Supergirl Spoilers

Supergirl Scoop: Livewire, Metallo and More Villains Returning in 2017

Some of Supergirl‘s fiercest foes are itching for a rematch in the new year.

Livewire (played by Brit Morgan) and Metallo (Frederick Schmidt) are among the villains returning to the CW drama in 2017, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Metallo (aka John Corben) appeared in the first two episodes of Season 2; originally an assassin ordered to kill Lena Luthor, he was later turned into a cyborg by the not-so-good people of Cadmus.

Supergirl viewers first met Livewire (formerly known as Leslie Willis) in a self-titled Season 1 episode, which chronicled the villain’s shocking — for lack of a better term — transformation from a CatCo employee to a vengeful maniac. She re-emerged in 2016, this time teaming up with Silver Banshee to fight Supergirl and The Flash.

Executive producer Ali Adler tells TVLine that other “fan-favorite” villains will reappear this season, but it’s too early to make any additional announcements.

We’ll have more Supergirl scoop in the coming days. For now, drop a comment with your thoughts on Livewire and Metallo’s returns below.

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  1. ackeros says:

    Astra is the only villain I’d like to see back. And Maxwell Lord, if only so Alex can smash his head against a table again.

    • Jenn says:

      !!! Yes I wish Astra could come back. Here’s hoping that after Laura Benanti has her baby she can magically be found floating around in space. She deserves a redemption arc.

  2. Metallo never gelled with me. As a comic book reader of John Byrnes Superman reboot Metallo or me always had a terminator type feel. This guy was just a dude with a glowing green rock in his chest.Livewire as well seems a one-dimensional character.

    Whatever happened to Max Lord, Red Tornado, Bizzaro Supergirl? Despite her ridiculous outfit Banshee has been the only real memorable foe so far,

  3. graham12davis says:

    Honestly I’m really hoping Bizaaro girl comes back at some point, that episode is one of my favs, but I’m almost certain Laura Vandervoots character will be one of the ones to return

  4. Phun says:

    Awesome news! Looking forward to seeing what other villains will be returning in the second 1/2 of the season.

  5. Brian says:

    Is Livewire anyone’s favorite villain? She seems pretty generic to me.

  6. Charles says:

    This Middleman shout-out is too specific, but, I hope Livewire attacks a character called Dr. Barbara Thornfield, MD, PHD.

  7. Nathan Everett says:

    Damn no work on Banshee

  8. Olivia says:

    Meh. Livewire, maybe… But Metallo is boring. I’d like to see Siobhan instead. I miss Astra.

  9. Cate says:

    Not especially excited about these returns. I’m not a comic book reader and don’t follow the show for the villain, I watch for Kara, Alex, J’onn, Winn and the gang. I want to see exciting stories with good character stuff and neither of these villains were that great IMO.

    After seeing Kara get beaten a few times this season, I want to see her kicking more ass!

  10. Luli says:

    Why are they back?? I like te idea of livewire coming back, metallo not that much. Bring Astra back from the light of Rao.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      I’d like to see someone glue Indigo back together again. She has so much over the top mustache twirling charm as a villain.

  11. Aaron says:

    Oh great, so we’ll get to see Kara using lethal-force for a 3rd time this season. Non-lethal superhero my arse. In Metallo’s origin, Supergirl would have no idea that he isn’t so easy to kill, yet she still held Metallo vulnerable and gave Alex the cue to kill him (out-of-character much?). The first season was so inspiring, Supergirl truly represented the best of humanity. Now she’s just average with a tendency to kill people; how very inspiring she is now. She’s just another killer in a cape. I wish they had canceled the show rather than degrade Supergirl like this.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Superman did the same thing on Lois & Clark. First Superman used his heat vision to melt Metallo’s legs and immobilize Metallo, basically holding Metallo in place. Then Superman pulled out Metallo’s core, effectively killing Metallo. At least Supergirl wasn’t the one who struck the death blow this time.

      • Aaron says:

        Hi, thanks for replying, I appreciate it. If I remember correctly Superman melted his legs yes, but Superman did not pull out his core, the doctor guy did that to effectively kill him. In the Supergirl episode though, the writing was so unclear. J’onn Jones pulled Metallo’s heart out, but it looked like Metallo was still very much conscious and alive, and then Superman saying he’s going to give him a time-out to think about what he did. It all implies that Superman was non-lethal, as it should be. As I said though, the writing I think was terrible for not making this clear. Supergirl however just outright killed. It sucked. And when Metallo returns, what is Supergirl going to say? ‘I thought I killed you?’ clearly admitting she wanted him dead the first time. As far as the CW is concerned, a lower budget clearly also means lower standards. The CBS writers were far more superior and far more knowledgeable about who Kara Zor-el is.

        • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

          Were they still human though, or just machines by that point? It seemed like the scenes where Kara burned his hand to reveal metal underneath and were Lillian can see Supergirl through Metallo’s eyes meant he was a machine by now. So can a machine be killed or was Metallo just stopped, turned off, or even just lost power? In a way it was similar to what happened to Reactron. He didn’t die when his core was removed, he just lost his powers. The question is how does Metallo start up again? Did Kara and Alex just walk away and leave the bodies there for Cadmus to retrieve late on? If J’onn gave Superman all the kryptonite on Earth, what is Metallo’s power source now?

          • Aaron says:

            I’m really sorry for the long post, please bear with me. :)

            Great points, and yes, you’re right about did Metallo die or was he just turned off/lost power (great way of looking at it). But this is my point, the writing was terrible for not making it clear whether they were still human or all machine by that point.

            As for Reactron, his core was in his suit, which was shown to be very separate from his body, so when Supergirl removed the core, it was his suit that she rendered powerless, leaving the man alive.

            But with Metallo it’s interesting as it seems the only way to defeat him was to remove his kryptonite heart. What I took from it, however, was that when Cadmus gave John Corben a choice to live or die, he chose to live (and they made it very clear he would indeed be alive). So to me, John Corben is alive as Metallo. If he is dead and therefore all machine, what was the point of giving him a choice? The writer’s really dropped the ball on this one. Revealing the metal beneath Metallo’s hand doesn’t necessarily mean the human inside is dead.

            It’s the same with Cyborg Superman; to me Hank Henshaw is very much alive. Kara said herself he has been enhanced (meaning the human is still there) and when J’onn Jones transformed into White Martian, Cyborg Superman looked absolutely terrified, which is a human emotion; all indications that the human is still alive. And yet (just like Metallo’s hand) Kara burned off half of Henshaw’s face to reveal the metal beneath (was Kara right to do that? note that Kara did this ‘before’ knowing he was a cyborg, this would have seriously maimed/killed a human).

            Being that Metallo is returning, we can assume that maybe he is all machine and Cadmus has given him another power source. But this brings me back to my original point that Supergirl could not have known this. She could not have known that he could return; she couldn’t know that he wouldn’t die so easily… but she still went for the kill, which is not her character at all (held him vulnerable and gave Alex the cue to ‘kill’ him (making Kara equally responsible)).

            Likewise when Kara killed Rudy Jones/Parasite; Supergirl said herself that Rudy Jones was alive in the Parasite. So when the Parasite absorbed Kara and J’onn, there’s no reason from Kara’s point of view to believe that had changed. We, the audience, know that Rudy ‘may have died’ in the Parasite, but there’s no way Kara could know this (being that she was unconscious). But when Supergirl regained consciousness, her go to plan; her very first idea was to kill. Either way, she willingly used lethal-force. Horrible writing.

            And you do raise a very good question, how does Metallo start up again? Surely it would be just the most irresponsible thing ever for Supergirl and the DEO to just leave the bodies there for Cadmus to retrieve. But I guess we just have to wait for the episode to find that out. But, to be honest, given everything about season 2 so far, I doubt very highly they’ll even address it. He’ll just reappear and that’s that. The overall quality of this show, and Supergirl’s character, has just plummeted since its move to the CW.

            Once again, I’m really sorry for the long post. :)