my hopes for the The Originals’ future below, oh well I hope they start to give hints about Caroline and prepare her arrival for Season 5 ;)

  2. JCPrime1 says:

    Thanks for posting. Looking forward to Hayley and Elijah finally getting focus.

  3. Bwhit says:

    What a treat, thanks Andy:). I wasn’t expecting to get anything on TO until at least February!!! I am stoked to watch this play out.

  4. YestoKylie says:

    I love these two characters but I hate that they had to kill Jack to have them be together…he was a good person and this show needs more goodness. Please TO can TVD just die with its characters….Caroline is the worst part of TVD anyway and bringing her over would just ruin everything.

    • Valerie Mendez says:

      Hey, Don’t knock Caroline besides Season 4 of The Originals need Klaus to deal without Cami I just hope the writers really be careful on how each episode would play out.

    • I just want to always remember Stefan/Caroline’s love for each other and they finally got married! I adore this couple and don’t want Caroline to move on w/Klaus. I love Klaus as well just not w/Caroline. I know one day Caroline will move on but she lost the “love of her life”, give her time to grieve and eventually move on. I so wanted Cammi alive I miss her so damn much and she/Klaus had such an amazing chemistry which I think Marcel was very jealous of; Klaus was literally heartbroken when Cami died, he was falling in love w/her if he wasn’t in love w/her already and she was falling for him as well. She really tried to help Klaus b/c she loved/cared for him so much. I hate how Marcel, Vincent, gay vampire act as if Klaus didn’t care about Camille – well they are so wrong he LOVED her !!! He was heartbroken over her death… bring my Camille back for Klaus – PLEASE!

  5. Sharon Terrell says:

    Please don’t cancel this show,it’s the best show on tv.

  6. Nicole says:

    Thanks for posting Andy! I always get really excited to hear spoilers about Haylijah and I cannot wait for season 4 of my favorite show.

  7. Jason Benavente says:

    The originals IMO is even better than the vampire diaries..Why only have it end after only 4 seasons, well actually 3and ahalf seasons cuz they cut season 4 only to a half a season which was wrong..Please don’t end the originals..It has still alot of story that could be told..Also u could always have new characters in the show too..

    • Lucy says:

      I think the show has at least season or two left in them. The actors in TO were older than the cast in TVD when they started, so they might start to feel too old to play Vampires.
      I really hope they don’t introduce a love triangle with Klaus, Hayley and Elijah. It would just be a repeat of Tatia and the Delena/Stelena love triangle. Plus I prefer Hayley and Klaus co-parenting. I think Hope would only want her parents together depending on her upbringing, was she home schooled or did she have a relatively normal life with friends and people her age, because if she does then seeing other children’s families may make her want the same but if she was home schooled and constantly travel she wouldn’t know except that she wants her dad back.

      I get that drama creates good TV, but sometimes too much drama especially between a couple that has just gotten their act together can sometimes ruin the couple then fans get tired of it.

  8. Manuel Green says:

    haylijah is a serious waste of time…come on you can do better!

  9. Tracy Summar says:

    The one person that will stand between Hayley and Elijah = Klaus. Hope is going to want her parents together, point blank. There’s been several articles saying that Hope has indeed inherited her father’s ways. I’m going out on a limb here, and as much as I love Elijah, he won’t survive this season. He’ll sacrifice himself to save Hayley or Hope.

  10. sweetrupturedlight says:

    Sounds like the previous seasons with regards to these two. The cost of their love has pretty much been the focus since s1. Nothing new here imo. Putting them front and centre is always exciting though. I’m a huge fan of this pairing. So I guess its the usual buckle in and prepare for pain.

  11. Guest says:

    Oh jeez, they need to stop with their Haylijah and Phoebe Tonkin/Hayley obsession. Haylijah is like an albatross on this show and on both characters. They don’t bring out anything good or new in each other. Hayley just walks around like a dumber, more self-righteous version of Klaus and Elijah enables her terrible behavior and worships her like a deity. Now, Elijah’s sole defining characteristic is his obsession with Hayley. There is nothing epic about this romance. It’s two attractive actors staring at each other with looks of angst. They have the most boring dynamic I’ve ever seen. It’s 4 years later and I still have no idea why they are so in love aside from Hayley manipulating Elijah and Elijah’s White Knight Complex. This crap has never come to an end, so talking about this relationship like it’s just beginning – is absurd. And, the “Saint Hayley” thing they have going is definitely ridiculous at this point when she left them all to die by Dahlia in S02. The second she realized she couldn’t cut Klaus out of his own daughter’s life and run off to live some werewolf fantasy, is when she became a Mikaelson all the way. There is nothing genuine about this new change – especially when she hasn’t admitted to doing anything wrong and accepted full responsibility since – ever. She’s a self-serving douche bag that should have died in S01.

    I don’t want to see romantic Klayley or Klaroline either. They need to start writing these female characters better and stop dumping them into ships and calling it development. Hayley is a royally screwed up person and if they stopped with having her worshipped by every male character, putting her in nonsensinsical fight scenes, having her use Hope as an excuse to do whatever she wants wants, caring for nothing and no one except her own wants and needs, and have her make decisions that make sense, instead of doing dumb things and having it miraculously work out because, they can’t bear to part with this awful character and piss poor actress – maybe she would be a watchable character. Although, Phoebe’s acting would still leave something to be desired. I want TVD Elijah back, not the simpering puppy Hayley-worshipping cult member they have turned him into.

    • Loni says:

      Omg…thank you. I second everything youve posted.

    • Sam says:

      I love you so much for this comment. Thank you. 1000x thank you

    • zed says:

      We will never have TVD Elijah back. Haylijah has ruined this show. The Originals didn’t even get a full season 4. Guess why? Cause of boring nonsensical Haylijah, and their supposed great love story- which is such BS. And the lack of the real relationship that this show should have focused on and that is Klayley.

      • Guest says:

        They’ve even managed to make Klayley even worse than it already was. I don’t ever want to Klaus and Hayley in a romantic relationship but, I can buy them being allies for sake of their daughter. Not the “Hayley is always right” with Klaus’ slack-jawed acquiesce as it stands now. Klaus is not Klaus when it comes to Hayley – he literally becomes Elijah. He has no reason to agree to the dumb things Hayley is saying and doing. There is no compromise or push and pull – he just does what she wants because she’s emotionally blackmailing him and suing their daughter to make him feel guilty.

        The most realistic dynamic they’ve ever had was in the beginning of season 2 – when Hayley wasn’t running around acting superior and they were working together for Hope’s sake and nothing more. They didn’t try to make them into BFFs or Cami’s replacement – like their doing now. Klayley or Haylijah should NEVER be the focus of the show because the show is about the Originals – not who can admire Hayley more and Hayley’s adventures. She should be demoted to a side character because all her storylines are a trainwreck, the character is painfully annoying, and the actress can’t handle anything beyond crying like a banshee or look of “Stank Disapproval”.

    • Vex says:

      All of this. So very much.

      Thank you.

  12. Michelle says:

    Hi I really love this show better the vampire diaries.. vampire diaries is really dumb. Original have more action and is really interesting to to watch. I love watching Harley, and the rest of cast.. I hope Rebekah sis still there too she is amazing 😉 Please never end this show I love this show

  13. Kar says:

    Hate this pair, they’re so forced

  14. Erik says:

    Only thing I’ve heard so far about season four that’s excited me

  15. frank ramirez says:

    Don’t cancel Originals love mysterios new Orleans settigs

  16. Loni says:

    Frankly Im tired of the realationship of hayley and elijah. He needs a different kind of WOMAN–someone more sophisticated and accomplished. Jayley needs another jackson (less pathetic tho), a kind down to earth guy. Anyhoo thats my 2 cents. :)

    • Stacey says:

      They had that for Elijah in Gia, but unfortunately they killed her off. Poor Jackson, he was a good guy! I don’t like or dislike Haylijah, so as long as it doesn’t take over the show, it’s fine by me.

  17. Cameron says:

    There is still so much hope for Haylijah <3 can't wait for season 4!

  18. Tess says:

    I adore the Elijah/Hayley relationship – they are not the typical couple and that’s what I like most about them. You know these two really love and care about each other, it’s not just physical but an emotional connection and I’d like to see more development into their relationship. Love them. I can’t wait for Season 4 and my hope is that they don’t end it there. Never watched the Vampire Diaries so I can’t compare the two series but from the first moment I saw The Originals, every character intrigued me, the Mikaelson family drama/dynamic is amazing and I am now obsessed.

  19. Crystal says:

    I love The Originals and I cant wait for this story to play out! I love them together and it’s taken forever for them to have their moment.

    And Daniel Giles quit his other show to do this show! This show deserves a full set of episodes and another season!

  20. Wow, sounds very intriguing, emotional and intense (like these twin flames Elijah and Hayley) and I ‘m very excited for Season 4 of The Originals!!! (March 17tth, 2017, where are you?) HUGE fan of Haylijah so I will be watching to see how their beloved lovestory plays out on screen. (; Thanks so much Andy.

  21. says:

    Diz show is my no 1. Iam so excited to see what’s going to happen. But iam in love with Nick but I love both of the brothers

  22. Christine says:

    I really enjoy this show and hope to keep watching in the future

  23. Ginger Chan says:

    Thanks Andy and happy new year everyone! I have Loved the relationship between Hayley and Elijah since The Originals first aired. So happy to see this article.

  24. Deanna Fradley says:

    I’ve been watching The Originals since it premiered. I love New Orleans and a show based on vampires and witches there is so perfect and believable! Between the “storyline “, cast, and setting, you have an “addicted,excited fan” here! I can’t wait to see the upcoming season and look forward to more :)

  25. Ally Oop says:

    I still really want Hayley and Klaus to get together. Their scenes together are really great. The actors have a lot of onscreen chemistry.

  26. Ally Oop says:

    If Caroline ends up on The Originals I will probably stop watching. I detest Caroline, the worst character on VD. I’d be all for Bonnie coming to New Orleans though.

  27. cynnsecret says:

    It will nice if they can tell the witches story like how they came about

  28. Jennifer says:

    Hope they don’t cancel the show.. I love it .

  29. Swink says:

    The Originals is great and I’d say, better than TVD. It deserves another season coz it seriously kept me glued to my seat in the first three seasons.
    Klaus is AWESOME

  30. Marcus says:

    Great to here the show is coming back. I hope the core group remains. Also keep everything in proportion, as it relates to the main characters.

  31. Loretta says:

    I’m hooked on this series. It always keeps you guessing and hoping. I didn’t watch it until recently and enjoyed my marathon watching the first three seasons. I’m ready for season 4 and hope we have a season 5.

  32. Vex says:

    Who gives a toss about Hayley and Elijah. We want Cami back. Doesn’t Klaus deserve some ounce of happiness?

  33. Baby tem says:

    I love it

  34. Michelle wilson says:

    I absolutely love love love this show ive been waiting so patiently for it to return it’s eating at me please don’t take this show off air. And is their any way you can bring camy back and davina please

  35. April says:

    Please ‘m glad Cami is dead and good ridden. Bring Caroline and the twins to the show. Klaus and Caroline always made a better couple. After all Klaus did say I will be your last love.

  36. Christie Leone says:


  37. Corey says:

    I hope this show is on for a long time. There is so much left to be seen or told. It is far more interesting than the vampire diaries