Arrow Spoilers Oliver Sex Susan

Arrow's Oliver and Susan: What Is — and Isn't — Happening Between Them

First things first: Arrow‘s Oliver did not bed reporter Susan Williams in the immediate wake of accidentally killing Felicity’s boyfriend. So, whew on that one.

As the CW series brought its fall run to a close, Susan (played by Carly Pope) offered a sounding board to distraught, increasingly despondent Oliver, before urging him to not shut people out — and then pulling him in for a warm kiss. Some time later, Oliver would return to the Arrowcave, where he bumped into Laurel (!). But in the time between, he and Susan had not consummated their nascent relationship.

“I understand that some on Twitter have a radically different opinion…,” co-showrunner Wendy Mericle noted with a laugh during TVLine’s in-depth midseason preview Q&A. “But in my mind, they did not [have sex]. The intention was that they did not.”

Mericle’s opinion echoes that of series lead Stephen Amell, who soon after the fall finale aired assured a fan via his Facebook page that Oliver and Susan had not done the deed.

That said, “They had that kiss,” Mericle reminds. And after Season 5 resumes on Wednesday, Jan. 25, “They’re going to go ‘all in’ [on the relationship] at some point, for sure. But one of the things that’s interesting about [Susan] is that they do have a genuine relationship — she really does care about Oliver, and vice versa — and yet she has been on this track of trying to find out who he is and what he’s up to. And not just as the mayor, but beyond that.”

In exploring the man behind Mayor Handsome (including his apparent side trip to Russia while “stranded” for five years on Lian Yu), Susan “is going to be asking some hard questions,” Mericle previews, “and that’s going to put both of them into physically and emotionally dangerous territory.”

As for what we should make of the camera conspicuously lingering on the Russian vodka label in Susan’s apartment during the aforementioned clinch, “Were we too obvious with that?” Mericle asks with a chuckle. “I would call that foreshadowing, more than anything else.”

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  1. lilyb says:

    So, Oliver’s going “all-in” with a woman he was warned off of and knows was out to get him. Can he maybe not be a full moron sometime in the future?

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah it is so stupid for Oliver to be going all-in with this woman he was warned by his sister plus Oliver used to be not so trust of new people now he all trust of Susan going to her with his problems and I am not interested in them being in a relationship or care that she care about him we all know how this is going to end up mess at the end of the season.

    • Bob says:

      She will prob get her story then Oliver will not be mayor at seasons end like how summer glau character took his company

      • Lex says:

        I miss Summer Glau. I hated Isabel, but at least I had years of loving Summer Glau as River and Cameron (among other roles) to buffer me from the hate. Poor Carly Pope has a thankless job, getting in the middle of an OTP.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Just knowing that Oliver and Susan is going to go through with this relationship still doesn’t care about her but I love that she going after him about his past I would have like to see Susan and Oliver sister go after each other that was a great story not so interested in Susan and Oliver being in a relationship or that they care about each other.

    • Steve says:

      Of course you want Oliver and Felicity to care about each other exclusively, right?

      • mari says:

        No, I want him to sleep with a woman who is trying to destroy him and who has hurt a woman he cares about (Thea), and who everyone tells him to stay away from.
        Because it was so much fun when he did it in season 2 with Isabel. Let’s keep doing it again and again. Idiot Oliver is always so much fun. (Not)

  3. lurk says:

    I figured that once we got assurance that they hadn’t that we would know for sure at some point that they did. They weren’t going to leave that particular wrinkle up to interpretation.

  4. A says:

    So wait…..he’s going to go all in on a relationship with a woman that backstabbed his sister and could potentially ruin his life. Right….that makes sense. The writers have REALLY doubled down on how stupid Oliver is this season. Honestly at this point, i HOPE she ruins his life and exposes his past….it’d make more sense than the fact he trusts her when he shouldn’t.

  5. kath says:

    What a great guy that Oliver Queen is! First he kills Felicity’s boyfriend and left her crying, and then he starts a sexual relationship with the reporter who screwed over his sister.

    Does Oliver ever give a damn about anyone other than himself? This season, he’s barely reaching antihero status.

    Maybe it’s time to wrap up this extremely boring season of newbies and self-centeredness and see if season 6 can do better.
    Between the Laurel fans who are going to be angry that she’s not really coming back and the Felicity fans who are barely hanging in, soon there will only be the action fans left.

    • M says:

      As an action fan, I couldn’t be happier if that was the case.

      • Max says:

        You can get that on youtube. Others care about the characters and a coherent story.

        • M says:

          To clarify my intent, as my initial reply didn’t seem to tie to the original comment, I am a fan of action and a good story. I don’t care one iota about Laurel or Felicity because this is Oliver’s show. In regards to kath’s initial post, she stated the Laurel fans are leaving and Felicity fans are barely hanging on, all that will be left will be the action fans of which I can count myself a part of. S1 and S2 was the show at it’s best in terms of storytelling and action, yet S3 and S4 were bogged down by too much fan service and pandering. The show has returned to form, in my opinion. this season and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store. Only then can I judge the season as a whole, instead of trying to make assumptions and judgements based on a story I only have a part of right now.

          • Max says:

            It’s funny to me when some assume that people who aren’t satisfied with this season don’t care about Oliver. He’s my favorite character. While the fight scenes are infinitely much better visually, the rest in terms of characterization has been subpar. Vigilante Oliver now trusts a woman and will have a relationship with a woman whose first relevant act in the show was dig into his sister’s past to discredit her. Does that make sense to you especially after how smart he was when dealing with strangers in the first seasons? Oliver is back to killing and everyone around him seems to be okay with it. Season 2 Oliver stopped killing to honor his late best friend. This Oliver put three arrows into Billy because Prometheus knew he would directly go for the kill. Do you want them to address that in 5B or would that water down his “renewed” badassness?

          • Mike says:

            But what if you’re an Oliver fan? That’s who I watch for, and him making so many stupid decisions is hurting the show this season. As dumb as he can be about many things (especially relationships), he’s always been depicted as being strategic at least. Unless it turns out that he’s been playing the reporter from the beginning (which doesn’t seem likely now), this is a silly storyline. And going by the spoilery promo TV Line posted about the next episode, he’s about to get duped again in a big way. I need to see how it plays out, but for a character that has historically been so rigidly hesitant to trust others, this season is odd.

          • soonerborn says:

            Oliver and Felicity barely had anything to do with each other on most of season 3. so what you said was incorrect the fact the idiots in charge used season 3 to introduce Ray Palmer and prep for a new series ruined Arrow that season. Season 4 had the highest rated episodes in the beginning until they stupidly decide to kill the relationship between Oliver and Felicity with a idiotic story line. So far season 5 has been one of the lowest rated seasons for Arrow since the beginning with a 36% drop in viewership from the season 4 premier to season 5 premier and episode 3 of season 5 was the lowest rated episode ever of Arrow. Your hate of the Felicity character is obvious but the fact is the character has a strong fan base and following. The reason season 1 and 2 were so good was because Berlanti productions had their whole creative team working on the show when season 3 started that’s also when the flash started and Berlanti left creative control to Marc Guggenheim and that’s when the show went off the rails with their idiotic story lines and doesn’t look to be improving anytime in the future with the other show runner Wendy Mericle.

          • Momo says:

            Unfortunately, with the exception of S2, Arrow tends to fall off the rails and go full on bad in the back half of the season. The first halves of all of the seasons are all pretty decent, even S4, and then the second half ruins any momentum gained in the first half.

      • kath says:

        Are you sure there are enough people who think like you to keep the show on the air?

        • M says:

          We were in at the beginning and stuck through all of the Olicity crap in S3 and S4. I think the show will be fine.

          • kath says:

            In the beginning there were the action fans, but there were also Laurel fans, comic book fans, OTA fans and Felicity fans, not to mention fans who were on board for Oliver’s Hero’s Journey.
            Of all of those groups of people, the current season is pleasing only the action fans and some comic books fans (I’ve heard loud complaints from others).
            You want to blame Olicity fans but they were just as unhappy with season 3 and the second half of season 4 as you are.
            I think the biggest problem is the loss of Oliver’s Hero’s Journey. Now he’s off-putting more than rootable for.

          • Maria says:

            Season 3, 4 have less soap opera elements than the other seasons. You not liking Olicity doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things because that is one of their most popular aspects of the show. Garnering them their best reviews, some of their best scenes, trends everywhere and great ratings. Season 1 had a freaking love triangle by Oliver, Laurel and Tommy and look how far the writers had to distance that storyline that turned into a joint team in Oliver, Diggle And Felicity. They moved so far away from their planned show of Oliver, Tommy and Laurel that they killed Tommy in season 1. That should show you how they changed the show based on their horrible reviews about that love triangle. They changed it for the better when it was just about Oliver and his team and how they interacted. You may not like Olicity but at least we saw organically growth from them as friends to more. All we saw with Laurel and Oliver was hate and no chemistry.

        • Colleen says:

          Responding to soonerborne. Your incorrect. Marc G took over, but of all the CW shows their scripts have to go thru everyone including GB before production begins on each episode. They just care more about Flash, SG & Legends. Just read the copy MG releases of the episodes you will see.

          • soonerborn says:

            They may run the scripts by Berlanti but these story lines are all Marc Guggenheim and since he was with Berlanti from the very beginning I’m sure he’s given plenty of leave way to run the show how he sees fit. Every time a story line or a characters action is given negative reviews on twitter or in the press Guggenheim is quick to respond and to defend it. Last year when the lie and baby mama drama story line came out and twitter went nuts with a bunch of negative tweets about Oliver Queen the next day Guggenheim gives an interview defending the story line and even pulled Steven Amell under the bus with him saying that he and Steven worked hard to make sure the fans could see Oliver’s point of view on the lie even though no sane person could.

      • keenen says:

        I hear you!

      • keenen says:

        Agree 100%!

    • 134sc says:

      I hate that ARROW has factions in the fane base. Cant there just be ARROW fans? I know that im just an ARROW fan.

    • Playhouse says:

      Boring season? You must’ve missed the last two seasons, especially last year.

  6. Betty Boop says:

    It makes me laugh that they think whether sex happened is the deal breaker. Oliver still went to Susan for comfort after killing Billy, which is convenient considering she’s the only one who didn’t actually know what he’d done.

    Would she have been quite so understanding if she’d known his reason for being gloomy was because he’d killed an innocent man, a Detective, because of his over-eager trigger finger, I wonder?

    I don’t really see what Susan and Oliver see in each other to be honest. I don’t see this ‘caring for each other’ that we’re meant to – I thought she was after a scoop, at most.

  7. M says:

    The fact they have to address that he didn’t sleep with Susan just goes to show how crazy the Olicity fanbase is.

    • Max says:

      The olicity fanbase didn’t care whether he slept with her or not. It’s the gross montage showing Felicity crying alone in the loft while he’s getting his freak on after he killed Felicity’s boyfriend that’s problematic. Whether he went all in or not is not the point but it’s sad that the producers don’t get it.

    • lilyb says:

      It’s not the if, it’s the when. Sleeping with her (apart from it making him a total moron) isn’t a big deal. Doing it immediately after murdering someone – Felicity’s boyfriend no less – wouldn’t be a good look for him.

      • M says:

        The show isn’t about Felicity

        • lilyb says:

          Yes, it’s about Oliver – and, like I wrote: going out to get laid after murdering someone isn’t a good look for him.

          • M says:

            He was visibly distraught. Did you want him to hole himself in the bunker again like he did after his mom’s murder?

          • lilyb says:

            @M –

            I can’t reply directly to you for some reason, but, uh…no?

            I didn’t say anything about holing himself up, or never loving again, or punishing himself for all eternity.

            I merely mentioned that going off to get laid after killing someone (like, literal hours later, if that) – a person that was not only innocent, but also close to a teammate of his, someone he cares about, wouldn’t be a good look for him as a person.

        • soonerborn says:

          Its good to know that you have control of the show and decide what’s it about and what it can’t be about.

        • barbara says:

          The show is about Oliver but lets say Felicity was gone Diggle was gone we have already lost Laurel are maybe Thea was gone hey maybe even Lance Who does that leave not much of anybody,Oh hold on a minute Olivers still there doing his action sleeping with all the new woman that comes around .where does that leave the Green Arrow the man thats so suppose to be a hero the OTA is gone and lets not forget his family Its a show dammit it cant be one without people in it.Me Im a fan of EBR and she leaves Im not watching anymore.The Arrow show has got away from the journey of a real hero and the people in his life that help him get there and yes that includes Felicity and Diggle .Thats why S1 and S2 and S3 were better because of the OTA. Even David Ramsey says the same thing he wants the show to get back to the OTA. What happen to Felicity is they used her to bring the Flash in the Atom in S3 and S4 used her as a love interest for Ray Palmer and Oliver.S4 they brought magic to the Arrow show when he is a street fighter and nukes it wasnt Olicity it would have been fine if the writers didnt make it silly .It should have just been a strong relationship not something goofy and it shouldnt have been the only storyline.If you look at the way S5 is going wright now Diggle is gone again Felicity is going to be. He is going to have a sexaul relationship with a women that has nothing invested in his life like Felicity does who stood by him threw everything has lyed to keep him safe saved his life several times.and still stands by him.Never liveing her life because shes always been there for him And he cant even support her when she is pain.The show is not about just Felicity it is about all of them. .

      • Steve says:

        Susan and Oliver were taking a quite slow approach with their relationship. The reason things escalated like this were because he was distraught about accidentally killing Billy. The only reason they ended up kissing was because Oliver needed comfort. He didn’t do it despite killing Billy, it happened because he killed Billy.
        ” Sleeping with her (apart from it making him a total moron) isn’t a big deal.”
        Why would it make him a total moron? In this line it doesn’t seem like you are saying it would make him a total moron because it was right after killing Billy. Then why?

        • lilyb says:

          Because Oliver was first introduced to Susan when she broadcast an expose on his administration? Because he knows she repeatedly tried to dupe Thea and doesn’t have the best intentions, and yet has repeatedly trusted her with his insecurities and vulnerabilities without having any reason to? He was warned off of dating her twice because she could ruin his career (and he knows she tried to), and he ignored it.

          At one point I thought maybe he had caught on and knew she was up to no good and was possibly playing her, but nah. I think he really is just that stupid.

    • Maria says:

      See now you’re just showing yourself as a crazy hater.

      Felicity fans could care less. We just want a storyline about her and not man pain for Oliver and her getting a BF being her storyline.

      You can go back watching the action and stop talking about Felicity since you obviously don’t like her.

      • YestoKylie says:

        Don’t kid yourself…When Felicity fans say they want a ‘good storyline’ for her in other words its for her to finally be with Oliver.

        • Lex says:

          Not true. Right now I don’t want Felicity to be with Oliver at all. He’s being kind of a self-involved ass, and he’s a political scandal waiting to happen (because we all know how seriously Susan takes journalistic integrity, don’t we?). I’m all for Felicity finally getting to express feelings about all the crap that’s happened to her in the last few seasons that she’s had to table because she’s still part of Team Arrow’s mission.
          She tried to distance herself but Laurel got killed, and she’s never been given time to process. EBR said something about Oliver and Felicity needing to grow apart to grow together again, and the way Oliver has been acting the dude needs to grow up a little, become a little more self-aware, listen to his baby sister who’s snippy as hell to his leggy brunette du jour, and remember how much one of his best friends–and Felicity was his friend long before she was his fiancee–is hurting.
          Oh, and he needs to get John Diggle out of jail. Because Oliver Queen should never make any decisions without John Diggle available to smack him in the head for being an idiot.

          • Guest says:

            “Don’t kid yourself…When Felicity fans say they want a ‘good storyline’ for her in other words its for her to finally be with Oliver.”

            Response, “Not true…EBR said something about Oliver and Felicity needing to grow apart to grow together again”.

            So in other words, you just want Oliver and Felicity to be together?

            Why does Oliver need to fix or comfort Felicity? They act like every time Felicity has negative feels – everyone needs to stop their lives to comfort her. I’m not defending Oliver getting with Susan despite her behavior but, the “Poor Felicity” thing they have going is really annoying.

            All of them have been through so much stuff but, when Felicity suffers, it needs to be everyone’s paramount concern and Oliver needs to make Felicity his top concern. Laurel had a dead sister, dead boyfriend, trained by her damn self to help save the city, brought her sister back again, had drinking problem and pain pill addiction. She went through all that pretty much by herself and Olicity/Felicity fans hated her for it. Now, precious snow flake Felicity is suffering (after blowing up a town full of people with little to logical no consequence) and Oliver is a jerk for not making Felicity his priority. I can’t even with this. He didn’t mean to kill the dude and he feels like crap about it and feels it’s better for him to stay away for now. I don’t want him to ignore her but, there’s still a city to save and villains to battle. All the hate on Oliver is Olicity fans that desperately want to see them jammed together again.

            Diggle doesn’t need to fix Oliver for Felicity’s sake because she was more than willing to leave him to rot in jail. That’s how much she gives a damn about him or anyone else’s pain. If anything, the best advice Diggle should give him is to move on and be there for Felicity as friend – nothing more and maintain some distance.

            They need to get Felicity a friend – other than Oliver or Team Arrow – and have her move on. Romantic Olicity needs to stay dead for good. All this Susan is against him and him being dumb about it is some BS storyline to bring them back together – when they are better off apart. Oliver needs to go back to not giving a damn about anything except saving the city in S01/S02.

          • kath says:

            “All of them have been through so much stuff but, when Felicity suffers, it needs to be everyone’s paramount concern and Oliver needs to make Felicity his top concern.”

            Let me refer you to the end of the last episode where Oliver felt so bad that he killed Billy that every single person in the Arrow bunker needed to comfort him, including Felicity who was the person whose boyfriend he had just killed. But even that wasn’t enough for Oliver so he went to Susan for even more “comfort”. Meanwhile, no one cared about Felicity and she sucked it up and dealt with her sorrow alone.
            Poor baby Oliver. So completely self-absorbed it must be painful.

          • Lex says:

            @Guest I really don’t know what to tell you, because I don’t know what you want besides tearing Felicity and Olicity fans down. Do you have any suggestions that would create character growth? Any direction the OTA relationship should take? “They need to get Felicity a friend – other than Oliver or Team Arrow – and have her move on.” Well, isn’t that EXACTLY what Billy was? A person for Felicity to lean on outside of Team Arrow? And how did that end? Oliver inadvertently killed this person who you think Felicity so desperately needs… and he’s the one who got the group hug. Stay bitter, my friend.

  8. Jen says:

    Do they really believe that people are into that storyline? It doesn’t even interest me from the journalist angle at this point.

    And since when do they care for each other and have a genuine relationship. Was I watching the show wrong again? I mean, when did all this stuff happen?

    And this is just my opinion: At this point the show really lost me. I am not excited for anything.

    Oliver is behaving like an idiot (again) Trusting a woman he barely knows because he feels alone. Maybe if he were to look around, he could be there for his friends. Does he remember them?

    There is just nothing and nobody to root for at this point. Am I rooting for the new team of mostly unlikeable characters? Am I rooting for Oliver to hook up with a random character? Am I rooting for Felicity to have a relationship (whatever that was) with a character whose only purpose was to get killed by Oliver? Am I rooting for Thea and Lance to be relevant at some point again? The only person to root for at this point is Diggle.

    I do agree that S4 might not have been the best but this complete revamping of the show isn’t really working for me either. It feels like the just don’t have a heart anymore. And this is just my opinion but I feel the show didn’t only change for the better. While the stunts and the action improved(to me), the show left its emotional beats completely behind.

    • barbara says:

      I so agree with you the show has changed from Oliver being a Hero to being someone that thinks killing is the answer.And what the heck does Susan Williams have invested in Oliver. To quote the person that Felicity didnt care if Diggle rotted in jail not true she didnt want him to be a fugitive.She wanted to free him by proveing his innocence. And she was wright to not break him out now hes back in there and its going to be harder to get him out/ The only thing I can see is stop all this relationship stuff for both Oliver and Felicity and get the OTA back.And also there is to many new people its hard to keep up with whos who.

  9. Max says:

    Anyway the way they dumbed down Oliver when it comes to this woman is ridiculous. At this point, I don’t even care what happens or doesn’t happen between them physically. I didn’t care neither during or after the episode. The fact that he – oliver queen who trusts no one – trusted her after she went after his own sister is so out of character, it’s laughable. Especially with his night activities so the only thing I’m hoping to get out of this storyline if that he’s outted as the green arrow.
    At some point, the writers and producers have to understand the concept of “show, don’t tell” if they’re too busy clearing plot points for the fans in interviews and/or twitter.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      And how would “show” work in this instance, exactly? Show Oliver finish the kiss, shake Susan’s hand, thank her for her time, and then excuse himself…?

      They showed a kiss; it is the imaginative/worrywart viewers who assumed more and put SA on the spot.

      • lilyb says:

        I think it was the way the kiss was staged that was the issue – her apartment was dimly lit, she was wearing lingerie, Oliver was in a vulnerable state of mind (where he usually makes questionable decisions). I don’t think it’s out of line for people to wonder if something more happened and to ask about it.

        • Max says:

          Thanks for pointing out the lingerie. I forgot about that.

        • Lex says:

          There was that pointed shot of the vodka…

        • soonerborn says:

          Its rather obvious that the show runners received so much negative push back from the fans of the show who thought it was gross for the Oliver character to go off and bang some new character after just killing a innocent person that they came back with the “Oh he didn’t have sex with the women in her lingerie” trying to do damage control for their gross and disgusting story line.

          • lilyb says:

            I disagree only because they’ve been so anvil-y about Susan’s Russian connection that I have difficulty believing they’d pass up a chance to show her seeing Oliver’s Bratva tattoo for the first time. So, I kind of think they just wanted it to be “sexy” without the sex, because they’re saving that for later, and probably weren’t expecting the backlash.

      • Max says:

        One of the writers has been busy on twitter this year breaking down important plot points. But if we’re talking about it… Since I’m an avid TV watcher, when a kiss fades to black, usually it means the whole shebang. SA chose to clear that up on his personal Facebook page but he didn’t have to. No one put him on the spot. Like I said, it’s not my biggest concern. The final montage as a whole is what grossed me out.

      • kath says:

        Matt, I have a lot of respect for your smarts. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen enough old movies to know what a woman in lingerie going in for a major kiss and then a sudden cut to another scene implies.

        I’m also pretty sure that Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle knew what was being implied too and did it deliberately. Guggenheim said that they get a lot of story mileage from Oliver being stupid but my patience with that ran out in season 3 when Oliver trusted Malcolm Merlyn rather than Diggle and Felicity.

        Guggeneim has admitted that they handled the Baby Mama Drama in season 4 badly. This feels like more of the same — Oliver making moronic decisions for plot purposes that add nothing to the storyline and that very few fans want to see.

      • Maria says:

        Good to know you think it’s just worrywart fans who are making a big deal.

        Lets not get into the fact that it shows Oliver as demonstrating no growth. He is regressing and from what I can see the consensus is that most people don’t want to see the hero regress. This whole storyline with Susan, the killing of Billy even though “he didn’t know” is massive regression. Oliver used to be smarter in how he would take down his enemies. He could’ve shot “Prometheus” in the legs but they had purposefully had him shoot three arrows into the chest to kill Felicity’s BF so that Oliver can go have fun with reporter woman who tried to blackmail both him and Thea. Such a fun storyline I’m so riveted!

        The last part is sarcasm if it’s not coming through.

      • Colleen says:

        Why can’t he be put on the spot? It’s his job to answer questions as it is show runners. The point that people myself included was that Oliver just killed Felicity’s bf. Accident or not, & everyone comforts him. Then Felicity is left alone only to see Oliver going to seek comfort with this unknown woman after hurting a woman he loves & was going to marry. I don’t care what anyone one of them say, but their sex scene was cut. It bothered me.

      • Lex says:

        I think Stephen’s a big boy, and he knows this fandom. He knows how to handle the “imaginative/worrywart” fans, among all the other volatile fan factions. The guy should be a diplomat, except he’s Canadian and no one ever has a problem with Canada. He can handle being put on the spot with a question like this; he’s been doing it for five years now.

  10. Zepblackstar says:

    Why is this even a thing? Why is a showrunner and co star of Arrow having to come out and of all things clear THIS up?

    Let that small subset group steam and stew.

    Just do your show.

    • Lyla says:

      Well… It seems to me the “subset group” ain’t that small if they keep explaining for them , dude ;) They adjust PR to popular interest – the intended “talk” after the midseason finale was clearly Laurel. Well that died w/out even becoming a buzz. (surprise!!!) So, they went back to discussing Oliver’s r-ships. It’d also be nice if someone there realized ”the newbies” story didn’t take. This season I personally only enjoy Thea and the action. Staying because I loved S1,2,3 and the beginning of 4.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Seriously, a reality check: There is no “adjusting of PR.” No one tells me what/who to write about. There have been at least two major stories on TVLINE about Laurel since the fall finale, and a juuuuuuuuicy one about Felicity. And yet there ARE other topics, ones my columns have yet to even brush up against, even though I am loaded with preview quotes. I ask the questions I choose to ask, run the stories/topics I choose to run. Any other scenario exists only in your head.

        • Lyla says:

          With respect to your article, my point was broader than TVline news. And definitely not directed to You personally as an insult. I am writing about Arrow and only Arrow now, not tv in general – “adjusting of PR” w Arrow is happening through the forms of SM of the people involved with Arrow, and if it only existed in my head, twitter wouldn’t be full of comments like that. I am sorry, but lately you seem incredibly defensive borderline mean with comments regarding Arrow articles, when I haven’t seen anyone be rude to you personally.

        • Jen says:

          I actually don’t mean this in a rude way, really not, so please don’t take it that way. I truly don’t mean to be offensive: Since there seem to be other topics that were discussed, is there anything going to happen that will make people less mad/angry/disappointed/annoyed? Because as of lately, I feel like people are always mad. Doesn’t matter which ‘fandom’ one approaches.
          I get the nature of the show and I have been watching it for four seasons but this season doesn’t connect with me at all. I enjoyed the show when it was Oliver/Diggle/Felicity fighting the well-done bad guys. (Jury is still out on this season’s bad guy.) I know that those days are long past and shows need to evolve but I sure wish sometimes people’s initial reaction to spoilers would be curiosity/happiness or any other positive emotion. And no, I don’t mean that in a shipper way.
          I just feel like this season is losing me and I actually mind because it used to be one of my favorites. Sorry, for the rant. I didn’t mean to steal anyone’s time.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Your question was not rude at all, Jen. Sadly, I have about given up guessing what will/won’t make people mad/angry/disappointed/feel their misplaced entitlement is being ignored. (Case in point, I thought this preview would delight my fellow EBR fans who have clamored for a good Felicity storyline, and yet a subset of them seem to have an extremely narrow definition of “a good Felicity storyline.” Second case in point, I have quotes on a Season 5B storyline that got me, Matt Webb Mitovich, quite curious/excited, and yet dollars to donuts they will rub some folks the wrong way.)

            My job is to report on what will happen on any given television show, and at the end of the day that is all I can ask of myself. How people react/fruitlessly tag showrunners in angry tweet after angry tweet is up to them.

        • Maria says:

          She wasn’t even talking about you or the site. She was talking about the broader picture of how Arrow and it’s employees conduct their PR, social media and interviews.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Right? And yet it was enough of a “thing” for a few fans to claim that a producer had insisted, via direct message on the Twitter, that there HAD been sex. So I am here to set minds at ease with words that when strung together in sentences form what I call “facts.”

    • Colleen says:

      Tell Stephen to stop asking for questions on his Facebook then. That question was asked & he answered it!

  11. Lyla says:

    But… who the hell *cares* about that Susan character ?! I can understand them trying to show Oliver trying to date other people, but boy is the timing wrong… Also, it doesn’t help that the actress doesn’t really click with Amell. This is subjective, sure, but the vibe of her is wrong and unlikable. Could have gone with tough, but kind like McKenna Hall from S1, or someone with spunk and depth like Sara. With both of whom Oliver had real chemistry. This Susan feels like a snake. And the writers claiming real feelings there? Nah. Wrong actress, terrible 1st impression of character, no chemistry. Hope it doesn’t last longer than few eps.

    • lilyb says:

      I’d like to see Oliver trying to date other people.

      That he chose the person who he was first introduced to when she ran an expose on his administration is regrettable. I had hopes that he was suspect of her and trying a “keep your enemies closer” thing, but since he’s opened up twice to her about his insecurities and worries, I’m guessing that’s not an actual possibility anymore. It’s disappointing as someone who really likes Oliver to see him repeatedly be so stupid.

    • Germana says:

      Being an Olicity fan I cannot say I like Susan character very much.. let me be clear : I understand Oliver trying to move on, after breakup, he cannot be a monk forever.. and especially as Felicity tried to do the same with Malone (even if it was an auto-illusion hiding his PSTD) and another woman is necessary to “rock the boat” or ship in this case.. but chose a woman who tried to ruin you, that your sister warned you about? I was thinking Oliver to be smarter than this… and Mericle want us to believe they are really caring about each other? Uhm… I don’t think so. Oliver shall want to be good for his own person, to be worth the love of the woman he will choose.. any woman. Personally I would like her to be Felicity, because of the meaning she always had in his way from vigilante to hero and in his life.. but he should fight for her, he never did it very much. Let’s see what authors have in mind.. Felicity going on the dark side.. it will be interesting to see this aspect impacts on Oliver.. he still does care about her (to say the least..) Guggenheim talked about an Olicity rebuilt..and so I hope but let’s see… I want to stay open .. as much as possible for my Olicity heart. PS.. in any case no chemistry between them.. Olicity or not Olicity Amell and Rickards together on screen are faaar much better than Amell and Pope.. :-)

  12. Mike says:

    A makeout scene (when the woman is lingerie. no less) that fades to black usually indicates that they slept together. That’s TV 101. If that wasn’t the intention, they should have showed Oliver break it off — tell her he’s too upset, this isn’t a good idea, he’s not ready, anything. Maybe they’re feeling the need to clarify because Oliver sleeping with the reporter after killing a close friend’s boyfriend is not a good look.

    As much as I think this season has been a huge improvement in almost every other aspect, the odd dumbing down of the main character is making him increasingly hard to root for. He started losing me after he went back to killing people — and then inexplicably didn’t kill Tobias Church even though Church could identify him. Since then, it’s been one stupid decision after another.

  13. Diane says:

    Oliver and Felicity have great chemistry! The hero and computer wiz are great. Why continue to make Oliver depressed and stupid? Why not use that and other dynamics to create drama?

  14. Jason says:

    I really don’t even mind if she turns out to be bad news. Ollie should still get some while he can. It’s a tense job and who doesn’t need a little stress relief. And also…she’s hot. So if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with.

    • kath says:

      Loving the one you’re with is fine but not if 1. she’s been proven to be untrustworthy and you still trust her and 2. the one you love is mourning and in pain because you killed her boyfriend.
      Not even Dexter went in for a make-out session after killing someone, much less someone a woman he claims to love about cared for.
      Blech. Oliver was a better a man when he was the stone cold killer of season 1.

      • Jason says:

        I didn’t realize one’s sex life had to go on moratorium when other people experience tragedy. Did I miss the conversation where everyone agreed to abstain in memorium of Felicity’s dead boyfriend. I suppose Ollie could forgo such things as such some sort of self punishment. But considering the fact that he wasn’t getting any to begin with, it would seem like a lateral move. Intimacy can be cathartic in times of trouble so unless you want Ollie to live a Monk’s existence, complete with hair shirt and self fladulation, cut the guy a break. And as it pertains to Susan’s decided moral ambiguties…all I can say is that bad girls are all kinds of sexy. Batman doesn’t dig Catwoman because she’s a school teacher.

        • kath says:

          Wanting sex this soon after killing an innocent and helpless man is too psychopathic for me. Oliver is supposed to be the hero of the show, not the villain.

          • YestoKylie says:

            OMG will you people just get over yourself…Read a comic book once in a while and see that the line between Villain/Hero is always blurred. These heroes struggle with both dark and good. And Oliver is no exception.
            And when you say “wanting sex after killing someone is psychopathic”….so what exactly is he supposed to want? Ice cream? A hot bath? priest confession?? What exactly is the “right thing” a person is supposed to want after killing a person?….
            See all this either/or, 2 dimensional nonsense is what is killing this show! Oliver is supposed to do this or that and not veer too much off the straight and narrow. SMH

          • kath says:

            How about atonement, which is what season 2- 4 Oliver would have done.
            Just because the show is based on a comic book doesn’t mean it has to be limited to the moral stage of a ten year old.

          • Jason says:

            Firstly, he didn’t kill him intentionally and he clearly feels horrible about it. Secondly, as the article states, they haven’t actually done anything yet. If they do so in the near future, what is the point at which it meets your moral standard? Does Felicity have to give him permission? And third, thinking about sex at this point doesn’t make him a psychopath. It makes him a guy. Whether good or ill, we’re usually thinking about it to some degree.

          • Lex says:

            @YestoKylie – Wow. To paraphrase Chandler Bing, could you *BE* any more patronizing? “Get over yourself; read a comic book” paints you with the same black-and-white thinking you accuse Olicity fans of in another comment. Right now the comic book industry is in crisis and it’s mostly an intellectual property game these days. Comic books and graphic novels generate ideas for film and television adaptations because the traditional comic industry isn’t profitable anymore. Beliebecve it or not, there’s more Arrow fans out there who don’t care about the comics than the ones who do. You’re whining about fans not being able to see the gray area, but you’re the one with the rigid black-and-white opinions. Knowing the comics does not make you a special snowflake. Stop pretending that it does.

          • YestoKylie says:

            I don’t care is people read comic books or not…my problem is with people like yourself who believe in fairy tales and want any character who is labelled a ‘hero’ to be good with no blemish whatsoever. That is where my comic book ref comes in….Green Arrow is not prince charming, he is a flawed human and will continue to be so as he strives for the light. So yeah get over yourselves will you…bashing Oliver for every ”un-heroic” act he makes is just shallow. This show is largely based on the comics and yes they’ve taken liberties with plots and characters but at the end of the day this is based on the comics and Oliver’s character will always reflect that. I look for complexity in my characters be it in comic/ non comic book shows. But clearly most Olicity fans do not care about that, all they want is Oliver ‘unblemished’.

          • Lex says:

            @YestoKylie You’re right. The comics aren’t the real issue, your hypocrisy is. I’m pretty sure you’re just using it as another opportunity to bash Olicity fans. If you want to keep preaching the need to see the gray areas in life, better start doing it yourself.

      • YestoKylie says:

        “1. she’s been proven to be untrustworthy and you still trust her and 2. the one you love is mourning and in pain because you killed her boyfriend.
        Not even Dexter went in for a make-out session after killing someone, much less someone a woman he claims to love about cared for.”

        See, this is the problem with this Olicity fandom…characters have to be two dimensional….either/ or…black/white.
        Oliver is expected to do 1 thing or the other…characters are not allowed any sort of complexity at all. That is not how life works. Oliver has always been a 3 dimensional character who has flaws and questionable growth but always striving to be good. That is what/who the Green Arrow is…a complex character. But oh no, here comes the Olicity fandom who want Oliver to fit squarely into a particular set of boxes and has to be one way or the other…just because he confessed his love for Felicity! This is not a Disney TV show, if you are disgusted by Oliver’s character then maybe move over to Freeform shows that have less complex characters. Honestly it’s sad that these are the type of fans these writers are pandering to. What was it really necessary to point out that Oliver did not have sex with Susan.

        • lilyb says:

          There’s complexity, and then there’s stupidity.

          Oliver looking for a relationship post-Felicity could be really complex. Looking for a relationship with a person he was introduced to via her expose on his administration, who he’s trusted without any real reason to, even though his sister and Lance have warned him about how she could ruin his career (an knowing that she’s tried to at least once)? That is stupid. Oliver – at this point, after being screwed over by so many mistakes – should know better.

          And if you don’t think it’s kinda gross for him to go off and have sex with someone an hour after he murdered an innocent dude, then good for you, I guess? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people wanting clarification though, because the show was vague.

  15. L says:

    Lmao call me when Oliver stops being a moron. He knows Susan is shady, knows his sister hates her and she’s investigating him. He’s such an idiot. I don’t buy this as genuine in the slightest. Wendy must think her viewers are idiots!

  16. GirlvsTV says:

    Oliver looks like a selfish a-hole either way, imo. Watching Oliver ‘take comfort’ in the reporter because his own stupid choices resulted in an innocent person dying intercut with scenes of Oliver’s friends, who he is supposed to care about, being miserable doesn’t make him come off well. I’m just continually disappointed with this show since the back-half of s4. Oliver was my favorite character and I genuinely cannot stand him anymore. I would not wish that dumb, selfish moron on any woman – not Felicity, not Laurel, not even Susan.

    • L says:

      I agree, I don’t find Oliver very likeable this season. Is it wrong that I’m actually rooting for Prometheus? lol.

      • GirlvsTV says:

        I felt that way about Darkh towards the end of last season. The bigger issue for me this year is that I just don’t care about Oliver anymore. He’s become so unlikable. I don’t care if he is happy or sad, if he wins or loses – I just don’t care. The only emotion he still inspires in me is anger – and that is usually because whatever moronic choice he’s made has resulted in the characters I do still care about either being hurt or treated badly by him.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. I used to love Oliver’s character because even when he made stupid mistakes he always cared about his friends and family.

      This season he is just making stupid mistakes – he revealed his identity to practical strangers(which has already backfired on him and exposed his entire team), he has hooked up with a woman who has on 2 occasions tried to destroy his career and manipulated and humiliated his sister in order to get a story, he went to confront Prometheus alone when he should have brought the new team and he shot to kill without confirming the identity of his target which caused the death of an innocent man.

      Then the writers decided the best thing was to have everyone comfort Oliver instead of Felicity. Oliver, who just murdered an innocent man, then went to a complete stranger for comfort instead of maybe reflecting on his mistake, talking to his friends, comforting Felicity, or any number of any other options.

      • Vamp says:

        Wasn’t it Felicity who told him to reveal his secret to the recruits lmao?

        • And isn’t he capable of saying no? Or do people just have to tell him to do something and he does it now? They have made is character so unlikable this season that I actually hope the reporter ruins his career.
          Both Thea and Quentin – 2 people on his own staff – have warned him against her and he still thinks its a good idea to hook up with someone who as already tried to undermine his career. It’s almost like he is trying to sabotage his own career at this point.

    • klad says:

      Yeah, that’s the problem. The show’s “hero” alternates between being stupid and treating people like crap. It was understandable in early seasons, but it doesn’t work at this point. Not sure how many people really like him anymore. I know I don’t.

      • Exactly. Not sure who we’re supposed to be cheering for anymore. They have managed to turn Oliver into an idiotic, self-absorbed, hypocritical ass this season. Was a fan of of Oliver and Felicity as a couple but now? I hope that they don’t get back together

    • marilyn says:

      Yes .. that’s my thoughts also. This Oliver doesn’t deserve Felicity.

  17. Lula says:

    Just bring back Laurel. Oliver and Laurel were so good together.

  18. R.O.B. says:

    Nobody dies in the CW-verse apparently. Who wants to bet that Prometheus is Tommy Merlyn.

  19. Ian Barber says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Susan is Prometheus? They’ve never had a female big bad. Plus they knew everyone would assume that Felicity’s new bf was Prometheus, but I’m betting that not a ton of people would suspect that it’s actually Oliver’s new gf. Also, they’ve been making such a point of referring to Prometheus as “he”. I don’t know – I think it’s her.

  20. A genuine relationship?… going all-in?… So it means that Oliver’s gonna tell the reporter that he is the Arrow & that the reporter will tell him she knows he was in Russia?
    That’s the less they should do if they want we believe this relationship is genuine .

    • annahleah says:

      Exactly what does going “all in” in their relationship mean? They make it sound as if they (Oliver and Susan) will be “THE” next endgame couple. WHAT? WHY with her? HOW did they come up with this storyline? WHERE do they think it will go? AND….aren’t these some of Oliver’s most hated words?! I don’t know. Like some of you, I too, am not going to watch 5b because I am not as invested in this show as I used to be. I have been hoping for more of OTA, and less of the Newbies. I am also mystified why they even gave Felicity a bf if all they were going to do was have him killed at the hands of Oliver so that she will now have to mourn a man she didn’t even love. On top of all that, she is going to go to some dark place over this? WHAT? Now about LL. I didn’t care for KC in the role of LL, but I do think she will make a great adversary for Oliver as the Black Siren. She does rather well as an evil villain as opposed to the goody two shoes, go getter, girl next door, save the world lawyer gf to Oliver Queen. I could easily watch her as the BS, if I was going to continue to watch, that is. And, Diggle. Wow. I love Dig. I hope they get him out of prison soon, and it won’t take all of Season 5 to do it. They need DIGGLE! We all need DIGGLE!
      Just a side note: Did anybody else wonder why Detective Malone was so okay with Felicity at the Christmas party when she asked Oliver and Susan about double dating? And when she said “I want them to love you as much as I L…..ike you? He just smiled at her and said nothing. Smiled! Wow. I think I always wanted him to be the bad guy. I wanted him to be Prometheus, or at least, working with him. That would have been easier to take once Oliver killed him.

  21. marilyn says:

    Well I for one will be Not watching Arrow anymore. .. just making Oliver a ho again.. I’ll be finished. …

  22. chuckiechk says:

    Sue Williams (aka Sue Williams-Jordan) is married to Jim Jordan aka the brother of Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern in the comics, so I’m really curious to see how Sue/Ollie/Russia storyline plays out in the back half of Season 5

  23. Butch says:

    Thanks Matt, for providing info on Arrow during the long break.

  24. Luis Roman says:

    Really, the thing that worried me most about that final montage was seeing Oliver, after that fade on him making out with Susan, then seeing him walking back into the Arrowcave. I wasn’t sure the fade meant sex, though I’ll admit I was leaning that way. But sex or no sex, his next move is to go back to the Arrowcave. I mean I realize Ollie is obsessive, but holy frak, dude, you need to find a new hobby.

  25. Colleen says:

    It always cracks me up that the Olicity haters think all the drama surrounding them is how we like. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that fan base is made up very intelligent, witty people that like coherent, cohesive stories that have continuity. I found that the natural “organic” progression of that relationship helped from the moment Felicity came on the show. The demonizing of the Felicity character because she showed emotion in season 3 because people she cared about she thought died was apparently a no-no. Geez. The baby mama drama was ridiculous. You think that fandom liked that crap. Hell No!! I love the action in this show, but it also needs to be balanced by characters that I care about. Not plot after plot. This season they are suppose to writing away from romance. What’s wrong with romance if it’s done right. However, These needless plot points on contrived “romances” are too much. I just feel based on how this Susan character came on the canvas for Oliver to trust her like he doing after having a drink with her is totally OOC. Which is me hoping that he is somewhat playing her too. I personally feel that Oliver & Felicity are stronger together both professionally & personally, but I think they each have to walk in each other shows before they can hopefully come back together.

    • Lex says:

      The haters need to go watch Friday Night Lights. Coach and Mrs. Coach? A healthy, functional relationship where both parties are committed to the point where they don’t keep secrets and they both work for the good of their family. This is what we saw in season 4 before the baby mama drama hit: Olicity together, happy, and in the background so the plot of the episode takes precedence over unnecessary relationship drama.

    • soonerborn says:

      You hit the nail on the head. why can’t they just be together and not lie to each other and fight crime. The show really started the stupidity in season 3 with the Stalker Ray is rom-com material story line and continued with the baby mama drama idiotic story line last year this all goes back to Guggenheim. I quit watching after the lie and did pick it back up around the dead Laurel episode and I thought after they went to see about getting positive magic to combat Darhk that they would work them back together but nope season 5 started and with all the spoilers coming out that they weren’t going to fix the crappy stuff from season 4 and going to make it worst in season 5 I quit watching it. So now ratings are tanking at a alarming rate and yet the idiots in charge are digging their heels in and continue with this crap-fest of a story line. It makes no sense.

    • Charley says:

      “…. I know that fan base is made up very intelligent, witty people that like coherent, cohesive stories that have continuity” I could not agree with this statement more.!
      I doubt that I am representative of the ‘typical’ demographics for this show (or am I?) Advanced-degreed, children, (with a distant history of writing myself) and trying to rock the middle age phase more than it rocks me.
      That being said…I LOVE the comic book genre and the action, and I definitely am not usually a fan of ‘the fairy tale romance’. (in fact…ewwww).
      At this phase of my life I want (need?) to be ENTERTAINED and intrigued.
      I also love well-crafted stories and well-developed characters.
      Those RARE moments when a chemistry is so viable and pronounced that it jumps off the screen is like an unexpected gift to me-the viewer! And the incredible dynamic between the OTA characters is something that can not be ‘scripted’ and was also a joy to watch.
      The Berlanti/Kreisberg/Guggenheim trifecta produced all of that in spades for S1 and S2…. but then they began to splinter off, and the show has declined ever since.
      As a viewer (with some history under my belt), the hardest part about watching this descent is the feeling of ‘waste’.
      Watching them so brilliantly and artfully create the powerful momentum/energy the show HAD…then watch them try to ‘swim’ against it…or worse… stop it all together.
      I am not at all sure what they are aiming for this season so far… as it appears as though they are continuing to work AGAINST (or attempting to dissolve?) all of the powerful momentum they built….which makes both the viewer and the writer-from-way-back in me want to turn off my television….or worse…change the channel.
      I see gaping holes in the other CW/DC Universe shows becoming more pronounced as well.
      My opinion and $1 will not even get anyone a cup of coffee, but for what it is worth… SOMEHOW they need to bring the original ‘team’ Berlanti/Kreisberg/Guggenheim back together for ALL of those shows, STAT….before the rest of the shows are allowed to lose as much ‘real estate’ as Arrow.

  26. Mina Davies says:

    He is going to go all in on a relationship with her as in falling in love again? I cannot watch this show anymore.

  27. Gerri says:

    I am also confused how Oliver could be
    with someone Like Susan, it doesn’t make sense on so many levels. I really don’t care about them hooking up or not😝 The fact Oliver even went to see her after killing Billy was like oh hell no. Didn’t he tell Felicity “I care about you I will always care about you does not seem true. The writers could have written this better. They are like feelings just don’t matter. Come on!

    • Germana says:

      right! did not like he said I did not know where to go… his arrow family to make an example? no he went to a practical stranger, who his sister warned him about… worser than Felicity/Malone in my opinion…let’s hope writers will set it up in a decent way soon… this relationship is based on something not real.. Susan is investigating on him.. and she does not seem to me the type of woman to fell madly in love with him to abandon his purpose as a journalist… let’s see…

  28. Kelly says:

    I did read about arrow. I love movie of arrow.

  29. peter says:

    she is not trying to destroy him .. she is a reporter and oliver has a shady past is that the maybe will destroy him .. she is not lying in any news .. she is try to get in the bottom of the history she is reporting

  30. The Carpooler says:

    He should be with Ziva.

  31. sbrellah says:

    I think it is time for the flashbacks/secrets to come out. I understood Oliver’s wanting to keep it quiet in the beginning because of his PTSD, and the viewers needed to see the flashbacks play out. But at the same time, I don’t want the secrets/lies to effect Oliver’s job as mayor. His being mayor right now really give a nice balance to his dual life and his mission for saving the city. In regards to Susan, this is the first hint of her life being in danger for digging into his Bratva past. It will be interesting to see who will come after her for that -Anatoly?

  32. Julie Ann says:

    I just personally don’t feel the vibe with these two. I actually like Isabella more than Susan. I can’t see how he would even interact with her after what she did to Thea. He’s always been Thea’s number one support and you go after her than you get what’s coming to you. I am an olicity fan, but as of right now I think Felicity should be by herself. She doesn’t need a man to complete her and that was why I didn’t like Billy, because the writers keep thinking Felicity needs a man to prove herself. I say let Oliver get screwed over by this girl. Maybe than they can show Oliver doesn’t have to have a girl either. A man or Woman can be strong just be being by themselves. I think the best person for Felicity is Felicity and the same goes for Oliver..

    • Julie Ann says:

      I just personally don’t feel the vibe with these two. I actually like Isabella more than Susan. I can’t see how he would even interact with her after what she did to Thea. He’s always been Thea’s number one support and you go after her than you get what’s coming to you. I am an olicity fan, but as of right now I think Felicity should be by herself. She doesn’t need a man to complete her and that was why I didn’t like Billy, because the writers keep thinking Felicity needs a man to prove herself. I say let Oliver get screwed over by this girl. Maybe than they can show Oliver doesn’t have to have a girl either. A man or Woman can be strong just be being by themselves. I think the best person for Felicity is Felicity and the same goes for Oliver.. Also I don’t think that him going to Susan after what happened to Billy shows he doesn’t care for the team. Maybe Felicity wanted to be alone and not comforted by her ex. Remember Felicity and Oliver might be friends but they still are ex’s. Which is a complicated and emotional relationship.. Don’t think Oliver not going to her is because he doesn’t care.

    • Kellie says:

      Oliver clearly has a problem with needing a woman and it appears sometimes he doesn’t care who it is. Isabel and Susan just gross me out and his intimacy with them bums me out. Felicity ‘S relationship with Billy was gross and sis too. In fact I think the whole Oliver Felicity breakup is very shallow and stupid. I wish they would just get back together.

  33. Maisy says:

    Perhaps Felicitys 5B ‘dark’ plot line can be that she turns to killing the bad guys with the help of Vigilante, unfortunatly she accidentally kills Susan in a set up. She gets comfort from the whole crew while Oliver gets a one armed side cuddle from Thea for a few mins. Felicity then goes to the new DAs home, where he answers the door clad only in black silk boxers (dispite the fact that its winter) they proceed to kiss passionatly while the camera turns to Oliver sitting alone in the Arrow cave sobbing while gently holding a bottle of Russian vodka.

  34. Ella says:

    Laurel haters went on and on about how Oliver treated her terribly and clearly that meant he never really loved her in the first place – I don’t disagree than he treated her terribly but it appears that’s just his modus operandi with all women! LOL. Regardless, Laurel was the only person I actually enjoyed watching Oliver with, and the only female lead that I felt added to the intensity, remorse and redemption of his character. I miss her, not only for that keeping it real but the total badass that she was and/or could have been. I don’t actually watch anymore (barring the last 2 episodes this season) but a small, stupid part of me still hopes they’ll bring back Laurel in some shape or form, be it as a better Black Canary (who was actually an even better fighter than the Green Arrow in the comics) or as Black Siren with her own redemption arc. Until then, I’m fine just reading about the show :D

  35. Brigid says:

    I didn’t care if they slept together or not. Made no difference to me, he was vulnerable and felt Susan was the one to give it to him since she doesn’t know about his night life. All people do dumb things when they are sad, depressed and vulnerable. In real life, people progress and regress constantly so stop expecting Oliver to be any different than the rest of the population. This fan base is becoming completely unraveled and making it really difficult for the rest of us to discuss the show at an adult level.

    Matt, I’m so sorry that you have to deal with these immature children on a daily basis. I appreciate your hard work and intelligent reporting of THE FACTS and trying to bring the news to all fans of a particular show. The internet has brought out all of the horribleness of people who can’t handle multiple opinions and can only see things from one point of view, their own. I thank you for all you do, Happy New Year!!

  36. AliaZ says:

    i dont like susan being with oliver
    she acting too desperate

  37. AliaZ says:

    i dont like susan with oliver
    she seems snakey and desperate aswell

  38. Aolani08 says:

    I’m shocked as all get out that he can go all out for Susan and not Felicity a person that he built a foundation with, WOW!!!!!