Homeland Season 6

Homeland Will Tackle the 'Brody Question' in Season 6

Damian Lewis is not slated to appear in Homeland‘s upcoming sixth season (bowing Jan. 15 on Showtime), but his late alter ego Brody will play a somewhat pivotal role in at least one episode.

As executive producer Chip Johannessen explains to TVLine, the decision to age Carrie and Brody’s daughter Frannie (now played by 4-year-old twins Claire and McKenna Keane) has allowed the show to explore a certain inevitable Daddy issue.

“One thing that surfaces this season is the question of who her father was,” the EP reveals. “I actually just got done writing a scene for Episode 9 that serves as kind of a follow-up to a monologue [Carrie delivered to Frannie] in Season 4, in which she got her up to speed on who her father was.”

With Carrie back in the States (New York, to be exact), her “role as a mother — and possibly as a bad mother — is a little more front and center,” adds Johannessen. “Last season, it was easy for her to put Frannie on a plane and get her out of [Berlin].”

And although Carrie will continue to struggle with motherhood, Johannessen assures us that Carrie no longer harbors fantasies of drowning Frannie in a bathtub. “I wrote that [infamous Season 4] episode, but [the writing team] breaks all the stories together, and [the bathtub scene] was someone else’s idea,” he says with a laugh. “I ended up getting a lot of flak for that.”

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  1. funnibone31 says:

    The fact that Brody still haunts this show, three seasons after his death, is hilarious.

    • N!loofar says:

      Gansa will never let go of this, it’s not like he was a celebarated character by season 3 most viewers hated him and every tv critic wanted him gone. last season was the picture, yuck. no one wants him, just Quarrie. Quinn found out about the kid before Brody, he’s the dad.

      • Quandary says:

        True enough on the critics, but to suggest most viewers hated him? Haha. Not even close. I think what you mean is ‘most viewers who nerd it up on the Internet. talking about TV on a critical level’. But I assure you there were a ton of viewers who were big fans of Brody.

        • Cas says:

          This. I actually lost interest and stopped watching after Brody died. Idk I feel like he was the whole premise of the show and they did a terrible job with him. So if they messed that up i figured who knew what else they would screw up.

        • Euvee says:

          I loved Brody and stopped watching Homeland after he died.

          Seeing his picture made me click on the article.

      • peter says:

        was not like she could pick up the phone and tell him about it !! and quinn found out but she did not told him !! he was looking in her medical condition !! .. and is a valid subject for a storyline !! and talking about not letting go .. how manny lives quinn has .. he was suppost to be gone already too!!! season 5 finale is proof of that !!

      • peter says:

        was not like she could pick up the phone and tell him about it !! and quinn found out but she did not told him !! he was looking in her medical condition !! .. and is a valid subject for a storyline !! and talking about not letting go .. how manny lives quinn has .. he was suppost to be gone already too!!! season 5 finale is proof of that !!

  2. Erik says:

    Noooooo! I gave up before season two and only came back and got caught up because the Brody drama was done. Let pretend she was dropped off by storkes. Season four was the best season so far in my opinion because it got away from that drama and truly became a powerful mystery thriller. The show is best when it’s focused on Carrie, Saul and Quinn. Praying season 6 goes back to that.

  3. Mike says:

    Time for Quinn to be the Dad to Brody’s spawn. Franny’s better off with Carrie and Quinn. He’s always cared about the kid since Season 3.

  4. Jason says:

    I know this show wants to act like the brody family does not exist anymore becasue of flak their season got but I really wish they would at least bring them into this storyline, or a mention of what they’re up to

  5. mollytanner says:

    I wasn’t a fan of the Carrie/Brody storyline past the second half of season 2, and I don’t like Carrie and Quinn being paired either. Homeland is my favorite show, but the relationship drama is not its strongest quality.

  6. Duncan says:

    Who gives a sh*t about Brody. Let it go Homeland. Can Carrie, Quinn and Saul please go back to the CIA already!

  7. Allie says:

    Homeland should do everything it can to get Diego Klattenhoff back. The Blacklist sucks and is going to get cancelled and he should come back to Homeland. He’s a great actor and underused on Blacklist. Time for him to shine. Time for his fans, who have been patiently dealing with the Blacklist and all it’s problems, to be rewarded with him getting a deserving role and not being put on the back-burner to push some spin-off that will be an epic fail.

  8. Kevin says:

    Showtime better end Homeland after eight seasons which the network haven’t even announced since the renewal. So many unanswered questions about who’s the father of Frannie now that Brody is gone after Season Three ended and I’m not sure whether or not Carrie is a “bad mother” since the whole drowning of her baby fiasco.

  9. renee says:

    I love Quinn and Carrie. Actually I just love Quinn!

  10. Samantha F says:

    I would looooooove to see Frannie meet Brody’s family.

  11. jacbec says:

    So disappointed in Season 6, it really sucks. Been a long time fan — no more!

  12. Richard says:

    Homeland has turned into another boring soap opera. When writers run out of ideas, and/or when higher powers don’t like the story, and/or when the writers do the inevitable of not calling the bad guys the bad guys, they turn the story into a soap opera but try to disguise it by creating characters and situations that are so complex that the audience is forced to think they are still following the same story they enjoyed in the beginning. In this story’s case, there’s no longer the attraction of seeing the good guys fight the bad guys, it’s more about individual characters’ personal relationships. It’s easy to see when this is happening when the writers turn an obvious bad guy situation turns into a fairytale story that’s so complicated that it turns out the bad guy isn’t bad at all, or that he is actually the good guy, or the good guys are actually the bad guys. That’s cheap trickery and pathetic! Then again, some people seem to care nothing about the real story, only about the personal relationships, like who’s sleeping with who, when a character is going to be killed off, etc. Homeland was a good show but now it’s a blurry mess that no longer has a direction but does have obvious fake drama and confusion about who the good and bad guys are. So sad.

  13. Joey Mendatta says:

    There is no plot line including ressurecting Brody’s legacy that could save this horrible season of Homeland. It’s gawd-awful.

    What happened to this show? I watch it as background noise now and literally find myself laughing out loud at the stupidity of the writing and acting. It’s soooooo bad