Girl Meets World Cancelled? The Show Has 'Ended,' Says Rider Strong

Mum’s the word on any official Girl Meets World cancellation, but Boy Meets World‘s Rider Strong isn’t easing fans’ concerns, suggesting on his podcast that the Disney Channel spinoff has come to an end.

In the latest episode of “Literary Disco”, Strong — who reprised his role as Cory’s best friend Shawn Hunter in the TGIF follow-up — says the series has “ended” following production on Season 3.

“We finished the third season of Girl Meets World — my brother and I were directing a lot of episodes and I acted in a couple — and the show ended,” Strong said.

GMW returns with new episodes on Jan. 6, beginning with the hour-long “World Meets Girl.” The installment, airing at a special time (6/5c), promises to give fans a “peek behind the scenes” of the sitcom.

The Jan. 20 season finale, ominously titled “Girl Meets Goodbye,” features the show’s biggest Boy Meets World reunion yet, welcoming back legacy cast members Strong (Shawn), William Daniels (Mr. Feeny), Will Friedle (Eric), Anthony Tyler Quinn (Mr. Turner), William Russ (Alan), Betsy Randle (Amy), Lee Norris (Minkus), Danny McNulty (Harley), Lily Nicksay (Morgan No. 1) and Lindsay Ridgeway (Morgan No. 2).

Disney Channel has no comment about the future of the series.

UPDATE: The GMW writers room has dismissed Strong’s statement, clarifying that there’s “no official word” on cancellation — yet.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I hope it isn’t canceled….maybe move to Freeform or another channel!

  2. Lois says:

    No, seriously? From what I’ve heard the story definitely wasn’t finished being told at the end of season 3! Disney why?

  3. GeekWithFanGirlSkills says:

    I truly hope this is him being ‘glass half empty’ about the lack of a decision from Disney yet, and that TPTB give us at least one more season of this wonderful family show, though truth be told I would prefer they give us enough seasons to see the ‘Girl’ and her friends graduate. My own girl has learned a lot and grown a lot watching Riley and Maya do the same and I have enjoyed being able to watch the show with her. Most of the Disney fair I get tired of after one or two viewings of an ep, but Girl Meets World never gets old to me.

  4. I wonder who owns the show and if the ratings would make moving it to another network plausible… And then I wonder if Rowan/Sabrina are just looking to move on to different projects (like Claire Danes with MSCL)…

    • Lois says:

      Rowan was definitely behind it being renewed. I don’t think the cast (or at least the young cast) is the problem. But for some reason there’s rumours that it’s pretty expensive for Disney to produce. I’d have thought it would’ve been worth the money considering it’s their most buzz-worthy show and it has good ratings.

    • Cas says:

      Not sure that is true about MSCL. Didn’t it only have 1 season? You don’t sign up for a series and think “oh yeah just one season is good”. I read the ratings were not very good despite it being a good show.

  5. Angela says:

    Honestly it doesn’t surprise me. The show had alot of potential that the writer’s blew. They have YET to let Riley grow as a character, She acts younger, maturity wise, than Auggie.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but every episode just feels so meh. Nothing has stood out this season as “WOW”

  6. Super-Fan says:

    It would be a terrible shame. SUCH a good show!

  7. Jay Lewis says:

    i say move to Netflix to continue this series.. make this happen

  8. andrew hass says:

    Well Girls Meets World isn’t cancelled until Disney says it is.Plus maybe Disney is waiting this current season ends before announcing anything one way or another.As for Rider Strong and his comments maybe he’s trying to force Disney to announce something now

  9. datdudemurphy says:

    That’s beyond disappointing

  10. Doris says:

    Nooooooo..Please don’t cancel one of the most positive sitcoms for our young children…Every episode has offered so much positivity and hope !!!!

  11. Dan Norbeck says:

    i might actually watch the episode on jan 20th, despite never having seen a single episode of this. that getogether of all the old cast just seems amazing

  12. Randy Weinhold says:

    No way should they cancel gmw

  13. A fan of TV says:

    Isnt Freeform a Disney property, too? Shouldn’t they move it there? Or just seems a bit more mature than most Disney shows (or it could be, if they moved it).

  14. Sherri McClain says:

    I think it should still go on because if boy meets world kept going on until theyou were in college they should do that with girl meet world but that is how I feel

  15. You suck. I’m tired of all my favorite shows ending.

  16. Jason says:

    I really hope this isn’t cancelled. They have a great cast making a fun and entertaining show. Another season or two would do the show more justice than cancelling it right after they get into High School. I seriously hope Disney gives this show some more airtime, at least one more season.

  17. Shane Mcabee says:

    That’s sucks!!!!!!!I really love the show a lot

  18. Jared says:

    Disney Channel shows never last very long. Can’t say I’m surprised really.

  19. Cas says:

    So it returns for 3 weeks? That is odd. I have only watched a few episodes but it was decent. Also why is Mr. Turner in the reunion? He pretty much disappeared on the series during the last years (I don’t remember what season he left after) and I don’t recall them ever talking about him again.

    • music_girl29 says:

      There was an off-hand comment on the BMW high school graduation episode that he and Minkus had been on the other side of the school all those years. Also, he’s made multiple appearances on GMW. I believe he is the school superintendent.

  20. Amanda says:

    Say it isn’t so, that show is awesome for all ages. It’s inspirational for the younger generation.

  21. SAARAH SYDOW says:

    Please don’t cancel the show I love it
    It’s my favorite of all the Disney Chanel shows because it teaches me life lessons!!! It definitely helped me grow because I am the same age as them and it taught me a lot about how to fit in at high school but it wasn’t as hard for me as how hard it was for them so I need to keep watching this so it can help me get through life amd relationships with friends and family

  22. KB says:

    I watched the first season then sorta tuned in and out for 2 and 3 but I liked the show and liked see the old cast again! I also wanted Riley to act more mature and get with Farkle…..

  23. Elaine says:

    I love girl meets world they can’t canceled it they haven’t finish high school and going off to college I would love to see them go off college just like boy meets world they should have more of girl meets world and of course boys meets world I’ll be awesome to couldn’t girl meets world be moved to a different channel?

  24. shawn says:

    That poorly written love triangle story line ruined the show.

  25. Joey says:

    I think the show will continue on Freeform. It needs to tackle more adult issues like Boy Meets World did. I think Disney might be negotiating and trying to figure out a way to move it. This may be why that haven’t announced anything yet,

  26. Heidi68 says:

    I hope it’s not cancelled. They could move it to Freeform. They keep all these other shows that are funny or stupid. A lot if those shows my son says the same thing.

  27. Alex says:

    I’ve seen the show. It’s too good for modern television. It’s not ‘duh duh’ stupid or just plain moronic. You can’t have shows like this on television. It raises the bar to high. They don’t want us to be that smart.

  28. Media says:

    Are you putting season 3 and 4 on Netflix because that’s where I watch girl meets world so please put season 3 and 4 on Netflix please

  29. vicki gadberry says:

    My little girl was heartbroken to find out this show was canceled and cried for an hour and I asked her why she was crying and she said girl meets world was going off the air her and her daddy watches this every time it comes on together and it has a very special bond between the two of them also my husband watched boy meets world with his other daughter back in the day and the kids seem to relate to everything on the shows because they said that’s how they feel or that’s what they are going threw so I don’t think it should be taken off the air now because. It really has just got started and we need to find out what happens to everyone after they graduate thank you from a mothers point of view how it has impacted my daughter’s life

  30. There are not too many great shows out there these days. This show is GREAT! There is a lesson to be learned about growing up. I am so angry with Disney for giving up on the BEST show on the network. I hope another network picks it up.

  31. Nicole Secrest says:

    Please don’t cancel the show. I watch this all the time with my daughter and she loves it as well. Love the whole cast. Please let Netflix pick it up.

  32. Girl meets world lover #1 says:

    This show should stay and have some other show end, and my mom is not a big fan of almost any shows on Disney and this show she loves. This show is a life teacher and they should keep it and never let it go.

  33. Theresa Browne says:

    Figure all channels have cancelled show I watch regularly I’m getting sick of it. I’m about ready to give up on tv series. Seems pointless

  34. Theresa Browne says:

    Figures all channels have given up on shows I watch. I’m really getting sick of it I’m about ready to give up on TV series pointless

  35. Theresa Browne says:

    It figures all the channels have canceled series that Iwatch. I’m about ready to give up on TV series all together seems to be pointless.

  36. M. Rawlings says:

    cancelling the show would cause rioting in the street by children and parents from everywhere. You all thought the Trump revolt was bad.
    Okay, all kidding aside, my kids love the show. I personally think it is better than Boy Meets World. Who ever made this decision should be cancelled.

  37. tiffany says:

    Noo….. No. No. No.. This can’t be the end!! No!

  38. Shirley Simpson says:

    I love Girls Meets World. I hope there is a new show. There is a lot of potential showing the kids graduating and learning how the world is. That would be awesome.

  39. Teresa says:

    I as a 32 year old adult watch Girl Meets World just as I watched Boy Meets World. I LOVE this show what it teaches the youth today and reminding myself what to be grateful for. Please continue this show!

  40. Darren says:

    As soon as it was announced it was going to be on Disney Channel I knew the show was doomed.

  41. Debbie says:

    Would love to see GMW continue! I was not sure if I liked it based on season 1 but then season 2 just started developing the characters more and I fell in love with the whole cast! It just kept getting better and taught great life lessons….need more of that in this world! This show brings hope and a good feeling! Always look forward to relaxing at the end of a day to watch GMW….would love to see the characters continue to grow into Adults like BMW did! Hopeful that someone will continue this show!

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