Arrow's New Promo Is So Oddly Spoilery, We Hesitated to Share It

Perhaps the tagline here should be “The Spoilers Are Deafening”?

A newly released promo for the return of The CW’s Arrow (on Jan. 25) reveals so much about one of the midseason finale’s bombshells, the part of me that prefers to preserve surprises was inclined to pretend it doesn’t exist. And yet here we are.

Yes, it’s the quiet final week of December, and that’s undoubtedly one reason to pass it along (courtesy of the industrious folks at YouTube’s Television Promos channel) and “stir the waters.” But also, to ignore it would compromise any teasers I have been holding into regarding Laurel Lance’s seeming return. Such as:

“[Seeing Laurel] is something that will draw Oliver’s focus for a bit, coming into the New Year,” co-showrunner Wendy Mericle told me as part of our in-depth midseason preview.

Will it be more than he can handle in the wake of his unwitting role in Billy Malone’s death, or could it be a tiny ray of sunshine at the end of an extremely cloudy day? “It’s a little of both,” Mericle answers. “It’s a familiar face, someone he loves and is very happy to see, and now she’s back in the flesh, so it’s a very welcome surprise. And yet as we often say, ‘nothing is really ever as it seems.’ There will definitely be a ‘dark silver lining’ when Oliver finds out what’s really going on.”

And to be sure, “what’s really going on” is largely spelled out in the promo above, should you choose to press play.

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  1. Ugh I hate that twist on a twist. Huge disappointment.

  2. Emma says:

    Another worlds Laurel

  3. Smurffette says:

    I mean as a Laurel fan I would prefer her back. BUT I loved Black siren and a redemption arc would be so fun to watch. Throw her on Legends since Arrow never does right by Laurel or Katie.

    • Tina says:

      You are 100% gonna be baited by the writers when they’ll leave the door open for a redemption arc at the end of the episode. Right before they introduce the canary replacement Laurel wished for on her death bed. They’re that predictable. I’d rather have occasional black siren appearances. I think she’s much more interesting as a villain.

      • Smurffette says:

        I’m not baited at all. I know the spoilers. Im just here to see KC back on screen. Even though her character is dead they are still pimping her return whenever they get the chance lol. I stopped watching Arrow the second Laurel died. I don’t care what mess they do with a new canary. I don’t have to watch anyway.

        • Tina says:

          There’s bound to be disappointment if you’re watching a show for one single character among many others, one who happens not to be the main one. You’re right though, you don’t have to watch.

        • GA says:

          if you haven watched season5 of arrow , that’s the biggest mistake that you have ever made !

  4. Tina says:

    LOL, come on… Everybody already knew it wasn’t Laurel. It was spoiled weeks ago. Her fans just didn’t want to believe it the same way they didn’t want to believe she would be dying. But shame on WM for baiting them, that’s why I don’t trust her interviews anymore.

    • Smurffette says:

      First not everyone reads spoilers. The general public do not.

      Secondly as a Laurel fan who follows and sees the reaction from them, they are disappointed it’s not Laurel, BUT are just as happy Black Siren is back. She is still part of Laurel. I think that’s what your fandom doesn’t get. We love BOTH versions

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Thank you; please grab 75 TVLine Power User points (no cash value). “Everybody knew” does not mean everybody knew.

        • Mike says:

          I won’t say “everyone” knew, but I guess I just thought it was rather obvious. There was a reason they got rid of someone as important as Laurel. You don’t just bring her back randomly anymore(they’ve done that twice now and gotten rid of the way they did it). You lose the emotional scar. Or maybe I’m just giving the writers too much credit.

  5. Oncer says:

    I still hope that Legends will bring back Earth 1 Laurel, but thye better do this on Justice, since the flash definetely did her Justice, remember Earth 2 Laurel came very close to killing Barry and was able to tear down buildings.

  6. Zepblackstar says:

    Fyi, there was a massive spoiler summary on the next couple of episodes broken on reddit arrow sub that will be floating around.

    The promo seems to fit the details so i am hoping that it could be a misdirect..

  7. Betty Boop says:

    I think its always been pretty obvious that actual Earth 1 Laurel was staying dead, so while it’s an unusually spoilery promo, I’m OK with them revealing the twist early.

    Obviously things are never what they seem regarding the mid-season finale twists, afterall Oliver survived his cliff fall and Felicity her shooting, so we shouldn’t have expected for the Laurel reveal to be legit, but this particular bait-and-switch feels a bit cruel to Laurel fans who for a moment thought they had their fave back. I feel it’s time to let the character rest in peace and for the show to move on.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    I knew it had to be Black Siren pretending to be Laurel. Preview for next new episode looks good. Can’t wait to see the episode next month!

  9. kate says:

    Personally, I didn’t even factor in the spoiler aspect of it because I felt so generally vindicated. It was my first guess and did I get yelled at A LOT. I personally find it exciting because a) this version of Laurel is so much more fun than our version and b) from my brief observation of her , her observation of Caitlyn and Cisco, her interaction with Zoom, she might actually be an ally of Team Arrow (though, interestingly, not of Team Flash, but that’s because she thinks they are goody two shoes). And, you might have been more introduced into how Felicity takes her journey to the dark side. What might also be fun, I bet this one lost her family, and part of her acclimation is Quentin and eventually Sara. I know a lot of people were saying I was just saying the Flash team were idiots, but, if my memory serves. she was caught after the metahuman cells were installed in Iron Heights, the human authorities might have been really confused because of who she appears to be, and, as I suspect the Team Arrow lair has bio metric locks (which is likely how Malcolm keeps getting in), Prometheus likely broke her out in the midst of the Alchemy/Savitar confusion because his plan is probably moving faster on him since he didn’t factor in Evelyn.

  10. Samantha says:

    I actually like this if it turns out that Black Siren is here to stay and has some kind of redemption arc so she can become the Black Canary. Reminds me a bit of Faith from Buffy (the rogue girl who eventually is on the good side) and I loved her. If she’s only here for one episode, then it’s nothing more than a cruel bait though.

  11. That was an awesome promo !

  12. Fernanda says:

    Redemption arc for Black Siren or Laurel Lance character? For me it’s another way to tell the audiencie (for a one thousand time) that Laurel is not for Oliver but Felicity is… ugh

    • Tina says:

      Pretty sure the showrunners said they were never interested in putting laurel & oliver together long term, which would actually explain a lot of season 1 and 2. It was never a love triangle between the three, fandom made it that way.

    • Liz says:

      I don’t think there’s any redemption arc and if it is I’m pretty sure it’ll just take place over this one episode. I think Katie is only in this one episode of Arrow. She’s not returning full time. Also, I’m pretty sure the show has said many times that Felicity is the one for Oliver…seeing as he chose her even while Laurel was still alive. Just IMO.

  13. John says:

    Well… that was the last straw. Showrunner flat out lying to people like this… done. Just complete trolling.

    • Jess says:

      Yeah, the showrunners do lie a lot, I find. Whether it’s about anything Laurel (I feel bad for her fans who keep getting their hopes up, only to be lied to again and again) or other characters such as Felicity.

      • Hank13 says:

        how did they lie? they said Laurel is dead and stays dead and apparently she still is. no one confirmed that it was the earth 1 Laurel coming back.

        • Laurel will be alive & well in ep 5×10. Exact quote from Mericle. If you don’t think it is a blatant lie, it’s still a lie by misdirection.

          • Rana Kercmar says:

            Actually they never mention her name. When asked about KCs return this was the answer given:
            “I can tell you that we’re really excited about having her back. You will see in the episodes where she appears – Episode 510 definitely, our midseason premiere. Keep your eyes out for that. We’re so excited about getting to work with her again and her willingness to come back. It’s one of the fun parts of the show. People can leave and get killed and you can still find new and crazy ways for them to come back. I can definitely tell you that there’s a way we’re going to bring her back and she’s going to be alive and well. And Flashpoint might have a little bit to do with that.”

            This is the typical wording of a EP that is hiding the facts. And technically Black Siren is also Laurel Lance.

  14. So doesn’t this leave a plothole on all three shows

  15. pete says:

    does anyone stay dead in this freakin show? so tired of that gimmick i wont be watching arrow when it starts again, i mean when does tommy and olivers mom and dad come on back? smfh

  16. James D says:

    I knew in the back of my mind catching up with this show during the hiatus was a mistake. I stopped watching after Laurel died; after I heard she might be back in some capacity i got all caught up. Honestly I don’t really care what version of Laurel we get as long as she becomes the actual BAMF BC from the comics and this dumb show stops throwing out 70 years of comic lore in order to have the Felicity show. just my opinion.

    • kath says:

      In most of those 70 years of comic book lore, the Black Canary is married to Kurt Lance or Larry Lance or Chuck Windrow.
      In the Modern Age comics of the past 30 years, Dinah Laurel Lance does have an on-again off-again relationship with Ollie Queen but at last note, they didn’t even know each other existed. The Black Canary/Green Arrow comic books only went from 2007 – 2011.
      This show has thrown out comic book canon from the beginning. Look at the character of John Diggle, who is a fundamental part of the show and didn’t exist in the comics. Look at Robert, Moira and Thea Queen, none of whom existed either.

      I don’t understand it when comic readers insist there should be no romance for comic book characters, at all, ever, but will die on the hill of Laurel/Oliver.

      • Sara says:

        Where did this person mention romance between Laurel and Oliver?! Laurel fans want Laurel!!!!!! Who cares about shipping. That’s your fandom obsession.

        • Tina says:

          There is a comment below that literally says “there is no green arrow without black canary”. Maybe you don’t care but a lot of people caree. No need to act like the Laurel fandom is on a higher ground than others. Beauty of opinions!

        • kath says:

          The poster above said 70 years of comic book lore.
          The Black Canary has been around for 70 years but she wasn’t always Laurel Lance.. And there will be a new Black Canary coming to the show.

    • Maria says:

      I love people think this is the Felicity show. You people are so blinded by bad acting from KC. The only true BC or Canary or whatever was Sara. KC can’t even execute a good punch. Plus Caity was and will always be the best in the role.

      Don’t get mad at Felicity because she has a bigger fan base, a vital role to the team and is important to Oliver.

      • Lex says:

        Sara was all the Black Canary I needed; it was just a bonus that we got a bisexual superhero. She’s still the most kickass woman in the DCTV universe, and it’s a delight to see her be the hero we always knew she could be over on Legends.

      • barbara says:

        Good for you this is the best comment I have seen in all the comments. Thank You

  17. Liz says:

    Did anyone actually believe it was really Laurel though? I didn’t realise this fandom so full of spoilers was that gullible. Katie plays a great villain though so I actually think she’ll be great as Black Siren!

  18. MB says:

    I’m actually down for this; if she sticks around (and I really, really want her to) there’s a lot of story potential in how she interacts with the OG Laurel’s family and legacy. I am going to be sorely disappointed if she and Quentin are never in a room together.

  19. Luis Roman says:

    I’ll hand it to the producers for not sitting on the spoiler and for choosing the most straight forward explanation for that cliffhanger. Question is, wasn’t Black Siren locked up by Team Flash and, if not, you think that would have merited a phone call to Oliver?

  20. Ray says:

    This is getting very old. If the writers are going to only write for themselves instead of the fan base at least be honest about it. Season 4 was a train wreck and it was mostly because it transitioned from Arrow to The Felicity Hour. Felicity has hooked up with a lead from every CWB show except Supergirl. They brought on her mom, her dad, her crazy ex boyfriend hacker, and put her in a wheelchair for a couple of episodes. Then when that didn’t work they killed off the true Black Canary to remove the final obstacle to Olicity. Followed that up with some dirt in your eye by replacing her in the cast with Felicitys side kick. You can say all of us Katie/Canary fans are cry babies but what would you be doing if that had been Felicity in the grave?

    • Tina says:

      -Diggle has had his family with him for a couple of years and every main character had at least one member of his family in the show but introducing Felicity’s parents after 4 seasons is a problem to you. As much as I would have liked Donna in small doses, they were far from being the main problem in season 4. The main one was the main villain, paired with the magic theme. IMO, you’re looking for a scapegoat.

      -Her exboyfriend was actually in season 3 first and barely made a short appearance in season 4 for him to be killed off.

      -Don’t get why you added the rushed wheelchair storyline in your arguments since you seem to be wanting less focus on her. I agree that it was rushed and I’m still mad about it as a Felicity fan.

      -How could Laurel be an obstacle to Olicity when they were ready to be married and broke it off for reasons that do not involve Laurel at all? If your answers is comics, I’m sorry but no.

      -I agree that Felicity needs to stop being used to prop up new male characters. First, it was Barry. Then Ray. Then Curtis. Then the boyfriend whose name will be forgotten soon enough.

      -I feel for people who are still sad they lost a character they loved but I don’t for those who are disrespectful and malicious to others because of a fictional character. It doesn’t get more simple than that.

      • Ray says:

        First I did not disrespect anyone, I said I disagree with the writing. Second, I brought up season 4 because most agree it was bad, including you apparently. Let me spell it out for those that want to tear someone’s opinion apart for the sake of ….Reasons. I have loved this show from day 1 and it bothers me that the writers have an obvious agenda of putting together a couple that has fractured the fan base. Let’s play Devil’s advocate, even if Olicity is set in stone there was no reason to alienate what I feel, again my opinion, is the majority of fans. For example, Smallville spent over 7 of its 10 years making you pull for Clark and Lana or even Clark and Chloe. They even had Oliver marry Chloe and have a kid. In the end Clark ended up with Lois which I didn’t like but decades of backstory. Difference being the writers found a way to transition Clark and Lois without the laziness of killing off a fan favorite to push what they want or …. Reasons. I respect how you feel please do the same. See how I got my OPINION out without point by point breakdown of yours.

        • AMB says:

          You mad she beat you, bro?

          Backstory/other relationships for every character except Felicity: totes fine.

          Backstory/other relationships for Felicity: OMG THIS IS NOT THE FELICITY SHOW.

          • Ray says:

            If that makes you feel better than good on you. I don’t care who attacks me I’m not changing my mind, that’s the great thing about opinions. I’m going off the track record of this show. 1, Oliver has great chemistry with Shado/ writers solution is kill her off. 2, Oliver has great chemistry with Sara/ writers solution is kill her off. (Brought back only for spin-off) 3, Oliver has great chemistry with Laurel and a large fan base wants that to be endgame/ writers kill her off and the lazurus pit is destroyed. Not to mention Huntress and the fact I think he’s still married to Nissa.(not sure on that one) The writers of this show have an agenda and it’s ruining what was my favorite CWB show. They also owe Smallville a writing credit for pretty much stealing Chloe’s character and naming her Felicity. Attack me all you want, I got my opinion out and I’m done. See you on the next one.

      • AMB says:

        Your logic is far too…logical.

    • Lana says:

      She wasn’t an obstacle to Felicity though, even when alive. I don’t know why the would kill her for that reason.

      • barbara says:

        They didnt kill Laurel for him to be with Felicity it was for her to be Black Siren and to become Laurel Lance earth2. Everyone talks about the comic books does it a different way but someone said above that Laruel Lance has been in the comics for 70yrs dont you think its time for some new versions of characters even the Green Arrow? I do im ready for some new storys I love Felicity and I love Laruel Thea great characters.But if you want to go by the comics Laurel Lance was Black Siren and a metahuman she couldnt have children it was due to injureys from a villian so its not to much difference .There are so many different versions of Black Canary one she wasnt married to Green Arrow one she was another she married a miltiary man just so many so we need these new versions.But to blame a character like Felicity its just wrong my thought and Im hopeing we will find out that Felicity is the daughter of Stephanie Brown and not Donna Smoak she is her adopted mother .And does anyone know why Noah Kuttlers name is different then Felicitys I dont think he is her father?

    • Maria says:

      LOL this is too funny. LL had an arc in every season of the show, (that failed in every aspect in each season.) Felicity had her family in it just like every other character had their family in the show. You LL fans are so ridiculous. You act like everyone else in the show can have their family in to but not Felicity.

      I think it mustn’t really hurt that Felicity and EBR get the best reviews, is voted and one of the best female characters ever and is voted #1 by fans with other 32,000 votes. She trends easily on twitter and other sites and has best selling merchandise on DC site + a best selling funko POP figure.

      EBR has already been in an Oscar nominated film and she got some pretty good reviews for her minor role. KC stays making straight to DVD films.

  21. Robert says:

    Yep, I figured it was Earth 2 Laurel Lance. Flashpoint released her from the Pipeline. Is anyone really surprised?

  22. lilach says:

    cant wait for it to come back!!!

  23. 134sc says:

    Im not well versed in the comic book canon but I believe I read thqt there is a comic arc where earth 2 Black Canary takes the mantle on earth 1. If they borrow from that and have her redeemed at some point Id be ok with it. Black Siren as shown on Flash would be a way more believable Canary then earth 1 Laurel ever was

  24. peter says:

    this is better them laurel coming back .. at leats there is a reason or an explanation .. what would be the reason for laurel to come back ? flashpoint ? remember when barry was talking to felicity about flash point the only thing different was baby john !! and thank god is staying this way !!

  25. JenJ says:

    I personally never thought it was Laurel in the first place. I don’t know why anyone would believe that it was anyway, though. Of course the writers like to throw those type of bones out to the fans who hope that one person or another is coming back, look at what they’ve done with with Leonard Snart, so far. Me, I just sit back and enjoy the shows to see which way they are going.

  26. aaron says:

    I want to say that I am excited to see Black Siren on Arrow but something in me just doesn’t trust them to handle this properly, especially to do so in one episode. This is something that should’ve been 2 episodes tops.

  27. One says:

    Really? You write spoilers on the slugs of your articles ALL THE TIME and you write you hesitate to share a promo?!

  28. Butch says:

    So does it mean something that Laurel/Black Siren has a nose ring in the latter part of the trailer but not at the beginning when everyone thinks it Laurel/Black Canary back from the dead? Does she say “Well they know I am not her, I can put back my nose ring.” Are there perhaps two Laurels in the episode?

  29. T.W.S.S. says:

    I was extremely upset when Laurel died and didn’t enjoy Arrow as much. But Then, I saw Black Siren on The Flash and realized that Laurel was better off dead since Arrow didn’t know how to write her character. If this is Black Siren, hopefully they can do her justice.

  30. Hank13 says:

    I hope everyone who was so excited for “Laurel” being back feels so stupid now. you should. it was obviously never the “real Laurel”.
    which is good, she sucked big time. Katie Cassidy needs to stay away from Arrow.

  31. Butch says:

    I think this will be some type of redemption story where Black Siren will try to reform and be more like Earth 1 Laurel eventually. She may even end up as Earth 1 Black Canary.

  32. herman1959 says:

    I also stopped watching the show when Laurel was killed because I felt it was just too manipulative. I feel vindicated now.

  33. Lusa says:

    Well, at least her fans know for a fact now and don’t have false hope. Unlike the promo for the winter finale of Legends when they truly made it look like Snart was coming back alive.

    It would be cool if the writers could stop lying in interviews. They lied about Laurel coming back and they lied about Snart being in the Legion of Doom. It’s annoying and personally in the case of Legions has made me give up on the show.

  34. Ella says:

    Well, this is disappointing. Is it definitely Black Siren? Maybe it’s another version of Laurel, there are a lot of earths to choose from! I wouldn’t mind if this wasn’t our Laurel but another Laurel they brought back full-time to the show to become the amazing Black Canary from the comics. The showrunners did a huge disservice to that character and the superhero – they need to fix it. There is no Green Arrow without Black Canary, at least not for me. I have no intention of watching the episodes KC is not in.

  35. She’s a great actress (see The Scribbler) but I’ve always felt that the way she was written on Arrow didn’t do her justice.

    Her appearance on Flash as Black Siren, the way she was written, her story, her personality, her powers was better than anything she had done on Arrow by far. I Hope Arrow doesn’t screw this up.

  36. kath says:

    I saw this promo tonight — except they cut the “this is not Laurel” line and just had Oliver tenderly touching her cheek.


  37. Robert45 says:

    She is a much better bad guy – rather Black Siren than Black Canary!!

  38. Maria says:

    I think it’s hilarious LL fans always believe what show runners say. I don’t know why people so easily believe them. They got rid of KC for a reason. I think after this she won’t be back on Arrow ever. MG made it sound like she’s only back because of her lawyers.

  39. Lex says:

    Honestly? Black Siren Laurel was so much more fun than Black Canary Laurel. KC is amazing at playing an antagonist, which is why her turns on Supernatural and Gossip Girl were so well-received. Laurel Lance was played with far too much antagonism from the beginning that any iteration of “playing well with others” felt somehow false, and her relationships with the other characters remained rocky and volatile until they began winding down her story in preparation for her death. I always had problems with how Laurel was executed, and I kind of just wanted to see Katie get a better role more suited to her acting style.
    I’ll take Black Siren Laurel over Black Canary Laurel any day. Black Siren was a great use of Katie’s talent, and watching her manipulate Team Flash made for a memorable episode. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more of her, even going so far to have her become a reluctant ally (think Spike when he was playing nice with Buffy’s team), but we’re only seeing her in 5×10.